Friday, November 30, 2007

Well this site could keep me in blog posts for months!

Well after yesterdays mild rant I say another thread on the same site that was just as bad if not worse. ( mind you grumpy found yesterdays story especially the toy analogy hysterically funny. His comment was if I’m still on the toy shelve after ‘Christmas’ he’ll remember to dust me down once in a while.) and it just goes to show that even though male YSA do have the priesthood it doesn’t mean it automatically grants us wisdom to go along with it. That you have to learn.

Right, thread in question “ What the bishop doesn’t know should remain a secret” as soon as I saw this I started getting worried. There’s no way that a thread with this title is going to have a happy ending. As per yesterdays posts, my comments in bold.

“I have a gr8 friend who is now taking temple prep classes and want to do better in the church... Always good to hearProblem is, she was inactive a few weeks ago and did everything against the teachings (i.e sex, smoking, drinking ect..)
Danger, danger will robinson
She repented (on her own or in her heart), she hasn't told the Bishop about that. She is very convinced that as long as she has stopped doing that sort of stuff and feels repented and forgiven, there is no need to share those with the Bishop and therefore she will continue with the Temple prep classes and go to the Temple.
Hmm on shakey ground here me thinks. If she really feels forgiven why doesn’t she want to tell the bishop.
My worry is, if she hasn't gone thru the repentance process with her Bishop, then go thru the Temple and get endowed, then she hasn't got the basic understanding in the first place? Do we deal with these sort of things all on our own? Then aren't we making Bishops redundant?!!
At least they would have a quiet life
I feel guilty that she told me all these things
And maybe because you have shared this to anyone worldwide who has access to this site
and I'm sort of nudging her towards chatting to her Bishop about it before she makes those kinds of commitments with the Lord...
gentle encouragement is good
I know I have no right in dictating what she should or shouldn't regarding her spiritual life.
Darn right
But I feel she shouldn't take that big step without going thru the proper channels...
Probably true. But if there is still a problem I’m sure the spirit will prompt the bishop.What would you do?
Not tell the whole world for a start
Should I just leave it?”

So Initial post not too bad. A girl who obviously has some worries but has been rather silly posting this on a worldwide website. Anyone who looks at her profile will see what wards she’s from and will be able to figure out who this girl is. I think most people would agree that she should keep encouraging the girl to talk to the bishop, who will know if she needs to repent or not.

Then surprise, surprise a reasoned sensible post
“You are right to encourage her to go see the bishop. It is his stewardship to basically coach us through repentance. If she really honestly feels like she has repented, then she will be able to have a good chat with the bishop and resolve things easily, but there are some sins that require a bishop's okay to get the recommend, no matter how much you have already repented on your own
The girl who posted this is smart. couldn’t have put it better myself. .”

There’s then a couple of posts about how good a friend the girl who started this thread is to worry so much about her friends spirituality. No mention however that her judgment might be slightly suspect in telling the whole site about her friends sins.

And then we start to go into freefall.

”She kept saying that she has felt the spirit and she knows that God has forgiven her.
There was a good thing Bro H said about this sort of situation which I can’t remember. Engineseer you remember?
I said to her, that is not the point at all. God will forgive everybody and those He chooses to,
This makes no sense if he forgives everybody, then he must have chosen to forgive everybody she seems to have got confused here.
but it is not up to us to make that decision about not seeing the Bishop about things we have done esp in a recent past....”
but apparently you feel the decision it is up to you and everyone on this site."

and start to speed up

“If she truly has repented it shouldn't be a problem for her to talk to the Bishop about it. Know what she said when I suggested that?*you do what the spirit tells you, but I do not think I need to do that*and thats when I felt a strong desire to help her out!!!"

Then someone else chimes in and the rate of descent speeds up again.

“she was inactive a "few weeks ago."
If this is true why is she in temple prep classes so soon.
If she has been an active member prior and recently, and thinks she can just sin and repent later,
She said she has repented not that she’ll do it later.
she has bigger problems than she knows.”
And I’m sure you can see them from up on your pedestal. "

Back to girl who started thread

“I just have this feeling that she will go thru the interviews with gr8 dishonesty and say she is all clear....
Well that’s her choice. You’ll have to trust in the spirit and that the bishop will be inspired and get the truth from her.
Guess if that happens, she has to live with it not me.
At the end of the day, one can only do so much right?”
And if that fails tell her problems to the rest of the world. "

Guy then chimes in to make some comments along the lines that she needs to trust that her bishop and stake pres will be inspired. Starter of thread comes back;
“I sincerely hope the Bishop will be inspired.If not him maybe the Stake Pres.It is only for her own good right?
And we all seem to know what for her own good though don’t we?”

