Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wanted. One replacement knee.

Yes, I'm afraid so Sports fans, the anti-inflammatorys appear to have had bugger all effect, so it's back to the Doctors I go. I'm thinking I might have a bit of a problem here :-( Please Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'll keep you posted as to how it goes. On the plus side as I've finished the course of anti-inflammatorys I can know start taking some ibuprofen for the pain, so I should feel a bit more comfortable now.

The TV is definitely buggered. No two ways about it. So We've currently swapped it for my TV from my room. However it does look rather ridiculous and like we left the old TV in a puddle of water or something and it shrank. I'm not sure if Grumpy is going to spring for a new TV because he was moaning last night that there's nothing ever on I wanna watch anyway" oh and he seems to have managed to get something stuck on the iron so when he's been trying to iron some of his shirts, he's been leaving nice black marks on them. So when I suggested that he should buy a new iron his response was " A new iron and TV, I'm not made of money!" Because of course a new iron costs the same as a new TV. That comment did make me ponder what exactly the hell he is doing with his wages each month.

It's institute again tonight, so it's time for me to play taxi again. I know it sounds sad but it is a lot of fun to be able to drive and have some people to talk to. Also Brothers H's lessons are extremely good as well :-) I have also discovered from Nemesis why the message didn't get through to the Elders. It seems JH is currently out of the country. D'ooh! Why did no one mention that before. As if facing the elders this Sunday wasn't going to be bad enough. Well I suppose one bad bit of news deserves another and I'm sure that Nemesis will be delighted to hear that Lilly Allen is moving to the USA in a attempt to 'crack the American market'. Now how did Nemesis put her her opinion of her again? Oh yes I think it was " Lily Allen, whose accent makes me want to jam a skewer in my ear".

Right Umm what else? Oh yes LDS linkup update, I'm all the way up to '19 friends', still only three comments though. Again I'm fairly certain this goes back to the whole 'people don't know me that well' but I guess we'll see if that changes as the year moves on.



Monday, September 25, 2006

I've got some happy pills, hap hap happy pills

Oops where does the time go? You forget to do one blog post and before you know it you've missed four. Whose a naughty boy Saxon? that would be me :-) Right so where to begin.

I went to the Doctors to get them to have a look at my knee. Her best bet was that I did sprain it while at the YSA convention and it had healed sought of, but I then aggravated it and managed to turn it into a really bad sprain and before any of your ask I have absolutely no idea what I did which managed to aggravate it! So I'm currently on Diclofenac tablets, which are anti-inflammatory pills which I hope will sort it otherwise it's back to the doctors and a visit to their physio.

Institute was fun. Especially playing taxi again. It's nice to drive with someone else other then grumpy. Although I had a full car with Traveler and both of her Brothers J + G and they were able to witness first hand my terrible taste in music :-) The institute class had about 25 people all told in the end ( various people were coming in during the evening) and was to it's usual high standard with brother H teaching. The activity afterwards was speed-meeting. It's like speed dating but as there weren't equal numbers of guys and girls they couldn't call it speed dating it had to be speed meeting ( well I think that was the name they finally decided upon I'm not sure. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was fun getting to talk to some of the young ladies from Leicester way more. I also posted some pictures from Nemesis's leaving party up on the main board which people seemed to like. Brother H has said that they want to do a 'competition' to find the best photo. I also agreed with the girls who objected to photos at Nemesis's party that it would be okay to take photos in future, as long as they got to see them first. So result there me thinks.

I was supposed to be helping at the helping hands day on Saturday but seeing as my knee, and not to put too fine a point on it was buggered, I thought it was a really really bad plan, especially as I was going to have to work at a 'huge' event for work the following day. So I got hold of JH's phone number from cordeila and I tried to ring her several times to let her know I couldn't make it and that she needed to organise a alternative lift for the elders. There was no answer but I left a couple of message. Unfortunately it appears she didn't get it as I got a call Saturday afternoon from the elders asking me where I was. I know, I know before you all start yelling at me that I should have checked with them but I didn't have their contact number but I thought JH as the organizer had sorted it. Trust me regardless of what you say you have no chance of making me feel worst about what happened then I already do. Especially as one of the sets of Elders only moved into the ward last week. Not quite the 1st impression of the ward they should have received. :-(

Well I had to go to bed early on Saturday. Really earrrlllllllyyyyyy. 9pm. Well that's early for me as I had to get up early for the big work event the following day. However it didn't do me much good as I'm fairly certain I lay there for nearly a hour and a half before I went to sleep. Oh well ..But I then had to get up at 4.30am the following morning. Yes you read that right, I can attest that there is such a time as 4.30am on a Sunday morning and I firmly hope that I do not see that time again until next year. So after creeping round the house on tippy toes not to wake grumpy I headed out into the night/very early morning. The radio wasn't much help as they only seemed to be playing soft/easy listening style music which is now what you want to hear at that time of the morning when you'd much rather be in bed. However I got to work with no problems only to discover I had arrived nearly half an hour before I had to. Mental note, traffic will not be a bad at 5am as it is at 8.30am. Can you say, " Saxon is a Muppet" I think ya can.

Well the day went very well, even if by the end of the day my feet were killing me ( new gel insoles so did not work!) and the only thing keeping my knee working was the support bandage I was using. However it was a good day and the main thing I was grateful for is that I don't have to do it again for another year. I got home however to discover that grumpy had been really kind and considerate and left all of the washing up from that day for me to do. Arrgghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I swear he has some inbuilt genetic trigger or something which means he is incapable of cleaning up after himself.

