Saturday, September 06, 2008

When uggh no longer seems enough

The weather took quite a turn for the worse last night as the rain changed from really dreary depressing rain to full on Mega death rain! And it continued to get worse first thing this morning but then it seemed to stop just in time for us to go out shopping.

Yes, yes I know I should have really really known better then that but we were in a rush and I thought my usual coat would be fine. Grumpy thought his usual coat would be fine too.

As you may have guessed we were both wrong!

It started out okay in fact for the first time in Ages I was able to go to the Bank and they didn't try to sell me anything. But then it started to rain and I got wet. No scratch that I got incredibily wet and just felt yuck on a whole new level.

It didn't help that the prices have gone up in the shop again. Eggs and Bread have both gone up by 20 pence. Which admitally doesn't sound a lot but it is! It might also indicate that my life is especially sad right now that I worry about the price of bread and Eggs but I'm kinda hoping I can classify that as a digression and lets move onto something else shall we :-)

Grumpy took Owen for his first training lesson today. I guess time will tell if it has any effect or not. However this did mean that for the first time in over a month I had the house totally to myself. Which wasn't all that exciting I guess but it felt nice :-)

It was also officially the end of a era today as Engineseer had now not just left the building, but the country! I went across to the H's to say goodbye before he left. I think I can safely say he could not have fit anything more in his car it was that packed. This also means that I'm now going to have to go to the EQ President tomorrow and tell him I will be needed my third new companion of the year and I haven't yet been able to do one visit.

Oh joy. I'm just hope all the effort I spent trying to get a home teaching will count.

But all joking aside I will miss him being around. Loughborough YSA is now pratically non existant compared to it's 'heyday' and it's really hard not to feel a sense of 'Last man standing'. Especially with all of my friends now gone. Well almost all of them. Social still isn't bothering to talk to me which is frustrating because we all did what she asked and backed off but she still hasn't 'come back' as it were. I really miss talking to her and I did value her as a friend but I have no idea what to do now and whether I should just accept that that's that or keep hanging in there in the hope that maybe one day she'll come round.

anyway, I won't go on otherwise I think I'll just depress myself.

that's all for today. I've got to try and figure out how to print the bulletins out on these new programs.

later folks


Guild Family said...

'Last man standing'? Or is it 'Only the strongest will survive'?!
Keep up the good work Chris :-)

Saxon said...

honestly, I'm not sure :-)