Friday, September 21, 2007

And this too.

How long have you been online?

A Chinese man dropped dead after playing Internet games for three consecutive days, state media said on Monday as China seeks to wean Internet addicts offline.

The man from the southern boomtown of Guangzhou, aged about 30, died on Saturday after being rushed to the hospital from the Internet cafe, local authorities were quoted by the Beijing News as saying.
"Police have ruled out the possibility of suicide," the newspaper said, adding that exhaustion was the most likely cause of death. It did not say what game he was playing.

China, worried about the spread of pornography and politically incorrect content, has banned the opening of new cybercafes this year and issued orders limiting the time Internet users can spend playing online.

In April, President Hu Jintao launched a campaign to rid the Internet of "unhealthy" content and make it a platform for Communist Party doctrine.

Saw this too

well this is the stuff of nightmares

A Venezuelan man who had been declared dead woke up in the morgue in excruciating pain after medical examiners began their autopsy.

Carlos Camejo, 33, was declared dead after a highway accident and taken to the morgue, where examiners began an autopsy only to realize something was amiss when he started bleeding. They quickly sought to stitch up the incision on his face.
"I woke up because the pain was unbearable," Camejo said, according to a report on Friday in leading local newspaper El Universal.

His grieving wife turned up at the morgue to identify her husband's body only to find him moved into a corridor -- and alive.

Reuters could not immediately reach hospital officials to confirm the events. But Camejo showed the newspaper his facial scar and a document ordering the autopsy.

Saw this in the news this morning.

Words fail me..

A court in Nebraska is being asked to cast judgement on the ultimate judge -- God.

State lawmaker Ernie Chambers filed a lawsuit Friday against the Almighty -- acknowledging he/she goes by numerous aliases -- for causing "fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues" and other alliterative catastrophes.

The suit, Chambers vs God, asks the court for a "permanent injunction ordering defendant (God) to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terrorist threats" which affect innumerable persons, including Chambers's constituents.

It asserts that God is "the admitted perpetrator" of such acts and said that God's omnipresence gives the local Douglas County District Court jurisdiction in the suit, adding that God's omniscience eliminates the need to issue a formal notice of the lawsuit.
Chambers told local media he filed the suit to make a point about frivolous lawsuits frequently seen in US courts, citing a recent one against a judge.

He asked the court to award him an unspecified summary judgment against God, or, in the alternative, issue a permanent injunction against God engaging in the damaging acts cited in the filing.

Neither God nor his/her spokespersons could be contacted for comment.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Feeling old, old, old, getting old, woe is me,

Etc, etc, etc.... Well guess what set them off? All out of guesses? anyone? Seriously is anyone out there? Not getting a lot of comments lately so it has started to feel like I'm talking to myself. Which is bad as even I bore me sometimes :-)

Anyway back to the point, as slim as it maybe. It was the first lesson of the new institute course last night. Engineseer was running late so it ended up I had to open things again I'm sure there can't be many classes where the librarian is in charge on a regular basis. I was looking around and got a nasty surprise. I was the oldest one there. Argghhhhhhhhh!!!! It didn't help with a load of new seminary graduates there as well which made me feel even older. The first of the courses was Eternal marriage which was interesting. There were several questions which we were spilt up into groups to answer. As I was partnered with some who is even less keen then me on public speaking, I had to do all the talking when it came to explaining our answers, which felt very nerve wracking, with everyone looking at me and I spent a lot of the time wondering if I was actually making any sense. It was worst when I finished because Bro H then aid he thought I said a interesting thing and wondered what the rest of the class thought. I was just sitting there thinking, no, no interesting thing, it wasn't interesting at all, in fact lets just pretend I never spoke! Unsurprisingly thinking that how no effect whatsoever. I guess my mental powers are on the blink.

Coredelia also came straight from work, she now works in primark in Loughborough. Some people asked her if she gets a discount (which she doesn't) but to be honest the stuff in there is so cheap if she did get a staff discount she would probably be able to buy the whole store!

