Friday, September 19, 2008

Back to our regular programming

Right now that ranting is out of my system on with the show!

Yes theres nothing as nice as waking up on a Friday morning as you know that it's the last day of work for that week and you'll soon be getting two days off.

Of course you have to get through the day first and as I've pointed out before they do tend to prefer you actually turn up for work before they'll actually pay you :-)

It was actually quite a good day as it happens. It was fairly quiet which allowed me to clear a whole lot of work, which is always satisfying.

Anyway it's the weekend now, so time to forget about work for another two days. I'm actually aiming to do something constructive for once. If it works I'll post some pictures later, if it doesn't I won't mention it again so I won't look stupid for messing it up :-)

later folks!

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