Grumpy became a little less grumpy this week as Engineseer came over and fixed his computer which means he can now get email again. However the first time he downloaded email it took him nearly two hours to download the backlog. Over 1500 emails and ironically only three were actual emails he wanted. The rest were all spam and junk. I think you can all imagine how he took that.

However as one thing was fixed, something else decided to break. I was watching the TV before I came out this morning and the picture started to flicker accompanied by a distinct smell of burning. So as quick as a flash, or as quick as a flash of my size could move which in fact would be that quick of flashy I turned the TV off and unplugged it from the wall. I then pull it out so it was well away from the curtain and I guess we'll have a look at it tonight. My money's on us having to buy a new one.

Oh well.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Call me a taxi. Okay your a taxi!

Well institute starts again tonight and I have to admit I can't wait. I didn't think that I would miss it as much as I did, but I did! It was nice to have a definite time to meet up with the YSA during the week and outside of church. Also to be honest it's not like I was doing anything majorly constructive with my Wednesday evenings anyhow. I'm still Librarian. Hurrah, always wanted a suit of power amour and psychic powers. Oops wrong sorta Librarian. Always keep getting that confused :-) Brother H told us on Sunday that there should be 30 people there today. If that does actually happen ( remember dealing with the complicating life of YSA here) that will be awesome as I think that will be the largest class ever. We're doing two courses this year, Doctrine and covenants and " Studying the scriptures ( I think that's what it's called).

I'll be playing taxi for most of the course, which I don't mind in the slightest. It's actually really nice to be able to do some driving with someone to talk to. It makes a nice change :-)

My knee's started to feel sore again so I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go visit the Doc. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I haven't done anything serious.

I had a bit of a argument with grumpy last night over the car. He wanted to know if he could borrow the Car on Saturday, which he couldn't coz I'm out. He wanted to know if he could borrow the car on Sunday, but I'm out working this big event our company does every year and it's written into our contracts that we have to do it so he couldn't then either. He then asked about Friday night, but I didn't know if any YSA thing was going on so didn't answer immediately . He then got all annoyed and said that if I was expecting him to pay some money towards petrol and the like then he should get a change to use the car sometime. So anyway to cut a long story short I took the cowards way out and rather then things escalating into a full blown argument I said he could have the car on Friday. You watch they'll be a really good YSA activity on now and I won't be able to get to it.

argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just can't win sometimes


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I know what I'm doing, but if you see me running away do try to catch up

Well one of those days again today. You know the type, the same old, same old and nothing really memorable happens.Well almost. I've signed up to this new web site LDS Mingle and one of the things you can do is to take this personality test thingies. Apparently I have a 'white' personality what ever that means. But it was a quite interesting breakdown and I thought I'd cut and paste some of it here to see if the one or two of you who read this agree or disagree ( feel free to leave comments, sarky or otherwise (looking at you fraggle and engineseer)

Congratulations, chris, you are a WHITE personality. The Core Motivation that guides you through life is "Peace." This is not referring to a political agenda or the absence of war. It is, however, an absence of inner conflict, much closer to the idea of serenity, and an acceptance of oneself and others. You have a strong and compelling need to keep things in balance in your life so as to maintain an internal feeling of tranquility and comfort.

As a WHITE, you seek independence and require kindness, especially from those with whom you are in a relationship. You resist confrontation at all costs. (To you, feeling good internally is even more important than being good.) You are quiet by nature, process things very deeply and objectively with great clarity. Of all the colors, WHITES are the best listeners. You respect people who are direct but recoil from perceived hostility or verbal battle.

You need your "alone time" and refuse to be controlled by others. WHITES want to do things their own way and in their own time. They ask little of others and resent others demanding much of them. You are probably much stronger than people think, but are not often seen for your strength because you don't easily reveal your feelings

Why You're Hot
You Are A Superb Listener
Have you ever heard your friends complaining about how their (boyfriends / girlfriends) don't listen to them, not understanding how this could be? It's because you listen so naturally. This is such a turn-on, because your partner will feel your interest in them and know that you hear even what they are not saying.

You Make Others Feel Comfortable
You have a way of putting people at ease. You don't try to intimidate or make things too formal. In fact, you prefer creating a very relaxed and open atmosphere, which works to your advantage, because the (men/women) in your life like to know that you are accessible and approachable, and that they don't have to put on a big show to be with you. In fact, they know that they can be more real with you, because of your accepting nature.

You See Things Very Clearly And Objectively
You Are Very Adaptable
You Shine When In Your Element
You Are Calm Under Pressure

Why You're Not

You Tend To Be Too Accommodating
As a WHITE, you have the tendency to accommodate what others want instead of having to tell them "no". Consequently, you tend to get overloaded with what other people expect of you and soon you can become overwhelmed or end up doing things that you do not enjoy. What happens is that you allow others to take control of the direction of your life instead of you driving towards the life that you and your partner desire.

Your Dislike Of Conflict Blocks Honest Conversation
WHITES do NOT enjoy conflict in the least. It is the opposite of what you crave through your Core Motive of Peace. Rather than get into an argument with your partner, for example, you would rather pretend that everything's okay, or you would rather lie in a conversation rather than tell her what you really think and risk the potential resulting conflict. So you don't say anything, until it bugs you so much that a month later it comes out. Let's be clear... dishonesty is not attractive especially when a severe case of "lack-of-backbone-itis," lies at the heart of it, so don't go there.