Hurray we’re getting somewhere.

Guess again.

Cue clever clogs from Utah

“BYU would say you should go to the Bishop directly and tell him what the person has done.
If your sins don’t find you out rest assured your friends will
Another point to think about, should we (members of the Church) collectively ensure the sacredness Holy places by keeping not only our unclean selves but other unclean things out of Holy places as well.
I must have missed the lesson about how important it is to tattle on everyone.
I would say, go to the Bishop and ask his advice on the situation. Simple present the question to him as you have done here.”
Because I’m sure he won’t know who your referring to as I’m sure you have lots of recently reactivated girls, who are friends of yours taking temple prep classes because they want to go to the temple as it is a ‘interest"

Someone else jumps in advising the girl she should pray for her friend, but back off. Just being there for her friend when she needs her. No pressure. Good advice I think we’ll all agree.

Cue Clever cogs again, enter stage right.

“The inspiration to the Bishop or Stake President will be there but is the inspiration there for the friend?
Only one person can answer that question.
My wifes Stake President 'made up' his own questions for receiving a Temple Recommend for marriage that he asked all persons seeking to be Sealed.
I think theres a phrase for making up your own ‘standard questions’ care to guess what it is?
That is when it came to the Law of Chasity he questioned about specific things outside the standard questions.One reason for the Stake President making up his own questions is that the inspired question "Do you live/obey the Law of Chasity" means only "No sex before marriage" to some people,
It should mean that to all people. It's not rocket science.
with others who think sex while using condoms does mean sex.
Does that mean there are member who think sex with out condoms isn’t sex?
A friend once told me of his BYU ward and the Bishop giving a "Chasity talk" where the Bishop had to give a list of acts that violated the law of chasity.”
This is very, very scary if true. "

A few more people then add to the thread advising her just to be a friend and support her and encourage her. All sensible comments,

It doesn’t last.

They then starting talking about the bishop and questioning his motives and criticizing him for putting her in the temple prep classes. Your questioning your priesthood leaders so the only thing to say in response to that is
“ Danger, danger will robinson”

Starter of thread then goes on about how she talked to her friend and gave her the suggestions from the thread but her friend seemed to get upset for some reason. Hmmm maybe that’s because you’ve declared her sins to several thousand people. She then says she is not getting involved anymore as it is not her job.

Phew it’s over.

Or not.

Cue clever clogs mk 2

“I know if we know that someone is unworthy to take the sacrament, then we should intervene.
Really? I can’t remember hearing that before. What are we supposed to do rugby tackle them.
. should we in this case too?
Hmm I don’t know but I would say not. It’s not exactly going to help a ward spirit if everybody is telling the bishop everything little thing that other people have done wrong. remember none of us are perfect
would it be bad to tell the bishop that an individual has told you they've done some bad things,
and dont want to talk to the bishop about it?
If they told you as a friend yes! If you’re a friend you want to help them. Encourage them. If you run to tell on them they’ll in all likelihood never speak to you again and leave the church. It’s happened over a lot less
or am i way off.”
In my opinion yes, anyone feel free to disagree with me though

Then clever clogs the third
“I would confront the person privately and shouldn't be taking the sacrament
and I encourage you to see the Bishop.”
Yeah gentle encouragement doesn't work but give her orders will. I'm sure this will work. honest"

The thread finally finishes (for the moment at least) with the starter of the thread
“Absolutely, we should intervene somehow.
Yes we obviously know what’s good for her.
.. Whether telling the Bishop is the right thing I still yet to find out....”
I really hope this doesn’t mean she’s already gone and done it…..

Well I know it’s been very easy for me to comment and I’ve probably been judgmental too. After all I am looking into this situation from the outside in. If I was in this situation I probably wouldn’t go to the bishop but I would go to a trusted priesthood holder or leader such as photoshop or Bro H to get their opinion on a ‘hypothetical situation’ which probably wouldn'tfool them for a second but they would probably play along for appearences. If their advice would be to go and see the bishop I would. But I like to think it would be a unnecessary trip as the spirit would have inspired him first.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why I'm probably giving up on that site unlike I feel like depressing myself somemore

Technik used to run a YSA website. Towards the end a lot of people who used the forum on it were, well to be honest gettng a bit self righteous. Theres now another site which I suppose the best way to describe it is like a basic LDS version of facebook. It suffers from the same problem but on a much greater scale. For Example there was a thread about if your single and over 25 your either strange or divorced. One guy said, and I'll leave my comments in bold( all through the post as a matter of fact as it has turned out a heck of a lot longer then I thought it would be)

"In the LDS culture waiting to marry until later
(so if your not married by 25 your purposefully waiting? is that where I'm going wrong I'm wating to get married. )
is like toy shopping a week or two after Christmas.
(January sales? so many jokes.....)

