Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They just wouldn't go away

Well just when I thought the curse of roadworks was about to disappear they've decided their not going to go anywhere. As a new sign as just been put up announcing that when they finish the current roadworks, some new ones will start at the next set of lights further down the road. Argghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Has the council got a whole lot of money it's trying to get rid of or something, or are roadworks my new Nemesis.

Work was loonnngggg today. I have no idea why. I suppose it could be the caffine wearing off from yesterday, which if it was I've only got myself to blame.

I decided to do something different for tea and go to a resturant of the generic High street resturant chain that Engineseer works for. Boy was that a mistake. I'm sure Engineseers resturant is great but this one, well wasn't. Lets just say it was a good thing I wasn't a mystery customer or those muppets would have been in real trouble. Watching them work behind the counter the only image which kept coming to mind was that of the monkeys finding the monolith in 2001.

Institute was a bit different this evening as Bro H was not there and we had a substitute teacher. Who was very good but spent too long on the first lesson and had to massively rush the second lesson.

There was also talk about the institute graduation ball. It's still a sixties theme but it seems somewhat late in the day that there could cause a problem. So the posters now say it's a sixties theme and themed dress should be worn but it also needs to confirm to the standards in the strength of youth booklet. There was a lot of discussion if it would be possible for the two to successfully mesh or if it might be a good cause. Aspiring Angel did ask jokingly if this was going to disappoint anybody who was planning to come in a mini-skirt. Several girls put up their hands to claim they had been thinking about did Engineseer. Who was joking just like the girls.........I hope.

The other problem is that their trying to organise the ball by commitee(never a good idea) this time. So one stake responsible for music, one for decorations,etc. The stake responsible for inviting people have apparently invited stakes outside of our area and also on facebook made reference to this years ball saying it will be great unlike the previous couple of years which were rubbish.

Which is when Leicester organised them by ourselves.

Engineseer is not impressed.

and you don't annoy a uber geek. We have patience. We will get you back in some form or another. Mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha......

I think it's safe to say one way or another this is going to be one interesting dance.

Grumpy was also out tonight as Media had come up to visit. He's working at a garden centre in Northampton for a little while so he thought he would come up and see us as he's now a lot closer. Well then he was at least :-)

see you tomorrow folks, same geek life, same geek channel.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't say their going to make it?

I woke up this morning and tried to get up but it seems that I must have slept at a funny angle or something last night and I had cramp in my leg. So trying to move was a very bad idea.....It hurt.

After managing to get up and hobble around trying to walk it off I headed out to work to find a quite hopeful sign. The road guys have started putting the markings back on the road where those roadworks have been. They tend to only do that at the very end of the roadworks so they might actually make their deadline.

Work was long today. Mainly as I had a lot of samples to sort out, which is not the most interesting job in the world. They've also brought in a new system to help tell when people are in or out of the office. It's really high tech..........
It's a wipe board where you have you name, and two columns " in" and " Out" and a little magnet that you move to indicate if your in or not.
Okay so it's not that high tech but it will still probably be more reliable then the computers :-)

Oh word of warning to you all. Be very careful of the links when your on youtube. I made the mistake of accidentally pressing the wrong link and ended up seeing the video of The snuggle song by the (cartoon) Schnuffel bunny. It's too cute.....can not...... take the cute.........
You have been warned.

Smooth is now married and is still in the US. Unfortuantely it seems nobody mentioned the importance of Tact. On Facebook he changed his status to " Smooth is in bed with his wife". Firstly there are just some things we don't need to know, secondly just how close is his computer to his bed and thirdly why did you even think we wanted to know that? Unless he was trying to show off he is married. Which is probably just as likely. Yes your married smooth, no need to rub it in. Of course us single guys are not bitter or annoyed at your rubbing it in. No if we were I'm sure we might make some comment about how your had to go half way round the world to find someone to marry you. But we would never mention that, he, he, he, he, he,.....

Of course Grumpy keeps making that joke at the moment that I should go to the US as well. It's not that funny anymore. But that's not stopping him. However last night he started to give his opinion on female YSA and which he thought I should 'go for'. At which point I found a reason to go to another room in the house as I didn't want to hear it. If my father is starting to attempt to give my directions my love life can probably be declared D.O.A. and I'm depressed enough right now with the weather and things. Plus the fact that I could probably write a very good sitcom based on my life right now. No idea who would play me though...

Mind you someone did leave me a comment on my facebook page saying " Hope things are fine on planet saxon". Hmm maybe things are looking up. Somebody thinks I have my own planet.

I'm in charge, mwhah, ha, ha, ha.

Welcome to planet saxon, Only the geeky and LDS need apply.

Okay, I had some caffine today and it appears to have gone to my head....

Later folks,

Tune in tomorrow, same geek channel, same geek station.

Off on an tangent into TV land

Grumpy and I were watching Midsummer Murders Sunday night and Grumpy made a comment that he had read in a paper that someone had claimed that there was no way that the lead policeman would still be in charge in reality as his county had the worst murder rate in England. I countered that the only thing keeping him in his job was probably the fact he had the best solved murder case rate in England as well. The other thing we wondered was why his wife still gets invited to anything. Without fail it seems that every trip, event, show or drama production she’s involved in we experience some kind of fatality! Surely that would put people off inviting her to things.

It also got us to thinking about plot holes to do with other fictional police men.

For example would anyone think inviting Jessica Fletcher, Columbo, Miss Maple or Poirot to a dinner party/event/ weekend in the country is a good idea? Unless you were desperate for one of your guests to get murdered. Also if you wanted to murder someone why wouldn’t you wait until the renowned detective/private eye left? Yes you might want the person dead but wouldn’t it be better to wait and maximize your chances of getting away with it.

With Poirot cases he always calls all the suspects together at the end and announces who did it. Why does the murderer always keep turning up to these things? Why not say “ I’ll be there in a second, just got to pop to the loo” and get out through the window in the loo and leg it while he’s still yammering away. He’ll never catch up.

So all this set my thinking off on an even greater tangent and made me wonder about even more things TV related. Which means that if I were ever in TV land;

If I was a policeman I would refuse to serve in Sun hill. When was the last time you saw a police officer transfer out of the station? An officer’s only way of leaving is to get killed!

If I was in an accident I would like to get picked up by the paramedics from Eastenders as their very quick. If I remember correctly their record is arriving within 20 seconds of someone making a phone call. (
Unlike the half or hour or so it took for an ambulance to collect me when I was knocked off my bike)

If I committed a crime I would like it to be investigated by the police from Hollyoaks. They seem incapable of arresting the right person.

If I had to go to Hospital I would go to the one from House. Yes he’s a cranky, mean spirited doctor but he will cure me in the end, even if he should ignore his first two ideas to my illness as their always wrong.

