Friday, June 29, 2007

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. can't wait

It's the season finale tomorrow of Doctor who and I absolutely can not wait for it. Especially after where they left it last week! It's not helped that they haven't realized previews tapes so there's no real information about what's going to happen anywhere. Which is annoying but also good because usually you find out what's going to happen in a season finale ages in advance these days.

I found this great quote today which I thought was quite good;

"I realize that swallowing the fly might have been a accident, but what she swallowed afterwards was asking for trouble"

he, he,

Well Engineseers brothers are back 'for the summer' this weekend. I still haven't thought of any code names for them, so I guess for the time being their going to have to stay as Engineseer Brother 1 and Engineseer Brother 2. Unless of course any of you lot out there have any better suggestions.

It's been raining on and off all day. But it has been very sunny for the past couple of hours. I don't trust it myself, I'm sure the weather is just trying to lure us into a false sense of security!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is why my job rocks

and also may prove I should really be doing something more constructive with my lunchtimes. We've just gained a new bit of software which allows me to do this;

Create planets! Okay maybe this is only the sort of thing that will appeal to the geeks out there and people who deal with toy soldiers and writing campaigns for them. I'm currently help write one now so maybe if I finish the full background for a planet I'll post it one of these days.

Yes, yes it's geeky I know, but it's still a fun thing to have and it's yet another reason why my job rocks. Do you have software to create planets at your work??

Didn't think so :-)


p:s: Yes I am aware that this might also be further proof that I need to get out of the house more

10111 100011 010010 011001 001011 001110

Well it was the last Institute last night. We did a bit better on numbers. 9 in total. What didn't help during the lesson was that the stake centre carpets have been cleaned again. Which meant the place stank. I think engineseer referring to it as " They must have cleaned with essence of pooh by Christopher Robin ":-)

Oh and look it’s raining again. Apparently it’s supposed to be raining most of this weekend as well.

Anyway Grumpy has just left for this course thing he’s on. Which means I get the house to myself for three days. Yaahhh!!!

I saw two interesting news items today. First a woman was denied access to her savings because the bank said she was dead. Secondly a man woke up with a very, very bad headaches and was rushed to hospital by his wife. Where they found a bullet lodged in his skull. The wife promptly fled but was later arrested. She claimed she shot him by mistake when she heard a noise and pulled a gun she kept from underneath her pillow. She failed to explain exactly why she failed to mention the shooting to her husband, but there you go. Well I suppose it brings a new twist to the old saying “ not tonight dear I have a headache”

Spice girls are going to reunite. Ya! Is everybody else life now complete? ( By the way that’s sarcasm) my first though on hearing the news. Oh dear, is the money getting that low?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where's your bin? I've been to work. No where your wheelie bin? I've really been to work!

Only time for a short post today. I'm off to institute tonight for the last lesson before the summer break. I haven't heard that we're supposed to bring anything, so I'm choosing to assume (maybe foolishly) that engineseer has it all under control.

It's been raining and off today. Apparently there's a lot more rain forecast for the weekend. Oh joy! You wouldn't think it was the end of June! It was so cold last night we were contemplating turning the central heating on!

Oh, radio 1 yesterday was playing some old TV tunes yesterday. Including the tune to Fraggle rock. And now I can't get that flipping tune outta my head. It didn't help that when I jokingly mentioned this to one of my colleagues he suggested it could be worst and I could have the song " Barbie girl stuck in there". Of course now he's said that I sort of have a barbie girl/ fraggle rock mix going on in my head.



Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's going to be one of those days.

Looking at the news today as I do everyday ( I'm nothing if not consistant) I say this;

"A US man has lost a $54m (£27m) claim against a South Korean dry-cleaning firm which lost a pair of his trousers. "

Apparently the man was sueing the dry cleaners because they lost a pair of trousers. He claimed that they had violated the consumer protection act by refusing to pay him $1,000 after loosing his trousers. The rest of the $54 million he wanted for damages includes the cost of him hiring a car every weekend to enable him to drive to an alternative dry-cleaners for the next 10 years and thhe 1,400 hours he spent preparing the case. Unsurprsingly the case was thrown out although it had dragged on for two years. They should have just gone on Judge Judy. It would have been a heck of a lot quicker :-)

Apparently the big Brother contestants have abandoned their latest task, which was a sleep deprivation exercise. apparently they had to go sixty hours and only have four hours of sleep between them. So the main problem they faced was trying to keep themselves awake. Ironically from what I understand the viewers are currently having the same problem as well.

