Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And everyone's head rotates 360

Okay, lets be honest. Facebook is a massive time wasting tool. It can sometimes be fun, sometimes education and sometimes informative but if we're all honest the thing it is best at is wasting out time.

However tonight has been one of those times that it has actually been quite informative as for once my usual encyclopedic knowledge of what was on the tv failed and I missed a program on bbc 2 regarding Mitt Romney. Which as you have probably already guessed was not focussing on his political views.

Looking at facebook however a vast majority of people from church did not as they reactions are currently ranging from annoyed to their heads doing full 360 degree exocist twists from their rage.

One of the best responses so far has been written by a former member of our ward and you can see it here;

Now I did try to look at the program on the BBC Iplayer but it's not yet available but I did find a rather amusing step by step commentary on the program where apparently at one point whilst in the MTC in utah the presenter asked a group of missionaries what criticisms they had about the church.

Talk about asking a question you are never going to get a answer too.

Later folks

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I remember when

Grumpy was watching a repeat of the detective drama Torch of Frost which we found very amusing as one scene featured some characters leaving a petrol station where the petrol cost all of 54.9!

Which is nothing compared to the current price of petrol at the local petrol station which is 135.9 which means we are in the region of £6 per gallon which for my american readers is $9.42 in your money.

Flipping that the average us price per gallon is £2.47.

Which is why you live in the USA you will get very little sympathy from English people about your petrol almost reaching $4 per gallon.

Later folks

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hot and cold

Colds and I don't get along.

That's mainly because when I get a cold I tend to be stereotypically male and act like it's full blown man flu and that I'm dying, etc, etc.

Which is why I was glad to get rid of my last cold. What I was not glad of was managing to get another even worse one just over a week later!

So back to acting like it's the end of the world, generally mopping around feeling very sorry for myself and copious amounts of lemsips and hope that this cold goes bye, bye very quickly.

Although I am not the only one under the weather at the moment as no less then three of my team are off ill with ailments ranging from man flu ( yes it's sad and pitiful how badly that condition takes down men I know :-) to a broken rib!

So we ae slightly short handed but at least it keeps life interesting.

Later folks!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Dream on

Sometimes at work our conversations can take a somewhat bizare turn as well, sometimes after spending most of the working day with the same people 5 days out of 7 you can run out of sensible conversations.

Well today the conversation turned to dreams and it was going quite well until one guy admitted that he had a dream featuring one of the girls from the team.

Which lead to a awkward pause where everybody was wondering where he was going with this. I'm sure the manager was hoping that it wasn't going straight to HR.

Anyway he proceeded to explain that he had a dream where he was in a shop and this girl ( who is a great sportsman and outsdoor man. She can usually be found paddling up or down some river or another but I digress.) was trying to sell him a wetsuit with matching gloves and boots promising that they would keep him dry.

There was another awkward pause. What would the girl say to this? Would she think the lad was crazy? Would she be weirded out? Would she be straight on the phone to HR?

Well as it turned out she was annoyed............

Because in her words "she would never get it wrong that a wetsuit keeps you dry because it doesn't, that's what a drysuit is for" and then told him if he was going to dream about her selling stuff to him, he needed to make sure he got it right.

which left the rest of else equally amused and baffled.

later folks