All the toys that meet the needs of the mass market have been purchased.
(molly mormons? and wait what is the male equivilant of molly?
With the exception of a few niche toys,
(i'm a niche, well maybe theres hope for me, to be a niche there has to be people who like that niche)
most the toys are leftovers not desired by the masses.
so i'm a leftover am I, well I suppose I have been called worse
To make matters worse we have to deal with the returns.

Typically there is a real reason why divorce happens
( get out of town, theres a reason for divorce)
and at least one of the two returns is the reason for the divorce
(the man is speaking gibberish here I swear)
and will be the reason for a second divorce. (The divorce rate on second marriages is higher than for first marriages.)
(lies, darned lies and statistics)

The more mentally healthy ex-spouse may marry
( mentally healthy is a term that I don't think applies to you)
and never enter the market again;
(I guess that would be the meat market)
therefore, the more broken toys will keep reentering the singles scene and increasing the number of severely damaged toys.
( and your so perfect)
You are shopping in a world of broken toys and it gets worse all the time. Enjoy!"
( well we can but hope you never get on the shelves and stay in the stock room you arogant so and so)

Can you tell he ticked me off!

One girl then chips in
"<--sees business opportunity in trafficking LDS single males to UK as the male/female ratio here is so poor. "
and people find it hard to understand sometimes why I get so depressed. You try and do everything right and do everything girls say they look for in a guy and then you still get girls saying stuff like this. I think all blokes should oppose this idea on principle. There are enough of our girls go out to the states without importing US YSA guys into the country to lower the odds for us even further.

She then mentions another friend who went to the US and got married who said that she went to the US becuase there were no men over here. Sigh nothing like a good moment of being told that you don't count as 'men' is there.

Then someone else chips in

"if you are divorced you are not as much of an'outcast' as at least you gave it a try."

Okay it appears I am now a outcast, strange niche toy. Maybe I should use that in my email signature

Direct Sales Assistant,
Optomistic pessismist
Strange outcast niche toy

Think that works?

Well I suppose it could be worst. I could be divorced then I might be in real trouble, well at least according to this post in the thread in reply to the comment there were no men in the UK. Again my comments in bold

"this is true...I was at a multi regional SA convention in England recently, 100 attendees..15 men.
I thought she just said there were no men. make up your mind dear
one of those was the father of his two special needs sons attending.
even if you were discounting those three that still leaves you 12
several of the remainder had been divorced twice.
so? is there some rule that means there now classed as untouchable
Priesthood holders visiting from abroad scarcely step off the plane without the grapevine knowing all :-)))))"
female grapevine. If the guys heard about it they would probably be thrown right back on the next plane out of the uk.

then this appeared;
"Is it true that alot of LDS singles who are older and never married have probably strayed away from the church at some point?
Xxxx. Wrong guess, would you like to go for double jeopady where the scores can really change.
I'm asking this because my mom has told be that I would have been married by 21 or 22 if I hadn't left the church. Now why should this matter?"
Here's a hint. it DOESN'T.

Why this girl even thought that is mind boggling. I know several girls who are over 25 who are not married. There not strange, their not weird and certainly out of my league as they are so great, smart and pretty, the only mind boggling thing is that the guys who are in their league haven't snapped them up. Whenever there Mr right comes along he will be a lucky man.

A US guy then says in reply to the comment about there being no guys in england
"My gosh that is awful. What about the other European countries?With the pound doing so well, why not come over to our side of the pond and grace us with yourpresence
There are enough english girls going to the US without you encouraging them!
Something to think about lass. :)cheers "
Oh he's so funny, if he were anymore funny I might actually smirk

So to recap as I am over 25 and not married it is down to me being a strange niche outcast toy who apparently is not classified as a man by some YSA females. Although to be fair this comment about there being no men is even more baffling when applied to someone like RP or Fraggle. Who I guess they can never have met otherwise they would have never made that comment.

