Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Tell it to the claw."

( see I said I would keep using Futureama quotes)

Feeling contemplative today, I found myself beginning to ponder some of the great mysteries of life. Why do women always seem to go to the toilet in pairs? Why is it impossible for men to answer any of the following questions correctly " does this suit me? What do you want to do? What do you think?" Also why are lights always red when your in a hurry and always green if your not. and do the idiot drivers only seem to come out in the worse driving conditions?

and why in our staff canteen do they always run out of bases for the good boxes long before they run out of the lids. Seriously there are always at least twice as many lids as there are bases. Why? I've never yet seen anybody taking food away with no top and surely the canteen must order equal numbers of both. It's very strange. Maybe we've got a infestation of Grots in the ceiling who are using them to build their own space hulk, who knows? But like all of the other great mysteries of life and the universe I'm fairly certain they will never be solved.

We finally found someone with quicktime on their computer so we were able to watch a teaser trailer for Spiderman 3. It was a perfect teaser trailer,so much so we all want the movie now!!!! I don't think I can wait another year. It looked goo00000ooddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I've been busy trying to clear all of the work I can do before I'm off on Holiday next week. Not sure what I'm gonna do with my time asides from taking the car for it's MOT. I suspect I'll probably spend most of the time trying to sort my room out. Although the emphasis is on 'trying too'. I have waayyyyy too much junk. I'm gonna have to try and be strict with myself and throw stuff away I don't use anymore. All those of you who think I'll manage this raise your hands ? No? No one? well that's good coz you agree with what I think my chances are of doing that as well , he, he, he, he, :-)


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All Hail Zoidburg King of the box!

and what box would that be? I hear you all ask? Well maybe not all of you just those who don't think I've got totally crazy . Well crazier because I know most people think I'm crazy all ready but..... oh wow would you look at that I've got off on a totally random tangent once again. Right where was I? Oh Yes Zoidburg, king of the box! Why it's the TV box of course. I am deliriously happy as Futurama has been rescued from that wasteland of shows cancelled before it's time and is making it's way back to our screens. yaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Be prepared for me quoting lots of lines over the next few months which will make absolutely no sense to you what so ever unless you watch the show! So go! watch! Learn! understand it more once you watch you will.

Once again I've just realized I've gone off a massive tangent and can't for the live of remember what it was I trying to say when I started this post. Oh well I'm sure it will come back to me, before I go off on a tangent. Wait I've already done that, so I guess I should say before I go off on another tangent.

Here's some music while I try and catch my train of thought again.

Dum, dum de de dum, dum dum dum, dum de de dum, dumDum, dum de de dum, dum dum dum, dum de de dum, dumDum, dum de de dum, dum dum dum, dum de de dum, dumDum, dum de de dum, dum dum dum, dum de de dum, dum

right yes, I'm fairly sure I'm back on the right train now. I'm actually feeling quite pleased with myself as I'm still managing to avoid being sucked into the big brother trap. Although that might have something to do with the loads of cool repeats their currently showing in between the tennis and football! But it should become less of a problem soon as their are so many cool films coming out this month. Over the hedge, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Cars, Superman returns yah! All that I need now is to find someone to come to the cinema with me to watch them as I'm really sick of going to watch films by myself as it gets boring after a while. Hmmm, maybe I can drag a couple of the YSA away from Ceroc to come as well, even though I've been spelling it as surok for months. Why does no one tell me these important things!

Other potential items of interest from the world of a uber geek. They are filming a live action version of the Johnny Bravo cartoon, with the 'Rock' in the lead role. I don't know if you've ever seen Johnny bravo but I really can't think of a better person to play him. A new teaser trailer for Spiderman 3 has been released and I don't have QuickTime on my computer so I can't watch it. Oh gosh Darn and blast it that is mildly infuriating! Oh and in the comics Spiderman has actually revealed himself to the worlds media, so every knows that Peter parker is Spiderman! Dun dun dun!!!!!!!! See I told you these are only items of interest in the world of a uber geek. All other normal people will be like " Huh? so?" and "is he gibbering on again?". Well you see these kind of things are what you find interesting when your first language is geek not English :-)

if your really lucky I might even start to explain the language of geek as well. No wait come back! it would be interesting I swear. Well not swear, swear as I try not to, I just mean it in the sense of i swear but not swearing swear just swear..... goes cross eyed...... oh look I've gone and confused myself again.

Well I actually have a free evening, this evening and I really don't have a clue what I'm gonna do. The strange thought is I don't have to bolt out the door dead on half 5 for the next couple of months. I am going to miss stopping at S's for dinner as one of them was a extremely good cook and it was nice to have dinner which didn't seem 'rushed' I suppose for want of a better term. I'm also going to miss having a definite time, again for want of a better term ( wow I'm really not being good with my choice of words today am I ), when I would meet up with the other YSA outta church. I mean don't get me wrong it's nice to see them on Sunday's but that's different to see them outside of Sundays. It's more sociable I guess, and it's better now that I'm feeling like a real part of the group rather then the strange figure lurking along five meters behind try vainly to look like I'm with the cool individuals ( agh, agh High school flashback!) wow I think I'm starting to get a bit sappy again there, so like last time lets keep that between you me and the internet and I'll see you later.

and remember

Zoidburg is king! whoop, wo, wo, wo whoop

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And back to the playground we go!

