Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brain Freeze, Brain Freeze!!

Well I figured it was about time that I posted something again, even though I've had a spectacular brain freeze over the past week and I just haven't been able to think of a good thing to write. So if I make even less sense then usual please forgive me.

Well I'll be facing my fear yet again tomorrow, as it's time for my check up at the dentists. I hope, really, really, really hope that nothing is wrong so then I don't have to go again for another six months!

It's institute again tonight. Hopefully there will be a few more people there tonight then there have been so far this year. it's not that the classes are boring, oh no!! It's just that there seems to be a much better spirit when we have more people there rather then less...... and you have to answer less questions too, he, he, he, he.

LDS Linkup up date. I'm now all the way up to 26 friends, but still only six comments. Hmmmm I think I might have to start badgering people in order to meet my March goal of 7 comments. I know it's not a very high goal, but at least it's a goal!

Much next goal for the year, try and scrape some cash together so I can finally get a desk and move my computer up to my room. Like many people I have been really struggling with money over Christmas, but at least it's now pay day. Yaaaa!!! Although knowing me I'll probably be back to moaning about money in a couple of weeks, but c'est la vie. And I doubt that anyone who reads this blog does so for deep and meaningful insights into life, hey?

Coolcat came over on Sunday, and we went round to Tap Dance's for dinner. The first and last time that we will go to that particular house as Tap-dance is moving into her new house today and she still hasn't told grumpy. Oh joy, I wonder who might get caught in the crossfire yet again. Hmmm??

Oh well, I can't really waste time on worrying about what might be, time to get on with what is.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Here is the news

First up, Science news. According to scientists apparently the moon is destined to disintegrate. But before you all start running for the nearest bunker or hide under the nearest tree, this isn't due to happen for another 5 billion years. I've heard the saying " Bringing you tomorrows news today" But isn't this just a little ridiculous ? Why they thought this was urgent news I'll never know.

Another science story hitting the headlines was China destroying one of their own satellites in a test of their new anti-satellite weapon. They have been roundly critised by Russia and the USA for starting the militarization of space'. However three points they failed to mention, firstly both Russia and the US did similar tests back in the 1980s and if they haven't got some of their own missiles lying in storage somewhere they certainly have the plans, secondly the shuttle was designed to be able to undertake orbital bombing runs on Moscow and last but by no means least, Russia actually launched a military space station, complete with machine gun and orbiting mines. Why do the words POT, KETTLE and BLACK spring to mind.

The last big space news recently. The crew of the international space station jettisoned a old Russian cargo ship to make room for a new one. I mean really, is anyone surprised that interest in manned spaceflight is dropping if this is the most exciting bit of news they can come up with. It's the high tech equivalent of throwing your rubbish out, they waiting for your shopping to be delivered to you by one of those store delivery vans. Oh for the vision of 2001 to have actually come true!

Showbiz news. In a effort to convince people she isn't a racist Jade goody wants to go on a tour of India. Now maybe I'm just Bering a bit too simple here or missing the bigger 'plan', but if I had become a national hate figure in two countries, I wouldn't choose to go to the one where they were burning effigies of me. I would choose to go on Holiday somewhere quiet then sneak back later on. It's like that saying " I laugh in the face of danger, then I run and hide until it goes away'. Apparently she has also stated that with her career so badly damaged she can no longer afford to marry her boyfriend, yet she owns a £500,000 house. I don't know about anyone else but I ain't exactly feeling sorry for her over the state of her finances.

General news. Apparently a average woman spends 31 years of her life on a diet. This piece of news bought to you by the scientists from the We haven't got anything better to do university. Promotion is apparently almost as stressful as divorce. Can't comment as I don't have experience of either , boom boom! A man has been arrested for diving into a pool, so health and safety killjoys are obviously on the loose again. There's been a whole one inch of snow in some places across the country which has apparently caused chaos , and there's going to be five more inches tonight. All inhabitants of Alaska wonder what the problem is. ( seriously six inches of snow causing chaos, I remember when snow used to be measured in feet!)

People who had bought the new DVD of Doctor who in the US apparently got a bit of a surprise this week when it turned out due to a manufacturing error scenes from the Texas chainsaw massacre had been mixed in with the episode. New earth. So it cuts from the Doctor speaking to some cat 'nun's to a screaming man having his limbs removed. Well it must have the episode far more interesting. The police have finally moved in to stop looters who have been rifling through the containers which have been washed overboard from that grounded ship over the Devonshire coastline. Looters have been running off with all sorts from nappies to brand new motorbikes only stopping to talk to the TV crews. Now as most of them didn't bother to fill in the correct forms they are stealing. But never mind, I'm sure the police wouldn't be able to track them down. it's not like a large number of them stopped to be interviewed on TV and said what town they have come from........ Oh wait.


cool by name cool by nature

Well as the title suggests coolcat is certainly living up to her name as she sent me a nice little card in the post. Which was a very nice surprise after a very looonnnggg day at work. She's coming over to Loughborough ward on Sunday as we're going to Tap-dances for dinner, which should be interesting.

