Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well after two and half hours of intense battle the final match between my Orks and Engineseers Tau ended in.....

Yet another tactical drawer! Saxon goes away to mumble about stupid new mission rules in the corner then comes back to keep typing.

However in all seriousness it was a lot closer then the 'draw' result suggests and if we had, had time for another turn it could have gone either way. So it was a rather enjoyable evening. Even if I will never hear the end of it from the staff who run the gaming hall as Engineseer managed to clip his drink spilling it all over the table (As it was full at the time).

Now it was the final match ( for now) at least as Engineseer is leaving after five long years in Loughborough. He's going to be heading to Luxomberg ( don't think I spelt that right but never mind) to start earning some money so he can go on a mission. This means that Friday will be a very double edged sword. For the first time in ages I will be going out on a Friday (yaah) but it will be for his leaving do. Oh well.

Work was interesting today as well. It's getting rather busy right now which means theres lots to do and as always happens at the time things get busy never enough time to do it all in.

oh well.

later folks


Enginseer said...

almost its spelt Luxembourg. Took me a while to learn ;) the battle was rather close too and i did feel very embaressed about spilling the drink :s Happens sometimes i suppose!

Saxon said...

Or I suppose I could spell it " Place where Engineseer is skiving off to" :-)

Saxon said...

and don't worry about the drink. You weren't the first and won't be the last. I'm sure the staff didn't mind too much and please don't feel nervous about the large squad of armoured stromtroopers following you. The Inquisition is only there to help.

honest :-)