As one of the lesson went on one of the next questions Bro H asked of the guys was about how you keep the conversation going and what questions do you think of before hand, to have 'on tap' to keep conversation going. All of the other guys were giving all these questions they think of before hand and used on 'all of their dates'. I just sat there thinking, please, please don't ask me, as I haven't actually been on enough dates to warrant thinking of questions like that and it was the last thing I wanted to admit in front of the whole class. So lets just keep that bit of information between you, me and the rest of the internet......

oh wait.....

anyway, I guess I had better started clearing up the house soon :-) I've let it slip couple of days, I actually had to turn the central heating on this week as it was that cold! I guess that means summer ( or at least what we got of it) is over then .

Well It's edging closer to that time of year again this Sunday. Where I have to see that 4.45am in the morning on a Sunday really does exist. argghhhhhhh!!!!! Oh well at least I only have to do it once a year. and it does mean we will have an exceptionally quiet office on Monday morning as people try to recover.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Running on Unleaded

I've made one of those decisions this week that seemed like a good idea at the time but of course irony and Sods law were not going to pass up any opportunity to give me a swift. Yes I'm aiming to cut back on sugar and caffeine, which of course meant work has been unbelievably busy so far this week especially with the event coming up this Sunday. So I have been changing from zombie like to super mega hyperactive and all of the states in between at regular intervals. Oh well. Hopefully I will have clamed down enough by tomorrow night for institute. Not that I've cut out all caffeine straight away mind you, I'm limiting myself to cans and then only one can with lunch at the most and it has to be unleaded. I'm trying to wean myself off it as I don't want to start suffering caffeine headaches from just stopping. I've had them before and their not fun! ( and before anybody says I know that's a sign I was drinking too much anyway, I know!)

Apparently I was right and SM is going to be going off to the USA (what a surprise!), but from what I've heard though you've got to admire her fianc├ęs style. The best comment I heard regarding the amount of diamonds on the engagement ring was
" Have you seen SM's ring"
" It's hard to miss, especially when the suns out!"

Meanwhile over on Nemesis's blog....... Yes apparently her plans for world domination are starting. Is it a case of Run the Library, Run the world ? See what I did there? Yeah not that funny I know.

One thing that was quite strange on Sunday was in the meeting we had briefly after the broadcast. Well I don't mean strange as in the meeting was strange more where we had it. No wait scratch that, ( not making much sense here am I). We had it in the high council room and they have all of the pictures of the first presidency and the 12th on the wall. But of course there wasn't three photos for the first presidency, there was only two. It just seemed really odd for only two pictures to be there. It's hard to explain I guess, so I'll leave it there before I start to make even less sense then usual :-)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rhythm make me move!

Well I wasn't initially going to go to the dance on Friday. I was too tired to drive all the way to Birmingham ( besides I had no idea where the chapel was) and Engineseer hadn't got back to me so I assumed his car was full (which it was). So I guessed it would be another Friday night at home

I'll take people with no social life for $100

But then I got a text from Engineseer just after 7pm saying he now had a spare space. After some deliberation I decided to accept the offer. Well it gave me something to do... Anyway he was going to pick me up at quarter to eight. However by ten past eight there was no sign of him, which was very unlike him. So I called and found out he was waiting for two other ysa who was giving a lift to. They were coming across from near desford and had gotten lost. They had just called Engineseer to ask if geeksville was anyway near Melton Mowbray!

I'll take YSA who should really buy satnav for $600.

Well after they finally arrived we headed out. We reached the dance about a hour later(9.30) , without Engineseer having to drive at hyperdrive speed as well. As he put it we had arrived at the perfect time for arriving at dances. However we did notice that the car park wasn't very full for that time, in fact it was about two thirds empty.

I'll take ominous signs and portents for for $100.

When we got inside we signed on the Leicester stake sheet to discover we were the only ones there from Leicester. When we went into the hall there were at most a dozen people dancing. Not good! It did start to get a little busier later on but as dances go it was pretty quiet. The music was okay even if they did play that Sean Kingston song

I'll take songs that make Saxon want to glue his ears shut for $200

Well as we suspected there stopped the dance almost dead on 11pm. The leader closed the dance and asked us all if we could clear the car park by 11.30

I'll take crazy things ysa leaders ask for $400

Suffice to say most people weren't out of the building by 11.30 let alone out of car park. Engineseer summed it up best though by pointing out even if everyone had left immediately due to the design of the car park there's no way it could have been cleared by 11.30. We were standing around and talking when a leader came up to ask us if we had a vehicle we could get into. I resisted the impulse to say " no, but we can steal one", he then said " Because you'll want to get to subway as soon as possible". So rather then encouraging us to go home, he was encouraging us to go into Birmingham on a Friday night.