You Are Notoriously Indecisive
You Can Be Hesitant To Engage Others Socially
You Do Not Voice Your Opinions Well
You Don't Communicate Well Or Often
You Can Be Lazy

Your Needs

You Need To Feel Good Inside
As a WHITE, feeling good and comfortable on the inside is more important to you than being good or doing the right thing, so you should look for a partner who does two things for you. One, they should not create unnecessary conflict or confrontation, and two, they need to be able to help you become comfortable confronting the necessary issues and not allow you an escape route through dishonesty.

You Need To Be Allowed Your Own Space
You enjoy being with people, but you do not need constant social interaction by any stretch of the imagination. You like your alone time which allows you to process thoughts and to daydream. You should find a partner who is able to allow you to have your release time.

Your Wants
You Want To Withhold Your Insecurities

You feel insecure about your various inadequacies, and feel embarrassed and confused about what to do when such things are exposed. Therefore, it is your tendency to guard those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy very tightly even from your significant other. This is not always appropriate nor does it facilitate growth, so you should find someone with whom you are able to open your heart and be vulnerable to.

You Want Kindness From Your Partner
WHITES are the nicest, kindest people in world. You don't like conflict, and usually see it as being unnecessary when it manifests itself. You don't like mean people and what they stand for.


Well that was it. Apparently I can get a fully comprehensive report which runs to 28 pages for a mere $100 dollars but my main thought on that was . erhhh no! I wonder if that thought would have any affect on my analysis :-)


Monday, September 18, 2006

spekease engalish?

I saw this, this morning on a news website and could not believe the sheer 'specialness' of it. A defense company is working on " environmentally friendly" Munitions ( I.e bullets and bombs) including lead free bullets. But the best part of the story had to be the quote from the companies website that stated " lead used in ammunition can harm the environment and pose a risk to people". Yeap you read that right, that lead used in munitions can prove to be a risk to people, but apparently the explosive used in the munitions and the fact that they tend to leave large holes in people is perfectly okay. As long as we don't damage the countryside. Words now fail me...........

But not for long. Okay mild rant over. I'm baaaccckkkk! Yes after a weekend of no internet due to the computer at home being bust still, I'm able to get back onto the net using the computers in the canteen at work. Just in case the one or two of you who actually read this thing was wondering where I was.

Well I was right and there was a YSA activity on Friday. Unfortunately it was all the way across in Peterborough and I felt tired enough just driving home from work. It was a hard decision as I did want to go but for once I decided to listen to my common sense ( I do have some it's just very, very small :-) and not go. As a hour and a half drive each way just seemed like a recipe for disaster.

I was not a happy bunny on Saturday morning. Well as I'm sure most of you will guess Grumpy had something to do with it. As he was going out in the afternoon and evening he wanted to get into town early to do the shopping. Which is fine, however his idea of 'early' on a Saturday is far too early for me. I like to have a nice lie in when I can, however that's a totally different thing for grumpy because as he usually gets up at 4.30am a two hour lie in for him would only take him to 6.30am, and so on and so on. Which usually means muggins here, only gets a very short lie in when compared to him! However I suppose it could be worse and that I was having to get up at 4.30am each morning. As that would play havoc with me attempting to have any sort of social life. not that I have much of one anyway ( example for the prosecution! my Dad was out on a Saturday night and I was at home with the TV. Which as interesting as it is, you can't have a decent conversation with it. Although I suppose if it did start talking to me that would mean I have a whole other set of problems then not being out on a Saturday night :-)

We had a CES broadcast + Institute sign up last night. The talk was by Elder Eyring adn was very good. Although It was slightly amusing at the beginning as the YSA displayed a impressive example of MMT when they arrived in dribs and drabs. During the broadcast some lads came into the car park and were smoking and sitting on Brother H's car. He went out to have a word with them and asked if there was a problem with his car. The Lads sitting on the car literally jumped a foot and seemed totally flummoxed as Brother H stayed calm and polite the whole time. It seemed like they just couldn't deal with politeness which was a fascinating thing to observe. Also I'm going to be a taxi again for Institute but this time rather then SW it will be her sister Traveler and her brother. ( Haven't thought of a code name for him yet) going to have to I suppose.

I had a sorta bad news/good news kinda day at work today. Bad news, the boss doesn't want us to be shut over News years and Christmas like last year, so I'm going to have to come in for at least one possibly two days . Good news I have more holiday then I thought left so over the next two and a half months I get three weeks of with full pay. Woo hoo! Result! Just not got a clue what the heck I'm going to do. ( yes life's tough isn't it :-)

Nemesis is home and she's checked in on her blog. It is still a very strange thought that she's gone from being a few minutes down the road, to the other side of the world in what I think is the furtherest possible time zone. However I think the views of the countryside round her parents house look amazing. Maybe it's the whole familiarity thing, where you get used to the countryside around you and don't think anything of it but views from other countries look amazing.

who knows?


Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm all confused

Well it's hard enough to wake up and get out of bed at the best of times. Unfortunately this morning wasn't the best of times. I woke up and tried to move to discover my lower right leg had cramped up during the night and in almost the same instant I tried to move it, it started to hurt. A lot. So as the pain hit I flung my arm out and being the clever person I arm managed to whack my hand on the edge of my wardrobe right on it's edge, right across the center of my palm. So after finally managing to hobble out of bed I tripped on a bag I had left on the floor and banged my head on the door frame. So within 2 minutes of waking up this morning, I couldn't walk very well, had almost managed to break my hand and had given myself a headache. I don't know if that qualifies me as 'special' or a 'Klutz'. You decide.

