Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohh Shiny

Well it's been a good day weatherwise. It's not been that sunny or hot but at least it hasn't been raining which is a vast improvement over what we had to cope with last year.

It was a good day at work too. Especially as a new book that I have really been looking forward to arrived. So I have yet more stuff to read :-) If I didn't have such a good memory I'm sure I would have problems keeping track of all of the books in the range. It isn't what you could call a 'small range'.

I've also chosen to do something as part of a new project which is quite interesting. But I can't go into any details yet. But it sounds quite fun and will give me a chance to do something different.

There was a new advert on the TV tonight for a anti persperant deoderant that I found quite funny as it's proud boast was that it had been tested in the hottest place on earth and it still worked. It might just me but if I was in the hottest place on Earth I wouldn't be worried whether or not I was sweating. Maybe it's just me and my logical thinking.

Anyway asides from that it's been pretty much a standard day.

later folks!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lets hope this isn't starting as it means to go on

It's been a funny old day weather wise. Sun, Clouds, rain, wind, back to clouds, back to sun, back to rain, sun, rain, sun more rain, then no clouds and Sun. Talk about the weather not being able to make up it's mind in slightist!

I had to get to church this morning bright and early as I had this meeting with the Elders Quorum President and had to get the bulletins printed off.It wasn't a good sign when I ran into the Bishop and he was under the impression that I was going to be printing them off at home and knew nothing about me using the photocopier. I then ran into Brother Scott and he knew all about it ( mainly as he had suggested it) but then he had to ask the bishop where the photocopier was. Which surprising me. How many places is there to put a photocopier in a chapel anyway?

Well we finally found it and I got the things printed off but then the EQ president turned up and I had no time to cut them so I asked Black Widow who was standing around for help.

Engineseer and I went into the meeting with the EQ's President and surprise, surprise they had decided to reassign both of us to be hometeaching companions. Well gosh darn, that was a surprise. I hadn't guessed that Days ago (..... must stop being so cynical).

We got out of the meeting to find Black Widow had experienced two problems with cutting the Bulletins up, firstly the pair of scissors was very blunt and secondly he had great difficutly cutting in a straight line ( I still appreciate the help as it is the thought that counts). Which meant only half of the bulletins were usuable. Still we moved a table outside of the main door and spread them out and I was feeling somewhat hopeful.

In Sunday school CF was back teaching us again. However one of the first things she said was that as there were several young men coming into the class she was going to have to 'dumb down' the lessons and take them down to a more approriate level for them. So she would understand if any of us felt this two low and wnted to move to the Adult classes instead. I'm not going to take up that offer. I ve three years before I have to be thrown out their not making me leave early! It did make me wish Physics was there though as I'm sure he would have had some good comment.

Sian's sister Traveller was also there. She's moving out to Thailand in a week and a bit. So yet another Loughborough YSA is leaving us for foreign shores. I'm wondering if we should start to get paranoid. Is it us? Is it something we said :-)

We were walking to the stairs and I was talking to Engineseer when I suddenly heard a voice yell
" Think fast"
quickly followed by a ball shooting past my head. I looked round to see DB on the stairs laughing with O saying
" I should have guessed it as too much to think Saxon could think Fast"
I smiled and responded
" Well at least I think"
At which point DB looked very confused and said " Huh?"
I started to walk past him and said
" Point proven"
at which point DB suddenly turned round and said
" Well what are you doing with your life that's so worthwhile"
I have no idea what prompted that question but I almost lost it. I'm not sure why, I suppose it was just a culmination of the hassles, problems church wise and some of the frustations that caused almost being set off by this jerk in front of me talking to me like that. I was probably closer to loosing it then I had done in a while and was all ready to start yelling in his face asking what right he had to say that to me and obivousily be so judgemental about me when Engineseer jumped in and added
" Doing a job that he's good at and loves. Why what are you doing with your life?"
Db simply smirked and walked off, fortunately the moment of anger had passed and I felt myself calming down and getting the anger under control.

When we got back upstairs I was wondering how the bulletins were going. It was not a good sign to see that someone had dumped all their bags on top of them!

As it was the 5th Sunday of the month we had a joint Priesthood/relief society meeting. There were three speakers. The last one was the Bishop and to be honest I totally lost what he was talking about as he seemed to go off on a mega tangent. Even Engineseer was confused and only picked up the point of his presentation at the very end and had to explain it to me afterwards.

I was also confirmed as the " Ward bulletin co ordinator" after church which surprised the heck out of me as I was sure they had only announced it as a assignment and not a calling. But the Bishop insisted it had been and I must have missed it. Far from it for me to argue with the Bishop :-)

I did one last check on the bulletins to see if many people had taken them to find someone had taken the table and thrown the bulletins on the floor. Not terribly nice of the person who did that was it?

Well after that fun packed morning I've had a fairly quiet rest of the day. I've just spent most of the afternoon reading and painting. Not hugely exciting I know but it was still fun.


Later folks!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I have never hated three words so much in one instant

And what three words would this be? Well I'll tell you


As regular readers will now I have been really looking forward to this weeks Doctor Who and I was going to write about it but it was so mind bendingly awesome that I won't. And also because Engineseer might not have seen it yet and although Scully said she didn't mind Spoilers she in no way what so ever will want to know what happened immediatly prior to those three words appearing on the screen. And to top it all off there was no preview of next weeks episode, the season finale so there's not even a clue to tide us over until next week.

I'm not sure if I will make it to next Saturday with out going nuts. I think I might have actually yelled at the screen when those three words appeared. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought was going on.

Well as it's a Saturday it was time for shopping. Which was pretty boring especially as it's the end of the month and I don't get paid till next week. And of course to top it off Zavvi was having a massive sale with lots of stuff at haf price or more. You could buy the first three series of house for only £25. Individual series for £15 and it just went on and on and on. There was loads of stuff in the sale. I can only hope it's last until next week.

Apparently somebody else has got thrown outof the big brother house for bad behaviour. Apparently they spat in somebodys face during a argument. A whole nation fails to care in the slightist :-)

Well Church tomorrow and it will be rthe first test of the new bulletin, so it should be interesting. I have to admit I was finding it a bit hard to take pride in it because they've insisted it's so basic it didn't take any effort at all. But I realised I was being far too cynical about it and I should take pride in it because as the saying goes you have to take your victories where you can.

anyway, that's all for now folks.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Brother Saxon, Five year veteran

Well finally after waiting for absoutly ages I finally recieved my silver Tankard today to mark my Five years with the company. And here it is!

