Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mysteries of the Mysterious kind

I had a feeling that it was still going to be one of those days when I discovered that the one set of roadworks that is slowing me down to work has been joined by two further sets on the same route! Oh well it could have been worse. I could have been coming the other way as at one set of traffic lights the lights had jammed not letting people through. There was at least a mile and a half of queing traffic going the other way and apparently it got worse as the morning went on.

I got to work to discover something rather odd. Our office is off to one side of the main reception. But before you get there there is a 'mini corridor' about two meteres long which has a vending machine on one side and the door to the post room on the other. However something was different this morning as one part of the wall seemed to be covered in what looked like coffee. So initially it seemed that someone had probably been walking along and tripped spilling their coffee up the wall. But then I noticed the entire wall on one side of the corridor seemed to be marked with coffee and 'water stains' which made no sense whatsoever. So it was the cause of some debate as to what precisely happened and just how much coffee would have been needed to cover that much wall.

And no we didn't find out who did it either.

Asides from that it was pretty much a standard day. Asides from having to do another office tidy up again, which are never fun. But at least samples of a new book in my favourite series has arrived so I have something new to read.

Institute starts again tomorrow, so I'll be facing that drive into Leicester again each week. Although strangly enough I can get to Leicester quicker somenights then it takes me to actually get home! Go figure.

anyway later folks!

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