I'll take making the ysa someone else's problem for $200.

We didn't go to Subway, or Engineseers generic High street restaurant. We ended up at some place called Big John's. Who rapidly filled to busting with YSA. One of the workers in there even got his camera out to take pictures. After waiting ages in the queue it didn't help that I had two ysa shrieking (or what's known as having a conversation in there world I guess) in my ear the whole time. What made the shrieking worse was that they were both guys. One of them actually said, that people outside of the church often thought he was gay and he had no idea why. I have no idea why they could think that, no idea what so ever

I'll take Saxon lying through his teeth for $500

I think I eventually got home some time around 2amish and was helpfully woken up by Grumpy leaving at 7.30. arggggghhhhhhhhh....

There was a CES broadcast last night which was fairly good. We also signed up for the new institute classes which start on Wednesday. Which should be interesting. We think we have a couple of new YSA going to uni round leicester and we're still fairly certain that we're getting at least one in Loughborough.



Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lets hope we're not starting as things mean to go on.

I thought I'd start this post with a list of items rarely seen. In fact so rarely seen no one can prove is they do or do not exist, The loch ness monster, Bigfoot, Aliens, My home teaching list.

But prepare your selves for a shock, after a eight month wait the EQ president has finally given me a home teaching list. Amazing isn't it?? I can't believe it either. It's not a particularly big list with only four families but at least it's a list.

Anyway I went home teaching last night with my new home teaching partner. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get any home teaching done. He had only made one appointment to see someone and that person was out. We tried calling the other two people on our list, no answer from one and the other was busy. Our last family live way way way out in the countryside and it was far too far to go to see if they were in 'on the off chance'. Besides I didn't know where they lived and neither did my new HT partner. So I wasn't going to risk going into the depths of the countryside without directions. I mean I have got lost sometimes when I knew where I was going!

So anyway my home teaching turned into a mystery tour around Loughborough but I guess it's the thought that counts. At least that's what I kept telling myself on the way home in a effort not to have a total flip out.

Grumpy is off on Holiday for a week on Saturday, so I'll have the house to myself for a week, not sure if that will make any difference to anything but there you go.

I've had a good day at work today, I managed to blag some spare models and due to a upcoming event we will be getting lots of books in next week. It's always satisfying to get a huge pile of free books. I'm sure mechanicus will be happy to as there's a couple there he'll want ( next HH Novel mechanicus) that I will be sending to him.

Well bosslady is now married; she has pictures up on her facebook page. SM has just announced her engagement also. What's the betting she'll be off to the US as well? See more proof that Nemesis's plan continues!. Speaking of Nemesis I'm fairly sure it was round about a year ago that she left. A year, a whole year! Where the heck is the time going

Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't blame on the sunshine, Don't blame it on the moonlight, Don't blame it on the goodtimes, Blame it on the Nemesis!

Well yesterday at Church Engineseer and I were trying to be good an attentive as always in our Sunday school lesson ( you believe that you'll believe anything) when the teacher starts talking about the forthcoming lesson and how we'll be talking about a sensitive subject. It's at this point Engineseer starts laughing looks at me and says " Are you thinking of the same thing? Nemesis's blog?" Which made me laugh and got me a lot of odd stares from the other members of the class. We then moved into priesthood and as the lesson started we received the handouts. On what lesson?? Well I'm sure you can guess, yes it was on the Law of Chastity, which made me start to giggle and made Engineseer laugh as I passed the handouts to him, at which point a person sitting near me, glared at me and told me sternly that the Law of Chastity was no laughing matter. Which again made me think of Nemesis's blog post Back to our regularly scheduled brain-exploding and made me laugh even harder. Fortunately I managed to recover just in time for the start of the lesson, but I was ready to leave the room in a dramatic storm off if I saw even a hint of chewing gum. Fortunately there was no need to worry as Photoshop was teaching the lesson and he didn't mention chewing gum once. It was a extremely good lesson in fact and if you pardon the pun he could teach the people giving those lesson in the US a thing or two.