I made a mistake today. What was that mistake I hear you ask? Well I decided to visit the ysa site again. I found a post which mentioned SL + G wedding . someone innocently asked about the wedding saying he had heard SL was getting married but he had mentioned anything. And what was one of the high brow responses he got ?

"Perhaps he'd prefer you losers not nosing all up in his business?"

Wow a clear concise point there wasn't it? I was tempted to comment but the only thing I could think of to say in a reply at the same level as his initial post was

" Ug huh. Your The loser, shut up"

But I decided against it as I figured having a thread descend into

" You shut up. no you shut up "

Wouldn't be the most productive form of power, time and bandwidth. However the guy who started the thread came back and said;

"I was waiting for that comment.Yeah, if he wants to keep it secret then he's perfectly entitled to that, but all we want to do is congratulate him and wish him luck. We owe him one for keeping this site going."

Oh yes he's keeping it really secret. The tent and security screens will be going up around the chapel and day now! and more importantly why was he expecting such a nasty comment as that in reply to his question? It's a YSA site for goodness sake!

I mean please! Since when has any wedding in the church been kept secret. If anything SL probably hasn't said anything on the site as I know he's ridicousily(fairly certain I haven't spelt that right) rushed of his feet at the moment and has more important things to worry about. So once again a shining example of why I gave up on that site. Yet the narcissist in me will probably keep me looking at the site every few days to give me something new to whine about :-)

Dad's his usual joyful self, mainly as I can't fix his email. stupid, ruddy thing!! But then he's also changed his mind and apparently it wasn't his idea to cut off all contact with the grand kids. It was J's fault for using jacob as a 'pawn' in a argument. I dunno he keeps changing his mind so blinking much these days. He also keeps wanting to borrow the car, but will he fill it up or give me any money towards it!!! NO! As you can imagine that particular fact is starting to grate on me, just little bit. Maybe I should buy him a bike or scooter or sumthing? Maybe that will keep the miserable old so and so happy. Who knows.

It's time like this I miss uni. :-(
Things were so much simpler then and at least there was someone around to give you a hug when you needed it

Anyway, umm hit that old mental blank again and can't think of anything else to say.

till later!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Spiderman, Spiderman friendly neighbourhood spiderman!

Yes, odd title for a post I know. But for some reason that song sprang into my head earlier today, and I haven't been able to get rid of it since.

Well the world cup has been prolonged as England got through to the next round. Not that you would think it to hear all the critics going on about it. All stuff like, They were poor at this, they didn't do that, they should have scored more ! etc, etc. Regardless of what happened, they still won and are now through to the quarter finals. Be happy people for goodness sake! We'll probably be knocked out soon enough anyway :-)

Dad's managed to break his email. Not just broken in the sense that he can't read his email. Oh no that would be too simple. He's managed to 'break it' to such a extent the error messages are advising us to reinstall the entire program? Whic should be easy. Shouldn't ? Oh no, coz u see this is a microsoft program and those things are never easy. Not when they can annoy the user to a extent you want to throw the thing out the window. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

What the heck, I'll think I'll just trying calling Sam instead. Hopefully he'll know. He might also know what a rf reciever is and why I got one in the box with my computer. I thought it was a memory stick. See you learn something new everyday!

Anyway I really can't think of anything else to say. Guess it's just one of those days. Only one thing left to do and that's what everone should do when they have a annoying song stuck in their heads.

Make sure it gets stuck in everyone else's! Everybody after me,

Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neightbourhood spiderman.....................................................

Sunday, June 25, 2006

and now for another science bit

Okay here’s another science bit, what do you get if you add:

Blog + Tired + not thinking things through before typing them up

Answer = me appearing to be a bit mean and generalist towards girls.

Yes with my usual approach of never giving up and never thinking things through, nemesis pointed out this morning that some of my comments in a previous post could be construed (wow I’m using a lot of big words today) as a little ‘mean’.

After looking back at the post again with the perfect 20/20 hindsight, which no one ever seems to be able to do before they manage to stick their foot in their mouths, although in my case it was more both feet rammed in together there so tightly their half way down my throat! I can see what she means. So I just though I’d clarify that I wasn’t trying to throw all girls into one category and say their all like that, it was just my thoughts and views on how things appear sometimes from my extremely low vantage point on the dating ladder. (Which is somewhere round the earths core I think)

So in future I think I should just try and follow this formula, as I wouldn’t want to loose the one or two readers I actually have J

Idea + thinking things through + typing up = wonder blog + not being generalist

Or I might end up following this formula:

Idea + no thought + putting on blog = crazy blog + crazy mob very upset with me

Knowing my luck it will almost certainly be the latter!

Till later

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Diary of a unconstructive morning

7.15am: After twelve days of hard working straight, I manage to wake up at the same time as during the working week.

7.16am: decide to try and go back to sleep

7.25am: Realize I'm probably not going to get back to sleep. Decide to try counting the marks on my ceiling.

7.30am: already fed up of counting marks. I have way too many, I decided to read a book instead

8.15am: seems to be working, almost dropped back off to sleep

8.16am: Father decides to come bursting in to announce he wants to get to shops nice and early as he has lots to do today.

8.30am: find myself in car, hoping it doesn't start so I can go back to bed

8.31am: car decides not to listen and starts

8.32am: Find myself wishing for all of the shops to have gone on a simultaneous strike.
8.50am: Reach Loughborough to find this isn't going to be my day and all of the shops are open. Especially interesting in the Iceland Car pack, is the fact that it is full up of 'shoppers' ten minutes before the store opens and no one queuing outside. Amazing how many invisible people drive cars and go to Iceland!

