Friday, April 20, 2007

It's been a funny old week

Well I suppose the title says it all really. I've kept trying to blog several times and each time I've kept drawing a blank. Maybe what's been going on during this week has made it harder then usual to be funny. Who knows?

For those of you who could understand my blog post on Tuesday we were round at Engineseers to celebrate Travellers birthday. Although she was late getting there. ( must avoid female and lateness jokes must ressisssstttttt). non splitter and Bosslady both announced their engagements. Although Bosslady insisted she wasn't technically as she doesn't have a ring yet. So that's another one lost to the USA then! It was a very fun evening. It was also the last time Engineseer's brother( hence forth referred to as Mr. popular) (don't believe me, just see his IM friends list) would see most of the YSA as he went on Thursday. Or at least I'm assuming he went on Thursday as that's when he was supposed to and I haven't heard anything different!

I was thinking ( yes, yes dangerous I know) that come September there is a extremely good chance that Loughborough YSA will go from one of the strongest in the stake to one of the weakest! non-splitter is getting married in September, Bosslady is planning to go across to the states in June, Smooth is already in the US, AF is already off on his mission and it's likely GW will be following soon after. JW is getting married in August and JF will probably be getting married soon as well and Enginesser if not on his mission by then will probably be in Belgium. See what I mean we're loosing people left, right and centre!! But after considering this it gave me a slightly troubling thought. Unless we have some more guys come to Loughborough Uni in September there's a very good chance I will be the only guy ( okay, okay before you wonder that's not the troubling thought, I'm getting to that) I will be one if not the eldest YSA, and the other eldest female YSA social! This is worrying, the younger YSA might start to think I know stuff and might start asking advice and who knows where that will end!!

Okay, joking asides now. I wasn't going to mention it but I now am. The Virginia tech shooting have been the main news item all this week. A lot has been said about it by many people older and wiser then I am and already the finger pointed and blame giving is in full swing. It makes me remember my ATC days and when we went shooting. If though we were only shooting at paper targets, I could never forget the I suppose for want of a better term the power of what we were shooting, the responsibilty we had when we picked the rifles up ( we were shooting for all intends and purposes assault rifles ) the sound of the shot and the dirt which would be raised into the air once the round has gone through the target and hit the bank behind. How anybody could go after another unarmed, defenseless human being and pull that trigger 32 times is beyond me.

that's all for now,


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And it’s time for a live action report.

Evening sports fans in a subtle change rather then writing a blog post after the event tonight you are getting treated to a rare occurrence. It’s a live action report. The Loughborough YSA ( Your still around) are at Engineseers to celebrate Travelers Birthday. And already we have a major item for your attention. BossLady and HB hence forth known as non-splitter ( as she’s staying in the UK not running off to the USA) have just arrived with shiny items on their fingers. And before you ask know they haven’t had accidents with metallic tape or glue and gitter. They have rings. Yes that’s another two engagements for the Loughborough YSA along with JF and JW’s so that’s means that’s four engagements at one time! That’s gotta be some sotta record!! And apparently there’s potentially a fifth one in the works! ( not me before there are any comments !!! Looking at you fraggle) HB says she doesn’t know Nemesis very well but if she wants to use it as a excuse to come back to the UK to come visit feel free!!!!

( by the way if this gets disjointed it’s because I’m typing as I go)

And now people are just generally chatting and yakking!

Apparently Social and Engineseers brother will be appearing back from youth soon.

Traveller has two friends here , so that makes nine YSA so far. Not bad for a Tuesday night. Still no institute tomorrow as we’re still on break.

Forgot to mention, Bosslady will be running off to the states.

Non-splitter’s wedding is September 15th,

jw’s wedding is 18th August

no date on Bossladys wedding. Their waiting on the visa.

YSA refuse chocolate shock! I bring a whole pack of Cadburys rolls and only one person took one.

And refuse cookies and Pringles. What’s going on??? It’s the seventh sign!!! The apocalypse is almost upon us.

Social and engineseers brother have just arrived

Friday, April 13, 2007

A saxon day out ( or aka make your own caption competition

Mechanicus up to no good
nephews ( experts at non verbal commuication)
Bionic women audition number 2762

We're not up to anything!
Snibston, fun for little kids and big kids!

A non posing photo. honest!

Look at the pretty pictures. Please keep looking at the pretty pictures

Hi everyone,

Just a very, very quick post. I know I haven't posted in a while but we still don't have our internet connection sorted at home, so I'm kinda limited to what I can beg borrow or steal time wise to get on the net. So Look at the pretty pictures. Please keep looking at the pretty pictures above and below the post. Don't think of how little writing there's been.