Mind you it had been one of those mornings anyway as I arrived late for sacrament meeting. Only two minutes late mind you and the first time I've been late in a long long time! Of course Engineseer thought it was great and believes I have no room to comment when he is late anymore. We shall see about that, we shall see, mwah, ha, ha, ha.

Well it was IF's last week as she is off to uni. Traveller is also over to uni up in Cambridge. Loughborough YSA is started to shrink quite dramatically. I remember when we used to have 20+ people, now we're struggling to break 10+. Hopefully we'll pick up some people when the new term at uni starts. We know we should be getting at least one new person. we are hoping for more.

Engineseer's power base continues to grow. Not only is he Institute president and ward YSA tep, he's now the YSA class president in Sunday school. I'm sure he's up to something, something that he wouldn't even tell his left handed right hand man!

Nemesis's latest blog post mentioned the fact that she has now started a book club and one of its members is SW! Which seems really weird because as Nemesis is on the other side of the planet it seems really odd that someone from this side of the world is now over there and appears in her blog. I suppose it's kind of like someone from Eastenders popping up in corrie. It didn't make me think though that's it's been a year(ish) since she left(if I remember right I think it's a year on Thursday) and almost as long since SW left as well. Argghhhh where's the time going!

Great quote from the Simpsons movie which we went to see again on Friday;
" Sir I'm afraid you've gone mad with power"
" Of Course, have you ever tried going mad without power. It's boring, nobody listens to you".
I went with Engineseer and J Alfred ( at least that what Engineseer calls him now) Nemesis calls him something else which I can never remember ( he's RP brother of social) and a new YSA whose just moved into the area, he's a teacher ( yes, I know another guy with a much less geeky job then mine and will probably have much better luck with the girls round here when compared with all of us stuck in the Friends zone. Like the twilight zone just more scary).

Institute starts again a week on Wednesday. It's the old testament and Eternal marriage courses this year. Which are always fun. I wonder how many things in the eternal marriage course will be the guys fault this time round :-)



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do I have a kick me sign taped to my back?

Well this week isn't getting any better now is it? Lets see, there's the whole thing with Jinx, half of a wasted evening due to the busted YSA FHE, I appear to have now done something to my shoulder, the kids are back to school which means it's once again a real slog to and from work, I have had a deluge of very nasty customers to deal with, the other issues at work to deal with are stacking up and I have to do a load more stuff then usual in a quarter of the time because of a event at the end of the month. Excuse me one moment

ArGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Arrgggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, arggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh,

all I think I need know is for aliens to invade and my week is complete. I really can't wait for Friday. I think I might just stay in bed all weekend to try and avoid anything else bad which is coming my way

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Well that didn't work now did it?

Well even though Engineseer isn't in the country he was still okay for us to use his house for YSA FHE ( the fool, the fool) although as it turned out he needn't have bothered. Precisily two people turned up. Myself and Cordelia. Which meant we had a lesson and activity but no one to take part. We were good and gave it half an hour before calling it a night as we realised that the chances of anyone turning up were non-existant. But I think I managed to cheer Cordelia up by giving her some choclate.

Anyway while we were waiting we got to talking and I told her about the events of the past few days plus relevent. After talking for a while she made a interesting point that I hadn't thought of. She knew I was still upset at her but asked if I was still upset at DR. Which made me think ( see happens from time to time) and I realised that I wasn't mad at him and I hadn't been for a very long time. I mean at the time I was but not now, there's not anypoint anymore. It's in the past where I prefer things to stay! At the end of the day they did do some things wrong (they should have just told me!) but if they were dating and in love, fair play to him if he wanted to keep the relationshi[ secret. He had found someone and was happy and to be honest I supposed he helped me confirm what I had suppose I had always known even if I never wanted to admit it at the time that she was out of my league.

Right okay, That's the last I'll try and mention it I promise, otherwise I'm going to find it really, really difficult to dig myself out of this funk the past few days has put me into! I don't want to get a telling off from Bosslady again!