Okay I know it's not the best picture but you get this sort of problem when you try to take a picture of a silver tankard inside without using the flash otherwise you can't see it. There's an eagle on this side facing the camera and a inscription on the other.
It's cool init?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here comes the rain again

Well I suppose I shouldn't really complain. We've had several days of Sun so with the wonderful British weather the chances were that we were going to get some rain sooner or later. And well we have. A whole lot of it, which made driving home very interesting :-)

I had another one of those " Have to throw myself out of bed or I'm not going to get up" kind of mornings. I did get a nice surprise however as Hyper rang up to say thank you for his Birthday present. I would have loved to chat to him longer but the trouble was I had to leave to go to work.

Work was good, if a little quiet as a lot of people were out of the office today. Tomorrow's going to be fun as we're going out for a presenation followed by a meal as a thank you for all our hard work this year. It's always nice to go out for a meal ( especially when someone else is paying)

Grumpy's out tonight visiting one of his friends. And he's out tomorrow as well as he's going to visit Media. I was tempted to wind him up about not drinking the water in Northampton ( they've got to boil water down there at the moment as there's some sort of bug in the water system) but knowing his sense of humour he probably wouldn't see the funny side :-) That bug must be doing wonders for their tourism at the moment down in Northampton " Welcome to the UK, Don't drink the water!"

There was slightly more depressing news as they reckon petrol is going to hit £1.50 as the summer goes on. The governments not saying anything but surely their going to have to cut tax sooner or later otherwise prices will be going through the roof left right and centre. Remember out petrol is something like £1.18 on average at the moment. With out our stupidly high tax it would be the cheapest in europe, something like only 40 pence!

I finally managed to get enough announcements together and get some info from the bishopric so I could do a bulletin for this week. Boy was it like pulling teeth. I can only hope it gets better as time goes on ( and I would like a million pounds, a new car and a geekette too).... Sorry must stop being so cynical.

I also got a email from the EQ president who wants to talk to me and Engineseer on Sunday about a Home teaching assignment. Lets all take three guess what they've decided to do to solve my home teaching issues shall we???


later folks!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's groundhog day

It might sound a bit unorginal but it really did feel a bit like groundhog day today. Everything from when I got up to when I got to work seemed to be an exact copy of yesterday. Which was weird but at least inspired some interesting thoughths of 'what if?' which in turn made me realise that I probably do just a little too much driving by myself as my thoughts take odd turns sometimes :-)

Anyway it was yet another day of fairly nice weather. I could get used to this! They were also talking about how it's been a year since the summer floods of last year which just seemed really really scary as it didn't seem that long ago! Where does the time go these days?

Postive news in entertainment today. Nobody seems interested in Big brother whatsoever. Yes!!!!!!! Maybe just may they'll finally kill that awful show. The other main news is that two wags will be appearing on celebrity gladiators ( who cares! the orginal gladiators were much better) and that a britney look a like fooled photographers on a beach in the USA. Big news huh? Well nonot really I agree. Is anybody else getting the idea it might have been a slow news day?

I'm reading quite a interesting book at the moment as it poses that age old question 'Do the ends ever justify the means?" in a rather new and and unique way.

Anyway, aisdes from all that it was just another regular workday.

Wait I'm getting that groundhog day feeling again :-)

later folks!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a little loud

It's been another fairly nice day. Who knows? Maybe summer is actually here to stay (for once).
Plus as it's summer and near the end of the school year the traffic is starting to get considerably lighter, so hopefully ( touch wood by smacking self on head) I won't end up in any really long traffic jams on a regualr basis.

It was interesting at work this morning as some new posters that we're going to be selling of some artwork from some of our books arrived. It's like a slightly screwy version of 'Where wally?", as it what can you see when the artwork is at A3 size compared to when it's book sized.

The fire alarm was also set off today, which meant we ended up standing around outside for 15 minutes while security did a sweep of the building. Still we can't complain as it hasn't done that in a long time plus there wasn't actually a fire. Which is definatly a plus point :-)

In the new today it's been announced that Viagra has been added to the list of performance enhancing drugs banned by the international athletics authorities. I can't decide whether to go on about how this story confused me as I couldn't figure out what sort of advantage that drug would give athletes or make some fairly obivous jokes. So I'm just going to leave this one alone....

I just realised we're almost at the end of June. Argghhhh!!! Where did the year go? It's also less then two months to my Birthday when I'll be 27. I'm getting old, and still a menance to society. However I am starting to find that term annoying. Outside of the Church no one would bate an eyelid that I'm almost 27 and not married. Inside the church the way some people go on, you'd think as I'm 26 and not married I'm past it and should be moving into an OAPs home!

Grrrrr. Okay I'm going to leave that there before I get myself wound up anymore.

Asides from that it was another fairly quiet, typical run of the mil work day. Not too interesting to blog about I know.

Oh well.

Later folks!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Can't wait until Saturday

I don't know if I'm going to be able to wait until next Saturday. The bbc has just released another trailer for the next episode of Doctor who and it's now looking better then ever. This season finale is going to be so cool!

Talking of things geeky that reminds me I really ought to go to the cinema to see the new incredible Hulk film.

Anyway it's actually been quite a nice day for a Monday. The weathers been okay, it was cloudly this morning but has cleared up nicely now so it's nice and sunny.

Work was good too. I was able to get loads done today which makes a good change for a Monday. Lets hope it continues for the rest of the week.

Grumpy has finally got round to looking at his trains again and there seems to be a good chance that he will actually stick with them this time. I'm not sure if the House can take much more geekyness though. :-)

Asides from that it's been a fairly quiet day. I've spent most of the evening catching up with some reading and doing a bit of painting.

If the week stays this quiet I will be more then happy.

later folks!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting a little sense of Deja Vu

Well I might finally be getting somewhere with my assignment at church. They've finally give me the sacrement programme for the next few weeks, now all I need is for people to start sending me announcements. I get a feeling I've got some phoning round to do.

Well the weather was much better today and it was even sunny. It was exceptionally windy for some reason though.

We have a new teacher in Sunday school. Sort of. Apparently, If I understood it correctly he's going to be 'job sharing' with Caroline. No idea why that is mind you. We've also go a new YSA joining us as well. She's a student but her family has moved into Loughborough. So in a reversal of the usual state of affairs with students she'll be home for the summer and gone the rest of the time.

We also had a visit from our Home Teachers tonight. It looks like SP just 'borrowed' the first young man he could persude to come out with him as Black Widow wasn't avalabile. However I get the feeling O probably didn't want to come as he sat there the whole visit looking bored rigid.

Anyway, Monday tomorrow, so a fresh week of Work ahead and I think theres a very good chance I might be finally getting my mug this week.

Here's hoping.

anyway, later!