I would not go to the hospital from Grey’s anatomy as they would probably forget me in between all their angst about relationships and I would not go to Holby as even if they do cure me the chances are I would be probably be killed by whatever disaster was about to befall their Accident apartment, be it a siege, crazed knifeman, bomb, petrol tanker running into the building, riot or alien invasion. I know one out of that list hasn’t happened I just can’t remember which one.

If I was murdered I would like the investigation to be handled by the team from NCIS. There’s a few people I would like Gibbs to either give withering put downs to, for example a Gibbs classic is “
The only reason your walking right now is because I didn’t hear about you until today” Failing that giving them a good smack round the back of the head would be good.

Failing Gibbs and co, I would prefer the CSI team from CSI Miami or CSI. ( not CSI New York).

If I was planning to commit a murder I would make sure that there was no famous policeman/crime writer/ doctor/ private detective in the house/party/event.

If there were I would take care of them as well just to be sure.

If I ever had to face off against an armed gang I would make sure it consists of movie style henchmen who are incapable to hitting a barn door at two paces. If said gang didn’t consist of movie style henchmen I would decide that discretion is the better part of valour and leave them for somebody else to deal with.

I would make sure that I for once would get the girl.

So what clich├ęs or plot holes would you make use of if you were in TV land?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Work in progress

Some of you might remember that a little while ago I showed you some shots of my latest modeling project. Well I thought I would take a moment ( as I don't have much to say) to show you some work in progess shots of the figures as their now at the 'basic gaming' level of painting.

The Bodyguards
The commander
The infantry
'The scouts'.
As their only painted to basic gaming stadnard there is still a bit of work to do on them yet, but I'll post some more pictures when their finished.

The transport vehicle.

Not a great way to make a first impression

Well after several weeks of enduring reorganisation, banging, crashing, paint and solvent fumes our new 'neighbours' are finally starting to move in. Not that their first day couldn't have gone better. Firstly whilst moving stuff in they kept leaving the door open and as they are secure doors needing passes to get through if their left open too long a buzzer sounds. Well I say buzzing it's more like a high pitched squealing that seems to drill right it's way through your head. Secondly whilst moving one of the cupboards through our office to their one of their staff loudly announced;
" It's quiet inhere init? Not like us, We're real noisey and will be disturbing this lot all the time no doubt."

0 out of 10 points for creating a good first impression there mate. We wait with baited breath to see what it will be like when your all moved in.

The weather was also in a odd mood with several short showers and one very half hearted attempt at a thunderstorm. One clap of thunder and one flash of Lightning only. Lets hope the weather improves when summer gets here.

Asides from that it was a usual Monday. Not very interesting I know.

Sorry about that....

later folks!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Says it all about my favourite day of the week

Here comes the rain again

I'm looking out of the office window and it is raining. Again. Not just a little rain, oh no, tons of the stuff, really pouring down. It's enough to make you wonder if summer is here already. :-)

The rain was a shame as the day started off quite nice as well. I was actually able to put some washing out and it got dry! A sure sign spring is here.

I got to church to discover I had forgotten that it was going to be a 'normal' day ( or at least as normal as it ever gets in Loughborough). As we were having a shortened Sacrement meeting, then watching the last sesson of conference. Which also meant church ended half an hour earlier too. Black Widow also let me know he has finished that blog post he was working on. So You'll probably see it fairly soon.

There was also a good sign with the new Elders Quorum President as he came over to talk to me and got my name right. No, that wasn't the good sign, the good sign was that he's organising PPI's( personal priesthood interview for all my non LDS readers) with all members of the quorum, as he wants to get to know everybody. Of course when he first came over and asked me to choose a time for one it took me a little while to remember what a PPI was. Which goes to show you how long it's been since I had one. So he's showing the signs of being a very good leader, hopefully he can revive/ get a collective quorum spirit going.

I got home literally 10 seconds after Grumpy did, which meant that we had our roast dinner for Tea instead! Of course the other problem we discovered was we had run out of gravy powder which lead to argument over who had forgot to get some more/ remind the other to get some more. So we had to have the dinner with Ketchup instead which was interesting.

Well it's Monday tomorrow. My favourite day of the week . ( not). oh well at least I get paid this week and I have booked some holiday off now as I need it. Of course as the others are off in May the earlist I could get a whole week off in one go was June. So a little while to wait, but I'm sure I can make it.


later folks,

tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Well I'm glad I wasn't paying for that

As some of you may or may not know a large oil refinery is on strike this weekend which also means one of the main pipelines from the north sea oilfields has been shut down. The government has assured people that there is more then enough petrol to last two days in fact we have weeks of supplies if people are sensible and smart about filling up. However they have forgotten the old sayling " A person is smart, people are dumb". So coupled with the governments record at present people are not believing them. And panic buying petrol. A lot of petrol in fact. Tap dance said she went to a 24 hour supermarket this morning and by eight am the petrol station there was full and the queue stretched out of the car park onto the road. So this demand coupled with recent oil prices had meant petrol in a lot of places has hit a huge £5 a gallon.

So bearing this in mind Grumpy decided to fill his car up with petrol on the way into Loughborough to do the shopping. Now the fuel warning light had come on so the tank was pretty empty and he thought it would be a good idea to fill the tank right up for once. So he did. £56. That's right, £56 for a tank of petrol. That's the kind of prices we're dealing with in the UK right now. So particurly for my US readers, cheer up next time your fill you car up with 'gas'. It could be worse.

It was a very warm day today. In fact so warm both Grumpy and I wondered if we needed to take our coats shopping as it felt like we didin't need them. For once we didn't see the Elders in the market place. I guess they were off somewhere else. But there were lots of Police. Everywhere. Apparently there's a important football match in Leicester so they were encouraging the visiting fans to stop in Loughborough for Lunch.

I guess it makes sense to someone somewhere.

Anyway asides from that I haven't really done much at all. Just sat around doing nothing constructive... Okay I was watching Greys anatomy DVD's, but that's only because they were at the top of the DVD pile.


Dr Who was good this evening. It's the first in a two parter so it will be interesting to see where things go next week.

Anyway, That's all for now folks,

tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Well thats that out of the way

Well it's the weekend. Thank goodness and it's really really arrived not a moment too soon. I don't think I could have hacked another day of work. I did get some good news today in that I got my wages slip for this months pay and the increase in tax on my wages has been softened by a decrease in National insurance payments. So I'm 'only' going to be worse off by £100 a year. Still annoying but not as bad as it could have been I guess.

We did have a painting competition on at work as part of the aniversary celebrations. I did enter but didn't win anything. C'est la vie I guess.

I spent a large amount of this morning taking the latest round of book samples round the building. It's amazing how talkative and friendly some people get when they see that you have samples of books that they want :-).

Not much planned for the weekend. I'm probably going to spend most of my time taking it easy as I'm still feeling a bit drawn down and tired. Well that's going to be my excuse for not doing anything constructive and I'm sticking to it.

see you late folks,

Tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek channel.