It's institute tonight which should be as fun as ever. Not sure how many of the w's I'll be taking this time though. But while we're on the subject of the W's, SW who's currently in the US has got engaged and is due to get married in May I think ( I can say it here as it has been announced publicly as it were). Although it must have been one of the more anti-climatic announcements by Brother H. The general response was, how shall we say? Not very surprised. Hopefully some more people are actually going to turn up for institute tonight as we have been extremely thin on the ground the past couple of weeks. However Brother H did tell me last week that assuming I complete the course, I will have graduated. Finally! I had a feeling I had, but it was nice to have it confirmed.

Big Party on Friday at Wr's. Goldilocks is back in the UK for her graduation and they decided that, that called for a party ( like YSA need a excuse) :-). It will be almost like old times apart from Teppo and Nemesis not being there. Even R is coming up for a visit. But that's not all that's going on this week. No sir! Leicester stake is having a very special visitor on Thursday night. Elder Oakes of the quorum of the twelve is coming to visit. Yaah!! I thinks it's been nearly nine years since we last had a general authority come and visit. My boss is letting me finish work early so I have enough time to get home and changed and still get to the stake centre reasonably early enough to get a good seat. I'm going to be catching a lift with Engineseer as we figured there was no point taking two cars, when we could only take one. Besides trying to find a parking space for one car will probably be bad enough. It is only supposed to be for members of Leicester stake but I will be incredibly shocked if no one from outside of the stake turns up. But to be fair if he was speaking in Nottingham I'm sure that some people from Leicester would attempt to slip into their meeting too. I know I would be tempted.

Engineseer had a mini get together at his new house on Sunday. He wasn't exaggerating and how 'long' it was. I actually walked round there as it that's close. Well that and the fact that it's usually impossible to find a car packing space on his road. However as I'm sure you already guessed seeing at how well me and irony get on I got there to find the road extremely empty and plenty of place to park D'ohh! On well the walk did me more good then driving up there. Cordeila was supposed to come but after driving her BF all the way back to march was too tired and I don't blame her in the slightest. It's a horrid long drive to march. Anyway, it was me , engineseer, his brother B and S + J L. ( mechanicus's brother and his wife) Now I'm trying to think up good codenames for the pair of them, the best I could think of was technic and Medic. If anyone has any better suggestions let me know. Regardless of what I refer to them as both of them proved that the churches gossip, sorry, sorry not gossip network, the passing of information that some people might find interesting or useful network is still working as well as ever as they already knew about me dating coolcat. Most of the evening was spent talking, devouring enginseers supply of chocolate and trying to figure out how the board game of " The price is right" actually worked. I'll tell you now, it wasn't as easy as you think. That or we were just too simple to figure it out. You decide! (rhetorical question btw).


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nothing interesting happened on Saturday night. Well maybe it did

nothing interesting happened on Saturday night, nothing at all. Not a thing..............

Okay as Nemesis and Fraggle have long since cottoned onto, I am fibbing and I am indeed hiding something. I mean gosh I was being so subtle about it wasn't I? (rhetorical question by the way)

Yes the ninth and final sign of the apocalypse has occurred and maybe the end of the world is upon us, as the thing I was hiding isn't a what, it's a whom.

I have started dated someone, and in fact not just dating as we are now 'officially' going out, are a item, a couple etc. Yes, Yes your not dreaming Saxon has a girlfriend, who I will refer to as 'coolcat' from here on out, as that's the name she uses online.

and on that dramatic bit of news.


Are you listening carefully. Then I'll begin.

I thought I'd tackle a extensively difficult subject 2day and try and explain it all too you. Yes I'm going to try and explain the various extended structure of the Saxon 'clan'.

Right not to sound too full of myself but I'll start with me. Saxon. I currently live with Grumpy, in what I shall henceforth refer to as 'geektown', since Engineseer and his brother are about to move into the town, in fact their quite literally moving in up the road, as their last house was very badly flooded and is now unlivable. Hmm I wonder if this could be another good excuse for a toast party. But I digress.

I have three half sisters and three half brothers. My three half brothers and one half sister are from Grumpy's previous marriage, and my other two sisters are from my Mum's previous marriage. I thought I better come up with a codename for mum, so she will know be referring to as Tap-dance. Tap-dance currently lives in geektown but will soon be moving. I'll refer to my two half sisters from Mum's side first.