Return of the Caption Competition

Here are some photos from the party on Friday and as I haven't done this in a while I thought it was time for a caption competition. All suggestions recieved and if their good will be laughed at too :-) (I've added titles to the photos so it will be easier to see in comments which photos your referring too)
Engineseer 1
Party 1
Party 2
Engineseer 2

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bad Wolf

As some long term readers might now I'm really into all things history. One of the kinds of history books I find the most interesting are 'what if' or alternative history books. Where the writers change one historical event that theorise how things might turn out differently from 'normal' history. This is why I found tonights episode of Doctor Who so unbelievably cool. As it shows a world where the Donna never met The Doctor and things turn out very badly indeed. A certain someone we know very well helps Donna set things right and has a message for the Doctor. Two words " Bad Wolf"... The trailer for next weeks episode shows that not only is Rose back again, Martha and Sarah Jane and not only Captain Jack but the rest of the Torchwood team as well will all be turning up.

I don't know if I can wait till next Saturday. It's going to be great!!!

Now back to something less geeky.

The weather has been awful today. Really overcast ad murky and it's been raining. Not heavy rain mind you more that light drizzly rain which is just yuck.

I had to go and get a new tax disk for the car today as well. It's now £66 for six months. Well I suppose it could have been worse. At least I don't have to worry about getting another one till December.

Asides from that it's been a pretty quiet day. I spent a large part of the afternoon reading and doing some painting. Not a terribly exciting afternoon I know, but it's nice sometimes to just have some quiet time.



Friday, June 20, 2008

Going Along, singing a song, stuck in a flipping traffic jam

There seems to be something about getting up on a Friday morning which can be hard some weeks. I dunno if it's because you've been working hard all week and it just catches up with you or more the fact that you know in 24 hours time you get a lie in.

I filled up with petrol on the way to work. I had forgotten how much of a bite the trip to institute was taking out of my fuel each week. As I got through the whole week with only using half a tank. Which was good as petrol is still going up. Even the cheap station I usually stop at isn't so chep any more.

Getting home after work was also tough as well as the A453 was shut yet again due to an accident. So everyone was trying to get out of Nottingham the same way which meant huge traffic jams. Which in turn meant it took me a massive 1 hour 20 minutes to get home. I was feeling really annoyed until about five minutes before I got home when I heard someone had died in the accident which sort of drained all of the annoyance away. I got home tonight, they didn't.

I had to get changed very quickly though and leg it out the door as Engineseer and RMcR were having a party at R's grandparents house ( they have a huge garden) to celebrate the fact that they have both finished their courses. But due to the traffic it did mean I over an hour late.

As I usually get lost coming back from the Mcr's I asked to Follow Engineseer as he had his Satnav. And I managed to keep up with him most of the time which was good as his Satnav decided to take us on a magical mystery tour of the countryside and I would have been completely clueless in the dark if I had lost him.

Anyway, It's the weekend now. Time to kick back, try and relax and not think about work for two days.

later folks!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And Lo things did start getting stranger

It's usually quite easier to make my breakfast and prepare my lunch in the morning, but today wasn't a usual morning. I had what seemed like a suicidal frog to deal with and no I'm not making this up. When I came downstairs this morning there was a frog sitting in the middle of the Kitchen Floor. Quite how it got in there we're not sure, (our best bet was it came in last night when I was getting something from the garage and we didn't notice it), but for me it didn't seem to want to leave when I opened the back door and tried to sush it out. So I then tried to step round it but the stupid thing kept moving right in front of me and almost udner my feet each time so I couldn't get to the fridge. It was really rather strange. I eventually ran out of time and had to leave for work. Grumpy was eventually able to get the frog to go outside. Hopefully it won't come back!

The weathers been a bit changable today. It is starting to brighten up though so maybe we are heading into summer after all.

I'm at a bit of a impasse with book reading. So many cool books to read and I don't know what to read next. Yes I know thats incredibly geeky and Sad but thats me I guess :-) wait is that something I want to admit too?

Getting home from work took a long time. Mainly because as I've said before the roads around here are usually okay but if you get one small accident is just the wrong spot it all goes horribly horribly wrong. As it did tonight. One small spill of diesel fuel on the motorway three junctions away and all of a sudden all of the roads are doing very good impressions of car parks. It didn't help being stuck behind a caravan which was called a swift rapide (in big letters along the back) as it just seemed to be rubbing in the fact I was going nowhere fast.

Oh well. Only one more day until the weekend.

Lets hope nothing interesting or strange happens tomorrow.

later folks!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do these people have too much time on their hands?

Two new stories caught my eye today which were probably caused by people with just far too much time on their hands.

The first was about a story about a award winning photographer who decided to use computer software to show what certain dead people would look like now if they were still alive today. The three he choose were Hitler, Marylin Monroe and Bruce Lee. Now asides from his interesting choices, what connects those three I have no idea, it was the fact he decided to publish these pictures. I mean is anybody bothered or is there in fact someone who can sleep easier out there tonight as he now knows what Bruce Lee would have looked like in his late sixties.

The second was about two design students (male and female) who decided set out to bust men who check out women's chests. They designed a "breastcam" as part of a thesis project.

The girl nips out wearing these cameras fitted in a dress and aims to catch passing oglers in the act and the resulting footage is broadcast over the web.

The guy said the idea was not to affront those who fail to keep their eyes above his bosom friend's neckline but to address the issue of public surveillance. Quite how playing footage of any men who may be looking where they shouldn't on the web addresses the issues of public surveillance I have no idea.

I can't help but feel this camera address is a little unfair to men. It's not like it's a hidden set of cameras to catch the guys who truly oggle women.

No It's a bit more obivous then that. See the picture below.

Now you can't see it from this angle but the cameras are contained in two rather large plastic domes. Now this doen't exactly deflect attention does it. I think if you say a girl wearing this get up walking down the street with two cameras stuck in two large plastic domes coming off her chest, you going to at least do a double take! regardless of if your a man or not.

Speaking of girls drawing attention to themselves, the female cast members of Hollyoaks are apparently doing a photoshoot which is apparently supposed to be very classy and sophisticated, even if they are only wearing lingarie and using a space hopper in the shoot.

And if thats what passes for classy and sophisticated these days this country might have a very serious problem.

Hmmm. Now what

It was rather strange coming home from work this evening as I kept thinking I was going the wrong way, as it's a Wednesday and I was coming straight home. Yes Institute has now finished for the summer so I'm going to have to find something useful with my Wednesday nights. Which is odd as I usually feel that I don't have enough time to do stuff during the week and what happens? I get a extra night and I can't think of what to do. Oh well, C'est la Vie I guess.

It was another interesting day at work as we had some new books arrive. Getting a new book is always good and when you get it for free as part of your job it's even better. Of course at the speed I read it will probably be finished very quickly and then I will struggle to find somewhere to store it but it's worth it. And they were books I was looking forward to which is even better.