Church was interesting on sunday. Mainly because somehow, I have no idea how no one brough any bread for sacrement which caused Bro P to race home in order to get some. In priesthood the EQ President gave me the list first to tick off all our hometeaching visits from last month. I throttled back on my impluse to turn round and ask him if he was having a laugh!

Anyway that's all for today, I'm not sure I sure go on for much longer otherwise I'l lstart moaning how much traffic the kids going to school has put back on the roads. Oooppss too late :-)

I now go to follow Cordelias advice and do something geeky


Monday, September 03, 2007

hmmmmmmmmmm. I 'm thinking the big thoughts, this is never good

Well with the house to myself this weekend and most of the YSA off doing other things I has little to do with myself apart from think on things and that's never a good thing.

My thoughts again turned to the situation with Jinx, I know, I know I shouldn't have but when things really upset me I have a tendency to dwell on them and just not be able to let them go ( It's a weakness I know). Well there are two explanations to this situation neither of them good. The first explanation is that she's outright lying, she knows that people if they heard the full story would probably come down on my side as she doesn't want that to happen. So she came up with what she thought was a story that would give the impression that she had the justification to end the friendship. Not a especially nice story mind you which paints me in a horrible, horrible light.

Second explanation, she misinterpreted something and what she said happened, happened but in a totally different way to which she perceived it( I think that's happened to everyone at least once, you percieve a event in a totally different way to what actually happened) and she failed to talk to me about it and she considered this the end to the friendship even though it was nearly a year and a half later that we reached the point I considered the 'end of the friendship.

Neither of these options are especially nice but to be honest I would much prefer the first option to be true rather then the second. Because if the second is true it means she used me far worse then I could even have imagined back then and I never really knew her at all because I could never have imagined her doing something so mean and quite frankly nasty. But on the plus side if this is true at least I didn't know at the time otherwise it might have put me into a even worse spin!

I think I surprised The girl who brought this to my attention with my reaction. From what she said I don't think that she thought that it would bother me/upset me like it did. Although to be honest based on the story jinx told her I find it hard to believe that she didn't think it would bother me in the slightest. This girl told me I was being childish and should let it go when I got upset. When I pointed out I hard let it go and considered it to be in the past and she bought it up, she then claimed that wasn't her fault! Well I could go on and on to explain the rest of the conversation but suffice to say the conversation went round and round and round! I suppose the best can be said it's a great case study as to why choosing to be the messenger with bad news is always a bad idea!

I suppose thinking about it my luck with friends hasn't been all that good, historically speaking. There was one from primary school who liked to jump off the roof, there was AP who well unfortunately what happened there that was my fault as I gave into peer pressure. There was RM who quite frankly turned high school into a nightmare. We were so glad that a 'cool person' had joined our group we never thought to question why a 'cool' person had decided to join our group. By the time High school had ended he inflicted far too much damage on our groups friendships for them ever to be repaired. There was jinx and DR of course. There was also my time in youth as well. I know it sounds horrible to say but I didn't have a goodtime in youth, it's hard to remember anything good but in my defence the bad stuff does tend to outweigh the good in memory terms. It's kind of hard to forget the moment when all of the young women marched into the young mens meeting room and announced that they had voted and decided that only one of us was worthy enough to marry any of them. The rest of us should get used to being alone. Kind of knocks the confidence. However I know this story paints the girls in a slightly bad light so i suppose it's only fair to say in their defence that they were mainly influenced by one girl who was the ringleader and to be honest at that time the main troublemaker. There was not a lot of love lost between the Young men and Young women during my time in youth!

At uni however my luck did start to change, well after the jinx incident and I made some really, really good wonderful friends. Problems did start again though when I came back home at the end of uni. The problem was mainly that I had gone to uni roughly about three weeks after my 18th Birthday, I hadn't had time to do anything YSA related. So even though I did know the YSA they had, had nearly three years of 'bonding' as ysa I hadn't and after the closeness of having so many friends nearby after Uni it was a really shock to the system and to be honest it was the one time I have ever come closest to just giving up on the church. It just hurt too much coming time after time and just standing there hoping someone would talk to me. But hey things started to change and get better and as the saying goes " I'm still here" churchwise I mean and I guess thats the most important thing when alls said and done.