Saturday, September 06, 2008

Engineseers leaving party

Well as long time readers or heck anyone who read yesterdays post lets be honest here, Engineseer is leaving the country to move to luxem... thing a m jig. I'm really going to have to learn how to spell that.

Anyway, for his leaving party we headed across to Pizza Hut In Leicester and despite it being a Friday night and despite Engineseer not booking a table fate smiled on us and we were able to get a table for the 13 YSA who did turn up to say goodbye.

It was a fantastic evening and we had a really good waitress serving us too. Who was also a good sport when she had to spilt the bill 12 ways and take 12 different lots of payment.
Engineseer poses here with Cordelia. Even Engineseer finds it hard to believe he was here five years. Thats a scary amount of time that has seemed to pass very, very quickly!
These are all the Leicester YSA who turned up for the meanl. In fact I'm even in this photo which is quite rare as I don't like having my picture taken! And before anyone comments I'm well aware that there are only 11 YSA in the picture. The 12 and 13 people were from outside the stake so declined to be in the picture and offered to take the photos. If you look carefully you can see Top secret project two in Engineseers hands which is rather rapidly assuming a cult status as 'the book.
Girls, Girls, Girls. What more can I say.
Cordelia out in the car park looking at 'The book'. She had lots of time to read it as we were waiting for the P Sisters at this point. Who always seem to operate on MMT
And just in case Nemesis is reading this ( as I know she likes to see pics of food) this is one of the pizzas we had. Somewhat random I know but there you go :-)


Nemesis said...

No sweetcorn on the pizza, well done! :-)

Saxon said...

Thank you, thank you.

and see I've remembered you like to see pictures of food. I can remember some things other then useless information sometimes....

now where did I put those keys :-)