We don't believe you.

Well we got a bit of a nasty surprise at work yesterday whilst reading the local newspaper. Nottingham city council want to introduce congestion charges for anyone who drives a car into Nottingham during peak rush hours. The whole of Nottingham will be covered by an urban congestion charge which will cost you £2 if you enter into it, and the inner part of Nottingham will be covered by an inner congestion charge which will cost you a further £1.60 if you enter into it. And of course our workplace is in the inner congestion zone. Which means I would have to pay £3.60 every day just to get to work.

But that’s not all.

I would also have to pay again when leaving to go home so I would have to pay £7.20 just to get to and from work each day. Which will work out that I will have to pay something in the region of £2000 a year just to get too and from work if they introduce this scheme. I always thought you get paid for going to work, not have to pay to go to work!

They say that all the money raised will be put back into public transport (yeah right). However what they failed to mention is that one of the major parts of the public transport system in Nottingham, The park and Ride will end up in the inner congestion zone. So you would have to pay £7.20 just to get to the park and ride, then pay for the bus!

The other thing they have failed to mention is if their still going ahead with a plan to charge every company in Nottingham a charge per car parking space in their employees car parks, which would work out at nearly £400 a year per car parking space, which the companies could pass onto their employees rather then paying the charge themselves.

Of course both of these schemes are a little way away yet, so not need to panic immediately. We hope : - (

The government insists it is not anti-motorist, but with congestion charges, car parking charges, Mot’s, Car tax disc’s, petrol which is now on average £1.12 in most places and speed cameras it gets just a little hard to believe them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Decisions, decisions, so many many decisions

" Top button or lower button"

I remember standing in front of the drink vending machine this morning looking at the buttons very intently. The top button would give me a can with sugar and caffine, the bottom button would still give me a drink but one without the energy boosting goodness. After what seemed like an incredibile longtime I decided to go with the bottom button. I have enough problems without becoming addicted to caffine again.

It seemed like an incredbily long day at work again today. So much to do, so little time. It didn't help that I was waiting on a sample order from the main warehouse. It was finally ready this afternoon, a day and a bit late! I went off to collect it and almost despaired. There were samples of nine different books, 72 copies of each. Not boxed up or in packaging just piled on the trolley. Perfectly fine for moving them about in the warehouse, they would not survive the trip back up the road. Fortuantly the guy from the post room had come across at the same time and helped me and the other guy who had gone to collect the books quickly throw as many of them as we could into large boxes, then followed us back up the road to make sure if any of the books we couldn't fit in the boxes slipped from the trolleys he could quickly pick them up for us. By the time we go back to the office he had already helped collect fallen books several times. I gave him a couple of the new books as a thanks for helping. He initially refused them, saying he was there anyway and we didn't need to thank him. I know that a lot of other people in the company would have taken the books without a second thought but it was nice that he didn't want a thank you, or any freebies, he just wanted to help. We still managed to convince him to take them in the end though.

I had to help Tap dance with a essay for her evening course. Which was fun. It was a real flashback to my uni days, getting the essays ready the night before the hand in date, if not on the actual day. The frantic printing off and dash across campus to get to the department to hand it in before the deadline. It was fun, I had fun and I do miss it sometimes. It felt nice being in halls, I felt needed, I had my friends there all the time. They could turn to me and I could turn to them if we had had bad days. I miss them.

I don't like the institute course at the moment and I have to admit I'm struggling. It's really in depth and full on and after coming straight from work it's really hard to concentrate sometimes. I'm going to keep going of course, I'm not going to let it beat me, even if I do feel really thick sometimes as other members of the class can rattle off scriptures and have in depth religeous debates with the teacher which I loose track of sometimes. It's not that I don't know it, it just sometimes I can't remember it. Of course the flipside of that with my crazy memory is that for some things I have a near photographic memory like our IP and for other things like where did I just put my keys it's really bad. I suppose I can be best summed up by a quote from calvin and hobbes
" I'm not dumb, I just have a knowledge of useless information"

Only one more day until the weekend and I can't wait. I don't know what it is about this week but I just feel so drained and tired. I think I'm probably going to spend most of the weekend lying around being busy doing nothing. It wouldn't be productive but at least it will be fun.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feeling sleepy

It's been one heck of a hard day today. Which was probably in part caused by me not getting to bed until 1am and then getting woken up sometime around six am(ish) when the boiler came on, then failing to get back to sleep.

Strangly enough Grumpys plane wasn't delayed in Landing. It was getting from the plane to the arrival gate that took him the best past of an hour. Although it was quite amusing when the arrivals board at 22.54 showed that his plan had landed at 22.57??? When it got to 22.57 the board then showed that he had landed at 22.54?? Oh well I guess we'll just have to hpe their able to keep other parts of the airport running a lot more smoothly then this.

As you can imagine with only about 5 hours sleep I was extremely zombieish by the time I got to work, which meant I only had one real option to get me through the day. Yes I went to the Dark side as it were and got a drink with caffine and sugar. Which helped for a little while until it wore off, then I had to go and get another one. I'm sure going to pay for that in the next few days when the inevitable caffine headaches kick in.

C'est la vie I guess.

It was also a generally weird day with two of the strangest customer queries I've had in a long while and trying to get out latest set of samples from the warehouse. Which wasn't successful, so that's another job for tomorrow.

I got to institute this evening to discover they've cleaned the carpets in the stake centre. Again! I've never seen any building which gets it's carpet cleaned on such a regular basis. The problem was the workmen had cleaned the carpets this morning, cranked all the radiators up to maximum then shut the building and left. So after eight hours the smell was... Well quite frankly it was something else, and the heat didn't help either. I was throughly glad when the lesson ended.

That's all for today folks, I'm off to bed to catch up on some sleep.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

get rid of the evidence

I've just spent the last hour checking the house from top to bottom to see if everything is as tidy as I can make it. I'm not sure what kind of mood Grumpy is going to be in when I pick him up from the airport so I'm going to try and minimise the amount of things that could annoy him. Which included giving the kitchen a good clean, hoovering up and emptying the rubbish. Real exciting life I lead don't I? Oh well I suppose at the very least you can say I'm well trained.

We did wonder if summer had started early today. Mainly because the heating came on at work cranked up to the maximum! Remember in places like offices and chapels there always seems to be a standard rule. The heating never comes on in the depths of winter yet always comes on in summer.

As Grumpys back today was the last day I could borrow his car. I was just getting out of the car when the boss pulled up. Looking at Grumpys car which is almost new, he asked if I had bought a new car. Bought a new car? Especially one the size of a peugot 307? What does he think he's paying me? And is there anyway I can get onto that rate :-)

It was very busy at work today, unfortuantely that was because it's sample time. Which means entering the same set of numbers, whilst looking at the same set of 7 screen 120 odd times in a row. I'm not sure but I think I went onto autopilot at some point during the day. It's not the most interesting part of my job thats for sure.