I didn't help my headaches when I got to work this morning and tried to figure out where Nemesis is currently. If my very bad math's is right I think she's just about landing in Alaska now if not already home. Argghh this is so confusing trying to figure out timezones! Well I don't think anything YSA is going on this evening. Well emphasis on think but knowing the usual YSA organizational skill they probably won't decide until this evening anyway :-)

Also ironically I've now misplaced my Sunglasses just as the sunny weather comes back. I'm sure I've probably put them in the same safe place that I put my pen from YSA convention in. I'm just hoping that considering the general state of the house that I don't put more things into 'safe places', such as my keys or wallet. Coz then I'll have a big problem.

Well we're just about to have a big office move round at work, so I'll be loosing my current desk with it lots of space :-( On the plus side I will get a desk in a corner so I wouldn't have to try and struggle to hear customers when there are loads of people yakking behind me and also no one will be able to see what I'm doing. Ya!!!!!! Oops, said that one out loud didn't I? Got to stop saying the loud things quiet and the quiet things loud!

Well after the interesting chat I had with Banana on Sunday I had two very interesting chats with Joey and SL who I shall henceforth refer to as Sage at nemesis's leaving party. I wasn't able to take many photos at the party as a couple of people complained and the owners of the house 'warned' me not to take any photos with out asking permission. So as soon as the first person said no that was that as I really didn't want to risk being chucked out of the house. However LS volunteered to help and he went round taking photos instead and unsurprisingly the people who objected to me taking a photo had no problems with him taking photos. Maybe he was asking permission who knows? It's just I never like 'posed' photos, I prefer to take 'action' shots, if you guys now what I mean?...............................................

Right sorry what was I saying? Yes the talks with Sage and Joey, both were very interesting and got me thinking again. ( see I've actually been thinking about things for the best part of a week. Must be some sort of record, better be careful here, people might start thinking I actually have some small amount of intelligence next :-)

Right so what was the point to all this pondering and thinking I hear you ask? ( well at least the one or two of you I'm think read this thing from time to time might be). I've realized that no one in the YSA truly knows the 'real me' anymore, they are know one of the sort of 'mini-mes' ( please bear with me, I've not finally lost my marbles, it does make a twisted sort of sense if you let me explain) It feels like their are three 'mini-me's. A Work me, A church me and then the 'actual me'. Most people will see the first two, but I don't think there's anyone anymore in the YSA who knows the third me. Which to be perfectly honest is something I don't like. Well I now feel more accepted as part of the YSA, I suppose it's time I start opening up more, so they get to know the real me. Lets see how they goes, shall we? ( i hope that makes at least a sliver of sense)

Well I suppose if there's nothing onto night it will just be me, the TV and the DVD player once again.........................*sigh*

I really need to get out more.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

The time is far spent, theres none left.

For the attention of all US friends and Families of Nemesis,

The shipping company more commonly know as the Leicestershire YSA are pleased to announce the dispatch of your package 1Z59ABCDEFGHIJK657 more commoningly known as Nemesis which should be with you soon. Please see attached photographic proof

Please note the Leicester YSA offer no guarantees for returning her in the same state of mind or sanity in which she arrived and we deny all responsibility for any crazy sounding words or phrases, which seemingly make no snse to you such as " I'm going to put the rubbish in the bin " or " I'm going to put the shopping in the boot" , she may have picked up while she was over here.
We also disavow all responsibility for the method of transportation once we dispatched her and any bad food, crying babies, smug know it all flight attendants, chatty people in the seat next to her, long queues, bad movies or any lumps in the seat which may result during her trip.

We also deny any accountability for the condition of Nemesis upon arrival and any tiredness, crankiness, short temper, chapped lips or general zombie like acting which may have resulted from shipping.

If at any point you would like to return her to us for a visit please be advised that we will accept her back like a shot.

So say we all.

Hope this works

(best Dr nick voice) Hi Eveyone!

Well I hope this works as I thought I would try something different to show some of the photos I took last night at Nemesis's leaving party. So bear with me if it doesn't work :-)


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm not crazy. The voices in my head told me so :-)

Okey Dokey. Which one of these do you think made my weekend?

1) Finally getting my sweaty little mits onto my Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection.

2) Investing in a new digital camera which is quite frankly wonderful, you can see some of the pics below. the different between it and my old camera is amazing.

3) Managed to actually organise some of the YSA and being told it was a good idea. ( Mark this day! Mark it well everyone. Saxon Finally Had a good idea! spread the word! )

4) The look on Engineseers brothers face when I took a shortcut on the way back to their house from Bradgate park and was sitting outside their house already waiting for them when they got back.

Well as most of you can probably guess it wasn't one of them. It was all of them :-) Yes remarkably, I have had what I can call a good and productive weekend ( It's the seventh sign, the apocalypse is coming, run away, run away!) Asides from a couple of miss steps one of which involved Grumpy, white spirit and the washing up bowl (please don't ask).

As it was Nemesis's last Sunday and it was a very nice afternoon I suggested to some YSA that we head up to Bradgate park and as I mentioned earlier people thought it was a good idea and agreed. Wow people actually listened. Whatever next? Nemesis, C who hence forth shall be known as Boss lady (well it's the only thing I can think of and she is the ward YSA rep) and SM all gave talks in sacrament and they were all fantastic as usual. But then Brother mcreynolds mentioned something along the lines of the Talks being given by the Young ladies of the YSA, which suddenly gave me the nasty thought that maybe their going to ask some of the Young men of YSA to give talks as well. So I think I'm going to duck and hide for the next few weeks if I see any member of the Bishopric coming my way. But come to think of it I can't remember the last time I actually gave a talk anyway. I think and this is a big think that it was back in the days of Coalville branch!

