Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh that's just great

Well another day, another load of rain. Yes It's raining. Again.. I think this definately proves that summer or at least what passed for it this year has definatly been and gone. It's amazinh how draining having constant rain seems to be on your mood. The other problem I'm having is it's raining so hard and so often that I'm starting to run out of coats! As one inevitably gets wet and isn't dry for the next time I have to go out forcing me to use another one.

It's starting to get a little annoying.

The wonderful council also decided to be real clever today. After a complete summer of very little traffic on the roads they've started some major roadworks the day after all of the kids have gone back to school. The end result? I got stuck in a traffic jam and it took me nearly 20 minutes to go less then a hundred metres.

**!'# roadworks.

So as you can imagine I was already starting to have one of those days by the time I got to work, let alone entered the building. It was also extremly busy today as the weekend is fast approaching so there's lots to organise. On the plus side it's only once per year that I have to see that 5am on a Sunday morning actually exists so I guess it could be a lot worse :-)

Sian has finally got round to updating her blog. So if you haven't had a chance or simply haven't visited her blog before pop across there to have a look. Nothing encourages a blogger to keep writing like leaving lots of comments( I know, I know terribly unsubtle hint from me there :-)

Also some of you might remember ( especially Alice, if your still out there :-) Mike ball who used to have a blog which I linked to until it suddenly and mysteriousily disappeared into the night. Well he used to work at my place until he left ( well I guess that's obivouis otherwise he would still be working there. D'uhh being quick today aren't I?) well he's coming back to work for the same diversion but in a completly new role. See he thought he had escaped but he was very wrong :-)

Speaking of Bloggers who don't post on quite as regular basis as I do, if you have a chance go and visit Engineseers blog. As he's intending now that he's in luxemthingamijig to try and update it on a more regular basis. So please visit and leave a comment for him and hopefully that will encourage him to keep going too.

And also if you still have some spare time I would recommend you take in Rhondas, Alices and Miss Nemesis's blogs as their all very funny and help cheer me up if I've had a bad day no end :-)

I came home to find Grumpy giggling over something. Some of you might remember that we had to get a new TV earlier this year as our old one broke just after the warrenty ran out. Well whilst searching through some files Grumpy found that he had in fact taken out the extended warrenty on the old TV so we didn't have to buy a new one over all. Oh well, both of us ending up having fits of laughter as it just seems such a typical thing to happen and we couldn't help but see the funny side.

I've also been having fun with my new Ipod nano. I've downloaded all of my favourite songs and I didn't realise just how strange my taste in music can be sometimes. I'm one of these people who doesn't seem to like any one style of music over another. I just go for whichever songs I like at the time. I've also found it has games onto which might be simple but are proving to be oh so hideousily addictive. Well it's not like I've got anything better to do with my time right now.

and on that note I think I'll end todays post there.

later folks!

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