9.01am: Find myself at the customer service desk in shop trying to get replacement for Dad's DVD.

9.02am: Find myself trying to explain to assistant why no DVD's in case is not good.

9.03am: Try explanation with words or two syllables or less

9.04am: I try to resist the urge to smash the customer service desk up, as the assistant still hasn't got it.

9.05am: Enlightment strikes and the assistant realises I'm saying that there were no DVD's in the case.

9.08am: finally get replacement DVDs.

9.09am: Have to return to customer service desk as alarm goes off when I try to enter store as he forgot to remove the security tag.

9.10am: finally leave shop vowing never to go in there again.

9.11am: Go back into shop as I realise I forgot to buy magazine and they are only store around who stock it.

9.30am: If money makes the world, then my world has just come to a screeching halt. Get very nasty surprise when checking account. Payday can't come too quickly

9.45am: immediately break attempt to conserve money as I see books I want in bookshop.
After much wrestling with my conscience justify it to myself, then I'll just spend the money next week anyway, and this way have books a week early

9.55 am: start shopping. Should be cheaper as no need to get 'main' bit of dinner for any day this week as freezer is already pretty stocked.

10.10am: Finish shopping to find that, no it fact it isn't any cheaper. Spend next five minutes trying to figure out what I've done wrong.

10.15am: Can't be bothered to try and figure it out anymore, decide to leave shop to go to car park when I’m sure Dad has bought the car round.

10.20am: still waiting

10.25am: still waiting

10.30am: still waiting

10:35am: Dad finally arrives and we load up car. Decides very charitably that I should drive home, especially kind considering my knee is hurting again.

10.45am: finally manage to fight way through Loughborough traffic after moaning about all the other idiots on the road, but then realise I'm probably also a idiot to someone else.

10.55am: get home and unload shopping. Dad takes car down town to post some things and get the items I should have put in with the shopping but didn't as my psychic powers appear to be on the blink as he didn't tell me.

11.15am: after putting the washing on, vows to do something constructive.

11.16am: starts to play Halo on computer.

12.45am: turns game of in disgust as can't get past certain level, as it's too hard and I'll never be able to do it.

12.46am: turns game back on sheepishly as I realise I did do the level easily last time before I had to replace computer.

12.55am: Dad heads out to go 'meet' a 'friend. He is still worried that I’m agent of MSA so won't tell me who or where.

2pm: watch new DVD

5pm: finish watching new DVD. Realise afternoon is a write off and that my vow to do something constructive has once again gone out the window. Put another load of washing on.

6pm: makes vow to try and make sure that I’ll actually manage to do something constructive next week instead.

6.30pm: realises that next weekend will probably be like this weekend, but at Least that means I’m consistent.

8.01pm: wonder which route YSA went on for there hike and if they were able to walk off mountain or had to be carried off


Friday, June 23, 2006

Super tired hyperactive powers!

Well I was waiting for it to happen and it has. I am one of these people where once I get to a certain point of tiredness, I stop being tired. I go hyperactive. Extremely hyperactive as anyone who has witnessed this and isn't currently sedated and incarcerated in the nearest asylum can attest. Fortunately with the it being the last day of this 12 day run at work before I get a break I should get enough rest before Sunday, otherwise hyperactive Saxon will be unleashed upon the ward, mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Anyway there was a really awful moment last night where Dad decided to watch the DVD I bought him for Fathers day, and opened it to discover there was no DVD in the case. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of all the things to have happened particurly as I was away on Fathers day. Gosh, darn and blast it that was mildly infuriating and I will have to go back and have very stern words with the shop :-)

There are the grand total of two people in our corner of the office right now. Yep that's right 2. When there's usually 18 people. So the office is nice and quite just as boring as............

Oops, sorry there is got so boring just dropped off to sleep. Anyway I really can;t think of anything else interesting to say ( not that I've said much which is interesting previously I know!) So I think I'll call it time here as it were.

oh BTW, for those of you who haven't realized that you can leave comments, just click on the comments link at the bottom of this post and you can leave your comments, even if it is just to tell me to shut up!

till later

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Now for the science bit

Institute tis ended for the summer and I'm going to have to figure out something else to do with my Wednesday. Live is so hard getting another free night a week. How can one cope with such hardships. Oh Wait, it's not a . Opps, he, he,heeeee. Must remember to think things through before going off on a rant.

But here's the science part for you. What do you get if you add

no break + very big event + traveling length of county x 2 + 12 days working straight

answer = one very tired saxon

Who is currently having to take a remarkable amount of sugar and caffeine to stay awake.

Anyway, it was the last lesson of the institute course last night and as well as the lesson, all of the guys there got a scary insight to that strange and mysterious language that we find so incomprehensible. That's right, the language of the Female! Brother H mentioned that there was once a mission president who only allowed the sister missionaries to have short hair as if they had long hair he felt they spent too much time on it . Cue much disagreement from the girls in the class, who said it was actually the other way round and it was easier and quicker to look after long hair. Now maybe it's because I'm a bloke but that didn't seem to make much sense to me and to be honest I'm sure it didn't make much sense to the rest of the Lads either but they just didn't want to admit it. But then again with my hair style or lack of one I have no room to comment.

Again this all likely stems down to the fact that boys seems to be genetically in capable of speaking girl, and neither guys or girls can see things clearly from the others perspective. Although I'm sure girls would argue that this point is mute coz things are always right from their perspective :-) and now that I've made that joke I'm reasonably sure I might be dead by morning! they have spies everywhere, spread the word, spread the word!!

