Friday, February 23, 2007


It's Friday. Yahhh!!! And only one more week till pay day. Yaahhhh!!! I don't know why but it's felt like a looonnnggg week. Still party at Engineseers tonight. It won't be a toast party like last time at his old house. This time it will be a pancake party!! Which for any non regular visitors that's not a code word for anything dodgy. It just quite literally means it's a party where the only food will be pancakes. Slightly crazy sounding I know, but what else do you expect from YSA.

LDS linkup update. I'm all the way up to 26 friends. Woohoo!! And seven comments, double Woohoo!! And the first from a person who says they know me very well triple Woohooo!!! It was from Charpar and it was a very nice and quite touching comment really. I keep trying to thank her but keep missing the chance to talk to her. But I'll keep trying because as every member of my family says, I'm very trying ( wait a second)

Relationship wise. Things are still going very well between me and Coolcat. I took her out for Valentines day and before anybody asked yes I paid for everything! It was a extremely nice evening and for the first time every I actually had someone to spend it with rather then staying at home and feeling sorry for myself whilst getting annoyed with all the lovely dovey couples everywhere. The YSA did had a valentines dinner before institute on the same night which apparently went well. Although GW did suggest that I should have taken coolcat to that dinner. To which my response was " You want me to bring her to the stake centre on the most romantic night of the year, to a meal that's free" His response was " Yeah, it will be fun." My response to his response " Well I think the coolcat would answer that suggestion in two words, the second ending in ed!"She's coming to Loughborough on Sunday then back to ours for dinner. Bosslady seems quite keen to talk to her. Probably after gossip I bet. Sorry, sorry, I always forget, girls in YSA don't gossip. They simply pass information to one another which they might find useful or interesting.

It's remarkable where your thoughts will sometimes wonder, especially when your at work waiting for the phone to ring which would bring a nice change from the usual monotony of answering e-mail's, and your dangerously close to OD'ing on Sugar in a effort to stay awake ( I'm having one of those days can't you tell).

Somebody from Grumpy's work who I met briefly the other day when dropping something off to him made the comment " that I seemed intelligent" to which in his usual style Grumpy replied that " Just goes to show how easily you can fool people', which isn't as mean as it sounded, and it was said in jest. But it got me thinking ( see doing a lot of thinking this week, must be somekinda record). Am I intelligent or not?

Well I know the one thing that people can judge me on is my job, I even had one of the young men make a comment the other week. Although at the time I had popped into McDonalds for lunch on one of my days off. He noticed me and came across and started to speak ( in a bit of a condescending tone not enough though for me to complain). He asked are you still the ********* king then? Still answering phones and emails are we? Isn't that a bit of a basic job. At which point I did almost turn round and respond " Says the guy currently cleaning tables" but I resisted. I simply looked back and my newspaper and ignored him. Still it took him nearly three minutes to get the hint! Can some people see my job as easy. Yes! Am I over qualified for this job. Yes! Is my job actually easy? Heck no! Do I like my job. Yes! Does my job allow me to talk about my hobby all day, get a discount on models I would have bought anyway, answer questions on books and get books I would have bought anyway in advance of them actually being released in the shops and for get them for free. yes, Yes YES!! So bear that in mind the next time you think your jobs better. He, he, he, he, he.

Sorry where was I?
Oh well maybe I'll remember later.

till next time!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Random thoughts

Only time for a quick(ish) blog post today so I thought I'd just share some of the random thoughts that have sprung into my head today while waiting for the phone to ring.

Smooth is of to the USA and it looks like after her mission it's almost certain that bosslady will be going to. R has recently got married to a US guy and will be heading over there, and SW is also getting married in the US as well. What's going on? Aren't they enough YSA girls in the USA for the guys over there? ( yes I know smooth isn't a girl, but it kinds of breaks the flow of my argument if I then have to add a line acknowledging this, rather then just convientantly ignoring the fact) Or have I just missed a YSA lesson which says the girls now need to marry guys in the USA. Before this sorta situation would have annoyed me, but now I'm dating coolcat It more just bemuses me. But I'm going to stop there before I slide into a semi-rant.

Prince Harry is over to Iraq. Fair play to him, I know as just a regular soldier it might be scary enough but to be a royal, well you might as well be wearing a bulls eye. Lots of the press have been slamming the decision saying that he will become a priority target for the bad guys and that he will increase the danger the troops under his command face. Well they may be right, but fortunately it's not like that they know he's coming. It's not like the media have been telling everyone the name of his unit and where he's going to be deployed is it? Oh wait.......

Britney spears has gone back into rehab for a third time. I don't care what her spokesmen say, something is seriously wrong there. I wish her well. It did remind me of what one of the guys said about the video to her song toxic. " It must have been such a hard job being her stylist for that video, "(changes to camp voice) one sequin, two sequins, three sequins, all done!" Having caught a bit of the video the other day, he looked like he could have well been right.