Anyway, institute tomorrow. Lets hope it's a little more easy going then last weeks lessons.

See you tomorrow folks, same geek life, same geek station.

Monday, April 21, 2008


After a somewhat restless night of sleeping I work up this morning feeling better. So no sickie day for me :-(. However it did seem to be one of those days today where ever thing seemed to be taking twice as long as usual and the day did not pass quickly.

In the news all day today, seemingly everyone has been going on about the abolition of the 10p tax rate. Which means theirs a good chance that I'm going to be somewhere in the reason of £230 a year worse off in tax. The government has realised they've made a massive mistake here and it's going to really cost them.The opposition seems to have suddenly woken up and remembered that as the opposition they are actually allowed to disagree with the government and have a go at them at issues like this, and near enough every MP possible has been popping up in some form of media to lament how much this is going to cost the poorer members of the public in their constituncies whilst making sure they have big smiles and the sincerity gushes from them. Of course I might actually believe them if I didn't know that some of them get a allowerance thats allows them to spend more on a kitchen then I earn in a year.

Madonna's new song is now at number 1 in the charts. I've heard some people say that the video to the song does not make sense. My response to that is " The video doesn't make sense?? Have you actually listened to the song?"

Grumpys back from Prague tomorrow so I'm going to have to go and pick him up from the airport. Of course his plane isn't due to land until 11pm so goodness knows what time I'm getting to bed tomorrow.

I have a feeling I'm going to be really fighting the urge for caffeine and sugar this week.

Must resist, must resisssstttttttt!!

later folks,

Tune in tomorrow, same geek station, same geek life.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Apolgies from the management

The management would like to apologise as there will be no proper blog post today as Saxon has spent most of the day in bed as he feel's very 'bleugh' whatever that means. Please tune in tomorrow when we hope he will be better and normal service can resume.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Once more unto the tip dear friends. Once more

I just noticed when I logged in that I've now crossed the four hundred post mark for my blog. Which is nice. Not only that however I also hit another milestone. If you notice the counter at the bottom of the page you'll notice it has finally crossed over to 10000 as well. I guess I'll do something a bit different when I hit post 500. Any suggestions anyone? I might see if I could get some guest bloggers again like I did when I hit 200 posts. Who knows, Black Widow might even have finished the post he was meant to be doing for me then by now :-)

I've spent most of today cleaning my room out. Again. I'm always amazed at how much stuff I have crammed in there. I'm sure I never take that much in there so where's it all coming from? I've been trying to be very tough with myself and get rid of anything I don't really need or use anymore which is hard as I am a terrible horder. I've also be having to resist the temptation to stop and look at things I find, otherwise I'll never get the job finished.

Doctor Who was okay tonight. Not great though. It was just so, so. Not a episode I would want to go back and watch again.

anyway, that's all for today.

see you tomorrow folks.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's marie celestie deja vu all over again

Well it's Friday and you know what that means. It's the weekend, yaah!! It also means our office does a very good impression of the Marie celestie especially after lunch. Well at least the workmen appear to have stop using glue, so we didn't have to throw all of the windows open.

I went to pizzia hunt for tea with Tap dance and Hyper who is currently up visiting 'grandma' whilst he's in the middle of a school holiday. He was most impressed that our waiter knew our names, although he's obivousily forgotten the waiter from when they lived up here in geekville as the waiter is a part of Loughborough ward.

Afterwards I went to get some shopping from Tesco. It's a change from Iceland and it does mean I don't have to brave the Saturday crowds in Loughborough tomorrow if I don't want too. Nice long lie in on the cards me thinks.

That's all I can think of for now. It's late and my brain appears to have gone to sleep.



Thursday, April 17, 2008

Superhero summer

I saw the first trailer for the new Iron Man film on TV tonight. It's out at the start of May so not too long to go now until theres actually a film on at the cinema I want to watch!

I'm sure some of you have no idea who Iron man is. Put simply he is another Marvel Comics character ( like Spiderman, X-men and the Fantastic four.) and I'll leave it there otherwise I could go on for a while explaining his back story. However what I will say is that I only know his back story as I glanced at it once and as I have a near perfect photographic memory when it comes to geeky/useless information I still remember it. Suffice to say the film looks great, just look at the pretty picture for proof.

They've also started to release pictures from the new G.I Joe movie. Along with Transformers G.I joe was one of my great passions when I was younger. All they need to do now is to release a movie of Manta force and I'll have the full set of films based on my favourite childhood toys.

The movie isn't out for a while but they seem to be employing a clever strategy of released character images in a controlled way to help start build the excitment.

First up is Snakes Eyes. One of the good guys he's a ninja and who doesn't love a ninja?

the second photo to be released todate is of Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara and who doesn't love a girl.........using a crossbow( What? You were expecting me to say something else? :-)

Talking of things from childhood, I have also started to use ebay, ( potentially bad idea I know) to see if I could track down some old models of warlord titans( if you know what they are I'll be very impressed, twice so if your a girl) to add to my 'epic' army. In a very poor attempt at a defence I was inspired to start looking at my epic army again by a manuscript I'm currently reading for work which is great. Although I don't think any self respecting geek would fail to be impressed by a novel which involves skyscraper sized walking humanoid shaped war machines beating the heck out of each other.

It's Travellers birthday today, so Happy Birthday! I hope you have fun. ( before anybody asks I did email her as well to wish her happy birthday, I'm not that lazy :-)

Work today was quite weird. The time actually flew by today. Although maybe that was to do with the huge amount of work I had to do in addition to my usual customer service duties. It's never quiet when I could do with it being quiet.

Oh well,

later folks. Remember a geek is for life, not just for helping with school work.

Tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did not see that coming

I've slowly been getting used to the crazy weather that we've been subjected to over the past couple of weeks as we move into spring. What I was not expecting however was extremely thick fog this morning. Which as I was taking Grumpys car to work did cause me some concern as I wasn't sure where the fog lights were. I tried looking for the manual in the glovebox first only to have it fly over and a whole load of papers drop onto the floor. How he fitted that all in there I'll never know. But I did finally find the manual and after a quick check to find the fog lights I set off.

Of course one problem I only noticed after I had left the house was the lack of something important. Namely fuel as the fuel dial starting giving warnings. Hmmm, I'm sure he didn't plan that at all. Anyway I managed to get to my usual petrol station and put some petrol in. I didn't fill his tank right up of course as it is twice the size of mine. When I went in the petrol station to pay the women behind the counter asked me if I wanted the car wash. Now I was obivousily on my way to work and the fog was so thick we couldn't see the road, and this women was asking me if I wanted a car wash? What's going on with the staff at that place? Are they on comission to sell car washes or something?