Paris Hilton has just been released from jail. After serving roughly half of her 45 day jail term she got out early for good behaviour. Is that justice? Not for her, the rest of us I mean. We were promised 45 days when she would be locked up and outta the news. We should get 45 Paris free days! It's our right!! Sorry where was I?

Grumpy is off on a course later this week from Thursday through to Sunday night. So I have a empty house and of course typically msot of the YSA are off doing something. Although to be fair I suppose some of them have better excuses then others. Like Engineseer for instance. His two brothers are coming back for the Summer. So I guess that's two more codenames I have to think of, either that or I'll just refer to them as Brother 1 and brother 2. Well on the plus side at least it means they'll be somebody there to clean their kitchen. He, he, he. Oops I shouldn't have said that really, I did promise that I was going to try avoiding mentioning that in future. And as everybody who knows me can atest. I'm very trying :-)

Grumpy learned a very valuable lesson this weekend as to why the biggest tools are always necessarily the best tools for the job. We were having a problem with the sink in the bathroom. It wasn't blocked totally, but when you ran the water it backed up and took ages to drain away. So Grumpy decides to go into a hardware shop to get a plunger. However rather then a standard one, he gets a multi purpose one, which has a pump to help build up the pressure. It was almost as long as my arm and was also multi purpose, i.e could unblock sinks and toilets. That should have been our first warning. The second was the warning on the packet that appropriate eye protection and safety gear should be worn when using it. So on Sunday while I'm at church Grumpy decides he's going to give this thing ago. Connects it to the Sink, puimps it up then pulls it 'up and off' the plughole. At which point in his words " A lot of very black water" proceeds to shoot up and out of the plughole and sprays all acorss the bathroon and into the bath, and across the tiles. Yet somehow manahes to miss all our tooth brushes. Grumpys only comment on what happened. " Next time your doing it!"

and on that note,


Monday, June 25, 2007

Well this either stops soon or we’re all going to float away.

Guess what everyone??

It’s raining. Again. Apparently the rainfall for June is now at 40% above the monthly average. It was quite a shock to realise that the ‘longest day’ of the year has already passed. Looking at the sky right now you would think we’re still in the depths of winter not in summer. But then again maybe the years of heat waves we have been having has made us forget what a usual British summer is all about.

Well Cordeila is our new ward Female YSA rep seeing as Bosslady is now off in the good ole USA. Although initially the bishopric did try and call her in sacrament using the wrong surname. Ooopss! So it’s now Engineseer and Cordeila in Charge. Although I think Cordeila got quite a surprise when she say the full list of YSA in the ward. When you add active and inactive together it comes to 96 people in total! So it’s fair to say that it’s not a small challenger that the two of them have on their hands.

Well it’s the last institute this Wednesday. I’m not going to make any comments on numbers as I’m sure that’s what fated us last week. I think the weirdest thing will be trying to figure out what to do on a Wednesday. Life’s tough init?

Well my subtle hint worked and I did get a comment from Merchanicus. Maybe I should use the same subtle tactic from now on. You, you, yes you. Leave a comment!

For those of you who haven’t noticed. I’ve added a link to a new blog. It’s Angel’s blog, yes she hasn’t written on it for a while but maybe if she gets few visitors it might encourage to start again. Hint, Hint people. Talking of Blogs, Fraggle hasn’t updated in quite a long while. In fact not since he came to visit here and stayed at Enginseer’s, and social hung around there to the early hours. Come to think of it “Cue Dramatic music” We only have their word that he left. Mental note check for any suspicious looking mounds in Engineseer’s back garden.

Anyway ,


Friday, June 22, 2007

Six of One, Half a dozen of the other

Well in my daily sweep of the news from around the world, this news article caught me eye;

"A 16-year-old girl is in the High Court to accuse her school of discriminating against Christians by banning the wearing of "purity rings".

