Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Worst timing ever

It's been snowing again today.

Although not a lot, just that light kind of persistent snow that you know is not going to settle and you look out the window and wonder what's the point of light snow.

Anyway of course for it to snow, it has to be cold.

And what could be better, then after a long day at work you come home to a nice warm house.

Indeed, What could be better?

Well I'll tell you what's worse, coming home to find that the boiler has been classified as defunct, as it has been leaking a very small bit of gas, meaning it's had to be shut off until a part is replaced, meaning no hot water and no central heating.

Did I mention it's snowing outside?

Which means we are having to rely of some heaters that tap dance used to use at her cottage, which means at least certain rooms are warm.

Or warmish.

so could be worse.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Shuffling the decks... erhh I mean desks

well it was moving day at work again.

But not just for me. Oh no.

Our whole team was moving.

And not just our team.

Our whole department was moving in what was a swap with another department on the far side of the building.

Which sounds simple. But it's not really because you have to give enough time for people to be able to clear their current desk, move across the building, get reset up and logged in whilst making sure enough people are still logged in to take calls.

So it was rather a masterpiece of precise timing and co-ordination.

That is when the IT systems decided to play nice.

Still it also lead to one of the most random comments of the day when we suddenly heard from beneth one of the girls desks as she was tidying out the rather random phrase of

" I've found a farm yard animal under here"

Later folks

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Vital stats

I don't know if I've mentioned this but I am now on the Elders quorum presidency.

Which meant I had to be released from my previous calling as ward missionary.

And release me they did. Twice. Now I'm not sure how that happened, maybe I'd just done that good a job they wanted to thank me twice, maybe they just wanted to be sure they were rid of me :-) Or maybe someone just forgot to take if off the paperwork.

Who knows?

Anyway we have been doing a lot of talk about home teaching, and all this talk about stats inspired me to have a look at the stats for my blog to see just how people are finding me.

It seems in the last week the top keyword searches that led people to me are

  • south park doctor who
  • lightsaber cats
  • only wakko pictures
  • warbuggy
  • young single and mormon bbc
which seems a little strange but is nothing compared to the all time top keyword searches that are

  • battlewagon
  • cat with lightsaber
  • lightsaber duel
  • cat lightsaber
  • lightsaber cats
  • lightsaber cat
  • doctor who rory
  • kitty wardwell
  • ramblings-from
  • snoopy doctor who 
So it seems I am attracted a lot of star wars fans who also have a thing about cats. However the one which really baffled me is Kitty Wardwell which after a google search transpires is a murder victim whose body was found after being stored in a freezer for 28 years

What the heck????? How do searches regarding a murder victim bring people here? 

That;s somewhat distrubing

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Time goes by

It's been a really quick week this week.

Mainly because I've had the whole week off and nothing speeds up time like actually having a holiday. Why oh why can't work never pass this quickly :-)

But c'est la vie.

Still a break as they say is as good as a rest and boy did I need one after the past couple of months. IT was a nice long period of decompressing.

Or at least that's my excuse for staying in bed so late each day and I'm sticking to it :-)

Still, I managed to get a surprising amount done and was actually quite pleased with what I did get done as it was rather constructive. Even if I had to spend a large chunk of one day battling with the evils of Ikea furniture.

And I'm still convinced ikea is swedish for torture :-)

Friday, February 01, 2013

shameless plug time

Okay, so the new years resolution to blog every day is not quite going to plan but I do have a excuse as I have been spending a whole lot of time working on my photography.

If you do have any spare time please feel free to visit my photography blog and read my latest three posts.

Snow Day
Alas poor jessops
Like Paper beats rock practical beats theory

Snow Day shows off some more pictures taken during the recent snow fall.

Alas poor jessops details some more of my thoughts regarding the failure of hessops.

And Like paper beats rock, practical beats theory details my experience of a wedding photography course along with some photos which you have not seen here on this blog.

So that must be worth a look just for thatone :-)

Later folks