Of course you would think that keeping track of so many books is difficult, but not to sound full of myself it isn't. I've always had a really good memory, darn near photographic sometimes. Of course it does tend to only apply with things that aren't necessarily useful day to day. I can be really bad at remembering the more useful stuff, like where did I put my pen and did I lock the door? :-)

My assignment for church is still not going very well. Despite chasing people a lot I'm still getting nothing. I really foresee having to start ringing people up to get stuff.

If you have a moment you should pop across to Nemesis's blog to read the story of how her 'Gentleman Friend" proposed. You have to admit her GF has style.


That's all for today folks.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hop along Saxon

It's for want of a better term, been a interesting day. It started this morning while I was making breakfast, Tapdance stopped by to drop a book off for Grumpy and let herself in by the back door. I didn't hear her and she made me jump when she suddenely appeared through the lounge door!

The journey into work was 'interesting' as well as I had a really twit driving behind me who obivousily decided his job was to get as close to the back of the car as possible and stay there regardless of my efforts to get some distance between us. It was rather nerve wracking as all it would have taken was one thing to cause me to break suddenly and he was going into the back of me, sure as sure.

And things continued to be interesting at work. There was a bunch of canandians going round the building. But no one initially seemed quite sure who there were here visiting as they were a bunch of teachers. Still stranger things have happened and frequently do in that building.

I got a call from someone who wanted to be a author and wanted to know if he could submitt a manuscript. I asked him which imprint he was interested in and he replied
" The science fiction one"
At a guess I would say this guy had not done his homework.

I also had a discussion with Mr G about two models I was painting on my desk. His response was that he found the one on the left more scary. Which gave us pause to reflect that ours is probably one of the few businesses in the world where you can have discussions like that about painted models and not be considered crazy.

I also started having problems with my leg late in the afternoon.The back of it been sore the past few days but today was the first day it was starting to hurt whilst I was sitting down. I tried several times to call the doctors to get an appointment. But had no luck there mainly due to the fact that they didn't pick up the darn phone.

When I got home Grumpy suggested that rather then trying to keep getting an appointment at the doctors if there weren't answering to go to the NHS walk in centre tonight. Which I did do and that was an experience all in itself.

The reception not the most friendly place in the world as I had to yell to make myself heard through the safety glass. I had to wait an hour and ten minutes to get seen which was abut what I was expecting. The time would have gone quicker had it not been for the mother with her 'supernanny'candiate child behind me. She must have told the Lad 'no don't do that' at least 35 times in twenty minutes then seemed surprised that he didn't listen.

I finally got to see a nurse who had a look at my leg. It seems that I've done something to the ligament, (she said pulled or strained I can't remember which,) which fortunately wasn't too bad but the downside is it's going to take a while to heal. So it might be sore for a while yet. I've having to keep putting ice on it and take anti-inflamatorys, get up for a walk round the office at least once a hour while at work, and no cycling till it's healed. Which is very annoying. If it doesn't get any better within a couple of weeks she said to go back to see my GP. Which if that is the case I will do. If someone at that flipping surgery picks up the phone.

I would have come home and consoled myself with some choclate but I remembered I've kept the house empty of choclate to avoid tempetation when I am depressed. Darn it, the one time I actually remember to avoid getting something.

oh well,

later folks

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to the old grindstone

Well it was back to work today. If only you could get paid without having to go to work. It would be so much easier, or I suppose it would mean your on the dole.

Getting into work was weird. It didn't seem like a week since I last made the journey. Of course my immediate problem was getting to my desk as in my absence several boxes of samples had arrived and people had helpfully decided to stake them all on my desk stopping me from getting anywhere close to my computer to turn the darn thing on. It took me five minutes to clear enough boxes to get to my desk and turn the computer on.

I was confused by a empty box sitting in the pile until I discovered we had, had some new books arrive last week. It seems without me being there there had been a major outbreak of shiny book syndrome and they had all been nicked. Which was frustrating as I then had to spend ages tracking down what the books were so I knew what I had to order more of in.

Asides from that it was a pretty standard day. Asides from the large pile of work I had to work my way through but thats the price of going on Holidays I guess. The downside is you always have to come back.



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

Well for some reason today the time has seemed to fly by and I'm fairly certain I know why. Yes my holiday is over, it's the end of the weekend and tomorrow is a Monday which means only one things. It's time to go back to work. Saxon starts hoping fervently for there not to be a big pile of work there waiting for him. Well it could happen! It's unlikely but it could.

Doctor Who was very, very good last night. I have to say it was one of the few TV programs I have seen in a long while which was geniunely unerving and scary. However the trailer for next weeks episode looks great. She's back, finally back!!

Grumpy has a new phone. Which of course means he has to learn how to work a new handset. Which in turn means he's coming to find me every 10 minutes with a new query how to work the darn thing.

I was also going to take Grumpy out to dinner today as it's Fathers day but I couldn't afford to. So instead I cooked Sunday dinner for him instead, although we had it for tea instead. So I'm feeling quite smug with myself right now as I was able to cook a full Sunday roast with no problems whatso ever. Which means that I can still cook even if I don't cook properly on that scale as it were too often. Of course the downside with being able to cook so well is that it goes into my list of skills that I can't use to impress girls, (like painting, blogging and being able to give good shoulder and neck massages) with out some unlikely coincedence of events. Or running into a YSA Geekette. Which I still say could happen one day even if the odds are stacked againist me.

It was very quiet at church today. There seemed to be a fair few people missing including Engineseer. Which again prompted our Sunday school teacher to ask me where he was. It seems that in her eyes I am still firmly his keeper. She then asked if we were 'loosing him' and his brother. Which stumped me for a moment then I finally realised what she was saying. I decided to keep my mouth shut rather then say anything back as a comment. Some people seem remarkably unable to accept that as Engineseer quite often works Saturday nights it's very understandable if he sometimes sleeps through his alarm after only four hours sleep.

Anyway I'll leave that there before I start ranting.

See you tomorrow folks.

If I survive that is

mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just a quick one

Well it's just a quick post today as I'm really tired and been running around for most of the day doing stuff, which I'll probably go into tomorrow. Also I don't one to loose my record of one blog post per day so far this year.

It's Saturday so I'm sure most regular readers can already guess what the morning was taken up with. That's right shopping! It was the same old, same old absolutly nothing to report there.

I'll try and make more sense tomorrow.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh well if they have a plan....

A load of tanker drivers have started a four day protest here in the UK blockading Shell oil refinerys to protest about wages. This only affects deliveres to shell garages mind you not any of the other petrol stations. The government has insisted that they have a plan to cover this situation and people should not go out and panic buy fuel...