She was told by her school to remove her ring, which symbolizes chastity, or face expulsion"

Now apparently this girl was part of the 'silver ring thing' which promotes abstinence among young people. Apparently it's inscribed with a scripture reference 1 Thess 4: 3-4. The girls school said her ring broke uniform rules and ordered her to remove it. When she refused, they took her out of lesson and she was made to study on her own. She is now seeking a review under article nine of the Human Rights act which guarantees freedom of religious expression. She is also making a issue of the fact that Sikh and Muslim pupils can wear bangles and headscarves in class.

The school has counted and insists that it is not operating a discriminatory policy because the allowances that are made in the schools uniform code for Sikhs and Muslims only occur for items integral to their religious beliefs and Christian pupils would be allowed to wear a crucifix.
I think the whole situation can be summed up with that old phrase " Six of one, half a dozen of the other" or to put it another way, their both wrong and their both right. The girl is expressing part of her beliefs and a small silver ring which is tied into her beliefs, isn't just some random piece of jewellery and many people wouldn't begrudge her. It's not like it's through her nose or something. Being yanked out of class and being threatened with expulsion was a huge amount of overkill on behalf of the school.

However the school does have a uniform policy and it applies to everyone. The school is also right that the other allowances are made because their are a integral part of those religions. The girl isn't required to wear this ring, she chose to. And the school is not acting like BA and banning everything. They have said wearing a cross would be fine.

But regardless of all this hoo hah there's one fact which I think renders the whole story extremely funny. The girl has now left the school, so she can wear the ring to her hearts content.
Another interesting news item was the fact that a lake has disappeared in Chile. That's right disappeared. All the water in a five acre lake has vanished. Maybe there was just a very thirsty bear.

My latest 'can't stand it and if i hear it one more time I'm gonna glue my ears shut" song is cupids chokehold. I think the band is called Gym class heroes. And why do I hate it?

" Take a look at my girlfriend. She's the only one I got. Not much of a girlfriend I never seem to get a lot"

Quit moaning. At least you have one you ungrateful so and so.

I found this great quote this today.

"Paranoia is a very comforting state of mind. If you think they're out to get you, it means you think you matter" -
So I guess that means even if they are out to get me, it's a good thing.

Apparently a man from Glastonbury has made a bet that if he can prove the existence of an afterlife to a bookmaker he stands to make £1 million in winning. Why he didn't bet on the races like everyone else I have no idea.


P:S: It's raining again. Maybe thats where that lake went....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just Like everything else maybe this was my fault too.

Okay, I show know better. Really know better. And I should sure as heck think before I open my mouth as that universal force " Irony" has it in for me Big time on the occasions where I do tempt it and Fate. What am I gibbering on about now? Well let me tell you.

Previously on Saxons Blog......
It's the penultimate( think I spelt that right) institute lesson tonight. Hopefully we'll have a few more people then usual as we have been a bit thin on the ground lately.

Oops. I should have know better then to say that. But No, I go and open my big mouth and Irony decided " Here Boy, let me show you what goeth before a fall" Last night at institute we had five people.

That's right Five.

It was me, Engineseer, M, B and MY. So strangely enough for the first time I can remember the boys were outnumbering the girls in a lesson! What was going on? It's like the seventh sigh of the coming apocalypse or something. Although one of the regular attendees was actually in hall as she was helping to get it ready for a birthday party on Saturday. Our activity after the class was supposed to be helping decorate the hall. But as there was only one step ladder any help I might have been able to offer would have been quite limited. So I left quite quickly. Maybe not totally gentlemanly but it was probably more help then helping the three other people who were already holding the step ladder.

YSA Convention update. All of a sudden they had suddenly announced that they are willing to accept the fee for the convention in installments. which are this late stage does seem like it's a desperate attempt to entice more people to come. Which does make me wonder just how low the total of people who have already applied is!

