Wednesday, December 28, 2011

High Tech/ Low Tech

Random Christmas Thoughts #3

Is it even possible to buy home, fire or life insurance if you live on albert square or coronation street anymore?

Lady who?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Random Christmas thought #2

Won't don't the ambulance, police and fire brigade simply park up on Albert square every christmas day? Wouldn't it be quicker?

Random Christmas thought #1

Would it be a more shocking Christmas storyline for Eastenders that nobody died and they all had a good holiday?

People who should have really paid more attention at school 2#

(overhead in the office)

Guy 1: I like christmas, even though I'm not a christian. I mean I have nothing againist them but it's up to them if they want to believe some guy was hung for them.

Guy 2: You mean crucified

Guy1: Hung, cruficied same different.

In you were wondering I got a call at that point so was unable to interject

People who should have really paid more attention at school 1#

(overheard in the canteen at work)

Superchav 1: Why is she eating chips. They is like gonna be no good for her.

Superchav 2: No see, she is fine like coz she is thin and there is no where for fat to go on her and she won't get at.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best of three?

Okay so apparently after coming to the conclusion that rocket science was actually too complicated for the rocket scientists to figure out in this instance, the Russians have given up trying to contact their strandard should have been Mars bound probe and have admitted it will be falling back to Earth next month sometime.

Of course in effort to reassure people although they don't know where it will fall they are hopeful that as the last two satelites to fall didn't hit anything, this one won't either.

Which probably proves that the rocket scientists in this case haven't heard of the old adage "best of three".

But at least they didn't wheel out that other thing they usually say in that no one has ever been hit by smalling debris yet. Because they really couldn't ( or shouldn't) tempt fate like that.


Later folks

Monday, December 19, 2011

May you live in very interesting times

If there is one word that can describe the events of today quite well and yet still be a massive understatement, well that word is "interesting".

And I'm not kidding here.

We were expecting the day to be a little busy as let's face it, it was a Monday plus the last Monday before Christmas but even staff who have been there for a lot longer then I have were still shaking their head in absolute amazement/bemusement at how totally and utterly manic things became.

Still in the line of work we're in it's better to be working at maximum capacity rather than sitting around twiddling your thumbs as that would not be a good sign.

Of course we do have four more days of this to get through before we break up for Christmas.

Which are no doubt going to be as equally as entertaining.

Oh well at least it keeps us from getting bored.

Later folks

The silent killer?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

No snow is snow joke

Well a early morning scan of facebook revealed that was lots of snow around as it seemed like there was status update after status update from lots of people saying how excited they were that they had snow.

And exactly how much snow did we get in geektown?

Zero, zilch, nada. That old weather nullzone over geektown is alive and well as we didn't get any snow whatsoever.

Which also means it's likely we will continue to get no snow or we will only get snow during the week whilst I'm at work, which is a prospect I would not be happy about at all as if theres anything I find worse then driving in icy conditions it's having to drive in icy and snowy conditions.

But it is getting rather cold all ready here at geek towers as the cars are already covered in a thick coat of ice and we're not even at 7pm yet ( at time of writing of course :-)

So I get a feeling it's going to be a interesting week.

Later folks

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A very Calvin and Hobbes Christmas

Will someone tell the crowds of people this?

It was somewhat ironic this morning that over breakfast I was reading a news story that retailers were planning on desperately slashing prices in a attempt to lure christmas shoppers out as they were worried it was going to be a very bad christmas as there didn't seem to be many people on the high street as it were this year.

Of course reading a story like this meant there was only going to be one inevitable conclusion when we ventured into town.

It was packed.

No wait, to say it was packed would be a significant understatement. It would be better to say it was filled to overflowing and then some. There were people everywhere and some of the queues were rather long, which was annoying even if queuing is supposed to be something which actually good at as a nation.

Still if it's bad this week it will probably be a whole lot worse next week which is why I have no plans whatsoever to go into town unless I have no choice what so ever.

that's of course assuming I survive next week at work, which assuming the way things are escalating at the moment is not sure thing :-) Still it's much better to be busy then not.

Which is a thought I will no doubt keep telling myself as the week rolls on :-)


Later folks

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fear the evil car catcher

There are two problems to working at the airport.

Firstly due to the large amount of open ground ( somewhat unsurprising at a airport) the wind has nothing to impede it so it tends to get cold. Really, really cold, which is fine at the start of the day when you can wait for the minibus to pull up before you jump out of your car and scuttle across the car park but rather annoying at the end of the day whilst you have to wait for the minbus to appear out of the darkness.

Secondly is the threat of the "car clampers". Now if you're good like me and park in the right car park you have nothing to fear. Now if you're one of the very naughty people who like to try parking on the roads around the airport or in the wrong car park you certainly have something to fear.

