Sunday, September 07, 2008

This is just another test that's all

It was still raining when I woke up this morning. It really doesn't help to get the day going when you look out the window and all you can see is dark grey skies and rain, rain and more rain.

I also got to church a little later then I was hoping to as I had to help grumpy put this new harness lead thing onto Owen. He had managed it fine last night but this morning he seemed to be having no end of problems. After ten minutes of fighting with this thing and Owen who really didn't want to wear it inspiration struck as I realised the blindingly obivous answer had been right in front of me all along.

Church was okay. It was weird without Engineseer being there and whilst sitting on my own I got to thinking. Asides from Photoshop I only really know one other person in the ward well and she's not talking to me right now ( Social by the way). It was a slightly unsettling feeling and I decided to try and stop that train of thoughts in it's tracks as I don't need to work myself up over it anymore then that. I came to the conclusion that I should look at this more of a test/trial more then anything else. I've got through worse trials so I can't let myself got knocked down over this.

I spoke to one of the EQ Councilers to mention I needed a new HT companion. He said they were aware of this and would discuss it in due course. Which based on there previous track record could be anytime between now and Easter. In the Priesthood lesson they did reveal that as a whole our ward Hometeaching figures currently suck ( my words not theirs) as it currently stands at 19%. Of course the trouble with that figure is we don't know how well that translates into 'reality' as families who move away from the ward/are inactive are still on the list. So even if you can't see them they still 'count'. I remember one home teaching list I had where a third of the families assigned to us had moved/left the ward so we didn't know where they were. Which meant even if we taught every other family assigned to us we could never get above 70%. Oh well. Mine is not to reason why, etc, etc...

The Sunday school class was also a bit of a struggle. I was starting to feel a bit old surrounded by all the 'younger ysa'. In fact out of the seven in the class three are about to go/return to uni and another one is going to uni in the new year. Oh well at least the Students will be back soon and we're getting at least one 'new' student too. Our Teacher Bro C seemed a bit upset to hear that Engineseer and Black Widow have left and he hadn't known about it before hand. I just had to be honest and admit that they hadn't known much about it before hand either!

However it was after church that my tact and patience seemed to decide to leave for home early and without me. I was looking at the board and asked DB if he knew when a Elder was due home, now remember this is the same guy who had a go at me previously by asking " What are you doing with your life thats so worthwhile"? Because after I had asked this question he turned to me and said " So what were your reasons for not going on a mission?" I was a little taken back by this so responding (lightly I hasten to add) " My own, so none of your business." He then responded " I know it's not. But still what were your reasons for not going" At which point I was a bit surprised/stunned that he was still asking and firmly told him again "As I said none of your business" at which point I was starting to get annoyed. He just glared and said " No need to get touchy. I was just trying to start a conversation. You should learn some social skills" and walked off. I stood there for a good ten seconds trying to get my anger under control as I was determined not to loose it in the Chapel corridor.

I left for home pretty quickly after that, getting quite mad on the drive back home. Not at him mind you, but very mad at myself for letting him get in under my 'defences' for want of a better term like that. I know I'm a good man and I always try to do the right thing. I suppose my problem is I let other people get to me too much sometimes. I've just got to try and stop them doing that. And resist the urge to strangle any smug little 19 year old know it alls.

I suspect it's even odds at the moment to which I manage to do first.

later folks :-)

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