Just finished reading the novel Bitterwood. It's very good ( not that I could be considered Bias in anyway, oh no). Especially the Dragon who's a mass murderer. Trust me if you read the novel that statement will make a awful lot more sense.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

They should really think these things through first

If there's anything more annoying in this world then a 'bandwagon' which everyone will decide to go and jump on I have yet to find it. A little while ago it was about the packaging and labeling on food. People were complaining that it didn't clearly state how much fat, sugar, calories etc were in a product. So off everybody went jumping on the bandwagon and all UK food packaging now has it clearly spelt out what's in the food. Which might be nice for some people, but others of us don't like that. It's a simple process if something tastes very very good, like chocolate or fast food we know it's not going to be containing lots of healthy ingredients or be low in calories. We know, we don't want to actually see the information in front of us. That takes the fun out of it!

Anyway the latest bandwagon to come along is about banning smoking in public places. There's been a advert on the TV listing the places people can no longer smoke, and every time they name a place they go 'to that location' in the advert. You know sort of s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g i-t o-u-t f-o-r u-s, just in case we have no idea what a cafe or office is, but I digress. Apparently this law states something along the lines of you can't smoke in a enclosed public space. Which is good. But it has lead to some unintentional hilarity at work. The company putting in a smoking shed for people who smoke, to go and smoke in. Apparently it proved to be very helpful in the winter. So as it's the smoking shed only smokers go in. ( see I've obviously been affected by the advert, now I'm spelling things out). However as it's a enclosed public space, under the new rules smokers wouldn't be able to smoke in there. Even though the only people at risk of second hand smoke would be other smokers. See obviously breathing your own smoke is fine, breathing somebody else's is a big no no. So in order to get round this new law the front of the shed has had to be taken off. No big problem summer, but it might cause a few in winter.

There's a bit of a hoo hah going on about a certain well known soap at the moment. Apparently there has been nearly 200 complaints about a scene which saw one pregnant character tied to a bed while the wife of the man who got the women tied to the bed pregnant threatened to perform a caesarian section on her 'by force' to take the baby from her. Most people complained that there had been no warning before the start of the programme. Now apparently the official response was " the episode reached a climax that most viewers would have been anticipating."
Now I hadn't been watching this program but what I want to know is what kind of storyline was it if they believe most viewers would have anticipated a pregnant character being tied to a bed and the spurned wife stealing the baby by performing a caesarian! and why didn't anyone complain about the storyline before!!

Apparently the ESA are looking for volunteers for a simulated human trip to Mars, in which they'll spend 17 months in a isolation tank. Maybe we can update that ideas for Big brother. We put all of the contestants from big brother into a isolation tank, which has no cameras. Lock it, then really send the tank to Mars. Sounds good to me and we'd all be winners. They'd get some fame as they go in the tank, and we don't have to put up with big brother dominating the airwaves all summer, and a load of contestants who'll be famous for five minutes but by the time the next series comes round we'll only remember them as 'thingie who won last time."

Health and safety killjoys have struck again. Apparently the egg information service(whoever they are) wanted to screen a advert featuring Tony Hancock from the 1950s which urged viewers to 'go to work on a Egg' to celebrate their fifty birthday. They've been told by an an advertising watchdog that they can't. The watchdog said the slogan did not suggest and went against the principle of eating a varied diet.
So apparently urging people to eat eggs is bad. Urging them to eat cereal or things like pop tarts is fine. All I can say is what????

A new Lord of the rings musical has opened in London. Apparently the contents of all three books has been crammed into one three hour production. and apparently it is very bad. I don't think I'll be going to see that one. But then again I haven't been to see a musical or a play in years. I think the last one I went to see was " the tempest".

anyway. It's the penultimate( think I spelt that right) institute lesson tonight. Hopefully we'll have a few more people then usual as we have been a bit thin on the ground lately.

oh yes, in reference to previous posts. The issue I think I may have created is solved, I think. But to be honest I don't understand if it is solved or not but at least it mathces the start of the issue which I don't understand either.

I did manage to keep my cool and not speak a load of gibberish with all the important people who came on Tuesday. Even better I was able to get one of them to sign a book for mechanicus which I sent off to him in the mail this morning. So barring it falling into one of those portable black holes that royal mail use for sorting depots from time, he should recieve it tomorrow. Maybe he could let me know by leaving a comment, HINT, HINT! Mechanicus.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who Left the taps on???