Even more literally, just up the road is J and her brood. I will now refer to J as 'speed demon' and her husband as 'biker' (it makes a twisted sort of sense trust me.) They'll be moving down south soon as Biker has a new Job. They had two kids Roo, and Hyper. However Biker is Hypers step father, as Hypers actual father lives in London somewhere, (keeping up with this?) They also have a dog Suzie. Speed demon actually had a bit of a homer Simpson moment at church on Sunday. I was talking to her about how tall Hyper is for a five year old ( he looks more like a 8 year old), and that I could just imagine him being really tall when he becomes a teenager. At which point Speed demon agreed and said that was likely as " Biker was 6ft2", then after two seconds pause when the penny dropped with a clang which registered on the Richter scale " Not that, would have any effect at all". He, he, he,. I guess someone has forgotten her science lessons from school. I think I'll refer to them as the "Driver clan" In future.

Living up 'north', is my other half sister and her Clan, who I've previously referred to as the L clan, but I thought I'd refer to them as the techno clan' in future. My sister 'Multi-task' ( they have six Kids, I'm assuming she at least and her Husband ''Merchanicus' (the geeks among you will get that name). Unfortunately I can't think of any good codenames for them at the moment. I'm come up with some later, honest :-)

Right now onto Grumpy's side.

Firstly theirs 'teacher' my sister who recently got married. 'media' one of my brothers. 'Prof' who lives with his wife and 3 kids and lectures at a uni in the 'west'. Finally there's translator who has two kids and lives overseas.

and for those of you who can add, yes that's 13 nieces and nephews I have and before you ask the blindly obvious question, yes it was an extremely expensive Christmas!

I still have one living grandparent who I'll refer to as Matriarch. She lives in the 'east' of the country. ( yes our family is scattered across the country that much!

Did you follow all that? if you didn't don't worry, I had trouble following it! I'm going to put a list of 'characters' as it were down the side of the Blog, just in case it gets bit confusing in future.

Well institute starts again tonight, so I'm back playing taxi. Which I know it sounds like I moan about it a lot of the time, but I do find it a lot of fun. Honestly! It's nice to be able to drive and have some to talk to for once. I mean I can talk to myself, but even I managed to bore myself sometimes.



Well it's was my sister J's birthday at the weekend and lunch we decided to go out to pizza hut. I decided to take my camera along and got a few random good photos I though I'd share with ya all!
This is my niece 'roo', not her real name by the way just her nickname. Doesn't she look so cute in this photo though.
Here's Roo with her mum, my sister J. I get the feeling Roo's going to inherite her Mum and Dad's love of driving. ( just hopefully not as fast as them :-)
Here they are again.
Roo + spaghetti well you can see for yourself
My mum and J's other Child, J who I've decided to 'codename' hyper. If you ever meet him you'll understand .
Finally Mum and J

Friday, January 05, 2007

Paging Common sense. We need some common sense out here stat!

Not that I'm trying to turn into a old whinger or anything ( coz I'm already a young whinger :-) I saw a news item today which made me shake my head in disbelief and wonder if there is some great rip in the same time continuum sucking up all of the common sense in the universe. Among 13 inmates who have absconded from Sudbury open prison are two convicted murderers. However the police have refused to release photographs of them claiming it might breach their human rights. Please allow me a moment of, What the ??????????????????? So apparently it would breach their human rights if we know what they look like, but it doesn't breach our human rights to have two convicted murderers wondering the street and we're not allowed to see what they look like. Does anybody else wonder just how in the heck things got to this point. Huh???

Work, well work has been a bit odd today. Probably due to my sense of time being completely screwed up with the holidays and it only being a four day week. I woke up this morning and it took me a couple of minutes to remember that it was Friday not Saturday. At least the roads were fairly clear on the way into work, unfortunately that can't last as the kids go back to school next week so the roads will go back to being their usual jam packed selves. To add to the fun the council is starting work on one of the three main roads into Nottingham. Which means the traffic should get even worse. Ohhhhhh joyyy!!

Well at least I'm going out tonight for once if she makes up her mind as to what we're doing. Anyway things have gone majorly quiet on the YSA front. SW is now off in the USA for three months, Boss Lady is.... well we're not entirely sure. Please feel free to report any and all sightings and smooth. Well not entirely sure what he's up to. We used to have something YSA related on every week. Now I don't think we've done anything in over a month. Something, well something seems to have disappeared from our wards YSA, the urge to get ourselves organized. I dunno, I just hope that our ward ysa reps get themselves moving again soon.

