Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well the planet still seems to be here at least

For all those of you who don't pay attention to the news, or not looked at a newspaper, been on the internet or watched the TV yesterday you wouldn't have noticed the all the hohay going on about a science experiement going on in switzerland which some scientists were predicting could lead to the end of world by creating a blackhole. So as you can imagine lots of the media were present at the switch of the experiement and were able to report......

It went fine. Seriously they all sounded disappointed that nothing had gone wrong and the world wasn't about to come to a end. Imagine a report like that " A black hole has now formed and the planet is slowly being sucked in. It's the end of the world, thank you for watching the BBccccccccccc" trails off as reporter is sucked in.

Also speaking of science there was more research from the university of the blindingly obivous today. Apparently scientists have discovered (probably after spending hideous sums of money) that when we're feeling down or under the weather most of us welcome a nice big hug. I think I speak for most people when I say " Well d'uh" then probably think that a hug right now would actually be quite nice.

Anyway, it's been one of those days again. The rain seems to have held off. I say seems as I didn't notice it raining but I guess it could have whilst I wasn't looking. Work was extremely busy as the preperations for Sunday continue to ramp up. I think Sunday will be a lot of fun, the real challenge to face is trying to survive work on Monday! One of these years I'm going to remember the Monday off or at least book it before everyone else does.

A interesting problem has come to light with the photo license here in the UK. Despite Driving License being valid until your 70 they have to be renewed every ten years which currently costs £17.50. They've discovered most people are not aware of this fact and near a third of people who were issued with the very first driving licenses have failed to renew them. Of course this story sent me sprinting to look at my license just to make sure. I've still got three years before I have to renew mine. I also forgot how bad the photo on my license is too.

I was also reading the news reports about the anniversary of 9/11. It really doesn't seem like it was seven years ago. I remember the day well. It was the summer before my final year of uni and I was still at home waiting for the new term to start. I had just finished watching neighbours on the BBC and was waiting for Diagnois murder to come on. All of sudden the news cut in with a 'breaking story' and after that I don't think I moved from in front of the TV for the rest of the day. I just honestly couldn't believe what was happening.

Which also made me reflect on things back then and where I was expecting to be in seven years time. I certainly wasn't expecting to be working where I am now, still single and still living at home. But I'm going to stop that like of thought there before I make myself depressed. I'm just going to keep doing the right things, keep trying to be a good person and do everything I should be doing and hopefully sooner or later ( i'm hoping for sooner) I will meet someone.

I might be the last man standing but gosh darn it I've been through so many trials I'm not going to give up now. It's going to be my turn sooner or later :-) So I'm enduring to the end!

Right and with that I'm off to go and do some work on the top secret project one.

later folks!

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