Monday, September 08, 2008

Their back.

Well the Kids are definately back at school now in Nottingham. I know this mainly because the trip into work took an extra 15 minutes compared to the lenght it's been all summer. Oh well. On the plus side it seems to have stopped raining. Well for today at least. It's amazing how much easier your day seems when it's not raining buckets loads!

Asides from my journey too and from work taking longer it really has been one of those days where nothing much interesting seemed to happen. It was pretty much a standard Monday where everything just keeps rolling on like it should.

Boring I know and probably a comment on my life right now but lets not dwell on that point shall we.

Grumpy is currently out with Owen. He's taken him to another training class. I'm not sure what Owen makes of this all. I'm sure he can't see the point of going to training classes as he's already got Grumpy trained well enough :-)

Well I think I'm going to spend the evening not doing much. Again not very interesting but I'm in one of those kind of moods where I'm not in the mood to do much at all. I'm sure you all know what I mean.

later folks!

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