Thursday, September 04, 2008


I remember once hearing somebody go out about how much they worried about what would happen if terriorists attacked the transport infrastructure in the UK. Me? I'm not worried mainly because we're more then capable to stuffing the roads and things up ourselves without anybody elses helps!

Yes as you may have guessed the journey home tonight turned into a bit of a nightmare as it took me at one point half an hour to travel a mile! I was really, really not in the best of moods by the time I got home. Of course the thought that huge traffic jams are likely to become lots more regular now the kids are back at school did not help my mood one bit!

Oh well, C'est la vie as they say. I guess I'll just have to rediscover my zen like approach to Traffic jams again. Either that or go screamingly insane.

Only one more day until the weekend though. It will be Engineseers leaving party tomorrow which should be a lot of fun. It seems that pizza will be involved in some form or another and as everyone knows all the best get togethers involve pizza :-)

Stage one of top secret project one is nearly complete. Which means I'm still on course to hopefully reveal all by the end of September. Keep your eyes peeled for more info nearer the time.

anyway, thats all for now folks


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