But before they come and cart my off to loonyville, somebody said a interesting comment at Institute last night ( yes I know two thoughts in one week, what are the odds!). About how they would want a guy who was very good with kids. Well not to sound immodest with 11 nieces and nephews , (well I think it's 11, it gets hard to keep track sometimes how JR copes with 38 grandchildren I'll never know) I like to think I'm fairly good with kids. Well it made me think of all the other comments that girls have said what they look for in a guy, and I'm not trying to sound boastful but ;

Good with Kids, yep. Intelligent ( well I'm fairly sure that the bit of paper I have with the word degree on it could be proof of this :-) , good listener, yep, can do chores, well I'm a fairly good cook, and can do the washing, hanging it out, ironing, hovering etc. Kind, caring, loving etc. yes, yes and yes, again not trying to be immodest but I like to think so.

Well this is just a handful of things but I'm fairly sure I at least have some if not most of the attributes that girls seem to mention in their search for the ideal guy. So then in theory based on the girls usual mumblings : =

Guy + attributes = ideal Man.

ideal man + girl = date

With me so far? good. But in reality it usually turns out;

guy + good looks + none of above attributes = not so ideal man who girls always complain about all the time as bad guys

not so ideal man + girl = usually still manages to get them all somehow anyway.


Guy + Ideal attributes + girl = 'Your a great guy, and it's not you it's me etc.

or usually

Guy + ideal attributes + girl = ' Not before the devil is driving to work in a snow plough matey'

or am I over simplifying it. Should it actually be: =

saxon+ his looks = Not a chance in hell


saxon + attributes / (divdeded) number of good looking guys = maybe when your fifty and a girl is desperate enough

or maybe it's just;

12 days work straight + one very busy weekend event+ very tired+ too much sugar and caffeine = wallowing + self pity + making sod all sense.

you decide!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monkey see, Monkey do ( updated)

oh, arghh, arghh, oh ad, ohh arghh, oh.Now the monkeys finished talking onto the part of the 'show' which makes even less sense even when it's in English. The management presents ( not proud of course coz despite our best efforts he keeps coming back)Here's Chris........

Yes another day, another Blog post and somehow I'm still keeping up with this thing. Amazing? Yes, or maybe it's the 13th sign of the coming apocalypse. Who knows, who knows. * Cue Evil Laughter*

Mwa ha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha ha

Oh wait sorry, where was I ? Talking about a monkey? No that's not it. While I try and get my head together here's some music,

dum, dum, de de dum, dum, dum, dum dum, dum, dum, de de dum, dum, dum, dum dum, dum, dum, de de dum, dum, dum, dum dum,dum, dum, de de dum, dum, dum, dum dum, dum, dum, de de dum, dum, dum, dum dum,dum, dum, de de dum, dum, dum, dum dum,dum, dum, de de dum, dum, dum, dum dum.

Right sorry about that my heads back together well as much as it ever is. Well it's the final institute class on the course tonight. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with my Wednesdays now for the rest of the summer. I've got so used to be 'busy' on a Wednesday I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. Knowing me it will probably be something hideously unconstructive, like Halo on the PC., he, he, he,But joking aside I will miss defiantly seeing the rest of the YSA mid week, and it was nice to give S lifts to institute as it does get boring driving in the car by myself most of the time. Although she does have the ability to stop me wallowing in self pity sometimes with her clear logical arguments when I'm sure it would have been much more fun to brood. Although I have found this very annoying sometimes, I have to admit she has really helped me climb out of the pit I've found myself (that's a figurative pit before anyone starts with the smart alec comments, yes fraggle and Matt I am looking in your direction ) in and I really don't know what I would have done without her to talk things through with.

But also after putting the initial post up i relised I had been a bit of a muppert and would appear hidousily ungratful if I didn't also mention Rachel who proved to be a real godsend and especially got me through the early days of upheavel i've gone through in the past few months. I'm going to miss her being around a lot. Leicester YSA wouldn't be the same without her.

till tomorrow! ( I know I said that last time but I've said everything I need to/want to for today. I think)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well That's, that cat out of the bag then

Well after much decision and thinking, well all 30 seconds of it. ( Hey that's a lot for me) after telling miss Nemesis all about my blog I took the plunge and send a email or text to everyone in my address book to tell them about it. Admitally not a long list, but it still means everyone knows about it now.

argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are actually going to read this now. Was this a good idea? Was it a bad idea? or is it just amazing that I had any sort of idea to begin with. You decide!

Looks around nervously to see if anyone has taken offence yet at what's he said, coz it would be bad if they did as with no fence people can get in and out of the garden. he, he,. See offence a fence...... Yes okay I'll stop the stupid jokes....maybe

The Car is due to go in for it's MOT on the 3rd July, keeping my fingers crossed nothing's wrong. It should be okay as I've only had the car four months. I hope, touch wood hits himself around the head! Yes, yes I know it's another stupid joke. Last one.


Anyway. I've just suddenly had a mental blank and really can't think of anything else to say.

till later

Monday, June 19, 2006

Lets do the time Warp, again, again, again???

This is a customer service announcement. You'll be pleased to hear that the posts about this weekends events are almost finished we promise. The management would like to thank you for bearing with us and we'll make sure that this is the last time he does this. We now return you to your scheduled ramblings!