Institute starts again next week. Hurrah! Something constructive to do on a Wednesday night. It's also J's birthday tomorrow. There going out for lunch, so I'll have to bring the subject up carefully with grumpy, so he doesn't fly off the handle again. although he is in a fairly good mood this week. probably something to do with the large Cheque he recently received. go figure.



Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Erm why??

and welcome to the 7.00am to 6.30pm my goodness is my day only that short, it feels at least three times that long news!

Latest bit of science news for today. Chinese scientists have successfully bred Fluorescent green pigs, whose mouth, trotters and tongue are green under UV light. I think the one question that we all wanted the reporters to ask was, erm why?? The follow on question they then should have asked was " Have your scientists got too much time on their hands?"

Showbiz news. Celebrity big brother is about to start again. Noooooooooo!! Nooooooooo!! Noooo!!! Not that they were 'struggling' to find people to go on the show but apparently one of the celebrity's is going to be a former big brother contestant, her Mum and her Gran. Nope doesn't sound desperate to me, how about you?

Politics Latest bright idea from the government. A new study says that paying schizophrenics to take their medication could help sufferers stay out of hospital. I could be wrong and I know I'm no medical expert but I don't think schizophrenics main problem with taking their medication is that they don't get paid. Which is a roundabout way has reminded me that I saw a good repeat episode of ER on more4 last night ( very roundabout I know) where one of the characters, Lucy Knight was killed off. Now I already knew that she died, but it was like a lot of TV shows or films where you know the endings going to be sad, you sort have this crazy hope that everything will turn out well this time, like they miss the iceberg, he doesn't get on that boat, she doesn't turn her back on the massive aliens invading the fort ( starship troopers in case anyone's wondering) . Or to quote a character from the fresh prince of Bel air who was watching Thelma and louise " I just know that one of these days they'll make it to the other side." Now I'm sure some of you understand what I mean, others are still trying to understand my ramblings and some of you will sit there and claim you have no idea what I mean, but you do really ( probably the same people who cried at ghost but claimed the had 'something in their eye' Yes you know who you are! :-)

Foreign news! They've arrested a man for filming Saddams execution. The words, door, shut, after, horse and bolted all spring to mind.

Space news! Nasa needs tons of fake moondust. maybe they've decided it will be cheaper then actually going back to the moon. The ISS is still busy going nowhere fast. By the time the last module is due to be added to the station the first modules will have exceeded their intended lifespan. D'ooh! Nasa have also been teaching the two mars rovers 'new tricks'. which is impressive considering their halfway across the solar system and yet we couldn't teach our dog Oscar any tricks and he was in the same house as us. and finally they are trying to use the cameras on one of their probes orbiting Mars to see if they can locate another orbiting probe which has gone silent. If they find it my guess is there will either be a message spray painted on it's side saying " Earthlings suck!" or it will be clamped and having a parking ticket. Anymore guesses anyone??

LDS Linkup news! Up to 25 friends, but still only six comments. Of these six comments one is by someone who doesn't know me very well, 4 are by people who know me moderately well and one is by a person who knows me very well. Bizarely enough the one by the person who says they know me very well, is written by the one person I have never actually met in person. Go figure! I wonder if theres any chance of raising the comments total to seven before the end of March. Place your bets ladies and gentleman.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

more photos ( well it's more interesting then reading my ramblings init?)

Our Christmas Tree at home. Which I had to decorate myself.

Mum and one of my Nephews J.
My nieces M, L and R
R and Nanny
my sister J and my niece R

The L clan
The L clan again
my Nephew J
Mum, Nanny and the L clan ( minus Sam who was taking a photo at the same time)
same again

I am so Smart, I am so Smart, S.M.R.T I mean S.M.A.R.T

It's a new year everyone, just in case any of you failed to notice :-) Yes 2007 is here and hopefully it will be a much better year then 2006.

It was one of the more sedate New years eve's I've experienced. Mainly because it was new years eve and nothing was on, church wise as it was the Sabbath. Or knowing my luck it's probably more likely that there were several things on at peoples homes, it was just nobody told me . If that was the case oh well C'est la vie :-)

Yes, in case any of you are wondering I am trying to be more positive about things as one of my new years resolutions. It will probably only last about three days but hey it's the thought that counts.

Anyway, it was very strange at work this morning as after working all three days last week with just me being in office, there are now other people. Lots and lots of people. At least with other people here I've not having to put up with the deafening silence and mind numbing boredom. But I can't listen to music anymore and yet I'm sure I'll survive :-)

I'm kind of stuck for what to talk about now. Not sure why, I guess with a lack of YSA activities at the moment and no institutes not a lot is really going on. Unless you really, really want me to go into details about a blown light bulb in the dining room, and the washing up, but I get the feeling if I did I'd loose the handful of people who do actually read this blog. So anyway.