Well I've mentioned the concept of super mega rain previously. But that's not what we're getting here in the UK at the moment. Oh no. We're getting the super mega oh my word if this doesn't stop soon I'm going to need a boat to get home as I'm fairly certain my Car can't float rain. Last week we had a storm. A real humdinger of a storm with lighting and everything ( that's doesn't happen much round here). In fact it was the worst storm I could remember in quite a long while. The clouds were so black it about went from daylight to nighttime in two minutes flat. The rain started and just didn't stop. As you can imagine driving home that night was (sarcasm mode) "real fun".

But yesterday although it wasn't a storm like last week the rainfall was even worse! The drains on the roads on the way home were totally overloaded, so as well as there being nearly ankle deep water on the round it was starting to turn a nice brown color. And when the water starts to turn brown you tend to start looking straight ahead and think of anything else besides what it is your probably driving through at that point. the rain was also so heavy that I had the wipers on max speed and I could still barely see out of the windscreen. But then it got better. It started to mist up, so I had to put the heat on on maximum to keep the windscreen clear. So there I was driving through ankle deep water containing goodness knows what, sweating like a pig from the heaters which I had to turn on, I could barely see out the windscreen and there were the usual complete Muppets who were driving around like lunatics and like they had no idea what the middle peddle in a car is for. Then just when I thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous the weather report comes on the radio;

" There's a small chance of very light rain showers this evening"

Seriously do the weather men ever, ever stick their head out the windows before reading the weather! On the other hand is that there was their idea of light rain, I really don't want to be around when whatever they consider heavy rain turns up!

On the plus side with all this Heavy rain Engineseer is a lot safer in his new digs then his last house. Mainly because if his new house ever floods if he would have bigger problems. Because the rest of the geektown would have to disappear beneath the waves before the water gets to his house.

Scrubs starts again at the end of this month. Yaaaa!!! Not so Ya though is that channel 5 are apparently bringing back 'big love' soon. Just what we need on TV a programme reinforcing the old stereotypes about the church. Winner!!

Engineseer was doing his bit on Sunday to try and promote this years YSA conference. He's gone and printed a load of forms off and gave them out with pre addressed envelopes. Lets hope it succeeds in persuading some more people to come. I'm still not hearing good things about the number of people who have signed up.



Monday, June 18, 2007

There's a hole in the plan somewhere

Well It's the 2nd birthday of Nemesis's blog. Which is a good a point as any to say congratulations to her. This blog writing thing is really, really not as easy as it looks. Also the next major problem is getting people to come and read the thing. Even when you give them the address. For example fairly recently while round Engineseer’s I was checking my blog or comments and cordeila happened to look at the screen. Slightly paraphrasing it here but what she said was “ Ohh, you’ve changed the layout, you’ve only done that recently haven’t you” “ No, I did it months ago” Long period of silence followed. I mean Nemesis's blog had over 31,000 visitors and her last post had 44 comments. My blog has about 1300 visitors and my most commented post recently had three posts. So I think I'm doing something wrong somewhere. Maybe should avoid being so geeky all the time and starting making some sense occasionally.

Thinkie work that would?

Sometimes it would be nice if I could give flippant answers to queries at work. For example one of the queries I had today about one of our product ranges
“ How many Mugs do you have there”
Lots and lots. And they all work for the company, boom, boom!

The space shuttle is coming back from the international space station soon, after delivering some new solar panels. However the main interest was in the damage to the shuttles heat protection system which had to be repaired using steel pins and a surgical stapler. However of course they had to jazz it up with using technical terms otherwise they would have to admit the in depth repair job was akin to using a hammer and stapler to staple and nail a blanket to the side of a car. Of course there’s every possibility that I am being just a token too cynical there.

But then what else is new.

Doctor Who at the weekend. Best line from a bad guy ever.
“Anyway, why don't we stop and have a nice little chat where I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to stop me. I don't think."

There’s a sign that there may be hope for me yet. I have not given into watching Big brother! Yaaaaaaaaaa!!! And there’s a even better sign for the future of Man. Nobody at work is talking about it, they tend to talk about the new history programme on BBC 2 instead. But then again considering where I work, I suppose more people are going to watch a programme on the battlefields of the 20th century rather then big brother anyway.

Oh well.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Going to try and keep my cool.