So lets recap again and sum me up, according to that thread and my standard view of my anyway. I am a optomistic pessimistic strange outcast niche toy uber geek who is not classified as a man by some ysa Females. Oh but at least I can put BA after my name, I'm sure theres not many optomistic pessimistic strange outcast niche toy uber geeks who is not classified as a man by some ysa Females who can do that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not quite what you expect to hear from the Logistics co-ordinator first thing in the morning

" Someone sent me Porn" came the dismayed cry first thing thing the morning at work. This was closed followed by a loud thud as I immediately tried to sit upright to locate the source of the cry, unfortunately forgetting that I still had my head under the desk while I was stowing my bag. Head plus table equals one very sore back of the head and a good chance of a headache later in the day. One very brief round of expletives later " Gosh, Darn, blast, damn that hurt" ( please not actual words used might have varied from those shown here) I was able to sit upright and noticed that our Logistics co coordinator was sitting at her desk with a very disgusted look on her face waving a magazine around. We were quickly able to ascertain that it wasn't a 'porn magazine' well at least not in the traditional definition that most people would use. It's one of those magazine which used to be on the top shelf but has gradually moved it's way down the shelves as the years have gone by. I think the best way someone described it in terms I will actually use is it is " a magazine about alternative lifestyles which apparently seem to involve lots of scantily clad women with little in the way of clothing or the clothing they do have seems to be three sizes too small".

No I'm sure that one or two of you are wondering how such a magazine would end up on the logistics co coordinators desk. The only reason it ended up on her desk was that they keep sending it to us in the hope we will decide to advertise in their magazine, but its in the name of our last marketing guy so although it usually goes to our current marketing manager it can sometimes go astray as they try to figure out who should now receive it.

As it did this morning.

Of course it did set rather set the tone for the rest of the day, as it lots of rather strange and silly things seemed to happen. Not least that we have discovered a rather well know food retail store is selling a new book that we're releasing in Feb next year which they say it has a rrp for £9.99 for £6.99 instead. However someone at there company seems to have done a colossal screw up as the book actually has a RRP of £35! Being the helpful souls that we are we have pointed this out to them.

Even if we did find the whole thing hysterically funny.

It's been that kind of day.

Payday this weekend. So I guess it's time for Christmas shopping then. I've got a few presents for some of the family. I'm not sure what to get most of my nieces or nephews though. I have heard from mechanicus that his brood are into paper aeroplanes. So maybe I can get them a box of paper to share between. That would be cheap. Or maybe I could raid the paper recycling bins at work and give them that and tell them their special environmentally friendly paper aeroplanes. That would be very cheap!
Don't worry I wouldn't really be that evil and cheap
Or would I? Mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha,


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I remember when 80 pence seemed like a lot

It was very depressing this morning filling the car up petrol. The last petrol station in these here parts as sucumbered and petrol has crossed that magic £1 mark. Argghhhhhhh. I remember when 80 pence seemed like a lot and I don't care how much the government scrabbles around and bleats that petrol in real terms is 11 percent cheaper then in 1990. A £1 is still a £1. I wouldn't mind that much if I didn't know that 70 pence in every pound is going to the government as tax!.

Hmmmmm. right rant over.

Facebook news. Not only is Nemesis on Facebook, Engineseer has appeared as well as Grumpy and Tap-dance. Mind you I think Tap-dance was only "encouraged" to join by the fact Grumpy joined before he meaning he was more 'with it' then she was. I don't think she was going to stand for that :-) So only Fraggle to go now.

Anyone know where he is yet?

I've found myself in a philosophical mood recently. Somebody from our company(in another division to mine) was found collapsed a couple of weeks ago and died a few days later in hospital. What made me and several other people feel worse about the situation was that none of us could 'put a face to the name' as it were and we're not that big a company. It makes you think. Could people put your face to you name if you died? What impact or legacy would you leave on the world etc? Sorta thinking that gives you the shivers and keeps you up at night. And honestly I have been doing alot more deep and philosophical thinking then my rather brief ramblings here would suggest.

I'm getting a new computer at work. yaahhhh!!! Although I have to admit it was amusing to see the look on the IT guys face whenever they to came and do something and found I was still running on windows 2000 and near enough the rest of the company is on XP. The look was roughly similar to look on the monkeys face when they discover the monolith in 2001.



Monday, November 26, 2007

When you can tell it's going to be one of those days

When you can tell it's going to be one of those days

First call of the day, first thing the customer says
" Have I got through to the place I was intending to get through to?"
ummm, I suppose I could have answered that question if my psychic powers weren't on the blink, right??

