Sunday, August 17, 2008

How to kill a Lesson in one easy sentence

Well it was one of those mornings where I had to throw myself out of bed as it was proving a real struggle to get up. Fortunatly or unfortunatly depending on what way you look at it I managed to stub my toe on one of my bookcases which helped me then wake up reaalll fast.

I almost forgot to take the bulletins with me this morning but I remembered at the last second. Not that it probably would have mattered too much if I had forgotten them as there were no announcements this week. All I could put on the back of them was
" There are no ward announcements this week"
Not real inspiring I know but I was kind of out of ideas for anything else to put.

Our Sunday school lesson did not get off to a good start as our teacher started describing the lesson by saying " I don't really like this part of the BoM as it just seems to go on about wars. I usually skip it but I'm sure Sad geeks who play that tabletop wargames prbably find it fascinating" at which point she looked in Mine and Engineseers direction. DB obivousily feeling very helpful decided to point at us in case anyone hadn't got the reference. I was feeling quite annoyed at this comment and probably would have continued to feel annoyed if Engineseer hadn't leant across and said " Well of course, we read that bit for ideas for tactics" which made me laugh and instead put me into one of those cheerful 'kind' of moods where I was going to be happy but as awkward as possible. Even the teachers later comment after Engineseer and I had answered questions of " I knew you two would be in your element" didn't faze me. Well not much at least :-)

Sad geeks indeed. I for one am not a 'sad geek'. I am a optomistic pessimistic geek.

I'm Absolutly sure that the worst is about to happen :-)

Anyway, it's been a quiet afternoon. I've spent some time working on the top secret project and the now brand new top secret project two.

and no I'm not telling you about that one either.

Well it's Monday tomorrow and I don't have to get up for work as I'm on Holiday.


I have a feeling this is going to be a fun week.

later folks!


Dan said...

Two secret projects? Not to be out done, I have a scret project brewing... no no, don't ask, I won't tell. No. Put your wallet away, you can't buy my information... oh, a fiver!

Seriously, the only thing I will say, is...

Scully said...

I'm impressed you managed to get past that comment. When I hear rude things like that in lessons (my all-time fave is the one about how us single girls will get a chance to marry and have children in the afterlife. Worst Consolation Prize Ever. But I digress) I tend to glower at the teacher for the remainder of the class period. Not really helpful to anyone, including myself. Enjoy your holiday!

drat said...

i dont know why you put up with that c**p.

Its your hobby. there are plenty of hobbies that other people think of as sad. stamp collecting, trainspotting etc. but whatever its always good to have an interest and to be passionate about something. just because other people might find it boring doesnt mean that its not a valid thing to do.

Saxon said...

.... ? Wait I know it's to do with morse code

Saxon said...

It was kind of a weary indifference to it Scully that allowed me to ignore it. If she wants to make fun of me I can't be bothered to get wound up about it anymore.

Saxon said...

I'm not sure occasionally either Drat.

And technically it's my job and hobby