Can you guess what a lot of people have been doing?

That's right, panic buying petrol. Tapdance said to went to a petrol station this morning at 7.30am and there was already a massive queue for petrol. And apparently it's got steadily worse as the days gone on with more and more station running out of petrol.

However some people have now claimed that they think the government was trying to use reverse psychology when they told people not to panic buy as they knew this would prompt people to panic buy thus giving them enough petrol to last out the four day strike.

Personally I don't think the government is able to come up with a plan that clever right now.

Anyway, it was my last 'official' day of Holiday today. Just two more days before it's back to the old grind stone. Of course I am trying to keep my mind off that for as long as possible.

It doesn't look like I will be able to get a announcement bulletin done for Sunday. Mainly because despite me chasing all of the auxilary leaders only one got back to me and even then it wasn't with a announcement. Just a suggestion for a section I could include and recommended talking to another leader. Arggghhhhhh!!!!!! I think for this to have any chance of working I'm (As Grumpy puts it) going to have to become a right royal pain in the %$* and keep chasing people constantly until they realise it will be a lot easier to give me announcements asap rather then have me keep bugging them .

It might work.


later folks!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Okay lets hope this isn't a sign

Well either Grumpy 'bought' the weather back with him from Holiday or it's a sign. Start of Holiday lovely weather, getting to the end of Holiday and work starting again weather goes bad. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but then again it isn't paranoria if they are out to get me. Not that I have any proof that they are so that might mean...... Wait I've gone and confused myself again. Where was I?

Oh yes. The lovely blue skies of the past few days have disappeared and it's been raining and overcast for a large chunk of the day.

If you haven't visited Nemesis's Blog today . Go visit it right now for her big news. ( which I only heard about second hand via facebook mind you:-) Although to be fair I think she only has my work address and as my work email sometimes decides to loose emails ( don't ask me why it even confuses our IT team, which is worrying in itself) it's possible that she might have emailed. ( and based on her comment she left earlier it looks like that's exactly what happened stupid email!) Both Engineseer and I were glad to see one of the male US YSA finally woke up and left their consoles long enough to realise she was there.

Of course that might be a bit harsh to judge all male US YSA like that but as Nemesis said in a post one time at one US YSA activity the girls were in the hot tub and the guys were upstairs playing on Consoles, (D'ohh!! I should have asked if anybody bothered to check they were still breathing) it doesn't bode well for the common sense levels of the majority.

So only one more day of Holiday left. I have to admit that I'm feeling more full of energy that I have done in a while ( I'm sure the first week of work will beat that back out of me :-) It would be better if we could get money without having to work wouldn't it? Not going to happen but it would be nice. I also feel I have a lighter outlook on things. Well it's that or I just feel like I have a lighter outlook as I had my hair cut today. :-) You decide!

My new 'assignment' for church is not going too well right now. I'm having to do even more chasing to try and get some announcements as I've had zero so far. I can see me having to do a lot of chasing for a little while until people get used to this, or I'm always going to be chasing people for announcements. Place your bets now Ladies and Gentleman for what it's going to be.

later folks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He's back.......

Well my free run of the house has ended, Grumpy is now back from Holiday so I'm going to have to start tidying up after myself straight away rather then later. However he had forgotten I was off work this week so didn't ring to ask me to go and collect him until after the time I usually get home from work. Of course this meant after the trip to get him and bring him home there was no way I was able to get to institute this evening, which was the last one of the course :-( Oh well, C'est la vie I guess.

He was very impressed with the work Engineseer and I did in the garage and even more impressed when I explained Engineseer had managed to fix the garage door too.

Well asides from that I had a very 'easy' day today and just spent most of the time doing some painting and then some reading. I'm feeling impressed with myself as it's been three days so far of my Holiday and I haven't wasted lots of time watching DVD's or got sucked into the mind draining world of daytime TV once.

For those of you who might not have noticed I've also updated the blogs that I read list. The link to Mike's lamented blog has now gone seeing as it disappeared without trace but I've found a few new blogs to take it's Place. Brittany was a american YSA who came to study in Leicester for one year. The Kears are a family from Loughborough wards as well as the Englands and the Scotts. SG or SW as was has also started her own blog so please pop over there and visit her blog as it's always nice for people just starting their blogs to get comments to keep them encouraged and motivated to keep going with it.

Well that's all for now folks,

see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh no he didn't

Well it seems that if Engineseer has proven that if you take your eye off him he will get up too no good. When clearing out you always expect to find odd things, stuff you've lost, stuff you've forgotten about or stuff you'd want to forget. It seems Engineseer found some in the garage today during our clear up which firmly falls into the later catergory and decided to take a photo when I wasn't looking. Go to his blog by using the link on the blog list to see what I'm talking about. While I try and come up with some cunning plan to get him back.

Revenge will be mind Engineseer, revenge will be mind, mwah, ha ,ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha, ha (all right thats enough)

The benefits of teamwork.

This Summer definately in no way shape or form coming to a Cinema near you, Saxon and Engineseer stay in the YSA and the last crystal crusade for the Garage of Doom!
In the cold light of Day this morning I couldn't help but wonder if I had, had the brightest of ideas. Talking about cleaning the Garage is one thing, actually doing it is quite another as this is one awaited Engineseer and I. Or at least it did once Engineseer got out of bed (cough hour late cough cough. This is a view of the garage from the side door looking down the garage.
And this is the view of the corner of the garage which you could see in the photo above. See it was no mean feat we had set outselves and we had but one day to do it.
This is the pile of stuff we had moved out of the garage in the first half an hour alone. Engineseer looks rather pleased with himself doesn't he. He doesn't realise yet who is going to be breaking down all that cardboard, he, he, he.

This is Engineseer in the passengers seat of Grumpys Car just before we out to go to the local tip to get rid of some of the rubbish from the garage. You can see just how crammed full the back of the car is with rubbish here. We even had the back seats down to get more room.
This is us at the tip. Engineseer seemed to be throughly enjoying himself throwing stuff into skips.
Back at Saxon HQ as it were, it was lunch time and it was time for food. We went for something a bit different and had bacon sarnies using french stick instead of bread. It was rather nice and certainly different.
Whilst clearing the garage we had found the lawn chairs so after a quick dust down we decided to sit in the garden and enjoy the wonderful sun and Blue sky. We had nice weather, nice food, nice drink. If only we'd had a couple of geekettes it would have been as close to perfect as a afternoon could have been.
No this isn't a random shot of a jungle. This is actually the back garden. Believe it or not (engineseer didn't) there is a pond in there somewhere and a greenhouse. I have a feeling this might be out next service project :-) No wait Engineseer come back it was a joke I promise.