We had to open the windows yet again at work thanks to the workmen using some solvent or something again... and Grumpys surprised I'm having a problem shaking this darn cold I've got for some reason.

There was a big cake sale on today and I mean huge! A team from work is trying to do the five peak challenge, well either that or the three peak challenge I can't remember. Which ever one it is, it involves climbing some very tall mountains and they have to raise a certain amount of money to take part. So they decided to do a cake sale with cakes 50 pence each! I did get a couple of cakes which was naughty but it was for charity ( That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

There was a huge accident later afternoon which happened in just the wrong place as per usual and casued the main roads out ofour end of Nottingham to become grid locked. It was so bad I couldn't go the usual way into Leicester to get to Institute as I couldn't get onto that road due to traffic. So I had to come all the way back to geekville then go into Leicester that way! It turned into a much more epic journey then usual.

The institute lesson was interesting if a little deep and philosopical for a first lesson. We're now onto the second half of the Doctrines of the Gospel course. If all of the lessons are like this first one is going to be heavy going.

anyway, that's all for today folks,

tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek channel

Friend Roll call

As some people have told me they are getting a bit confused about the number of codenames I use in my blog. I thought I would have a quick roll call as it were of everyone from my Friends list and hopefilly make things a little clearer.

Banana – Used to attend institute in Leicester but not anymore. An extremely wise young lady, with a great sense of humour. Is also a teacher.

Bosslady- Our ex ward YSA rep. She joined the seeming never ending stream of female YSA who are currently heading over to the USA. She always seemed to be full of energy no matter the time of day and night. She’s much missed by the Loughborough YSA.

Cordelia: Our Female ward YSA Rep. She has a new job and spends a lot of time down the other end of the stake with her boyfriend. An brilliant singer and friend.

Drat - a friend from college. Due to various circumstances (in part over a girl, I’ve mentioned the story previously) we fell out of touch. However that we then, it’s in the past , and this is now. Go and visit his new blog and leave comments!

Engineseer - He’s the ward male YSA rep and a fellow inhabitant of geek town. In his final year of uni, he is one of the few people who has legitimate claim to also be an uber geek. One of my closest friends.

Fraggle – he rocks… ( sorry, sorry last joke I promise). Another YSA he used to attend Loughborough uni what seems like a long time ago. Very knowledgeable, seems to know 90% of the female YSA in the UK and a good singer.

Nemesis – Yet another YSA who attended Loughborough uni to do her masters. If you haven’t read her blog go and do so right now as it’s very good. A kind, wonderful person, we do still miss her ( it sucks be in a ward with a uni sometimes) and it seems like only yesterday she left. Working as a Liberian somewhere in the USA, it’s highly likely she spends a lot of her time still working on that plan for world domination. Whilst the rest of us spend time trying to figure out why the USA male YSA aren’t fighting each other to the death over her.

Non-Splitter – Another friend from church. She bucked the trend by not going to the USA after marrying an American. He came here! A lovely kind person, whose a great singer, has a wonderful smile and will take the time to say hello to you and listen to your answers.

Physics- Another YSA who is a fresh addition to the Loughborough ward. We’re still getting to know him but what we do know is that he’s studying physics and he has the ability to really wind our Sunday school teacher up.

Smooth – Another YSA from Loughborough who went to Utah to study after completing his mission. His engagement was announced with a great sense of Anti-climax. It took him twice as long to get engaged as everyone was expecting.

Social – A YSA who’ve I’ve know since childhood. She is easy to underestimate, but she is a very kind and intelligent person. She hasn’t been out to any activities in a while and I miss being able to talk to her greatly.

Technik and Medik – Technik is a brother of Photoshop and Mechanicus. Since taking ceroc his dancing has greatly improved. He met his wife, Medik at Leicester institiute.

Traveller – Yet another YSA Traveller is once of these people who always seems to be happy and find the best in any situation. She’s travelled to Thailand and is currently studying to be a teacher. One of my closest friends.

Yummy- a friend I knew from when I was studying my GCSE’s and a-levels.

Black Widow – The brother of Engineseer. He also lives in Geekville.

The other one – Brother to Engineseer and Black widow. He’s currently studying at uni.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stupid roadworks

They've just put a new sign up at those annoying roadworks I have to contend with every morning on the way to work. They now say the work is going on until the 8th May. Which means their running a few month behind. Which in turns means if they do finish on the 8th May it will have taken them 5 months, thats right five months! to put in some new traffic lights. No I'm no expect in road maintence or repair but even being extremely generous I can not for the life of me work out how not only were they not able to do this in four months, it's going to take them five. At least thats assuming they end on time...

Right rant over. :-)

We had to throw all the windows open at work again today. Not because of more painting, but because they had to do something to the floor in the new area the otherside of the wall. We don't know what but it obivousily involved solvent of some kind as it smelt. A lot. Lets just hope that the new department does move in at the end of the month and our maintence guys don't suddenly decide they need another month to get the place ready.

We also got a lot of new books in today. Which is always fun. The downside is it's very tempting to start reading them, so I always have to put them in what of my desk drawers so I don't.

I saw a report on the TV and in the newspaper today about those polygamists in Texas and neither one mentioned the word 'Mormon' once. Could it be? Are the media actually get the hang of making the definition between us and them clearer?

Drat's brand new blog is up and running. If you haven't gone and visited yet, you should go and do so. It's quite interesting. The Link's on the right.

Institute starts again tomorrow and from the sounds of things we will be quite thin on the ground for the first lesson. Oh well, at least I can use grumpys car to get there.

that's all for now folks, tune in tomorrow, same geek station, same geek life.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's been a looonngggg day

Mondays aren't my favourite day of the week and as todays Monday, I wasn't expecting it to be a great day. Especially as three quarters of the people in the office weren't in today. So again I was very much stuck with the deafening silence as the few who were in were wearing their headphones. There's just something about the quiet which makes the day seem a lot longer.

I also had a problem as due to a communication mishap somewhere along the line and I doubt we'll ever find our exactly where, we were not informed that there's a stock check this week which has severely complicated our altest round of pre orders. I'm sure to some of you, you do not have the slightist idea as to what I'm talking about. To put it simply, lots of extra work in a small period of time. Oh joy!

The weather was alternating between sunshine,cloudy and rain all day. Freaking Spring weather. Well lets just hope we keep the sun going into Summer unlike last year where the whole summer seemed to be rain, rain and more rain.