Well just before leaving to head out to bradgate I got a call from Engineseer, as Boss lady needed a lift there.So I ended up going the long way round to Bradgate which wasn't helped by the roadwork's in the town centre, but hey c'est la vie. I think grumpy was in a bit of a mood as well as he had wanted to go to the co-op to get some cereal and stuff but didn't want to walk. Hey at the end of the day. It's my car! So it was a nice drive up to Bradgate and unlike the other YSA I do not trust parking out on the road so I parked in the car park. Which is a lot safer but hideously expensive. For over three hours it's £5. Yes you heard that right £5. I was parked in one of the two overflow car parks with at least 35 other cards, the other overflow was full, the main car park was full and I'm reasonably certain that the other two main car parks would have been equally full, so the money the park was raking in that afternoon is quite simply mind boggling. Mind you I remember the days when there was just a little metal box in the car park with a sign asking for voluntary contributions.

We walked half of the way into the park before trying to call the others and finding out they hadn't arrived yet. You see I had forgot to take into account the MMT ( Mormon Mean time) that most YSA operate on, so we then had to walk all the way back to the enterance and wait for the other to arrive. So after they had arrived we had a great afternoon wandering around the park and it gave me the excuse to try out my shiny new camera. In case you hadn't guessed the photos in the latest 'make a caption' posts all come from Sunday. Although he said he was coming, Smooth failed to put in a appearance, although to be fair to him with his new "not officially girlfriend their just seeing how things go" ( I'm told that makes sense somehow, somewhere in some sorta dimension) having come to visit him and it was her birthday we could see how he had better things to be getting up to. Although when me and Engineseer were joking about it, Banana ( r u keeping up with all the code names here peeps?) seemed a bit surprised at the choice of code name for him and said she thought he wasn't that smooth. But from our POV he seems to be to us. It's all just a matter of interpretation. Ahh ,oops, that sounded a bit philosophical there. Better stop that coz next thing you know people might think I had brain and have some sorta intelligence. Can't have that now :-) Although Banana (who is one of the smartest and wisest people I know) and I did have a very interesting chat when we were walking up to the ruins which did get me thinking, a lot and still has me pondering a few things. Uh oh, philosophy, thinking and pondering. Who knows where this will end?

After the park, Engineseer invited all those who were left by that point to go back to His. His Brother Ben came back with me. Now the others were ahead of us on the way home, but now although I'm not one of those YSA who speeds or " Drives at a speed appropriate to the local road conditions and situation", so I usually end up at the back of any YSA convoys, I did spy a opportunity to display that sometimes speed can simply not compare to local Knowledge and went a different way to the others. Which did mean that we were sitting on the road outside of their house for a good 3 or 4 minutes before engineseer appeared. The look on his brothers face was worth the effort all by itself. He, he, he, he, he, he, he, he.

Well Grumpy is back at work and seems a bit happier (for him at least), although he has now starting wondering exactly what he's going to do with his time once he's retired. The other thing which hasn't helped his mood is that his computer is broken again. so we can't access the internet from home at the minute. I'm having to use the very 'slllooowww' computers in the canteen here at work. Engineseer might be able to help us out with it, although he didn't appear last night to come and pick some bookcases up. Dunno where he was, "maybe a spook got him man, their everywhere" ( He'll get that at least if none of the rest of you do :-)

anyway, that's all for now.

so later!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Make your own caption 6

Cordeila and nick
Cordeila, Michelle and Boss Lady

Boss Lady and Cordeila

Make your own caption 5

Ben, Boss Lady and Engineseer
Cordeila, nick and Engineseer

Nemesis and Ben

Make your own caption 4

Engineseer and bro
Banana and Claire

Engineseer and bro's

Friday, September 08, 2006

Saxon Vs Irony 2 : The wrath of saxon (updated)

Welcome sports Fan to a very exciting series of match ups. We’re yyour quest blog writers for the evening. Jim and Bob.
They sure are bob. Once again the might Saxon with his motto of “ never give up, never think things through” is back to challenge the all seeing might of that great universal constant “ irony”
He sure is Jim, and after last Time you really thought he would know better.

Match 1 “ Workload”
Saxon 0 Irony 1

Well Jim Irony is off to a early lead where did it all go wrong for saxon?
Well bob you see he knew that there was a YSA activity on tonight so he decided that he would be all the effort he could into clearing all his workload so he could leave dead on time
Ouch Jim, you would have thought he would have know better then that wouldn’t you. I expect irony hit back Hard.
It sure did bob, two minutes before the end of the day he got a text to say the activity was cancelled because two many people were going dancing. So Saxon didn’t need to rush after all
You can say that again Bob.
You can stop saying it now bob.

Match 2 “ Carless”
Saxon 0 Irony 2

Oh dear Bob. Irony has struck again and is the lead by two. How did this happen.
Well Jim irony followed up it’s first strike in the first match with a second equalling telling strike.
You don’t mean?
Yes I do Jim. With no reason for Saxon to rush home the worst possible thing happen. The roads were clear he made it in excellent time.
Oh dear, is there anyway can Saxon come back from this?

Match 3: “ It’s all cheap”
Saxon 0 Irony 3

Well Bob I thought there might be some hope of saxon turning this around but it just wasn’t to be was it?
That’s right Jim, not only was he persuaded to go and and try dancing he found he needed some petrol for his Car.
Oh only one petrol station on the way and it’s the most exspensive one right?
It was Jim, but it must have been owned by irony as it’s petrol was the cheapest around.
That’s doesn’t sound very ironic.
It was Jim as the one time he actually wanted to go to that station it was shut
Once again. Ouch!