Rogues gallery 2/make your own caption

title says it all really!

Their in trouble if the wind changes,

Some of my nieces and nephews

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The fight of the century!

Good Evening ladies and gentleman! Welcome to the fight of the century, a very special three way fight. I the foreign corner we have Teppo a man who knows the answer to every question whether he answers them or not. In the Leicester YSA corner we have convert who will answer most questions whether you want her to or not and in the teacher corner we have Bro M. Everybody ready...........

As I'm sure you've probably guessed by now unless you left the blog due to sheer confusion over what in fact I was talking about ( I know it's happened) , there is no fight in the 'actual fight' sense but there well maybe a fight in the argument sense this evening. Yes it's the last night in the current institute course and Bro H is off somewhere so we have Bro M instead and apparently Teppo is in the country and will be coming. Yaaa!! Well regardless of what happens you know it's going to be good :-)

Talking of institute I know have a unique problem for when the summer course starts. My quick way into Leicester will be 'too quick'. By nearly a hour!!! Oh well I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed for good weather so I can sit out on the grass and the front of the stake centre.

Speaking of the stake centre, it was general conference at the weekend and I have never, ever seen the stake centre so empty. To be honest they didn't even needed to have opened the curtains to the lounge, everybody could have fitted in the chapel with room to spare! Although we are going to try and be positive and believe that most people were at home listening to it through the internet like Mechanicus.

Mentioning the internet has reminded me. You know those 4000 emails that I mentioned Grumpy had to go through yesterday? Only one of them wasn't spam and he actually wanted it. That's right. ONE!! Well it's his own fault for choosing such a basic email address which is always near the top of spammers lists of addresses to try. Maybe he'll listen and change it! Then again maybe not!

Lots of the kids are off on Easter holidays at the moment. Which I love..But only because it means that I get a straight run to work each morning. I don't have to stop in any huge traffic jams. Yaaaaaa!!!! Mind you, what are the bettings that I know run into a huge traffic jam tomorrow? Any takers???? Hmmm, though not.

I was actually scrolling back from some of my old blog posts the other day and I realized it's been a year since I made my first post. Argggghhhhhh! Why has all the time gone! So lets see what's happening in the last year? Technik and Medik got married, I went to my first YSA national convention, I met coolcat, I turned 25 and moaned about my lack of money.. A lot :-)

It also made me think of who we've 'lost' from Leicester YSA. SG, the two rachels, Teppo, Goldilocks, and Nemesis have all gone. There's also Ben ( who's only on a mission gone.) and we're going to soon loose Alistair, Smooth, JF, GW and Pete as well. Argghhh!!!! Where's everyone going?

But it also made me realize that it been round about six months since Nemesis left. Now that's scary. It really doesn't seem like it was that long ago me and Engineseer were waving her goodbye from Leicester bus Station.

I've just discovered we get Friday and Monday off for Easter. Yaaa!!! Now can I get something constructive done with my long weekend? Considering my usual track record for getting constructive things done what do you guys think?

hmm I wonder if we'll end up decamping to Engineseers again tonight. That would make it the third week in a row and as they say, these things come in threes. Well if we do we can leave a group comment on Nemesis's blog again. Not that she seems to have noticed the other ones we've left. Maybe she didn't realize they really were 'group' comments and it wasn't just me being facious.....wait I have a idea.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I wanna start this week over. Is it really too much to ask?

You know when you wake up sometimes and no matter how bright the sunshine, no matter how many birds are singing or how warm it is outside of your bed, you have that little voice in the back of your head saying, no way! Lets stay in here. Well sometimes I really wish I would listen to that voice. But apparently there's this pesky rule that companies will only pay you if you actually turn up for work. Curse these rules, curse them!

The week hasn't been helped so far by having one annoying song stuck in my head. You know the kind I mean, you hear it on the radio and it rattles around your head all day. Then to make matters worse it was replaced by an even more song and one that is more then a little scary. Yes, Natasha beddingdfield is back with a new song and if Nemesis though Lilly Allen was annoying she hasn't heard anything yet.
The opening line of the song goes
" What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but what if it don't"

Unless your staring as a victim in CSI then your definitely staying in Vegas. Forever, mwah, ha, ha, ha.
Sorry where was I?

Now not so bad right? But then I heard the chorus

" I wanna have your babies"

Which is all very nice of her, but we've not even met. And what is she wasn't talking to me but to some other guy that would be embarrassing and.... Wait a second! Hang on while I run that past myself again.

