Friday, December 29, 2006

YSA Christmas party photos part 2

For some the excitment was all too much
hoish der u meen? I swore air wash nly shoer in dat gass
Ysa attacked by swarm of angry bubbles. News at 11!

but I don't understand, why does everyone keep calling me a witch? said simon

I'm a ysa get me outta here!

Please sir i want some more!
Not quite what she had in mind when she said, lean on me!
cordeila appeared to be far from impressed with his limpet impression

Here are the rest of the photos a little later then promised but anyway :-) If anyone can come up with captions for the photos with no caption or better ones for those with captions let me know, and I'll update the pictures.
Yes sports fans. The caption competition is back!

random photos from Cordelias 21st Birthday party


a MP3 player,
Superman Returns DVD,
Pirates of the Carribean 2
Derren Brown : Trick of the mind (book)
a 'huge' bar of dairy milk,
a nice new top,
some posh aftershave sets
a laser pointer (don't ask)
some nice aftershave from next,
House season 1 DVD boxset
Angel Season 1 DVD boxset,
A memo keyring,
A 'tumble' alarm clock,
£10 gift card for woolworths,
A clockwork torch and finally a clockwork radio! (I do like my gadgets. )

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

YSA Christmas Party

Well these ladies

cooked the meal for us. Which looked like this;

We also had a secret santa. This is what all the prezzies looked like together;

This was the present I got from my secret santa;

and this is what was inside it;

Fun was had by all;

Especially by those who recieved a bubble machine from their secret Santa;

and by those who didn't but just like playing with bubbles anyway

there's more pics tomorrow, so stay tuned! As it were. Also please feel free to caption any photos you want!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

where's he been then?

Wow, what a interesting blog. Shame it hasn't been updated in so long. I wonder why the writer hasn't updated it in so long. What a absolute twit not to.... Oh wait this is my blog. D'oohh

Yes, yes sport fans. After a long absence I is back. and me angalish ist at gud ad eather.

All joking aside, things have just been insanely, insanely busy and to be perfectly honest the writing of the old blog has been one of those 'should do' tasks that has been pushed further and further down the list. Despite Banana reminding me.

I did read a report in the newspaper today that blogging is supposed to be extremely therapeutic, as long as you limit yourself to twenty minutes writing per post and the effect is better you don't post every day. So as I haven't posted in a Month in theory by writing this blog I should become practically Zen like.

With having a Christmas YSA party/meal tonight and with every expense spared we're going to be holding it at..... The stake centre. Not too exciting I know but hey it's cheap. Like me :-) We're also doing a secret Santa as well. I'm getting a present for..... Well that would be telling and against the spirit of things wouldn't it. Suffice to say it's a girl. But considering the male to female ratio in the Leicester YSA class it's not that much of a help is it? However with the usual YSA planning a text message was only sent out today with details one of which was asking us to bring a bottle of drink such as sholer with us to the party. Now for most of the YSA that would be fine as they have copious amounts of free time and can go off down the shops. However for the small minority of the YSA who work and will only have enough time to get home, change then head straight out again, it's not a lot of use. And I can't even moan about whoever sent the text message at the last minute because they didn't put their name on the message and their number isn't stored on my phone. Arggghhhhhhh!!!

I picked up our Christmas cards from church this week and our family had the grand total of... wait for it... 3. One addressed to me from the W's, one addressed to Mum, and one for Mum and J together. J didn't get anymore cards asides from this one, which as it turns out was from a family who had lived in Loughborough and moved back to the states. So as she put it " That sums it up doesn't it, we get one xmas card from a family on the other side of the world and none from the rest of the ward who live 10 minutes up the road". Which I suppose in a way is a very good point in itself. I was a little worried that someone might do something immensely stupid by sending a card to Brother D to him and his wife, but fortunately no one did. The other funny thing was that one member of the bishopric did come and ask me for Mum's correct phone number as the one he had wasn't working. I asked if it was the latest one or the one I gave him just after she had moved out and was living in J's old place, before moving into her new place. His response ? " She's moved out of J's house, when?". Yes only FOUR MONTHS AGO!! and people wonder sometimes why it' so hard to get inactive people back out to church or why some people feel let down by their leaders. Hmmm, can't imagine why.

Well I was eagerly awaiting this week's episode of torchwood as it had two very nice actresses in it. However the whole thing was ruined by a exceptionally gratuitousness scene of two characters.. well I think you can guess. It was totally, totally unnecessary to the plot and could have been toned down loads! Well I immediately flipped the channel and waited a few minutes before cautiously flipping back again. Fortunately the rest of the episode was good, but it was just the gratuitousness spoiled the whole episode. Why is it so many TV and film makers seem to have forgotten the old adage " Less is more" I.e it's what you don't see that's scary. For example, Alien. You don't see the 'bad guy' as it were for ages, which makes it that much scary when it does turn up. Okay I'll leave that there before I go on another huge rant!

Well grumpy seems to be warming up to the idea of Christmas. Finally!!!!!!! Taken him long enough. Even though I did still end up having to decorate the whole house myself as he didn't want to. He did manage to do something special the other day though which was highly amusing. He was pulled some cereal out of the cupboard when he managed to catch the new bottle of ketchup which prompletely fell out. He made a grab for it and missed, the bottle meanwhile hit the middle shelve of the cupboard, then the bottom edge of the cupboard, before hitting the edge of the worktop, rebounding across the kitchen, hitting the edge of the cooker, before then rebounding and hitting near enough the dead centre of the kitchen floor when one whole side of the bottle along the seam broke, sending ketchup all over the kitchen. and to add to the fun it was the largest bottle size, so there was a loootttt of ketchup to clean up. So there you go Ladies and gentleman, Grumpy the only man who's able to break a plastic bottle to such a good degree.

Well I'll try and be better at keeping up with writing this thing over Christmas. I know, I know. It's likely that I won't keep to that, but at least I'm starting out with good intentions.
But then again you know what they say about good intentions :-)


p:s: should have some pics tomorrow.

nothing really, really interesting happened last Friday

Nothing, really, really interesting happened last friday at all. nothing at all, nada, zero, zilch. amazing how many non interesting Fridays I'm having at the moment isn't it?