Friday, September 05, 2008

Either it's raining a lot or we're sinking.

Water, water everywhere and I mean literally everywhere when you look out of the window right now. It started raining this morning and just hasn't let up since! So as you can imagine it has been a very dreary day. It was also flipping freezing this morning. So much so I wanted to follow Calvins philosphy of " I'm not getting up until it's as warm out there as it is in here". Of course that would only work if work actually pays you for not turning up. Which they don't. So I had to get up.

C'est la vie.

On the plus side it is Friday which means it's now the weekend! Yah! I'm also about to head out shortly for Engineseers leaving do which should be a lot of fun and it should hopefully brighten up a otherwise extremely "uggh" day.

That's a technical term by the way.

I also get yet another letter from my bank today offering me yet another offer of yet another chance to transfer a credit card balance to one of their credit cards. And so yet another piece of junk mail goes into the recycling as I only have one card anyway and it's with them already!


Big brother finishes tonight. The general opnion seems to be " Huh? That's still going?" Hopefully with that level of interest the contestants 15 minutes of fame will be reduced to thirty seconds.

anyway, got to go. Have to get ready and all that.

later folks!

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