Well if theres one downside to work it's that you can get a little bliase sometimes about who you see there. You might see someone everyday, talk to them and think nothing of it. But to someone outside of the company it's huge amazing thing to talk to this person once, they wouldn't even consider the remote possibililty of being able to talk to this person on a regular basis. However this week we are having a huge meeting of lots of our top 'guys' and I've got to ask them to sign some stuff. Trying to talk to one of them when they come in is nerve racking enough. Trying to talk to a whole room of them, I'm simply going to concentrate on trying to keep speaking english and not a lot of gibberish.

There's still a bit of a furore ( i think thats how you spell it) as channel five aired a advert for the churchs new DVD during the commercial break of a kids TV programme by accident. Although to hear some of the media portray it there has been "outrage!" at the "mormon recuritment advert" being shown during a Kids TV programme. Although by using the term recuritment advert it makes me think of one of those American adverts with a guy with blindingly bright teeth
" Hi, join the Mormon church. It's free to join but there is a annual fee of 10% of your income each year. You may upgrade to law of consercration depending on performance"

Their swapping the metting round at church so we're going to be having sacrement first. Although one of the leaders did say it would be important for us to get there on time from now on as they would be 'locking the doors' to prevent interuptions. Maybe we'll have to change the sign out front;
" visitors welcome, as long as your on time"

got to leave things aloonnnnneeeeee

Well I like to thing that I have a small shred of intelligence, if not a lot of common sense so I can see things coming some way a way. So why the heck is it, that when it comes to the emotional side of things I never see what I'm about to do is a very, very, very stupid idea and I'm about to get slammed.

Suffice to say it seems that in my attempts to try and be helpful I might have inadventally tried to be a bit too helpful and I messed up and coming out of looking like a bad guys. I think the only thing to say here is

That's as far as I'll go into details. This is still ongoing and I'm trying to fix things without hopefully screwing up even more.


bossladys disappearing trick

Well Loughborough YSA have now lost another person to the USA ( what's up with everybody going to the USA? Anyone? Anyone?) Bosslady is now gone. Well not gone from the country gone but gone from Loughorough gone. I hope that makes sense :-)

Anyway at last weeks institute we had a brief party for her afterwards and as always I had my camera on hand. ( seriousily why is anybody surprised anymore?)

From Left to Right. Cordeila,GW, BossLady, Engineseer and Traveller.
Any and all captions welcome for this one. In case you're wondering why theres only five people in the picture it's because they were the only loughborough YSA who were at institute. ( getting thin on the ground at the moment aren't we?)
This one is the result of pass the parcel, a dare, and Bro H having to sing about something in his life in the style of opera. and No I don't know who thought up that dare.
and this is the result of cordeila moving at just the wrong moment. But she seems to like it. No idea why.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This has got to be a wind up

Jamie Oliver has apparently been threatened by a extremist group the (CNLA) after opening a restaurants on the North Cornwall coast. And what is the CNLA I hear you ask? Well apparently it's the Cornish National Liberation Army.

I think you can all see why I think this should be wind up. because if it isn't, it's infinitely more scary.

Monday, June 11, 2007

No Thank you means NO THANK YOU!

If there's anything worse then a unhelpful member of staff in a bank, it's a overly helpful one. I was in the bank on Saturday to pay a Cheque in and pay off some of my credit card ( yes ( know I've been a bit naughty in using a credit card, but it's only been for essentials I promise). So the resulted conversation went along these lines

I can see that you still have some money left to pay off on your card sir
Well if your only paying a bit off each month it's going to take longer to do so
I'm aware of that, thank you,
Are you having problems with paying it off sir?
No, not that's it's any of your business but I have other expense this month which is why that's not a big pay off
Well would you like to see one of our advisors?
no thank you,
You could see one now sir
No thank you,
You should have a review of your account every few months sir
that maybe so, but I don't one to see one today thank you,
You could be eligible for a loan sir
I don't want one thank you,
Well it could be a much better deal and you would be paying less of,
thank you but no
You could get a little extra for other things
( at this point I'm getting annoyed, it's a very hot day and I want to get out of the bank)
So your suggestion is to pay off my credit card which I only used in the first place because I didn't have the money, is to borrow money off you and end up paying you back for even longer!
There's no need to take that tone sir.