Match 4“ Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no”
Saxon 0 Irony 4

Well once again Saxon has been pounded into the floor by irony hasn’t he bob.
Yes he has Jim, he had just pulled onto the road in Loughborough where he was supposed to meet up with some YSA.
I think I know what’s coming next bob.
That’s right Jim, he got a text saying that the Dancing was cancelled.
Oh, that’s got hurt.
Well it could have been worst Jim
How’s that bob.
He could have actually been knocking on the door when he receiving the text.
Well that would have been embarrassing.

So they you have it folks. Once again Saxon has seen fit to try and do things and has upset irony, and as many people know you don’t tick off irony.
That’s right bob
Do you think he’s learned his lesson yet Jim?
Well lets see bob. Twice now he’s summoned up all his courage to try and do something he wouldn’t do usually and that’s twice he’s crashed and burned. So hopefully he’ll remember the old adage “ Three strikes and your out” and listen to the voice in his head saying it’s a bad idea
Well I guess we’ll see on that score wouldn’t we jim?
We sure will bob.

Good night folks!!!!

That’s it we off?
Yeah I think so.
Well I thought that went pretty good.
And to think Banana thought she would get the ‘wrath of saxon’ on his blog. We didn’t mention her once did we.
Emm bob.
Yes Jim.
The microphones still on.
Oops… Do you think Saxon will fire us for this?
Na, He’s probably still in his room feeling all Sad and moaping around, for crashing and burning again and forced to spend another night with the TV.
Yeah, he is a loser.
Great, now we’re sure to get fired.................

Where are all the rocket cars?

Well Nasa is attempting to launch the shuttle Atlantis yet again. And it looks like that the launch could well be scrubbed again as something else has gone wrong. It's a far cry from the original plan for the shuttle which called for it to be able to make weekly trips into orbit. Yeah, that worked out didn't it fellas? However while poking around the internet I have found a very interesting site called Encyclopedia Astronautica. Think of it as as wilkepedia for all things spaceflight and when I say all things I mean all things. It's got details on every space mission, astronaut, cancelled missions and even more interestingly ( well to me at least) all of the plans which were drawn up for potential space craft, space stations and missions. It's nice in a retrospective kinda away especially looking at the plans for the early seventies and eighties, to wonder where we might be now if they had actually gone ahead. Maybe we would really have rocket cars? who knows?

Well that's enough of being philosophical me thinks. It's the last day of Grumpys holiday as he's back at work on Monday thank goodness. He has been driving me crazy! Not the least the fact that he still doesn't clean up after himself so it's left to muggins here to do it! He's out tonight, although I have the sneaking suspicion that it was a little bit annoying that he's on the buses again as I need the car to go to the barbecue. Well if he is feeling ticket, tough! It's not like he's contributing anything towards the loan or car tax or insurance and there is the little fact that it's MY car, so my feelings of guilt are definitely at a minimum. :-)

We have the YSA barbecue tonight so it will be time for a quick change when I get home and head outta the door. Fortunately it's only at the Chapel. I would have had real problems if it had been over at the mcreynolds. Well not problems per say it's just I wouldn't want to get lost and go on a magical mystery tour of the Leicestershire countryside in the early hours of the morning.

Ooo, LDS Linkup update up to 16 friends and 3, yes that's right 3 comments now. Although two of them are only from people who know me moderately or not very well. I suppose it's either a little disturbing or maybe a sign that someone's trying to tell me that maybe nobody knows me that well. Who knows? I guess we shall see.

Lets see news wise, a Dalmatian has given birth to a litter of 15 puppies which is one of the countries biggest ever litters. Tony Blair, says he'll step down within a year, Minster advisors now reckon schoolchildren should be given compulsory lessons about the benefits of abortion ( what the hell?), it turns out a diver who was missing for three days at sea before being rescued was actually out shopping (pillock) and scientist have apparently made a monumentous discovery that a patient trapped in a persistent vegetative state is aware of the world around them and can hear people. Well it might be a monumentous discovery but to be brutally honest I find it more then a little horrifying, it's well I find it beyond imagining as to what that would be like. Fully aware yet trapped inside your own body. I'm fairly certain that I would go mad pretty darned quickly if something like that ever happened to me.

wow, even thinking of something like that has given me the shivers. So


Thursday, September 07, 2006

ask and ye shall receive

Well one of them might have heard me as I got a txt last night from Cz (I'm having real trouble thinking of a code name for her) and smooth. It looks like we'll be having a barbecue at the chapel on Friday night at 7. Argghhh, why do they insist on starting things at 7pm on a Friday. It's fine for everyone else but some of us don't get home to 6.30ish which will leave me about 15 minutes to get changed, shower etc. But lets see am I really that bothered about only have 15 minutes when I will be spending the whole evening with the lovely ladies of the the YSA? ermm nope, nope and nope!

Grumpy has the car again today, as he really, really, really didn't want to stay at home again. I think he's possible one of the handful of people I know who is actively looking forward to the end of his holiday so he can get back to work! I just hope he remembers where the car park is this time because when he took the car on Tuesday, he parked it then went and forgot where the car park was . D'ohh :-)

Well update on next door, the huge uber skip has now gone and they have finished tearing up their original driveway. A smaller skip has appeared on the road. Two vans were already there when I left for work this morning, so we still have no idea just what the heck is going on. Any suggestions? Anyone??