I also came to the conclusion this morning that traffic jams are a lot more funny if you are a passenger rather then the driver. As the passenger you can loose focus and start daydreaming as you retreat to you 'happy place'. As the driver you can't, well you could but if you did it's highly likely that bad things would follow. So all this is a roundabout way of saying I'm starting to get sick of the traffic jams that have started on my way into work. There always used to be a queue but the queues now are about three times as long as they used to be with no visible cause. Argghhhh. Well all part of the fun of being part of the workforce I guess.

Nemesis is now on face book. Yaaah! It means I get another friend to add to my list. It's starting to look like people actually like me :-) Just got to persuade Engineseer and Fraggle to sign up to it now. But I guess we're going to have to try and find them first!

I've been assigned a new project at world. So I guess I'm going to have to put the old thinking cap on and try and think up some ideas. Yep, you heard that right I've got to think.

yeah I'm doomed :-)

I forgot to mention that I got dragged into a missionary meeting after church yesterday. The ward mission leader is 'concerned' about the number of converts we're loosing. so he wants to 'assign' one YSA to each YSA age convert, so we sit with them, call them to inform them about activities arrange lifts etc, etc. One of the Elders suggested that it would be a good idea if we could get a ward YSA FHE started on a regular basis, like once a month. The ward mission leader agreed and queried if we could do it. I then pointed out that we did do it! there's a communication problem somewhere in the ward me thinks!

We're having intermittent problems with our broadband connection at home. I'm stumped, their technical support is stumped and even photoshop is stumped! Which just goes to show you how difficult a technical problem is when one of the L's is stumped!

anyway later!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Does Christmas now start in november and nobody told me?

Now even with being the cynical somewhat jaded soul I can be at times ( no really I can be) I've come to accept that Christmas seems to start in the shops now earlier and ealier each year. However when we start singing Christmas carols in church in November even I can start to find it a little bit strange. Although on the plus side most people do know the words to the christmas carols opposed to the hymn we had to sing for sacrement that nobody seemed to know. It seemed like there was the grand total of five people singing in the whole chapel most people were that unsure of the hymn!

Engineseer was MIA so Caroline asked me to fill in for him as class president. Hmmmm, I'm starting to see a pattern here. Engineseers not around I have to fill in by default. Does this mean I'm now his sidekick/minon now? Especially has everbody seemed to assume I would know where he is. Well there were five possibilities. One, he had overslept, two he was in bradford with black widow, three he was in his death fortress plotting to take over the world, four has gone to hunt down Fraggle he 'may be some time', five someone has constructed a static warp shell and Fraggle and Engineseer are the first ones to disappear, everyone else will follow soon ( any guesses to where that idea came from :-)... Any more guesses anyone? The only thing I can say for certain is that idea number five does prove that I am a total geek as I'm sure most of you will agree.

Well my 'feedback' session went okay. He didn't use the words " You're fired" so anything after that must have been good :-) Just got to do one more feedback session this week, so I can then do my homework for the next training session, which I would be feedback on the feedback. I'll be okay as long as I don't have to do anymore homework on it, then it will be feedback on the feedback of the feedback....... Wait I'm confused.

Well the weekend is over. All too fast as usual so it's back to work tomorrow. The christmas rush is starting to kick in so I've got about 1500 things to get doen this week. So not much difference from usual then :-).

anyway I'm having a slight mental block so I guess I'll call it there for today,


Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's time for the one game we are good at

Well after 'that' performance last night by the England football team the inevitable happened this morning and Steve McClaren was sacked as head coach of the team. It's good to see that always our national teams are not that good at sports no one can beat us when it comes to the 'blame game'. We're the fastest people to point fingers in the world. Although apparently Mclaren will walk away with hefty compensations 2 Million pounds plus and apparently the players are each getting a bonus of 150, 000. First and most important question, why? They should get a bonus from getting through the qualifying not failing!! I won't mind 150 grand for not being successful. I'm sure I could find lots of things to do with that much money. What would you do with it?

Leona Lewis is still at number 1 in the music charts with " Bleeding love". Admitally it's now reached that point where all number one's reach. It's changed from being good to incredibly annoying! I just keep thinking every time the darn song comes on the radio " Still bleeding love eh? Any chance you'll exsanguinate soon and go away!

Talking off people I want to see go away. Latest song from Sean kingston who was responsible for the awful " Beautiful girl", the chorus goes along the lines of " Oh, oh why'd you have to go away" my response to him, " why did you have to come back and not be a one hit wonder? why? Why?!"

