Saturday, September 13, 2008

Early to bed and very very early to rise

Grumpy had some problems with breakfast this morning. He discovered that due to a miscommunication last night we both thought the other had got the bacon out of the freezer. Which meant no bacon for breakfast, plus he discovered we had run out of marge too. Which in turn meant he had to go round to the corner shop to buy some bacon and marge which meant he wasn't too impressed by this point. He got back and started to make his breakfast when the phone rang with a call from Translater (my half brother in the Czech republic). He finished that call to go back into the kitchen to discover Owen trying (and failing to look all innocent) and a empty packet of uncooked bacon. Yes it appears that Owen likes uncooked bacon. We're just hoping it doesn't do interesting things to his stomach.

So a hour into our Saturday and Grumpy's mood by this point is already living up to his nickname.

Shopping was fun. I had to get the essential supplies I needed for tomorrow. I.e some painkillers to take mid-early afternoon when the headache/ various aches and pains kick in, plus some new insoles for my shoes. I also had to take my passport renewal form to the post office. On the plus side it now only takes two weeks on the downside it now costs £79 to renew your passport! That's not counting the £4 I had to spend to get some new passport photos. Which now come with a interesting and longlist of instructions. For example Your ears must not be obscured by your hair, Why? Is it if they can't see your ears they can't tell if someones impersonating you, despire seeing the rest of your face. You have to look straight ahead, and there was me going to look directly behind myself and you also can't smile you have to look 'neutral'. Which is a stupid comment if you think about it. how do you look neutral? Dress up in a swedish flag?

It's been a long afternoon too. I've been fighting the urge to have a snooze as if I slept at all this afternoon theres no way I would sleep when I go to bed early tonight. So I've been doing a load of modelling, listening to music and general crazy jumping around to avoid the temptation to lie down for a quick 40 winks.

Well time for some tea me thinks. Then some more model making before I turn in for the night.

It's going to be a loonnnngggggg day tomorrow folks.

A long one indeed.

Well on the plus side I won't have to face doing it for another year. But I still have to see 5am tomorrow morning and probably have the same thought I do every year.

" Wow 5am on a Sunday does exist!"

later folks!


Rhonda said...

My kids all have to rise every school morning at 4:30AM to make it to Seminary around here.

I am so NOT a morning person....

You need to bring some friends and come see NYC!!! Get on it, will you?

Guild Family said...

Hope it all goes okay Chris. Luke has started to occasionally wakr us up at between 4 and 5am. Luckily, his daddy is more of a morning person then me!
I like it how you stocked up on 'supplies'!

Saxon said...

If I had the money I would come to the US for a Holiday as I Haven't had a good one in a while

Saxon said...

Yes bitter experience have taught me well that you need good insoles and some sort of painkiller for mid afternoon when the pain kicks in and the sugar rush wears off :-)