YSA Family home evening was fun tonight. It was just me, cordelia and Engineseer and Black Widow putting in the occasional appearence as he was busy upstairs talking to a girl ( on the phone I hasten to add) . Well at least someone's having luck in the romance department. As nobody else turned up we decided to have pizzia and watch a film and after great dicussion between standard movies and church films we decided on Shrek the third. Black Widow only came down near the end and wasn't too impressed to discover we had polished off the pizza. But he seemed happy enough once he got some crisps. Engineseer was talking about a airshow he was planning to go to in the summer and was thinking of inviting some others. The conversation went roughly on these lines

me: You never know I'm sure they'll be lots of girls at a airshow.
Cordelia: Yes I'm sure there will be, all standing round and looking up into the sky like this ( tilts her head up)
Black widow: Yes and while their looking up we can be looking down at their.....
Cordelia: Black widow! ( she said cutting him off) ( okay she didn't say that name but his actual name)
me: As long as he only looks once he'll be fun, look once your a man, look twice your not a Elder
Engineseer: It's true that's what we've been told....

As which point Cordelia looked at each of us and it looked like she was unsure of whether we were telling the truth or winding her up.

anyway folks, that's all for today,

tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

I seem to have developed a really annoying skill at the moment, and this skill is waking up ten minutes before my alarm goes off. So it's a case of do I get up early? Do I just lay there? or do I try and get back to sleep in the sure knowledge that I'll probably only just manage it by the time the alarm goes off?

Any fans of Futurama should definately get the new DVD as I watched it for a second time last night and it's really funny. Two new facts you find out about Bender in the course of the episode. Firstly he's responsible for George bush becoming president after setting fire to Al gores votes in Florida by accident and he was also responsible for the destruction of new York whilst being chased by swedish police after stealing a nobel peace prize. If you watch it you'll understand all that.

The new episode of Doctor who yesterday was great. The doctor whilst meaning to take his new companion Donna on a trip to ancient Rome accidentally ends up in pompeii on 'Volcano day' as he calls it. There were some great one liners, especially when Donna asks a girl if she shops at Tk-maximus, The doctor introduces himself as Spartacus as does Donna, and the Doctor whilst attempting to excuse Donna's behaviour uses a classic Basil fawlty line " You'll have to excuse her, she's from Barcelona". Donna is really improving as a character and heart felt plea to the Doctor to try and save people if only one person from the coming disaster is very moving.

Church was well the same old, same old really. Engineseer wasn't there as he was feeling under the weather. So the YSA class was very small today. But on the plus side we are having YSA FHE tomorrow so maybe things will start to improve on the social side of things.

Big news now. It's a world exclusive as it were to my regular readers. As Drats cover of anonymity ( it were) has been unintentially blown, he has asked me to put a link to his blog/website up on my blog as I have done. It's in the 'blogs that I read list' so if you have a chance go and have a look. The website is still a work in progress so to find his blog you will need to use the 'articles link'. I'm sure he'll appreciate all constructive comments.

Well it's Monday tomorrow. Which means it should be interesting as always. Here's hoping for a quiet day!

later folks

make sure you tune in tomorrow, same geek station, same geek life.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back on the air

Hi Folks, sorry about the lack of a usual blog post yesterday. I had just posted those pictures and was starting to write a 'proper' post when our broadband connection went all ga-ga (thats the technical term by the way) and it didn't start working again till this evening. No idea what happened there. Hopefully it was just some gremlins in the works.

It was quite amusing stopping to get petrol yesterday morning as the garage I usually stop at has a new staff member who is one of these get up and go types and really happy and bright, in other words the exact sort of person you don't want to run into first thing in the morning. He was also trying to get people to buy a car wash. I'm not sure why he was doing that as it was obivous everyone there was on their way to work and we wouldn't have time to get our car washed but I suppose you have to give him points for trying.

Even if he was annoyingly perky.

It was a quiet day in work yesterday as quite a few people were out of the office and a lot of the rest finish early on Friday. So by 4.30 there was only two of us left in the office and as there was no managers around there was no one to give us permission to kock off early. Of course we probably could have done so anyway by seeing as irony likes to give me a good kicking sometimes I'm sure if we had a manager would have popped back into the office for something. I guess it's a downside to being honest.

Shopping was the same old same old today, although it was cheaper as Grumpy is off to Prague this week I didn't have to get as much in.

I bought the new futurama DVD today and it's great. Especially the couple of digs they have at Family guy.

The weathers still proving to be a bit changable today. We are definatly in the middle of spring alright.

The second episode in the new series of Doctor who is on tonight. It will be interesting to see how the new companion fares on her first 'real' adventure'.


later folks!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nice and new

I do a lot of reading of manuscripts for work for one of our ranges. A heck of a lot in fact so when a book from this range turns up and I haven't rad it, it's actually a quite nice surprise. As happened today when a new book from one of my favourite authors arrived from the printers. There's something very satisfying at being the first one to get my hands on the samples from the printer and dish them out to everyone, as everyone likes to get nice new books. Especially when they are free.

The stand I had to run today, well for the whole two hours I think I had about 12 visitors. So I spent most of time standing there like a lemon. Well on the plus side if there's ever a competition for lemon impersonations I'll probably do quite well.

Great line in the big bang theory last night about a model one of the characters had of a city from superman
" Well it's cooler when Girls don't look at it"
a line I'm sure all geeks can relate to.

We had all of the missing fence panels replaced today. Grumpy had decided to get them all done as apparently another couple of them were damaged. I just hope he's not expecting me to paint them.

anyway, tune in tomorrow folks, same geek life, same geek station.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Maybe it's the paint fumes

Well the office still reeked of paint. For the third day in a row. But on the plus side we were able to move the bookcases againist the walls finally to give the design team room. Of course now the darn things are moved it means someone has to go through them to clean them up and get rid of any excess books. Three guesses who that's going to be.

You'll have to excuse me in todays post. I've seen to have had one of those days where I've been thinking of lot of littles things so this post might seem a touch disjointed.

Engineseer is back in the country. I borrowed Grumpys car to go and get him from the station as I figured he would have rather large bags and for once one of my guesses was dead on. After one quick stop to get him some food from KFC for him and Black Widow it was time to head for home for him to collect his car and head back to his house to see what state Black widow and the Other one ( whose nickname is now the otherone as I can't think of a better one) had left it in. He's going to be busy for the next couple of weeks getting his uni project finished then he said that he will have a major party to celebrate it finishing and he said he would " Make sure I get invited to this one" we did make me wonder if that was a slip of the tongue or they have been having parties without inviting me. Hmmm, I guess that could be where all the ladies are as Engineseer and Black widow are grabbing them all or I'm just being paranoid. Of course it's only paranoria if no one's out to get me. At least I hope no one's out to get me.

I'm running a stand at work tomorrow as part of these birthday celebrations to tell people about what our department does. It will either go very well or I might just end up standing there like a lemon for two hours. Place your bets now folks!