Tis the season to be commercial! Yes Christmas is coming so work is starting to get a lot busier. On the plus side I'm only going to have to work one day over Christmas, which is a heck of a lot better then last year when I had to work all over Christmas as they messed my holidays up. We actually sang a Christmas carol in sacrament last Sunday. which was a mite surprising as we don't usually start singing them till December. The problem with the carol was I saw a legal note at the bottom about using the hymn with permission and that made me think of one of the Simpson's Christmas episodes' which in turn lead to me humming Homers Christmas song' " Everybody hates Ned Flanders" for the rest of the day.

Institiute was interesting last night, which I always prefer as opposed to one of the depressing lessons. We were speaking afterwards and the topics turned to blogs. Yes I know that may sound strange that we ended up talking about blogs but considering the conversation had started between some of the YSA about autopsies. And no I don't know how the conversation moved from autopsies to blogs either. ( We're YSA little we do makes sense :-) I was trying to see if I could persude aspiring angel to restart her blog, Engineseer admitting he really needs to do something with his, we talked about Nemesis's ( See Nemesis we still keep track of you) and then we got onto Fraggle. We did wonder how well he knows non splitter as we wondered if we could try persuding him to come up for the wedding. But after talking we realised he seems to be somewhat missing in action since September, as we knew his blogs gone quiet but no one seems to have heard from him either. One suggestion was maybe he's stop blogging because he's met someone, which is usually a big reason for a blogger slowing down their output. Angel also mentioned it seemed like Fraggle had dropped off the face of the earth as she had texted him several times and he hadn't replied. She agreed however if him vanisihing is down to a girl she would let him off but for that only! So has anyone seen our fraggle?

I did start to wonder if Engineseers plans for taking over the world are advancing. He mentioned that he was paired with JF for home teaching so I guess that would make him senior companion. So that means he's a senior home teaching companion, Generic high street restuarant manager, Ward YSA rep, Sunday school class president and institute class president! He had said previousily that he already had his flying aircraft carrier on order and had contacted the toclafane. Although he was joking. I think... Hey maybe thats where Fraggle is, he's decided to try to take over the world in competition with Nemesis and Engineseer.

Oh I could just be having another one of those days and my brains about ready to explode.

Who Knows.

Anyway, as nothing helps a song stuck in your head like sharing it around, everybody after me

"Everybody in the U.S.A,
Hates their stupid neighbour,
He’s Flanders and he's really, really, lame,
Flanders tried to wreck my song,
His views on birth control are wrong
,I hate his guts and Flanders is his name,
He’s the man that I hate best,
I’d like to see his house go up in flame.

His name is Ned,
That’s a stupid name,
He’s worse than Frankenstein or Dr. No,
You can’t upset him even slightly,
He just smiles and nods politely,
Then goes home and worships nightly,
He is leftorium is an emporium of woe.

Don’t yell at Ned,
His wife is dead,
Everybody hates that stupid jerk,
Springfield rocks with Homer’s joyous loathing,
Filling clubs… with angry Valentinos,
You don’t have to move your feet,
Just hate Flanders to the disco beat,
It’s your perky, peppy nightmare neighbor-ino,

If you despise polite left-handers,
Then I doubt you’ll like Ned Flanders
,Or his creepy little offspring,
Rod and Todd.

Thats us

His name is Ned,
He is so white bread,
The smiling, moustache geek,
Who walks with God."..


Geek alert

If anyone is feeling in a geeky mood have a look at this!

spaceships galore!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

predictably Unpredictable

The weather, that is. Lets see in the past few days we have had sun, wind, snow and now rain. Lots and lots of rain. I think we only need hail and lightening and we have the full set!

Well last Saturday was the same as usual. Go into town, look round the shops, bemoan the state of my bank account, do the shopping etc. What wasn't the same as usual was Grumpy didn't go out. Which mean it was very strange having him round the house on a Saturday night. Of course it's bad I'm in the house on a Saturday night but lets not get into that right now shall we :-)

Church was well, same old, same old to be honest. Which is a bad thing to say I suppose but it was just, well one of those days. I'm sure you know what I mean. Cordelia has now got a new calling in Young women's. We knew she was expecting a calling but she couldn't say what it was before hand. Mind you it wasn't a surprise as we did guess that she would probably end up in young women's. As it was the only place with a open calling. They did ask just after they had called cordelia if social was present but she wasn't, so in words of the DK from the Bishopric " Well I guess that's let that out of the bag".