"do, do,do do,do,do"

Being a bit of a techno luddite I have a very old phone compared with some people ( yes Matthew I'm looking at you) and when I get a text message that's the sound it makes. Which is usually good. Times when it is not good is 6.30am in the morning. yes it was a message to state that the departure time from the hotel was now 7.15am and that meant no breakfast. yaaahhhh! not!. So we get downstairs and all climb into the minibus with the driver with delusions of fighter pilotdom and head off our into the deserted ( well as deserted as London streets can ever get) streets. At which point one of the other guys turns round and asks us how we're getting any remaining stock home. Huh? say what? our first response was, but your taking it back as you bought it? No, it seems that the left hand hadn't been talking to the right hand again. Not what we wanted to hear on the way to the venue and especially as because we had come by train, no handy car to shove all the stock into. Houston we have a problem!!!!! Time to put our interlect to the problem! Whic mainly resulted in me staring into space and wondering just how much stock I could carry under one arm.

Things seemed better once we had got there, a bar opened at 9am and we could buy breakfast there. One problem the 'doors' also opened at 9am. D'ohh!!!! We then discovered there was no free water or sweets during the day, some sorta techno muble jumbo prevented it apparently. But on the plus side most of the other guys there got caught out as well. Nothing like being in the same situation as everyone else to make a situation look better and seem more bearable. We would have to buy our own drink , which you ever been to a p you know their refreshments ain't cheap! However the thought of the possible look on accounts face when I gave them the recipts did make me smile for the rest of the day.

But asides from this the day went fairly well, as is always the case with events you meet some very interesting characters. We met a kid who loved lighters and was wondering around the place flicking it off and on. There was another guy who if compared with me made me seem slim and slithe like, and the staff member who was assigned as part of a 'rotating' duty scheme , due to venue rules to guard a fire extinguisher and due to the left hand not talking to the right hand again rather then staying there for 15 minutes the poor guy ended up stuck there for 3 and a half hours. Well he was close enough to talk to us but I'm not sure if that was a plus or minus for him :-) Oh and the credit card machine had obivousily been talkign to the drinks machine which doesn't 'like' me and decided to gang up on me as well. !"£$%£$%^! Technololgy

However the day flew by and our feet were sure as heck telling us how long it had been by the end of the day. Fortunately K had ibuprofen so we were able to have some small periods of relief, the downside was when it started to wear off mind! So the day came to a close and We quickly packed up. K used her femine wiles (and before anyone accuses me of being sexist, they were her words not mine!) on a staff member who had a van to bring the stock back to HQ and then we were off!!

One side benefit of the long slow hill was that it was much quicker to get down it then to get up it. Although when walking down the hill that quickly I was mildly concerned that I wouldn't be able to stop and I'd just end up bashing through walls, ala the juggernaut from x men III.

But somehow, somehow we managed to make it to St pancras in time, to discover K's train was delayed for over a hour and my train couldn't stop at Loughborough due to engineering works. So I had to get off in Leicester to catch a bus. Ironically enough I was waiting for it for so long that I could have popped round to Rachel's for a drink....... If she still lived there. See always a hole in a master plan. I finally got the bus and headed home. Unfortunately the bus was a top of the range bus which climbed hills so well grannies seemed to be overtaking it at walking speed.

So finally, finally ! got back to loughborough where Dad was waiting to pick me up. The first thing I did when I got home was to have a very long, very nice bath as after spending all day standing up in a hall full of a couple of thousand people I did not smell good.

I then checked the cupboards to see how the shopping had gone for Dad. Lets just say. Don't ask!. I'm never letting him go shopping without a list again.

But despite us suffering some minor porblems from the great law maker of the universe, sod! It went very well, at least I like to think so. I suppose it depends on the bosses as to whether I'm ever let out in the world again :-)

anyway that's enough for now.

see you tomorrow!

Lets do the Time Warp again, again (??)

Well the title says it all, again I'm retroactively writing about something which I'm not sure if..................... Oh wait don't want to get into that again otherwise I'm going to be really confused.

Anyway, Saturday morning started off bright and hideously early. My elbow was still killed me and I noticed I had a huge graze and red mark over it, and my shoulder was bruised quite badly as well. Mental note, must thank Scott, either that or kill or seriously injury him back. not sure which will be the more fun or get me into the least amount of trouble.

So off to Loughborough train station to catch the train and I was hideously aware of the large amount of cash I was carried in my bag as the 'float' for our retail stand. I just kept thinking, please don't let me be unlucky and a mugger have a very good day. But as dad was keen to get the shopping done, and be rid of me as soon as possible I arrived hideously early for the train and Dad disappeared gleefully off into the distance with the car for the weekend and was obviously already making plans. Unfortunately when I signed up to do the event I had forgotten it was Fathers day on the 18th ( yes, I know I know I should have checked please stop shouting at me all at once), but on the way out of the door I left Dad's present and Card on his bed so it would be a nice surprise for when he got back.

Anyway I was waiting for the Train in the glorious sunshine and this old couple sat down on the bench next to me, and one of them suddenly said " Oh it's that guy from GW", Huhh? what? that was a little creepy, a random person knowing who I was(well sorta) and I resisted the urge to announce I was actually my evil twin brother and had never even heard of GW. But fortunately they got the hint and didn't say anything else. The train arrived on time, remarkably enough and I found my reserved seat, and even better the person who had reserved the seat next to mine, never showed up. So I had lots and lots of leg room and as the seat still showed and reserved no one tried to sit down there and as they didn't ask I was going to tell :-) Despite all the bad press the trains get these days it was actually a very nice coach.

