Wednesday, May 23, 2012

there's a logic there

To celebrate summer "arriving" and as a motivational event work is arranging for a ice cream van to come on site all day tomorrow.

We have to pay for our own ice creams mind you and you have to admire the ice cream man for the hours he has chosen to be on site. He will be there round about the time the first people are due to have their morning breaks and will leave at around the time the last of the afternoon breaks are over.

So this means that technically people could have a ice cream in every break and their lunchtime. Whether the supply of ice cream will hold on mind you is quite another.

Grumpy however suggested with a fair amount of logic that if we get a ice cream man to celebrate summer arriving surely we should get a hotdog man during winter.

Regardless of who will be coming on or off site, it's been a very warm and sticky couple of days. Which of course meaning we're in england means people have switched from moaning about the nasty and miserable weather to moaning about the fact that it's too warm.

C'est la vie I guess.

Later folks

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

of course if it was the other way around

With my KA going ot the great junkyard in the sky ( or near coventry in this case) I'm found myself having to cope with some of the ever so fun government forms that most of us are forced to use from time to time.

The first form seemed to be very simple as it was part of the car's logbook. You feel in your details on the form, the details of the person you sold the car too and send the form off. four to six weeks later you get back a form confirming your no longer registered owner of the car.

Sound simple right? Well if you don't get the confirmation it gives you precise instructions to follow that are only on the back of the form that you have to send that off.

I'll just say that again in case you missed it. You have to send a form off and if you don't get confirmation they have received the form you have to follow the precise instructions on the back of the form you have sent off.

The second form I have been dealing with is one to get some money back as my tax disc wasn't due to run out for another month.

It also seemed quite easy until it advised me that there would be a 6 week delay before I would get any refund. that's six weeks. Two weeks more then the number of weeks I will get refunded.

Can you imagine if it were the other way round when it comes to buying a tax disc? Hey you're tax disc runs out in August but you know you can give us the money for a new one in about six weeks or so?

But then again I suppose considering the tax department are only seeming to be sorting out the tax year from three years ago nothing should be surprising.

Later folks

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The ad's keep getting interupted by a tv program

Grumpy pointed out last night that the ad breaks on tv seem to be getting longer and longer. In one hour program we had five ad breaks alone!

However he also noticed that on one channel each ad break was consisted of on average 12 ad's alone. It used to be ad breaks gave you just enough time to go to the loo before quickly scuttling back to your favourite chair before the program started again.

Now you can go to the loo, get yourself a drink and in some cases fix yourself a sandwich if you so wanted before settling backdown in your favourite chair with time to spare.

We have found that we are keeping to the digital channels these days more and more as seeing as we don't like soaps, some homegrown dramas and are not that really bothered about reality shows or the latest celebrity talent thing ama jig there's not much on.

Of course there are some notable exceptions.

The tv series castle being one of them. Yes the premise behind it, is pretty much totally unbelievable but they seem to get that and never pretend it's anything else then a lot of fun.

CSI however now seems to be the totally other end of the scale as it's now totally unbelievable but they don't seem willing to accept that for a minute and that the series seems to have reached the end of the line.

Come to think of it, it's been a while since we've watched any of the csi's.

never mind,

I'm sure I was doing something more constructive...... I hope.

Later folks

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trying to tell you something

Sometimes you have to wonder if the universe gives you signs. Like you finally find your sunglasses just in time for the sun to disappear for the rest of the year. Or you go out with a umbrella, and thick overcoat to find yourself melting as the sun blazes away all day.

So you have to wonder what the universe was trying to tell the new president of France as not only was he soaked to the skin and ending up looking like a drowned rat during a inauguration cermany his plane was then hit by lightning!

I'm sure you will agree a memorable start for all of the wrong reasons!

It's been a little bit of a strange week at work as I have been doing a run of late shifts. But in our teams case "lates" are quite as late as everybody elses "lates" ( still with me ? :-) There just late enough from our regulat shifts to throw you off just ever so slightly.

Still it could be worse I suppose :-)

We've also started to prepare for the olympics as I think it's safe to say it will prove to be the most interesting time we've experienced since that volcano errupted!

But at least it will keep life interesting.

Later folks!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A old un, but a good/true un

There's a old joke that if you have a rather busy holiday that you say " I need a holiday to get over that holiday".

But after the past four days this week I'm certainly feeling like that right now as it's quite literally been all go.

However the most signficant thing to happen was that I had to say goodbye to a old freind who is now rusting in peace. And no that's not a spelling error.

Yes, my faithful little green KA that has served me faithfully for more then six years has gone to that great junkyard in the sky. Or to be more accurate a junkyard near coventry as it decided it was time to fail it's MOT in dramatic style.

To the surprise of none of the junkyard companies I spoke to ( must be some sort of design flaw I guess) it had corroded underneath to such a extent that to repair it, by welding would have cost far in excess of what the car was worth.

and that was before the problems with the power steering which they found.

But I can't complain really as it was 12 years old even if it didn't look it. Seriously you couldn't see anything wrong with it at all. Which meant it looked a little sad as it disappeared down the road on the back of a truck.

Which confused Owen no end as to why we didn't seem concerned someone had taken my car.

Still at least with Grumpys car free it's not going to prove a massive obstacle getting back and forth to work.

Although when somebody asked if I was planning to buy a new car or use Grumpys car for the foreseeable future, I could honestly answer no and no......

I know what you are thinking? But how will get to work without buying a car and yet say he's not going to be using Grumpys car for the foreseeable future but then say he's using it? What is he up too????

Place your bets now folks :-)

Grumpy and I also spent a large chunk of Friday afternoon attempting to overcome the evil forces of that place that tries to bamboozle and confuse people to the point of insanity.

Yes, that;s right. We were putting together ikea furniture.

With my wardrobe together we just need to get the new light fitted and that should be it.

I'll admit a rather long time after I started but c'est la vie.

Which is rapidly becoming my motto right now.

Later folks!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Question of the day

How do you know if the weather has a sense of humour?

That's easy take the month of April, the month where large swathes of the country were declared to be in drought and hit with hose pipe bans ( although nothing about filling up buckets of water and throwing them around your garden all day long mind you).

This was also the month that was one if the wettest April on record.

Seriously the weather's theme for this week has seemed to be rain, rain and a little bit of rain thrown in for good measure.

Asides from one day when there were bright blue skies and sunshine which was rather confusing.

But at least it's the Bank Holiday weekend now which means one thing and one thing only.

More rain!

Later folks