In case you haven't noticed there are a couple of new additions to the whose who friends section on the right there. Drat as he's such a regular visitor and if he wants new codename is totally welcome to choose one and Yummy who is another person I knew at school, is great fun to talk to and was the only one to get back to me after my msn problems and tell me her details so I could add her to be my list so I can talk to someone via msn again. I could talk to other people if they actually paid attention to the email I send out on facebook, Engineseer and Cordelia looking at you, so looking at you right now :-)

I got home interested to see how the repair work had gone on the fence and got a big surprise instead. Most of the fence panels are gone. So that either means Grumpy has decided to get them all replaced or someone was really desperate for fence panels. I guess I'll find out when Grumpy gets home.

There were lots of confused people driving past work today. I'm sure they were confused by the large number of men washing the windows and not the large group of staff members flinging large inflatable hammers about in the car park.....

please don't ask.

If you haven't had a chance go and visit Rhonda's blog. It's very good and extremely funny at times. Also she name checked me the other day, which was nice.

Talking of good blogs, you should also try Alice's blog. Especially here series of articles on "English Education and Etiquette" which are very funny and you have any more suggestions for her I'm sure they'll be greatly received.

We were driving home from shopping a couple of Saturdays ago and noticed the chapel car park was full. Grumpy asked what was going on and when I said I didn't know he deadpanned that maybe there was another wedding on I hadn't been invited too. I simply gave him a look and he jokingly stated that I should try and get more in with the in crowd and I would get invited to more. I pointed out that it wasn't that big a deal if something was on and I hadn't been invited. If people had wanted me there I would have been invited. He simply smiled and said that I should look on the bright side and that if there was a wedding on it was one less person to invite to mine, but I did have to try and find a girl first. There followed a long period of akward silence in the car as Grumpy realised somewhat belately I might have not found that too funny. Well after all that it seems he was right as I noticed on facebook that someone has posted photos of M Y's wedding and it was posted the Monday after that Saturday. I don't know if she will be moving to the US but lets face it the odds are good that will happen.

oh I had to scrape the ice off the car again with a blazing sun and a blue sky. Crazy spring weather.

I've realised that I have now managed more posts so far this year then I managed for the whole of 2006.

Oh and really do wish news people would stop using the term Mormon in the headlines to describe the FLDS. A it's sensationalist and B some people don't know the difference between us and them. It's things like that which made the people studying GCSE history at the school I went to believe I could have many wifes! Well on the plus side at least they got the year the chruch stopped practising polygamy. They were out by 40 years yesterday.

anyway tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek channel.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's all gone craazzyyyy

How's this for a contradiction. I was held up ten minutes this morning having to scrap the ice off my car so I could see where I'm going. Apparently seeing where your going is a useful skill when driving but I digress :-) But I also had to find my sunglasses out as there was a blue sky and a very bright sun!

Freaking spring weather.

I got to work to find that the paint fumes from the wall were worse then yesterday! So bad in fact, the design team asked for all of the windows to be opened. Obivousily they decided that sitting at their desks freezing cold was the lesser of two evils. Fortuantely it only took a hour for the fumes to clear, then we could shut the windows.

The swap shop at work was interesting. Mainly because I somehow came back with twice as much as I took. Still not totally sure how that happened. Grumpy was not impressed! Oh well I'll keep it out the way till he goes off to prague next week.

I've also got a new project to keep me busy at work. It's time for me to put my money as it were, where my mouth is..... I might be in trouble here :-)

The weather hadn't decided to stop playing up for the day as it started to rain late afternoon. So that's ice, bright sunshine and rain all in one day. It was that really annoying kind of rain which meant there was lots of surface water, which in turn seemed to bring out all of the lunatic drivers, who think that bad driving conditions mean that should drive like complete muppets! Adding to the general fun of the day was the kids are now back at school which meant a lot more traffic on the roads, so a lot of sitting in traffic jams. sigh roll on summer holidays.

On the plus side I have found the cassette I was looking for ( Yes I still have a cassette player in my car), which has some great songs to help wake me up in the morning and get me going for the day ahead. Especially the song Preliator from Globus. Which is Definately my "call to arms" music/song.

Well got to sign off for today. Grumpy needs me to help with some computer stuff and then I've got to go and play Taxi, as Engineseer needs a lift back from the train station.

Tune in tomorrow geek fans, same geek life, same geek station.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Just another manic monday

When I woke up this morning I had great trouble getting up. Not because I was tired, far from it. It was more to do with the fact it was freezing! I did really want to follow the same rule as Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes " I'm not getting up till it's as warm out there as it is in there". Unfortuantely I don't think the bosses would have been too happy with that excuse so I eventually got up and made sure I dressed very quickly.

When I got into work I had a surprise. The wall they are building was finished and painted. So it looked quite bizare as it seemed that it has always been there. It didn't look like a new wall at all. Of course the paint fumes from the freshly painted wall were interesting to say the least. We didn't notice it as we got used to them but you sure as heck noticed if you left and came back into the office again.

I got home to find that it had been snowing again. Why, it's April for goodness sake! We've had more snow this month then any other month during winter! However I'm sure that it will stop snowing tomorrow. Mainly because Engineseer is coming back into the country and it would be a highly ironic thing to happen. Which reminds me I'm playing taxis tomorrow night for him. Mustn't forget.

Asides from that it's just ben one of those days. Not very interesting I know.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ending as it started

Well the day started with snow and it's finished with snow. Yes it may have been a bit weird to get snow in April but at least the weather has been consistant. :-)

Welll it's Monday tomorrow, my 'favourite day' of the whole week. I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed for a quiet day. ( he says hopefully).

As Engineseer is out of the country and I haven't heard anything from Cordelia I guess that YSA FHE isn't on tomorrow night. Especially as Black widow is working late so there will be nobody to open up their house. Which is still standing as we checked on Saturday when we went past. I guess he decided againist having any wild parties :-)

Asides from all that I haven't got much to say ( as you may have guessed by the photos) . It's been a quiet day. I'm sure there will be more things for me to blog about tomorrow.

Well it is a Monday after all.


And now time for something completely geeky

Okay, I thought I would show some pictures of my latest modelling project. Yes I know it's geeky but bear with me. This is a squad of fire warriors or in non geeky terms the basic infantry i nthe army.
This is a squad of stealth suits, or in non geeky terms they are scouts.
These are two crisis battlesuits, or in non geeky terms heavily armed robotic suits which has a pilot in side.
and finally this is the leader of the army. He is also in a battlesuit and has two drones to provide escort and fire support.
None of these figures are painted yet just in case you were wondring why they were all gray. That's my next job and I'll post some more photos of them when there finished.

This we were not expecting

Well we knew that the weathermen had predicted snow, but everybody was expecting a very light shower as we are in April after all. We weren't expecting it to be this heavy though.
The back garden first thing this morning.

A bird on top of the garage

The view from the front door

and I just thought I'd through in a random picture of a snowy tree as it looked nice.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

well that was certainly unexpected

Well in the age of the internet it is getting harder and harder to keep secrets about films and TV. So it's a surprise when secrets are kept as you were unexpecting them( I know that what makes them secrets but you know what I mean) . Both torchwood and doctor who had several surprises which were very shocking!