So I got to London and met up with K , who was the other poor unfortunate, erhh I mean willing volunteer and we heading off on the tube to wg, which we were told was the nearest tube station to a p. Although we also discovered the first 'sign' that maybe sods law was going to leave us alone for the weekend when the tube passes we received were only valid for one day. I then foolishly decided to hope that that would be the one and only problem of the weekend. Yes, yes I know I should really know better.

So we get to wg to discover that yes it is in fact the nearest tube station to A p. unfortunately what the guys who told us to go to wood green forgot to add was , " it's the nearest station If you then take a bus or taxi". We didn't know this and walked. And walked. And walked. towards the top of a very tall aerial we could see in the far distance. Which as it was extremely hot, there was no shade and we had to trudge up the slowest and longest hill you can imagine what I felt and probably smelt like by the time we had finished lugging all our gear up to the palace and we hadn't even started putting the damn stand up yet!!! K actually has video taken on her phone of the trek. Maybe if I figure out a techie way to show it people can even see it, so I hope there is no techie way.

So we're eager to put the stand up and discover although our stock has arrived, we have no cloth for the table so we can't start setting up. But we do have great fun putting our display board and trying to get it upright, the things taller then me and I'm 6ft or so, and K is shorter then me at least, well I think, so you can imagine the fun and games we had trying to stand it upright. Well the cloth arrives finally, after one bright spark remembers which stores store it had been shoved it into. But by this point we decided we wanted food and trotted off to the bar . Not to say the prices were high, but it was a good job K had her credit card because I wasn't carrying any gold bullion to pay for it in cash and the drinks were titchy as well.

So we then spent the next two hours setting the stand up. highlights include setting the spinners up, upside down and having to hand fold nearly 80 t-shirts which had been lovely screwed up and stuffed into a box by the packers. ( reminds me, must go and display my appreciation for that with a baseball bat)

but finally mercifully, we finished and we got a lift back to our hotel. Which was actually in illford, which is near enough the otherwise of London from the venue( just check a map), which would have been okay if the driver of the mini van hadn't been convinced he was actually piloting a F14. Although to be fair I'm not sure a F14 could have made some of the corners he did.

The hotel was nice, if a little small. The driver passed by it three times without seeing it. But when I got there I discovered that I had been actually assigned a room with a double bed which was incredibly comfy and a ensuite room too. We went and had dinner at a pub next door and the food was good even if the customer service was off ( I won't even get into that or we will be here for twice as long). but suffice to say we got it all sorted and I finally crawled into bed after a long and tiring day. Sure the next day was going to go fine.

He, he, he, he, he, He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,!!!!!!!!

Yes I know after thinking that I should have seen what was about to happen a mile off.

shouldn't I?

Lets do the time warp again !

Well Lets talk about Friday night, although if I'm doing this retroactively, has this happened will it happen, or am I writing this before it happened??? arggh I'm so confused!

Well it was Friday forum at Loughborough, randomly enough. Not sure why loughborough and not one of the stake centers, although I do suspect the hill had something to do with it. A Hill? I hear you ask, well I'll explain that one in a minute.

President Munday was the speaker and he was accepting 'questions from the floor' as it was the 'last chance to see him' before he's released. Wow that makes him sound like he's rock star on his last tour or something. However unlike the rolling stones or cher ( yes, yes bad example I know but it's a Monday morning and my brain is really, really dead at the moment) this really is his last forum as 'President munday'. Anyway it was really, really good, I really enjoyed it and Rachel even popped back to see us which was nice.

For the activity afterwards there were games in the cultural hall or a waterslide outside, which consisted of aHose, washing up liquid, and plastic sheeting going down the hill. ( see I told you I would explain the hill), now knowing me I'm sure you'll know which once I choose to do. and you would be wrong. Yes it seems along with my wallet I also left my common sense at home and decided to have a go at the waterslide ( I'd blame temporary insanity but then I'm already mad. so maybe I can claim temporary sanity hmm??) So anyway I had a few go's, although the first time I ended up going down on my back with my legs in the air and I'm fairly sure someone got a photo of that, which I absolutely don't want to see and I would be really happy if no one else ever saw it too!! Although my bigger concern at the time was that a Japanese whaler would suddenly appear in the car park convinced they was a target for them.

But as with all things when foolhardiness wins out over common sense the inevitable began to happen. Have provided a a fine spectacle for the YSA who did have common sense or claimed they just 'happened to leave their spare clothes' at home, fate decided to lend a hand and the injuries began to mount particurly as a grove worn in the hill meant that we were shooting off the side of the slide into the flower bed rather then off the bottom of the sheet. I can just imagine Bishop Rasmussen's face as he came in Sunday morning to find the new bog which had replaced his flower bed. But I digress ( as usual) The first time I came off the slide to the side I cracked my shoulder on something which hurt. But deciding not to listen to that little voice telling me that was a good time to call it quits I continued. At which point the little voice decided it would call it quits and didn't want to hang around to see the inevitable result which wasn't long in coming.