Priesthood was interesting. The EQ President was shall we say "energetic" in voicing the fact that we needed to give him our home teaching figures. Someone did ask when the procedure changed as they weren't aware that we had to report to him now. He then insisted that we had been informed of the change. It was probably the closest we'll ever get to a telling off "ala teacher". When the quorums spilt there was a brief discussion between the people in our little area and no one seemed to be aware of this new procedure. so there seems to have been a break in the lines of communication somewhere doesn't there.

I spoke to the Elders Quorum president afterwards to give my HT figures to him. Which are per usual were zero. When I pointed out the current situation that my Home teaching companion was only available on a Wednesday and I wasn't, he agreed that it wasn't really working and he would see about getting me another new companion. Well I suppose he couldn't really argue as I'm not available on Wednesday due to institute.

It snowed on Sunday night. A lot! Which meant I didn't really get a good nights sleep as I was getting all worried about the prospect of having to drive in snow and ice due to what happened with my first car. Fortunately however all the snow and ice melted overnight so I gave myself a bad nights sleep worrying over nothing. Argghhhh!!!!!! Oh well.

Well I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. We've recently started a new training course here at work and the first session was about " Feedback". As our 'homework' we were assigned two people we had to ask to give feedback on 'us' or me. So I'm meeting with the first person tomorrow. Who is the 2nd highist person in the division. Argghhhh. I guess I'm just going to have to remember to keep smiling and take everything calmly.

I can do calm. Right?


Friday, November 16, 2007

Well we always thought that he could be crazy, is this proof?

Grumpy is a Diabetic, not the one that requires insulin, the other kind that only requires tablets. Well he went to the Doctors the other day and they decided to change one of his medications to a new kind of tablet. He picked them up from the pharmacy as was about to take one at home when he noticed the name on the box and pill 'sheets' did not match the name on the label. He found the information leaflet. It turns out they had given him the wrong pills. They weren't for diabetics in face the leaflet said the pills were for " People suffering from a disease which means they might sense, hear and see things that are not actually present".

Yes as you might have guessed the pharmacy instead of pills for diabetes had managed to give Grumpy tablets that were meant for schizophrenics. It's funny cause it's so bad! When grumpy first told me this, he said
" Do they know something I don't? I don't see things that ain't really there do I?"
my response, " Beats me, I'm not here I'm still at work" he, he, he, he, he, he..

Well it was the last Scrubs episode of the series last night. Arggghhhhhh, they can't leave it like that and whats worse it's one of the few decent things on the TV at the moment. We're going to be stuck with reality TV shows for ages now.

I saw a news report about a definite contender for a Darwin award. A Man in the US tried to loosen a stuck wheel nut on his truck. By shooting it with a shotgun. Words for once fail me.

It's children in need today. So we had our usual cake sale, which meant lots of extremely nice homemade chocolate cakes for really cheap prices. I probably shouldn't have had any but hey, it's for charity :-)



Thursday, November 15, 2007

And another ones gone

Well Institute was interesting last night. Bro H was away so we had a substitute teacher Bro M, sm's dad. Non-splitter also announced that she is engaged (again, but still to the same guy) and she's getting married in four weeks time. We don't know if she's still staying in the Uk yet or going to the US. Mind you if she does go to the US I'm changing her code name by removing the 'non'.

As part of our lesson last night we were split into groups and had to perform a brief 'skit' of a news report reported the death of the eqyption guard at the hands of moses. there were three groups. In my group engineseer was the 'news anchor' who also reported on a party at the pyramid, apparently attended surfers who stated, " this is great dudes", I was a reporter reporting from a secret location, only secret because I had lost the map and quite frankly one sand dune looks like another after a while, interviewing a witness to the killing. In the other two reports, Moses had been arrested by was also speaking to their reporter from a secret location somehow and the final group had two roving reporters, Kermit 1 and his cousin Kermit 2 ( it was R, he does scarily good kermit impressions). Cordelia also does a interesting eqyption dance too. If we do this again maybe we should get her to do a report by herself, through the medium of interpretive dance! ( if anyone can tell me where I got that reference from I'll be very impressed.)

I did win my bet with Engineseer. Grumpy said near enough word for word what I said to engineseer I thought he would say when I told him the Non splitter was getting married.

After borrowing grumpys car yesterday it turns out I didn't need to. It seems that the lasttime took my car in for they didn't say they were good for another 1000 miles but 2000 miles. So they think I've got at least another months worth of use left in them. So I saved some money for this month and I got to drive Grumpys car for the day. Bonus :-)

We didn't have a 'proper' activitivy after instititute as we had to leave the building. so instead we went to Mcdonalds (gee orginal ain't we) although this was the third mcdonalds we went to in three YSA trips to mcdonalds (leicester has a lot doesn't it?) I tried the new McTasty and it was anything but. It was seriousily not worth the money. It was also mildly disconcerting when Engineseer looked at it and the one J had bought, laughed then sat back down with out saying a word.