After lunch we got back to work and Engineseer had a bright idea. He suggested that we open the garage door. However this wasn't as simple as it first appeared. The runners on either side of the door had popped out and the door was near enough impossible to open. As this was a challenge, Engineseer refused to give up and we got the door open. He was then confident that he could fix the door and tackled it in the typical engineering way. Using a hammer. In this photo he's looking quizically at the door as he's just managed to jam it open and he's not sure how.

Don't worry he did manage to get it free eventually and the door is now fixed.

By late afternoon it's not perfect but we're getting there. We were slightly hamstrung as there was a lot of stuff that we didn't know if Grumpy would want or not so we found room for it and I'll check with him when he returns.
We're all but done by this point. Admitally it does still look a little crowded by the photo doesn't really show how much room we had managed to clear.

And we're done. Yes I know it looks a little messy still but that's the best we could do with the time we had. We think it looks good though and if you look at the photos at the start it does look a lot better.
and this is the corner of the garage. As you can see it's also a heck of a lot better.
So all that's left now is to get Grumpys reaction when he returns home tomorrow. Engineseer and I were feeling quite pleased with ourselves by the end of the day and we think we did a good job.
It would also be remiss of me not to publically say thank you to Engineseer for giving up what of his days off and coming to help me clean. Thank you Engineseer and I think we can consider this as one crossed of the list!
later folks!

See I have proof

Okay just to proof that the weather has been wonderful in co-operating so far this week on my Holiday I thought I'd take a picture. Clear blue skies can sometimes be a rare thing in the UK and were even rarer last summer. But we've had three days now of clear blue skies. Isn't it great?

Monday, June 09, 2008

This is better. This me likee

It was so very nice this morning being able to wake up on a Monday morning not to the strident howl of my Alarm, but to well nothing. Basically waking up when I wanted to. It was great and I've got another four more days of this. Who knows by the end of this week I might start feeling more like my old self again.

Also I'm feeling impressed with myself as unlike a lot of my other days off or weekends I actually managed to get a lot of fairly contructive stuff done today. There was also glorious sunshine all day as well, so it was a pretty good first day of my Holiday.

I did have to call work quickly as it seems I did overlook something when clearing everything. Mainly that I had forgot to check that they knew the code for our voicemail. Oh well hopefully that will be all that I forgot to check. And also despite their jokes I haven't watched big brother and have no intention on doing so at all this week. There are plenty more constructive things I could be doing that watching Big brother. Like watching paint dry for one :-)

The real fun begins tomorrow when Engineseer and I are aiming to clear the garage out. Hopefully there won't be too many surprises in there. But with the amount of junk that is in there right now, who knows?

later folks!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's Sunny, it's actually sunny

Well after the miserable weather yesterday what I was not expecting today was Sunshine. In fact a whole lot sunshine. So much I was able to get two loads of washing dry on the line. See I'm well trained aren't I.

Asides from that though it was your usual typical Sunday. So much so in fact I almost called this blog post groundhog day as there wasn't that much going on.

I did go for tea at Tap dances though which was nice as it meant I didn't have to cook for myself. There was a fireside at Loughborough chapel tonight for all single adults not just Young single adults. Which meant you had a interesting selection of the young, the slightly older, the menaces to society and the young at heart.

Engineseer is coming round on Tuesday as he's going to help me clear the garage out as a surprise for Grumpy who returns on Wednesday. Quite when on Wednesday I have no idea but he said he would call when he was back and I needed to go and pick him up.

As I haven't got much to say I thought I would end things by showing a couple of shots of the Loughborough chapel in all it's glory.

We've got a big chapel haven't we and as far as I'm aware it's fairly unique too. I was once told then when it was designed and built it was intended to be a stake centre ( which is why it's so large) but that plan was changed. Of course I have no idea how true that is but I thought I would mention it anyway)
And this is a shot of the chapel from the other end. The 'square bit' of the chapel used to contain the stake family history centre until the chapel was attacked by arsonists about fifteen years ago (I think I can't remember the exact year). That whole section was burned out and when they rebuilt it they decided to move the family history centre to the stake centre.
A second fire was started on the otherside of the building in the Bishops office but didn't 'catch' thus saving the majority of the chapel from damage. The fire brigade said we were very lucky it didn't catch. As you can imagine most of the members had their own ideas as to why it didn't.
later folks!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Well I've managed to injure myself. Again. But rather then it being my knee as per usual I seem to have pulled a muscle around the top of my shoulder. Which to be frank is really rather sore and to make it worse it's my left shoulder and being left handed means I move that arm a lot. Hopefully it won't be sore for too long or otherwise I'll have to start figuring out how to do things right handed more!

As I now have my new card shopping was a lot easier to do. Even if the weather was extremely grotty and it kept raining on and off. The breaks between downpours were just long enough for you to get dry before it rained again. Lousy British summer weather!

I also bought some new inks my company just released for painting models. Which more then anything demonstrates why the name of my blog is well chosen. One of the higlights of my day was buying paints :-)

The second part of Doctor who was on tonight and it was absolutly fab. If kids were paranoid about shadows last week they will certainly be this week. They will also be a bit paranoid of books now as well. These two episodes certianly bode well for the future of the series as the guy who wrote them will be taking over Doctor Who after this series.

I also bowed to the inevitable today and watched a bit of Big brother mainly to satisfy my curiosity about what prime examples of the nations population they've dragged in for this series. After watching for a few minutes I realised that the suggestion someone had to start a camapign to either seal up the doors of the house or throw a man eating tiger in with them as a new housemate wasn't such a bad idea after all.

To briefly review this crop of housemates. We have a 23 year old single mother who works as a account executive was christian but converted to Islam and gives herself 10/10 for looks. Well you agreed to go on Big Brother dear you obivousily don't have 10/10 for brains.

Then there is the opinionated vegetarian who says she's anti-fox hunting, anti-abortion, anti-smoking, anti-fur, anti-ladettes and anti- people who spit. Well most of us are anti-people who want five minutes of fame but we won't remember who you are by next summer.

There is a 30 year old practising Buddhist Thai massage therapist who loves cookies but doesn't take drink or drugs. Which is a good thing which by the sheer amount of energy she has it's likely her bodys more sugar then water and if she were to take drugs she would probably turn into a fast moving blur.

There is a 40 year old beauty sales rep who is a A former body-builder she is a self confessed fitness fanatic but is also obsessed with reincarnation, life after death and spirit guides. However before you start to think that she might actually be a fairly deep person she describes the most significant event of her life was when her boyfriend ( whose also in the house) pawned her rolex so she could have a boob job.

There is a trainee teacher from wales who says she's on the show to represent all "pretty, intelligent alpha females".

There is a school nurse who refers to herself in the third person as "the bex" and comes from coventry. Well saxon thinks she should ponder how she was sent from coventry rather then too it.