Of course by this point, I was soaked as was everyone else. I wasn't just wet, I was wet, wet, just been dunked in a ocean for 24 hours kinda wet. So off I went down the slide, and which point Scott decided he was coming as well. as I flew down the slide, Scott connected with me giving me a nice extra bit of oomph's so off I flew into the floor bed, twisting in mid air, while trying to resist the urge to shout ( I can see my house from here.) at which point I hit the ground hard. Unfortunately my arm was trapped underneath me and I hit a stone which went right in on the side of my elbow, which hurt a lot. So there's me lying in the flower bed, arm in screaming pain and I hear a little voice come from the top of the hill " R u alright?", ( why oh why, does everybody ask that when it's blindly obvious you ain't. It was like when I got knocked off my bike and everybody coming past kept asking if I was alright. " Yes of course never better, why wouldn't I be alright after a car hit me?")

at which point I resisted to the urge to use the sort of language which shouldn't be used in polite company, or say something back alone the lines of " No, I'm fine I just love lying in the mud", someone did come and help me up. But it did seem to serve as wake up call to everyone else that maybe it was time to stop doing this in the dark and call it quits before the fun evening was ended with a fun trip to casualty.

So I went to grab my dry clothes from my car and headed inside with Matt, although due to the darkness outside I had to idea just how caked in mud I was. I'm fairly sure I looked like a bog monster and for the second or third time that night to come out with a stupid line like " Urgggh, must destroy man!"

Got changed, did the usual thing off dragging out going home and then I went home! Wow short and sweet end to the evening huh? and before you cheer no I haven't finished.

I suppose the best way to describe it was I had a epiphany. After so long of feeling like the odd one out at YSA activities I suddenly realized that, at that point in time there was nowhere on earth that I would have rather been surrounded by friends who care if I'm there or not ( or at least seem too, I know I know, I'm being cyncial again), and I suppose I felt, well no suppose about it, a deep love for all of my friends and a deep feeling of gratitude that I've been blessed enough to be surrounded by such fantastic people.

yes I know that sounds a bit sappy, but lets just keep this between you, me and the rest of the internet.


Well I survived!

Well after a few moments where I was fairly sure I wouldn't I managed to survive the weekend and make it home, in more or less one piece. but as so much happened this weekend I thought I would post for each day retroactively ( oh wow look I used a big word) so aren't you lucky rather then having to read through one post you get four.

no wait, comeback don't run away it will be funny I promise.

Friday, June 16, 2006

oh bother isn't brother over?

Well as the summer has arrived in the UK, it's means it's that time of year for all the usual summer traditions. Barbecues, getting sunburn complaining it's too hot and the sun's too bright and we wished it was winter again convientantly forgetting that we said the exact opposite in Winter and on yes Big Brother. Every single year I swear to myself that I won't watch, I won't care and I'll ignore all references to it in the press and like every other year I have completely failed and have started to get interested. My only hope is that is ends before I become completely and irrecoverably hooked.

While along the lines of moaning about summer events, the World Cup. England won! Hurrah, that means we have even longer of everybody going on about England and how this might be 'our year'. You would think they have learned by now.

Suddenly realizes what he's said and looks around nervously for the mob with flaming braids and pitch folks, crying "Heretic, Heretic, burn him, burn him!!!"

Oh and case anybody is reading this and is wondering about the identity of the 'girl' I mentioned in yesterdays post, well you can just keep on wondering, coz what happens will stay between me and her and no one else needs to know, especially as I'm not feeling mean enough to say.

It was my nephews fifth birthday yesterday, only he does seem to be 5 going on 15 sometimes. Annoyingly they are having a birthday party for him at the weekend, and forgot to mention it to me until now as the whole of the rest of the family will be coming down, just as I have to go off to London. #%*"@# #~@
^'%. Oh well there's nothing like spending a weekend hard at work to better spending the weekend playing with your nieces and nephews right? Right!?

Please bear with us, I'm afraid that this rambler is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. We are currently attempting to administer a technical attitude adjustment using a baseball bat. Until then here's some music,

Dum, dum de de dum, dum dum dum, dum de de dum, dum

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sometimes Bad Things just happen

'Sometimes bad things just happen' Not the most inspiring way to start today's post I admit, but I heard this quote for the first time last night from a young lady who is infinitely more wiser than me, and I thought it a good one to remember in times of 'STRESS!'

Talking of time of stress, why is it? (and I'm honestly not expecting anyone to answer me here, you might but this is one of these great rhetorical questions so I don't think anyone has the right answer, even if they think they might and oh wow look I'm rambling again), we can do organ transplants, launch satellites, go to the moon, build nuclear reactors, create medicines etc, but still no one can come up with a better line that ' It's not you, your really great it's just me'. Why the heck does anyone use that anymore? It sounds trite, condescending and a little stupid.

Why this rant? I hear you ask, well maybe I would hear you ask it if I bothered to tell anyone about this blog, but c'est la vie as they say. Well the 12th sign of the coming apocalypse had arrived and I had summoned all my courage( and the way things have gone for me in the past, that took a while)to ask a girl out, and she said yes. Even though I didn't do it in the best of ways, I did it via text, and before anyone starts shouting, I know, I know I could have done that a lot better.

So she said yes Well initially, but then she cancelled and said she she wanted to reschedule. But I figured out sumthing was wrong last night when she spent a large chunk of the evening avoiding me. So I grabbed her her she was on the way out and she came out with that wonderful line, after saying it would feel too weird to go on a 'date' .

Well honestly I am a bit guttered, coz it did feel like maybe my luck was turning around at last and I much rather she had been honest to begin with and just came out and said it, rather then just avoiding talking to me. Although to be honest with my luck I wasn't expecting her to say yes to begin with. Hopefully the friendship isn't completely screwed but I guess we'll see where things go from here.