Well lets see, what's in the news today. The launch of Atlantis has been scrubbed for yet another day. Blair is apparently going to give a date for when he's going to step down as prime Minster. Germaine greer has caused a storm by labeling Steve Irwin by saying he was a "embarrassment" and a "self-deluded animal torturer." Nice and I wonder what people will say about you when you die and that girl who was held captive in Austria for eight years has given her first interview. Not exactly earth shattering news I'm sure you'll agree.

Amazon update. My Calvin and Hobbes set has been dispatched so I'm finnalllyyyyy going to get my hands on the darn thing. I've also found the most intriguing book ever and I'm seriously tempted to buy it just to see what it's like. It's the dummies guide to Mormonism. Yes you heard that correctly, The dummies guide to Mormonism ( you know the ones, the big yellow books like Dummies guide to Windows, Dummies guide to the internet etc). they had a few pages online that you could flip through and it looks quite interesting. I'm not sure what some church members will make of it though, although one of the two authors is a former editor of the Ensign so I'm hopeful that it will be fairly balanced (fingers crossed).

Well asides from that not much else is going on really, so


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I win, I win!

Yes in case you haven't guessed it, I won! Wait. What do you mean you have no idea of what I'm talking about? Can't you use your psychic powers and figure it out? What do you mean your not psychic? Oh wait that would be another one of those only in fantasy not in reality things. Oh in that case I suppose I'd better explain then. See, aren't I good?

Well in reference to yesterdays post, my refund is now underway because after getting sick to the back teeth of waiting for them to reply, which btw they still haven't, I called Amazon and put in a complaint. Amazon customer service who were great took all the info now and started the refund themselves. So I'm getting my money back and the seller will hopefully get exactly what they deserve too.:-) and if all this wasn't enough, Amazon itself got some copies of the Calvin and Hobbes set in themselves and were selling them at a much better discount. So I decided to place another order straight away and instead of using my switch this time I used my visa card, which I have for emergencies. Yes, yes I know before you all start shouting that this wasn't technically an emergency, yes alright it wasn't any sort of emergency at all technically or otherwise, but I didn't want to wait for my refund to come through to my bank account as I didn't know how long Amazon would have a copy. I'll pay it off at the end of the month. Honest :-)

Something is supposed to be going on at the end of the week, YSA wise. But I'm still waiting for any sort of txt from either C or MR, who henceforth will be referred to as Smooth ( he knows why :-) to let me know what the plan is. Although with the usual planning style of the YSA I'm not surprised that there's no info yet. I wouldn't be surprised if we get the info on Friday morning, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he,he, he.

LDS Linkup update, I'm all the way up to 16 friends, ya. It's give the impression that people might actually like me :-) Still only on two comments though, so that percentage is actually getting worse rather then better, but hey I guess we'll see. Love life update...well do I really have to tell you.

The mystery which is next door gets more and more curious. The 'shed' was in fact a shed. It was decking and before you make any smart comments Grumpy said it was a shed so I believed him as I bowed to his more extensive knowledge of all things garden, although in this case his knowledge of the difference between decking and a shed is somewhat lacking :-) The decking has been put in their back garden over the existing patio.( grumpy stuck his head over the fence alright? Yes I know we're being noisy so and so's) In the front garden, they have removed all of the stones and tore up the ground underneath and torn up all the driveway that they could get too. So we're really confused as to what's going on there. Any suggestions anyone??

Petrol at the local petrol station is all the way down to 89.9. Yes that's right 89.9!! I remember when I though 79.9 was cheap. *sigh*

The number of stingray and Steve Irwin jokes have died off at work as people seemed to have , somewhat belatedly mind you that it's not funny and a man has died. The launch of the shuttle Atlantis has been scrubbed and they've only got two more goes to try it before their 'window' closes and once again I got bored so watch 'supernanny' last night. I think I should tape it for J +T , so next time JB is misbehaving and getting on their nerves they can play it and go, well he could be worse :-) Seriously the behavior and language of some of these kids is shocking and most of them do not have any conditions such as ADHD ( before anyone jumps on me I'm just using this as a example in that a kid with a condition like this can't help be hyperactive and most of the kids of supernanny don't have such a condition, their just bad behaved annoying little toe rags :-)which might be a contributing cause to their behavior.

Two other things in the news caught my eye, one that a minister who was handing out leaflets at a 'gay mardi gras' has been arrested and charged for using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior for handing out 'leaflets which contained Biblical quotes about homosexuality', we're on a slippery slope here I tell ya, slippery slope. The second was that the kid in the frosties advert, you all know the one, where the really annoying one where he goes through the advert singing "their going to taste great" ( note, if this especially song is now stuck in your head after reading this I deny all responsibility if it does in fact drive you crazy) has been receiving death threats. Yes that's right, the frosties kid has been receiving death threats. What the heck is wrong with the world right now? Hmm?


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

That's not customer service. This is customer service!

Well I'm about to become a companies worst nightmare. Mwah, ha, ha!!! But seriously before you all start to wonder if I've lost the small amount of sanity I have left let me explain.