I've just sorted out using the last of my holiday for this year up. I'm doing better then last year in that I'm only going to have to come in once over Christmas which means I should (touch wood) have more time to enjoy myself. We're having a YSA new years eve party at Loughborough chapel. Although as it is FHE they wouldn't let us start until 9pm.

"I'm a celebrity get me out of here" update, I have no idea because I DON'T CARE!!! I have far more important things to do. Like breathing.

but anyway, thats all for now,


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It never used to be this difficult

Hmmm, it used to be so easy to do a blog post every day but lately it seems to have been progressively more difficult. Am I getting busier? Am I just getting old? or am I just too lazy sometimes to get in front of a keyboard. Who knows. I would type a 100 times that I must post more regularly but with cut and paste that would be kinda pointless wouldn't it?

I've currently borrowing Grumpys car at the moment as he's taking mine in to get the front two tires replaced. Which is annoying (and expensive) but not as annoying or expensive as writing another car off would be I suppose. But hey at least I get to drive a cool car for at least one day.

I'm still busy on facebook. To be honest most of the things that you can do on it are pointless and time wasting but there so addictive.... Especially the 'compare me' application. Apparently in my friends network I have been voted the 3rd most powerful and 3rd most loyal. Not idea what that means but there you go. It's not first but a third is still a bronze :-)

The latest series of "I'm a celebrity get me out of here " has started of ITV. I guess there using the term celebrity loosely. Well very loosely in fact. The producers should take note that if one of the only celebrities you can get is a 'celebrity' for appearing on a reality TV show you have a problem. There's only three people from the line-up I recognise. Maybe I'm just getting old, I'm not with it anymore, not down with the kids etc, etc.

Gw is now off on his mission. Which means we have no W's in the YSA right now. Which is very, very odd. Because for want of a better term they have been a 'mainstay' of the YSA for years. It should be interesting however when SW finally comes back from the states to visit. We'll be able to remind her of what she said at last years Christmas party " I'm only going there for three months, I will be back once the 3 months is up. It's not like I'm going over there to get married".

One thing I don't like about being in Loughborough is that anyone coming to the uni is only with us for so long then there gone. Most of the time they rarely come back as there either at the far end of the country or disappear to another one (nemesis excluded) . Seriousily what is it about Loughborough that keeps making girls do that?

Anyway, institiute tonight. Here's hoping it will be more uplifting then depressing.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things I have learnt in the past two weeks

It's possible to do everything exactly right but still get it all wrong.

My love life is no longer in freefall. As it's now fallen so far it's hit the bottom. I've now starting getting advice from the home teacher!

I have now reached the pinnacle of uber geekness. Engineseer and I went out last Friday night to a bookshop. Yes that's right folks it was Friday night and we were in a freaking bookshop.

Technology is useful.

Except when it doesn't work, then it isn't.

I seem to have the unfailing ability to keep getting home teaching companions who can only go home teaching on a Wednesday. Arggghhhh.

Daytime TV is evil. It sucks your brain away.

According to my latest game for my DS, my Brain age is 46. Argghhhhhhh.

Seth might have ended up with Summer instead of Anna in the OC but it's still sad. The man had a geekette and he let he get away. A Geekette! Do you know how rare they are!

The Loughborough young men apparently have a new initiation for lads moving up from primary. They have to kiss a girl! Cue much horror from Photoshop's Lad J " It's disgusting, it's horrible, I'll never survive that". Something tells me he won't have the same opinion in a couple of years time.

I still don't understand girls.

We have a great new pound shop in Loughborough. I can buy three times as much drink there as I can from the vending machines at work.

I still don't like the dentists.

I have far too much stuff. time for another clear out me thinks.

I've made a new friend.

the speed dial on my car might be wrong. As I can't think of any other reason as to it shows me going at the speed limit and other certain ysa disappear over the horizion.

work can survive without me.

until they try to sort out samples and it all goes horribly wrong.

a weeks holiday goes very fast.

I have no idea how grumpy manages to do anything on the computer when I'm not there.

Grumpy doesn't like his nickname and thinks I should come up with a new one for him. After much teasing and winding up from him my new suggestion was P.I.T.A. ( any guesses).

Our new water tank is three times as loud as our old one.

Me trying to be clever is never a good thing.

( so what have you learnt this week?)