Just how much wood can a wood chuck, chuck? ( sorry being factious)

Is Bird flu was discovered at a turkey farm, why are sales of chicken down as well? It can't spread between packets of meat people! Or have just lots of people forgotten the difference between a chicken and a turkey.

Seeing as Nemesis is such a 'huge fan' ( the sarcasms filters they canna take no more) of Lilly Allen did wonder if she has yet seen her new song 'alfie' and the accompanying video. It did give me a idea for a experiment. Lock Nemesis in a room where she has to hear and watch the video, then after a unbearable amount of time ( probably 10 - 30 seconds in Nemesis case) push Lilly Allen into the room and see what happens. I bet only Nemesis would be walking outta that room.

I got stuck in a bit of a traffic jam on the way to work this morning and heard a song on the radio that I now unfortunately can't get out of my head. One of the chorus lines is " Watch me work it, I'm worth it". Work what? A computer, A light switch, the hover. What!! Tell me!! and why are you worth it!!! Not to sound like a awfully old foggey but some songs today if you do think about the lyrics it does make you realize just how stupid the song actually is!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random thoughts

According to Yahoo, the top four attributes that men are currently looking for in Women are brown eyes, Black Hair and that they like running and music. So I guess that means most men are on the look out for brown eyed, black haired female joggers who are listening to their MP3 players. Interestingly enough ( well probably not their interesting but hey I spend a large portion of my working day waiting for the phone to ring so I do have quite random thoughts at times) they was not list of what Women are looking for in a guy. Maybe that would be considered un PC or sexist.

Or probably not, but I was trying to think of some sort of way to bring up the next current pet peeve of mine at the moment without just dropping in randomly into the conversation without making myself sounding even stranger then usual, but of course I now realise by actually telling you that it kinds of negates the whole round about way I tried to go to mention this to begin with. The people who make a certain well known soft drink ( rhymes with yoke) have spilt their range of drinks into 'zero' and 'diet' and seem to be aiming them towards different genders. Zero to males, diet to Females. The male advery for the zero range invloves among other things a annoying ringtine and a guy walking into a lampost. This is apparently fine. Now the advert for one of the diet drinks involves three women who take their cans of drink into a lift, Hit the emergency stop button and wait for the technician to come and rescue them by lowering himself into the lift through the top hatch, while they get a good eyeful of him. The advert ends with them throwing all their cans into a very full bin of empty cans of the same drink, insinuating that they've done this before and will keep doing it. Now not only do I find this advert extremely sexist ( they'd be outcry if the roles in the advert were reversed) it's also a bit stupid as well. Here's why.

1) No offence in the slightist to any maintenance workers but I have yet to see one looking and dressing like he's just stepped off a catwalk doing any sort of maintenance work.

2) Just how close is his office to the lift shaft? It takes him two seconds from when the alarm sounds to get on top of the lift and get through the hatch

3) Surely the lift would have been taken out of service after supposedly 'breaking' so many times'.

4) Isn't the fact that it's the same three ladies getting stuck in the lift at the same time and around the same time each day just a mit suspisious?

5) What precisely does three women intentially getting themselves stuck in a lift have to do with a soft drink!

6) If I prefer the 'diet' as opposed to the 'zero' does that make me a girl?

See I told you I had random thoughts

He's here..........

Well finally, finally I'm back. As for why it's been nearly a month since my last blog post. Please feel free to select whichever one of the following reasons seems the most plausible/funny.

a) I met a mad professor who converted my car into a time machine. After hitting 88 mph I was transported back to 1945. In my efforts to return I caused several temporal paradoxes before finally arriving back 2 seconds after I Left. Still not sure what the point of traveling back in time was to begin with and with a extra 600,000 miles on the car.

b) I was a slack jawed yokel and didn't organise my time well enough to keep the blog up to date on a regular basis.

c) I was abducted by aliens and taken through a wormhole to wolf 359, and met a race actually called Vulcan's who want to sue the makers of star trek for defamation of character. ( they have no ears and are far from logical). I inadventally caused the races civilization to break down when trying to explain the concept of political correctness.

d) I was sucked into a parallel universe, when the grass is blue and the sky is green. Serenity was not cancelled, Britney spears still has her hair and I'm even more of a geek. Enraged by alt-Saxons suggestions that he was a better uber-geek then me we engaged in a battle royale to the death atop of a dam. I won ( or did I, maybe I'm alt-Saxon) but had to flee the universe when they tried to arrest me for that most heinous of crimes. Going under their speed limit.

e) I was recruited by a shadowy organization of geeks who finally recognized my uber geek status. We will be taking over the country and day now and first on our list is PHILIP SCOLFIELD, just kidding there Philip OR AM I?

f) I've been hibernating.

Please feel free to suggest any more reasons. I'll post the best ones!