For my birthday I got some gift certificates to use on a certain very well known internet shopping site to get the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection. Now unfortunately I accidentally pushed the wrong button and the order went through. So I emailed the seller asking them not to process the order and I would replace it using the certificates. However the seller emailed me back and said they had already processed the order and shipped it and as it was with the seller there was nothing they could do. annoying but not a lot I could do about it. I decided that I had used the certificates in 'spirit' on the Calvin and Hobbes collection and as I was planning to get something else I used the certificates on them instead.

so I was more then surprised to get a email three days later from the seller to inform me that they were unable to fulfill my order and could not ship it. So one day it has been shipped and they can't get it back yet three days later they can't fulfill the order or ship it. So does anyone else see the problem here? hmmm? there short email also said that I would receive a confirmation that the refund procedure had started with in three working days, note not completed merely a confirmation that I would be getting a refund, but the best bit had to be the end of the email asking me to give feedback for them when asked. oh I will be doing that allright, on that they can be assured. I sent them a email demanding a explanation ( hey I decided I was going to be a snotty customer for once.) It's been over a day since I sent that email and still no reply. Hmmmmm. The other annoying thing is they had let me know this sooner I would have still had the certificates to use @%%**!"£$%£$%&

So why am I going to be this companies worst nightmare. firstly I've had plenty of experience with annoying customers so I know exactly which buttons to push to be one myself if I don't get a reply soon and second I know all the usual excuses so there's absolutely no way their going to be able to fob me off with a lame excuse or a lie. Let battle commence! I'll let you know how it goes.

Well grumpy ran me into work this morning as he wanted to borrow the car. He's still on Holiday, he had to take two weeks off as it was a "use it or lose it" kinda deal. So he's spending most of the time around the house as is slowly going crazy :-) Not that he's doing any of the housework to keep himself busy mind you :-) As long as he pays for petrol I don't care where he goes.

Something's going on with the house next door. It's been empty for months and all of a sudden a huge skip appeared on the driveway and when I say huge I mean it's the length of the driveway huge! The workmen who've appeared seem to have completely gutted the inside of the house, there's chairs, wardrobes, beds, cupboards etc all piled up in the skip. On the grass near the end of our drive what look like the components for a shed have been delivered, and yet another workman turned up this morning and began to remove the pebble/gravel form their front 'garden' ( the stones etc are there in place of a lawn.) So we've got no idea if the original owners are moving back in or if we're about to get new neighbors. It's very strange. I guess I'll keep you posted there too.

Well that's about it for today. so


Monday, September 04, 2006

He's not a blogger. He's a very naughty boy

Oops, once again I've missed posting things for a couple of days but I'm back now, I've not gone anywhere yet. Wait who just booed ? :-)

Well for those of you who haven't seen it, Steven irwin " the crocodile hunter" has died after being stung in the chest by a stringray. Which means we've had to put up with the Stingray and 'crikey' jokes all morning. such as " I bet he wasn't expecting that to happen in the next half hour" " Crikey this is a shock" etc, etc. It's getting really, really old, really quickly.

Right, so lets see what did I get up to over the weekend. Well lets see if there's anything interesting that won't send you all off to sleep. ( not much chance of that I know, but I'll give it a shot)

Friday night was Enginseers 'toast' party. He and his brothers have moved into their new digs. It's a very snazzy house but the space rapidly runs out when you pack it full of YSA. I took a few bits and pieces with me which all seemed to go down very well ( excuse the pun) especially the super toastie bread which is awful when it comes to sandwiches but absolutely gorgeous when it's toasted. It was a very enjoyable evening although the conversation somehow got onto the topic of dating and I didn't obey my usual instinct in such conversations. In other words I didn't shut up and kept talking mainly against social as she was the most vocal from the girls sides. More amazingly people seemed to understand what I was getting at, so hey maybe I do have a small amount of intelligence after all :-)

Saturday morning? Well that was the usual going into Loughborough and getting the shopping etc. On the way grumpy wanted us to drop some mail off with mum who has now told him which street she living on. She was just getting out of her car when we arrived so no awkward moments there fortunately. Shopping was the usual fun and games and again as per usual we got fish and chips for dinner. Not terribly original I know, but there you go.

In the afternoon we took a trip out to Nottingham to a rather famous furniture store, I'm sure you can all guess the name to get a new bookcase that I could put in the dinning so I could store some of my stupidly large collection of books down there. While I looked at the bookcases grumpy said he would go down to have a look at the size of the packaging for the bookcase. I confirmed that he would come back once he had. Unfortunately what he heard was that he would meet me at the bookcases, as in further on in the store where you pick them up from. So I was waiting around for nearly fifty minutes before we straightened that out. Now as it was such a large bookcase, grumpy trundled off with a tape measure to see if it would fit in the car. He came back a few minutes later to announce it would, just! When we got it outside I waited while he went to get the car, one thing I did notice was that there were huge bollards in the loading zone set about a foot back from the kerb, so when you car/van backed in you can't get your trolley right up to it. In fact you can't fit the trolleys through the gap Why this is the case I have no idea maybe their worried that people will nick the trolleys. Anyway Grumpy arrived and he was right, with the seats down and the passenger seat forward, it was possible to fit the bookcase in. Just! However there was one glaring problem. Me! Although we could fit the bookcase in, there was no way I could fit in! So Grumpy had to drive all the way home, offload the bookcase, then come all the way back to pick me up ( I was sitting in the restaurant), to drive all the way home again. Oh lots of fun. Not! Suffice to say by the time we got home neither of us was interested in trying to put the darn thing together that night. We left it propped up on the stairs.

It was a large chunk of Sunday afternoon that we spent on putting the darn thing up and then transferring my books from upstairs. On the plus side I now have a looootttt more room, in my room. After moving so much stuff around and off the floor I've even discovered a strange substance which I'm informed is called 'carpet' and apparently all bedrooms have it. Who knew :-)

Well that's about it. Not a lot for a whole weekend I know. However unlike most weekends I did actually manage to do something constructive with my time. hurrah. Maybe there's hope yet.