But again c'est la vie, not much I can do about it and maybe 'upstairs' is trying to tell me something. perhaps it's just

'abandon all hope'

(kidding, just kidding before anyone seriously start to panic or worry)

As they say, there's someone out there for everyone. I'm just starting to think my 'someone' is living on Mars :-)

Well I suppose if that was the case and we're not send any trials which we can't overcome, I better be off to build a space shuttle.

till tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Show me the way to go home. Im tired and wanna be back in bed!

There's nothing like starting the day with a nice brisk walk. Which I agree that probably true, but when you start your work day having to haul a trolley stacked high full of boxes down a busy road to the main warehouse, wearing one of those ever so fashionable high visibility jackets it's kind of hard not to wish that you were back home in your ever so nice and warm bed.

Yes I'm of to a event for work this weekend and that means oh yes, me having to do a whole lot of work, ( which makes a change ) like organizing the stock and dragging it frompoint a to b. At least I don't have to drag it to point C ( in London BTW).

So the weekend should prove to be very interesting. Especially if I can't teach Dad how to use the washing machine, coz if I don't the mind boggles. Remember this is the man who couldn't figure out for ten minutes that irons work better if they are turned on.

The ho hah about 'Big love' is rumbling on. the comments on the Daily mail website are particurly amusing. I'm not going to throw my 2 pence into the ring as some of the comments have already made clear that people are going to believe exactly what they want to believe regardless. Unfortunately I think the damage caused by the program is already done. Unfortunate but until someone invents time machine sod all we can do about it.

Although if you read the comments on YSA they seem to either not give a damn or point out that it's a sign of the times and there will be martyrs before long. Say what???? Have they been eating raw sugar again or something!!! Once again they are successfully reminding me why I gave up on that stupid site.

anyway, I think I'll slip even deeper into rant mode if I keep going so until tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Someone musta heard me!

well the title says it all. not only has the church released a statement in the UK, someone from the USA has responded to the article in the Daily mail on their website, how shall we say? Pointing out all of the 'errors' (and there were a few of them) regarding them referring to the characters in big love as Mormons. So maybe people ain't as apathetic asthe rest of the world anymore.

So can you guess what's on my mind today children?

Well, I was going to try and be good, and as any member of my family may tell you, I'm very trying..... (Oh I just got that…….wait a second)

But I'm in a bit of a bad mood today which can be summed up in two words. “Big love", yes the latest US TV import started on channel 5 last night and already I want to scream. True the makers of the show haven't stated that the characters are Mormon, however they really don't have too. First it's set in Salt Lake City, secondly there were shots of the salt lake temple in the background several times, references to the priesthood, heavenly father and eternal marriage. Put that all together what do you get??? A whole lot of people including newspapers (yes Daily mail we're looking at you) constantly referring to the characters as Mormons.

And what is happening to counter this negative publicity. Nada, zero, zip, nothing. Even the thread on the YSA site, has petered out as people have more important things to talk about, such as song lyrics, football and films (hypocrisy thy name is ysa site. com.) which have reminded me exactly why I gave up visiting that site on a regular basis. At least in the states the church released a press release, but nothings happened over here. But oh well mine is not to reason why, but to just do and die. No wait, that's the marines. But regardless I’m sure the church leaders know what their doing. When it comes to church matters at least, not too sure about their ability to choose music * Cough, Bishop Rasmussen Cough, cough* J

Well Dad’s off on one of his dates tonight, or at least I think that’s what he’s doing as he’s not specified where he’s going which is usually a sure sign that he’s up to something that he doesn’t want me to report. As he seems to think I’m part of the MSA (mum’s spying agency). When it comes to paranoia MI5 got nothing on him.

Oh and the fridge appears to be broken. He couldn’t have broken down in the middle of winter, no, no coz that would have been far too easy. It has to break down during the hottest part of the year, so if we don’t keep eating the food quickly enough it’s going to go off.

Ah the fun of the domestic front, hey??

Anyway, until later!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I haven't forgotton I'm just really lazy

Optimism: The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that an optimist thinks this is the best possible world. A pessimist fears that this is true. I just thought I'd start things off with this wonderful little gem I found this morning, before I start with a groveling apology for not updating the blog for a while. Why didn't I update, honestly 50% laziness and 50% too many other important things to think about. My mum has moved out, quite sometime ago now in fact. She's living in my sisters old house although not for much longer as it's about to be sold. Me? I'm still at home with my dad, struggling to get through all of the various domestic chores that mum used to do and we now have to do. There have been some 'interesting lessons' to learn. The first and most important one my dad learned was that Iron's work a whole lot better when their turned on!! :-)

But I have to admit life has changed and now after nearly two months, I supposed I've got used to it. Whether that's a good or bad thing I have no idea, but again I suppose time will tell...............................

That's not me trying to be dramatic by the way, it's just that I could think of anything to say. te, heeeeeee, heeeeee!

But things are looking up. Church is so much better now, and I'm starting to feel like I am fitting in 'socially' and I'm not the tolerated weirdo on the edge of the group anymore. I and a lot of other YSA spent a very nice afternoon in Bradgate Park yesterday and it was a lot of fun!! But don't get me started on their car parking charges!! Heck, I'm even going to the national conference this year. At this rate I might even start intentionally telling people about this blog. But am I ready for people who know me to actually read my ramblings??? Who knows!