I'll be careful in what I say just in case people haven't seen the last episode of torchwood yet. Suffice to say it's very good and two things happen which are very sad and moving and if you are a fan of the show and don't feel just a bit teary you must have a heart of stone.

Doctor who tonight. Was also very good.The new companion Donna is much better then she was when she was in the Christmas special. Still a tad annoying in places but not as bad as I was fearing. The twenty or so minutes when her and the Doctor keep missing each other was quite funny, and the aliens were cute if not a little disturbing. You'll understand that when you watch it. But the main surprise is well, Donna leaves the keys to her Mum's car somewhere and ask's someone to point out to her mum where they are and your not going to be expecting who it is she asks. I know Scully you said you don't mind spoilers but trust me I wouldn't wnat to spoil the surprise for this one.

Right geeky TV moments aside, what else happened today? Well the weather is very much spring weather at the moment going from cloudy, to clear skies, to wind, to rain, back to clear blue skies and sunshine back to cloud again. I'd like to see any weathermen claim they were expecting weather that crazy! Shopping was alright, nothing out of the ordinary mind you. Just the usual food shopping and wandering round the shops to see if there was anything interesting in the way of books or DVDs which have just been released and well there wasn't anything.

I spent a large part of the afternoon playing a new computer game, which I managed to blag a free copy of as it's based on our games. It's very fun and it's nice to do something pointless for a while, I've forgotten how relaxing it can be.

Anyway, Tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Stupid TV planners

Now as hard as it may be to believe to some people I don't watch a huge amount of TV anymore. Okay well not a lot compared to how much I used to watch the thing. I only have a few programmes that I like to watch as often as I can without fail. Two of these are NCIS and Torchwood. And whats happened tonight? The stupid TV planners from their respective channels have put them on at the same time! Argghhhhh!!!!!

Admitally in the great scheme of things this isn't that important but it doesn't stop it being any less annoying.

They've reached a important milestone in constructing the new wall at work. They've fitted the door now. However it's one of these doors which is solid and has no window in it, so it doesn't make the 'new' office the other side of the wall looking especially welcoming at the moment. Especially with their being no lights either. Admitally it's not like there some sort of alien or creature stalking those offices, but considering where I work it's not so hard to start thinking the crazy thoughts sometime and keep looking at the door out of the corner of your eye.

It was another bright blue day today. Which was rather dampened by the news that the weather is supposed to get really bad over the weekend. So bad in fact in some places their forecasting snow at the weekend!

I actually got some post today. All junk mail of course and infuriating as ever. Especially the one from my bank promising low low rates and 0% apr if I transfer my credit card to them. Small problem with that I only have one credit card and it's with them anyway. I wonder how many rees they'll get through sending me these pointless letters.

anyway, it's the weekend. So time to kick back, relax, try and do something constructive and watch the new Doctor who tomorrow. Can't wait.

Tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek channel.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I have a feeling their not going anywhere for a while

Well those roadworks are still there and from the looks of things they aren't in the process of whinding them down either, espcially as they have just put new speed signs up saying that the 20mph speed limit is mandatory. I guess they put that as they couldn't fit on " this 20 in the red circle means you go no faster then 20mph and not at whatever speed you feel like just cause theres no workmen and then decide to make rude gestures and try to overtake people who are going the right speed"

Well only one more day to go before it's the weekend and it's not a moment too soon. I've been having one of those weeks where I've just felt really tired and I've had to throw myself out of bed each morning as soon as my alarm goes because I'm sure if I say there for too long, I'll got straight back to sleep. And I wouldn't want to give Grumpy the satisfaction of waking me up because I've overslept now would I?

Two songs are really getting on my nerves at the moment. The new Britney spears one, Break the Ice and the new madonna song, which is being played everywhere at the moment. If it keeps being played it might actually start to wear me down, and I might start to it. Wouldn't want that now would we :-)

I've started to put together the new models together I got at the swap shop. Yes, yes I know. I am once again proving I am a total geek. But what the heck :-)

tune in tomorrow geek fans, same geek channel, same geek action.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Isn't technology great?

It was a rather interesting time at work today as the entire companies access to the internet went down for more then half the day! I did feel sorry for the poor IT guys as I'm sure they were under a lot of pressure to get it fixed quickly and they couldn't as they had to send out for a part. It did make us realise how much we use the internet for work purposes and wonder what we did before the internet.

The roadworks on the way to work are still there despite them supposed to have been finished yesterday. I really don't understand why it has taken them two months to put in some traffic lights. Well lets just hope their finished before next week.

Grumpy has decided to go to prague for a week to go and visit one of my brothers. Which does mean I get the house to myself for a week, which should be fun. Probably wouldn't do anything constructive but then again what else is new :-)

Asides from that, it's been one of those days. Not much else has happened. It's the same old, same old in the life of this geek.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well if further proof was needed that spring was here, the weather today more then furfilled that role today with rain,sun, bright blue skies and wind. Lots and lots of wind. It was really hard driving home as I could feel the wind hitting the side of the car and I could feel the force of it making the car rock it was that strong. And this is with me inside and I'm not exactly light.

Of course when I got home I found that the wind must have been strong as one of our fence panels in the back garden has come loose. Well when I say come loose, shattered into bits of wood would be more appropriate. We do have a very clingy plant, which I can't for the life of me remember what it is at the moment, which is keeping the pieces in place. As you can imagine grumpy was not impressed. Mind you we've had to replace the panel in that area four or five time now as it's really prone to get damaged by the wind so at least it's not that much of a surprise anymore.

I did really, really well out of the swap shop at work. Of course now I've got to put the things together but I guess that's half the fun. I was thinking of taking pictures and showing the 'army' in progress as I put it together and paint it. Not for any reason of course, just that I've never done it before and appear to have nothing better to do.

It was another one of those days at work, where everythign seemed to go so slowlllyyyyyyy. But it looks like my tankard has arrived. I haven't go it yet and I guess they'll leave it to the next department meeting before they do so.

It was also strange today as the people who have left the department have 'officially left now', so their desks will be staying empty now for good! Our department is and seems so much smaller now then it used to be. Or maybe it's just the new wall giving that impression :-)

Grumpy was out when I got home which gave me a chance to choose what I was having for dinner. Which didn't turn out to be that orginal as I went with chicken and a jacket potato. oh well.

It's the season finale torchwood on Friday, which is sad because it's the last one of this series and great as the last episode ended on a cliff hanger. I just hope the finale doesn't end on a cliff hanger and we have to wait another year for the next series!

But fortuantely that's not the end of trips to the 'Dr who universe' as the man himself, Dr who is back this Saturday. Yaahhhh!!!! At last.

I'll make sure I give my first impressions of the new companion without giving too much away. Wouldn't want to spoil it for Scully now.


tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.