" I wanna have your babies"

Well not to sound like a old fogey but is this really the state we've gotten to now, where we actually have a pop song with the chorus line

" I wanna have your babies"

(best comic book guy voice) "Did I fall through a crack in the space time continuum into bizarreo world". I thought Lilly Allen with the video to her song 'Alfie 'where she spends the majority of it singing to a puppet which looks like the ugly cousin of the chucky doll was bad enough! But this, It crosses a line of naffness/stupidity . Especially in fact, that it has the most ridiculously cheery and catchy chorus which you just can not forget and it's hideously easy to hum. Which would be bad enough for a girl to be humming but if a guy is humming. Sorry to sound like someone from the OC " don't even go there'.

The songs not helped by her sounding like she's turned into a stalker near the end where she just starts going " Babies, babies, babies, babies" over and over. She sounds like one of those scary women out of a horror novel, just before you say something to upset you and she runs you over or cuts your foot off!

That reminds me (flashback moment) of when I was doing my GCSE's when a French exchange group had come across from France ( really, go figure) and several girls were in the foyer singing 'Lady Marmalade', which made them very popular to the French guys especially when they started singing it to them. When asked they said they had no idea what it meant but it was the only French they knew which is why they were singing it to them. Suffice to say once the French teacher explained what it meant. They shut up really quickly. He, he, he, (end flashback)

Actually come to think of it all of the ridiculously catchy songs at the moment are all a bit female biased. In the sense that although most guys can remember the tunes they desperately hope they don't forget themselves and start humming them. Songs in question, " Candyman" " I wanna have your babies" and " I don't like your girlfriend". Sigh, where's a good rock song when you need one?

We're still waiting the new broadband to be installed as Grumpy has bought himself a new computer. But he decided that he wanted his old computer hooked back up so he could check his email. Bad, bad idea. He Has two email addresses and gets huge amounts of spam for both of them. So after several days of not downloading email, I'm sure you can guess the end result. 4000 emails!!!!!! It took two hours to download them all. Fortunately he decided not to try and tackle them last night. He decided to leave that job till today. If he has more then 10 emails that are not Spam I will be incredibly surprised!

Oh well,
Later peeps!

If your going to shamelessly copy, shamelessly copy from the best.

32 Random Things about me!

1. I have 13 nieces and nephews. As you can imagine Christmas gets very expensive.

2. I snore

3. I was on the same History degree course as a actor from the TV show "At home with the Braithwaite's"

4. I always cut my nails very short. I can't stand having long nails.

5. I've owned three cars.

6. I was in the ATC

7. I earned my initial glider training in the ATC.

8. I've been winched aboard a helicopter as part of a SAR exercise.

9. I can't stand needles. I can give blood but only if they give me a local anesthetic and I don't look.

10. I can't stand the smell of vomit. It makes me dry heave.

11. I refer to regular and diet soft drinks as "Leaded" and " unleaded"

12. I have three half brothers and three half sisters.

13. I was 20 when I had my first kiss

14. I finally graduate from institute this year.

15. I own enough books to stock four floor to ceiling bookcases

16. We have four computers in our house. Only two in use

17. I can't stand mustard

18. I can't stand the tomatoes you get from a 'tin'

19. I've owned three cars

20. I have had the same Mobile phone number for seven years

21. I hate the dentists

22. I don't suffer fools gladly

23. My 'Guilty secret' DVD is the Jimmy Neutron Movie. The best character is sheen " Never argue with the data!"

24. I think I dance like the Incredible Hulk Walks " Urgh, Rhythm makes me move!"

25. I like to take photos

26. I constantly wish that more people would leave comments on my blog ( Hint, Hint people!)

27. I sometimes describe myself as a 'optimistic pessimist'. I'm absolutely sure that the worst is about to happen.

28. All time biggest fear-'Being buried alive'. I can't watch any TV programs where that happens to one of the characters.

29. Biggest bug bear. People who keep saying the 'Assume joke, Ass-U-me' like they are the first person who though of it.

30. I don't just put my foot in my mouth sometimes during conversations. Oh no, I can get both feet in there

31. Comment heard in YSA that annoyed me the most ' It's much harder for girls to get married then guys , that's why we're going out to the states. Guys can get married *clicks fingers* just like that if they want to'... Oh really, did I miss a Sunday school lesson or Young men's lesson or something where that secret is shared? Did I?

32. Comment heard in YSA that amused me the most 'It's only gossip if it's malicious, otherwise it's simply passing information that people might find useful or interesting to one another" What ever makes you feel better!