There is a reject from Popstars who says she's in big brother to make money. Well at least she's honest and that she has a phobia of bats, moths and germs and will not touch door handles for fear of infection. Well with any luck this means at least one housemate will stay in there and never be inflicted on the outside world.

There is a sales assistant from London who is a a devout Christian she says religion is really important in her life, goes to church every Sunday and prays every night. So thats someone from christianity, Buddism and Islam. They seem to be going all out this year to make sure they get every demographic box ticked don't they?

Onto the guys;

There is a guy who describes himself as 'egotistical, flamboyant and competitive' and lives for getting attention. " I think yo can figure the rest out about the person by yourselves.

There is a PE teaching student from Liverpool who is a part time DJ and wants to be a professional footballer. I think he needs to make up his mind as to what he wants to do as a career first!

There is a guy who was born in Ipswich, raised in the USA and was then deported back to the UK for getting involved in Gang culture but now mentors community groups. He is also a hip hop fan and songwriter. Oh and a albino as well. Wow so many ticks in different demographic groups in one person, I bet the show runners loved him.

There is a politics student who is a part time wrestling announcer and wears a suit because it makes him feel empowered. he also thinks he looks like justin timberlake. In Saxon's opinion he looks as much like him as I do.

There is the guy who looks like sly stallone and is the boyfriend of th sales rep. He claims that the couple have sex at least one a day. Hmmmm, I can't think why the show decided to put that couple in there at all.

There is a blind guy who works at a radio station and does stand up comedy dressed in womens clothes. No idea why he does this apparently he just does. ( yes I know theres a obivous joke there but I'm leaving it well alone)

There is a toy demonstrator from Hamleys in London whose only noticeable feature is the fact that he is a toy deomnstator from Hamleys in London.

Last and most propably least is a chief who claims he is a ladies man and all the girls he meets fall in love with him. This man seems to have many problems, a lack of confidence doesn't seem to be one of them.

and that's it. My curiosity satisfied. I decided that based on this selection of Britains apparent 'best' we should weep for the future.

later folks!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Now I know I never put that in there

Same old same old this morning. The alarm went off and it was a start of another day. Although at least today I managed to turn the alarm off with out falling off the side of the bed. Granted its something I've managed many times before but after yesterdays screw up I'll take my victories where I can thank you very much.

It was the final day of driving Grumpys car to work as I have finally made it. It's finally here. My week off, YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I really wasn't sure if I was going to make it at one point without going screamingly insane. Of course I'm not sure if anybody would have noticed mind you but there you go.

Most of today was a final push to make sure everything was clear so when Ragnar covers next week he shouldn't have anything long running to deal with. I say shouldn't as Irony does like to play with me sometimes and theres always the possibility that something slipped through. Lets hope nothing has, hey.

I also used it as an excuse to clear up my desk, which was interesting if only for some of the odd surprises I found buried at the back of some of the drawers. It was a mix between " I was wondering where I put that" and " I'm sure I never put that in there!"

There's als been a quite serious leak from the main business and lots of photos from products that aren't released until October have hit the internet. I did find it slightly interesting as I haven't actually seen these models before, I'm sure Engineseer and Black Widow think I'm joking when I say I usually see stuff on the internet before actually seeing it despite working at HQ. It sounds crazy but I'm not joking. And it's thanks to muppets like this why we usually can't see stuff as the security is so high and after this is lightly to go even higher!

as I've said before it only takes one muppet to ruin it for all of us.

Well it's the weekend now. Time to kick back, relax and try not to do too much. I know it's a hard couple of days ahead of me, but I guess someone has to do it :-)

later folks!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's all going a bit weird

It's been very strange for the past couple of days. The sky has been a very funny colour indeed. Rather then the usual dark grey it's been blue, very blue in fact and theres been no clouds and theres this round giant yellow thing in the sky, which we're not very familiar with at all. It's not like one of our usual summers, not at all.

Not that we're complaining of course. After the hell of last summer, and the rain, rain, rain and more rain we'll take all the nice days we can get. One of the more interesting side effects of this good weather is that it's been so bright most people have been freaking out when they wake up myself included as it just seems too bright for 7am in the morning and you can't help but feel a small stab of worry that you might have overslept.

Which I did feel when I woke up this morning when my alarm went off and I rolled out of bed. Well actually in this case, really did roll out of bed as I over reached when trying to turn my alarm off and slipped off the side of the bed before I could stop myself. Oh well, it might have hurt (a lot) but at least it woke me up quicker then I have done all week.

It's never a good sign when you get to work and you fine what might seem like a third of the company hanging around outside. If's even less of a good sign when this third of the company, this company which makes wargames and consists of a large percentage of burly guys, are hanging around oohing and Arhing and going on about the cuteness factor. Seriousily I don't think I have seen anything more scary then what I saw this morning as everbody watched the mother duck take the new ducklings from the nest right round the building to the canal. Remember some of these guys spend their days inventing nasty aliens, tanks and all sort of weirds and wonderful things. To see them referring to ducklings as really really cute whilst having stupid grins across their face is remarkably unsetttling.

Yes as you may have noticed from the photos in the previous post ( or not noticed if you haven't got there yet in which case I've spoilt that for you, sorry !) the ninja ducks have left us and there was me thinking at the start of work that the nija ducks and scary levels of cuteness which seem to affect so many staff members would be the strangest thing to happen that day.

Yeah I was wrong and I know I should have really seen that coming a freaking mile off.

Mid way through the morning with the windows all flung wide open we suddenly hear at full volume

" Attention, attention, this vehicle is under attack. Please call the police"

Repeating over and over and over again. We quickly run to the windows to see a security van sitting outside of the front of reception. But there's nobody around it. In fact theres a guy sitting inside it looking embrassed but nobody else. So who was attacking it??

Well the short answer is no one. The vans security alarm suddenely decided to go off by itself. Which set off this warning, imbolised the van and locked all the doors. So the guy sitting inside it couldn't get out or turn the alarm off. He had to wait for someone from his HQ to turn it off. It got rather annoying after a while listening to this alarm blaring over and over and over and over........ Well you get the idea.

Smack on mid day most of the office rushed outside as there was a big enviromental event on about alternative forms of transport and how we could help the environment by taking the bus etc. Now before you start to think how environmentally minded of us there is one other bit of infomation I need to confess. Everybody who turned up to the even got a free ice cream. I'm sure you can figure out why 90% of the company really went.

