Friday, September 12, 2008

Run man Run

See the Man,
See the Van,
See the Man In the Van,
See the man in the Van get a plan,
Plan, man in the Van plan!

Yes before you say anything or even begin to hazard a guess I can confirm it has indeed, been one of those days. Fridays are always a little odd round here but throw in some visiting authors, getting ready for the event at the weekend and packing Vans it’s steadily been getting weirder and weirder.

We’ve also been nervously looking into the sky as we’ve been packing the vans as it’s been threatening to start tipping it down all day. Of course on the one day where we have to be outside as opposed to the last two days of sunshine! Fortunately although it’s been lightly spitting the full on rain we were expecting hasn’t appeared.

Knowing my luck the rain will appear tomorrow whilst I’m out shopping again.

The one time I have to See 5am on a Sunday morning is rapidly looming large. It’s the fact of having to see 5am that bothers me, it’s more the worry that I’ll sleep through my alarm! I’ll probably do what I usually do. See my Alarm, put my phone on the far side of the room and set the alarm at full volume for five minutes after my main alarm, then finally another alarm at the other side of the room for five minutes after that. A little extreme I know but I haven’t overslept once in five years and I have no intentions of starting now.

I think I'm probably going to have a quiet evening tonight and probably do some work on stage two of top secret project one. All will be revealed soon I promise.


Later folks!

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