At which point he got a glare from his supervisor and obviously realized I wasn't going to budge and take lots of money off them which I didn't actually need. So it might take me another two months to pay off my card, but I'm in a better condition with my card then some people.

Mentioning no names :-)

Church was fun yesterday, DL who is the brother of Mechanicus, well his wife was given a new calling. However the Bishop somehow managed to get extremely confused and called for a sustaining vote referring to her as 'Brother'. Mind you it seemed half the congregations hand were already half the way up before someone managed to get the bishop to realize what he had just done. so it does beg the question as to how many people actually listen to the names of who it is that their sustained!

Engineseer and I were supposed to be going over to Leicester after church to have Lunch at J's house (she's American) as she was holding a dinner for B (whose also American) parents. Who came over to visit as B is about to leave soon. However we got a text message first thing from J to say that the meal was cancelled and it was a very long story. No unlike a lot of other people we're certain that if J says it's a long story. It is indeed a long story. Place your bets now as to what it is!

Talking of departures, it's Bosslady's last week before she leaves. It really, really, really does suck being in a ward with such a prominent university sometimes. It never gets any easier to see people leaving. Mind you I did get a text from her last night ( gee what ever did we do before text messaging) asking for this blog address. So I might actually get another person to read this thing. Mind you not sure what prompted the asking. I don't think I've said anything bad about her.... I think :-) I'll guess I'll find out soon enough.


Friday, June 08, 2007

It's time for the Enginseer magical mystery tour

Now don't get me wrong, the march of technology is a wonderful thing. Cars, Microwaves, TV, computers etc all help in our daily lives. And are usually very useful, but sometimes they do create more problems then they solve. So when Engineseer uttered the fateful words " I'll use my satnav" We should have all seen what was coming a mile off.

* Flashback time*
After institute on Wednesday as he is now our class president, Engineseer came up with the idea of going to McDonalds(maybe he was suffering withdrawal symptoms :-) So as with all highly effective YSA planning this resulted in a very long conversation/argument in the carpark between the YSA as to which McDonalds was the closest. Engineseer finally suggested in order to break the deadlock that he would use his satnav to figure out which was the closest Mcdonalds and we would follow him in convoy. So off we went...... and went.......and went.... I realized that we were heading into the middle of town, which seemed odd, then we were heading out of town.... at which point myself and the YSA in the car behind were communicating via non verbal communication as we had no idea where we were going. We continued to head out of town and I then had a sudden nasty suspicion of where we were going. We ended up at the Mcdonalds which was on the 'way home' for us and if we had gone the direct route would have taken about 10 minutes to get to, as opposed to the magical mystery tour around Leicester that took nearly 25 minutes instead!.

Admitally the magical mystery tour was down to the best of intentions. Engineseer was originally leading us to a Mcdonalds right in the centre of town and realized that at half nine on a Wednesday night it would not be a good place to be, so he 'reprogrammed on the fly' and lead us back to the other McDonalds. So it all just goes to show you that you should go with you instincts sometimes not always technology.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Well I didn't hear the letter P or the numbers 4 or 5. So I think I'm okay

well it was that time of year again. Yes sir it's appraisal time, where you go off into a room with your manager and they pass judgement on your performance. I didn't hear the letter P or the numbers 4 or 5 so I guess I'm safe for another year. Unless I do something stupid. Touch wood
* Smacks himself round the head*
Well it's a relatively quick post just to assure the one or two of you who might still read this thing on a regular basis, that I am still alive. I just haven't had a chance to do a update in a while. Why do I always get really busy at the worse times??

Anyway, institute tonight. Hopefulyl we'll have a few more bodies turn up then last week. Especially social. We haven't seen here in a while. Her toes still strapped up but I know she's gone back to work, so hopefully she'll turn up tonight. It's amazing sometimes how strange it can be when one of the class is missing.

I was just thinking today after reading Nemesis's blog. She's now been gone for eight months. Which is almost unbelivable as in no way does it seem that long! It was the same at church when we were speaking to LW's Dad who mentioned he's been out on his mission now for six months. We were shocked as it really, really, doesn't seem that long since he went!

Wheres the time going these days? Any ideas? anyone?