Mind you some people did try and make a effort to appear that they were at least a bit interested in the environmental stuff. They were even offering free 'health MOT's" which mainly seemed to consist of taking peoples blood pressure. Some people did seem interested in that, or at least they did until one of the first people was told he should go and see his doctor asap as his blood pressure was so high. After that a lot of people lost interest in that particular part of the even and concentrated on their ice cream. I wasn't concentrating on the ice cream so much. I more spent my time wondering why someone was dressed up in a giant kangaroo suit and what the heck did that have to do with the environment.

I spent a large chunk of the afternoon working as hard as possible to clear as much as I can before my holiday next week ( one more day to go, one more day to go) Although things did get interesting towards the end of the day when the samples of our first ever audiobook turned up. Which has two stories from our best selling HH series ( mechanicus you'll like these stories) which admitally is a somewhat strange series in that it's a really popular series but all hard core fans of our tabletop game know how it's going to end anyway. I guess in this case it's more about the journey rather then destination.

Wow that sounded very yoda-ish of me. I guess I better stop that before people start thinking I have brains or something.

Any how. that's all for now folks. I'm going to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunset. I'm not going near the TV as Big brother about to start it's new series. Why channel 4 why?? Haven't we suffered enough??

later :-)

Duck Tales!

Well the latest additions to HQ have already decided to flee the nest. Literally!

Like a fool I forgot my camera this morning but fortunately someone else didn't forget theirs. So if you've had a stressful day, relax and take in the sheer cuteness of these pictures.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Forget Turtles beware of the Ninja ducks!

My new bank card arrived yesterday. Yahh!! and it arrived not at a moment too soon I was down to checking the floor for loose change. So I can now get at my money again. No thanks to the bank for dragging me into this stupid trial anyway.

There was some excitment at work today for the newest resident of the site. A duck which set up it's nest in the garden gave birth to eight little ducklings over night. Which are just really, really cute and adorable. There was some concern about where the duck choose to nest in the garden as it's a really tall section which is almost as tall as me, so people were getting worried about how the ducklings are going to get down and get to the canal ( which runs by the side of the building). In the end most people decided to trust the mothers instincts and that she knows what's she's doing. Although one person suggested that maybe the ducklings would jump up, and land while doing somersaults and backflips. So I asked if he was suggesting they migt be Ninja ducks? He agreed and said they would fit in quite well round here. I would have disagreed but stranger things have happened round that place.

there was even more excitment when a person who was trying to park a lorry managed to reverse it full spped into the wall just outside of the reception. When I next went out to receptionist I asked the receptionist how much of the wall had been damaged. His reply was the wall? Yes the wall the huge lorry just reversed into? Oh I was wondering what that bang was? Nice to see he was nice and alert this morning. I guess he must not have had his coffee.

Then to cap the morning off the photocopier decided to start playing up quite severely. Even our resident technical expert, Ragnar was so stumped he had to resort to the ancient and mystical computer art of Off-e-On-e to try and fix it. One of the editors suggestions was to maybe try sacrifing a duckling to appease it. There was a moment of stunned silence in the office. I finally asked, Sacrifice a Duckling? She simply nodded and said it was only an idea and then she had only suggested it because we didn't have a goat. There was another long pause as people tried to figure out if she was joking or not.

Of course a suggestion like that did seem pare for the course for this week. Lots of strange things have been going on from people on our forums demanding we produce a more 'mature' range of books for adults ( don't ask) to one of our authors getting attacked at a book show by a Toucan of all things!

That's not to mention the new book which has for want of a better term a real 'scooby doo' moment. I am expecting the sequel to end with the bad guy running away from the good guys whilst declaring " I would have got away with it too if it wasn't for you pesky Blood angels"

Things are definately odd and I have a feeling their going to get odder!

just two more days to go until Holiday, just two more days to go until holidays.......

later folks!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Same Day, different Day

I've been sitting here at looking at the computer screen for nearly ten minutes now. Despite wracking my brains I've really struggled to come up with anything to say. When I made the resolution at the start of this year to do a blog post every day I didn't realise quite how hard it would be to write something every day. Especially when some days at work seem to merge into each other.

I'm just feeling really tired at the moment and drained so I think I really need this holiday next week. Just a few days to hopefully duck out of the line of fire of things and have a rest. It probably wouldn't happen that way but I can hope.

I'm afriad that there wasn't much of interest going on today. so that's all for now.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Don't cha

well it was same old, same old this morning. Alarm goes off, roll out of bed, get ready and leave the house.

And of course with it being a Monday I already knew what to expect when I reached work and I wasn't wrong. Emails lots and lots of emails. And of course not all of them made sense, no because that would be too easy. Of course I have psyhic powers to figure out what you mean even if your email makes no sense whatsoever. ( sorry personal bugbear there).

Things did start looking up round mid day when some nice shiny new books arrived straight from the printers. It's always nice to get new books especially ones where I helped check the manuscripts for background errors. Even if I never get a credit :-(

Only a few days to go before big brother starts. Argghhhh. I really can't stand that shower or the inevitable media scrum that results. It's bad enough to see celebrities on the cover of papers all the time let alone people whose only claim to fame is that they want to live in a house with cameras for a couple of months. Roll on August when the flipping show will finish!

Talking of August my form has gone in for the YSA conference so I get reduced price. Yaah! It should be interesting again this year. As long as they learnt from last year and ease up a bit on the heavy handedness. We're not youth. Use the YSA Conference label for in depth reports from the last couple of years!

I don't have to cook dinner for myself tomorrow as I'm going for dinner at Tap dances. I've forgot how annoying it is to cook a proper meal for yourself.

Anyway, thats all for today folks.

see ya tomorrow.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bored now!

There are many things that may indicate a day being a good day. Waking up a full hour before you need to get up then failing totally to get back to sleep and then it starting to pour down with the rain the second you leave the house for church are not two of these things.

It has been a miserable day weatherwise and it's now June. It's supposed to be Summer! This is starting to seem like a depressing repeat of last years summer all over again.

Well my calling has actually changed into a assignment, well that's according to the Bishop at least. My assignment is to be the new Ward Bulletin director. Probably the first and last time I will have a assignment or job with the word director in it. Of course it was supposed to be editor rather then director but I guess they changed their mind. So let the fun of chasing people for infomation commence!

Cordeia confused as it were to the fact she was moving out of the ward during the fast and testimony meeting. Although to hear some people after church talking to her, you would more think she's moving to Mars rather then the far end of the Stake! All the same we will miss her as it won't be the same without her being around. With the students due to go home for the summer too shortly it looks like quiet times ahead for the Loughborough YSA.

Asides from that it's been a pretty quiet day. Despite my best efforts I've been flitting from thing to thing as it were, trying to do something constructive but failing miserably. Oh well, maybe better luck next week!

It's Monday tomorrow. My favourite day of the week. Not! I think I'll just keep my fingers crossed for a easy day.


later folks!