Now I say certainly because the clampers are a bit of a "bogeyman" style threat around the airport. You often hear of them but try as you might you can never find anyone whose actually seen them but you can always find someone whose heard of someone who did get clamped.

So me, well being me I tend to imagine them sometimes as either stealth ninja clampers leaping from rooftop to rooftop swinging clamps around their heads in agressive fighting style, or them looking like the child catcher from chitty, chitty, bang, bang as they prowl the roadways looking for poor little cars left in the wrong place.

Yes, I know my mind goes to bizarre places sometimes doesn't it?

(that's rhetorical btw :-)

Later folks

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ace ventura....... Car hire specialists?????????

Working at a airport you can sometimes see some strange sights. Be it from stupidly huge lorries trying to get down very narrow roads, snow ploughs driving around in the middle of summer or the general weird lighting effect you get at the end of the day on the minibus as everyone turns on their phones to find out what's happened on facebook in the three hours or so since lunch.

But even I was surprised this morning when on the bus we saw a car driver out of car hire place with it's windscreen a solid sheet and the driver obivously not wanting to clean the windscreen doing his best ace ventura impression.

And I don't just mean having his head out of the window, we're talking the head and most of his upper body and torso as well.

Fortunatly he was only driver it next door to where he set out from as otherwise we would have ...... well I'm not sure what we would have done but considering the narrow confines of our road and the trucks and vans coming down it on a regular basis the end result could have been nasty.


Later folks

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm sure we've all listened to a DJ that made us feel like this

The secret code

Picture of the week

Well this is a very special picture for me right now. Mainly as it was chosen as photo of the week at work and that's not just for the uk. Oh no, it was for the whole company intranet site which meant it was worldwide baby!!!!

Of course in order to post it on here I have had to remove something that was one of the main reasons it was chosen as picture of the week, namely the company sign as I don't want to announce to everyone who I work for! and if I left the sign in, it's a bit of a give away.

Friday, December 09, 2011

As if anymore proof was needed

Well yet more proof has arrived today that's it's winter. Yes I have started to develop a stinking cold which has been made worse by my usual lack of success when it comes to clearing my bunged up nose.

Which is a charming mental image for you all I'm sure.

Still at least it's the end of the week which means it's the weekend ( I was starting to wonder if it would ever get here!) which means I have two days. Yes two whole days before back to the insanity of work next week.

And the way this christmas is going, insanity is a understatement!

On the plus side there seems to be a large number of people ordering lego, as well A it's fun and B it;s nice to see kids using their imagination rather then playing on computers

(wow made myself sound so olddddd just then.)

Which if you go by what some people are church say....................... no wait, lets not go down that thread :-)


Later folks

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Yo,Ho Blow the man down

Well it seems that winter has finally arrived.

Oh joy....

I was woken up yesterday in the very early hours of the morning by what had to be one of the most impressive rain storms I have seen or heard for that matter in a while as the sheer force of it pounding on the window, the side of the house and even the roof was more then enough to wake me up ( Grumpy mind you never heard a thing)

Of course with such a awe inspiring display of natures might I did what I did last time something major happened ( the earthquake) I simply went back to bed.

And today well we've had rain, a lot of rain and wind. Lots and lots of wind, in fact it's still going outside! Still it's not as Bad as scotland where it's been so bad a wind turbine caught fire as it was spinning around too fast!

But at least as it's December we've having a "dress down month" at work so I can go in wearing a nice thick coat and jumper as it would be rather cold having to wear my usual shirt and tie.

I did find out that unfortunatly due to wonderful timing of planning I've been scheduled to work New Years eve! Which although somewhat annoying could be a lot worse. I'm only having to work four hours and at least it's not Christmas even instead!

Mind you at the rate things are going I'm not sure if myself or anyone in my team is going to have much left in the way of sanity by the time Christmas day rolls round as with the christmas rush in full swing things are going ever so slightly, completely and utterly manic!

Still at least it keeps lift interesting.


later folks

Worst attempt at trash talking ever #1

Overheard today in response to a joke made to one guy that another guy could knock him out

" No he couldn't, he'd try and fail and then I'd knock him out so hard he would wake straight up in a coma"

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Santa's visit application

(click on picture to see bigger image )

Monday, December 05, 2011

Super mega slacking power..........

Okay I'll completely throw my hands up over this one. I have been slacking big time.

But not intentionally. Or at least not that intentionally.

Okay, I'm not making much sense there but at least it goes to show you that some things never change :-)

Basically I have been doing a awful lot of photography based things ( which I can't go into right now) which has been rather monopolising my time and adding in the fact I was on a tight time limit for said things something unfortunatly had to give.

And I'm not talking about my grip on sanity :-)

Still I am aiming to do a lot better from now on.

Assuming nothing else surprising comes along. But c'est la vie I guess :-)

Later folks

Wow, there really are no original movie ideas left are there?