Saturday, November 26, 2011

There could be many reasons but that is not one!

Well it was a interesting evening last night as we had a work christmas party out in Derby, which I have to admit was the first real "do" I have gone to in a while that hasn't been a church function. Which of course meant there was drink and rather a lot of it.

Which means I'll just have to remember how to compartmentalise things again otherwise it might be a bit odd working with some people come Monday morning remembered how they look totally hammered!

Anyway, at the start of the night well before the drink was flowing freely I was sitting on a table with several of the other people from my team, when one of the guys started winding up another one about his chances of Pulling/getting lucky, etc, etc (you get the gist) and he responded to say he didn't think so. The other guy then continued to jokingly say that if no luck with the girls there were plenty of guys around as well and maybe he could get lucky with someone like "saxon" ( i.e me). He then laughed, everyone else laughed, I laughed and then noticed the guy who had the question asked to wasn't laughing and had actually paused.

Before I could say anything he then quietly and in all seriousness said
" Well Saxon is a very nice guy and I have nothing againist him or his choice in lift but I'm just not into men that way"

Which lead lead me to a slightly worried realisation that he might actually think I was! I quickly responded
" Well this would be a good time to point out I'm not into men either"
thinking that would clear everything up.

Not so, it go worse. He responded
" No, no, I'm not homophobic or anything, and please don't feel embrassed and that you feel you have to deny but I just don't like men that way"

Which made me realise omg he actually thinks I am! He's been totally serious! At which point I firmly told him that I wasn't into men. He simply responded oh okay then and I was left not quite knowing what to say.

Of course when I related this to Grumpy this morning he found it hilarious ( I didn't at the time but found it rather more amusing this morning) and of course with his sense of humour wanted to know if I had asked what I had been doing to make him convinced of his opinion. Not sure I would really want to pull at that thread though :-)

There could be many reasons why I'm not married but that more certainly is not one of them


Later Folks

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Took me long enough

After much pondering I have finally come up with a name for my photography.

Mind you considering the amount of time that I've spent trying to settle on one, it's not as terribly original as you might think :-)

But like that well known advert, it does what it says on the tin. I have already created a "proper" blog for it ( time to come out from behind the shadow of Saxon in that blog me thinks), I'm getting a website sorted and I have finally taken the final technological plunge and joined twitter.

Which will give a big clue to the name of the photography but c'est la vie :-)

Of course I have found that it is horribly, horribly addictive ( like this is some big news) and have already posted several tweets this evening alone.

Never mind, at let it's giving me something to focus on right now as with it approaching the end of the month I'm kind of feeling in a underappreciated/surplus to requirements kind of mood. But then again I always seem to feel a bit down at the end of Novembers, maybe it's because the christmas "spirit" as it were hasn't really kicked in yet.

Oh well, it's Friday tomorrow which means only one more day to the weekend and not only that we have the work christmas party tomorrow which should be a lot of fun, followed by our team Christmas Party next weekend which should also be a lot of fun especially as it's going to a event called "glitz and glamour". A good opportunity for blackmail.......... erh I mean taking of photos me thinks.

Later folks

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's back breaking work or should that be Desk breaking work...

It can take a lot to make me jump with surprise ( no honestly) I mean when we had a earthquake hit geektown what did I do? Simply wake up, realise it was a earthquake and simply rolled over and went back to sleep.

But even when I was surprised when my whole desk quite literally "jumped" today with enough force that not only everything on the desk, computer, screen, keyboard, phone etc all rattled, but everything on the other side of the bank of desks also shook.

Which lead to the rather amusing site of everyone pushing back from the desk in perfect sychronisation complete with identical rather shocked expressions.

As it turned out it was nothing major, just one of the supports had rotated ever so slightly out of postion which rather confused the man from the estates department as I think he thought based on the report he had gotten that the desk was falling down around us!

Searching for a name for my photography is still proving to be a bit of a headache as just when I certain that I was certain about my choice along comes another idea.


Of course coming up with a brand would be a lot easier if I still worked somewhere with a whole lot of art people, in a studio with all arty software but oops two years too late for that.

Yes, it really has been two years.

Time flies doesn't it!

Later folks

Monday, November 21, 2011

Question: What area of science should you study in order to get the "girl"

Why Physics of course!

And for those of you confused or not paying attention the above photo is from Physics wedding on Saturday

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Has anyone told lois?

Children in need is usually celebrated in a big way at work ( for example we've had two charity dress down days this week so far :-) and theres always something going on the week running up to the day to raise money for charity.

For example we had a visit from "pudsey" this week and for a small fee you could have your picture with him.

Of course when one of my team mates who just happened to be "missing" when pudsey arrived reappeared I couldn't resist the urge to tease him slightly by telling him

" N! You missed Pudsey. You missed him the same way Clark Kent alway misses superman"

at which point he collapsed into a fit of the giggles. Then things got even funnier when one of the girls who had heard this turned round and said in all seriousness

" Ummm, that's because clark kent is superman"

The quickest response I could think of to this was

" What? Really? Has anyone told Lois?"

At which point N was almost on the floor he was laughing so hard.

A few stories have been coming out today as to what we can expect by the way of festive "cheerful" stories over christmas in the soap operas. Seriously, it's surprising anyone wants to stay on coronation street or albert square on christmas day as your odds off actually surviving the day without getting run over, attacked, shot, stabbed, burned to death in fire, or a tram dropping on you are pretty darn slim.


Later folks

Monday, November 14, 2011

A whole new meaning to the term "hanging around"

Oh well that's alright then

Well the Russian space agency have announced that we have nothing to fear from their mute Mars probe as even if it falls from the sky they assure us that it won't impact any inhabited areas.

Which I'm sure they thought would be reassuring statement but considering it's coming from the same people who were absolutely, totally sure that said probe was going to be going to Mars

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Works in theory

Okay so at church we have a rather large hymn book of over 300 hymns. By it's very nature you'll have some hymns that everybody knows so well they could put the hymn books down and belt them out to their hearts contents, some hymns that people are not so familiar with, hymns that only people in the choir now and finally those hymns that next to nobody knows.

Which can be bad enough, but when you combine this with a ward where half the congregation are away, the general mood is worse then lethagic and a organist whose determined to play things his way, well the end results can get rather interesting.

And by interesting, I mean interesting in the fit of the giggles you have to fight off when by the second verse of the hymn next to nobody is singing but the organist is still valiantly banging away on the keys.

Plus that wasn't the end of the music hiliarity for the day as we had to pracise singing a song in priesthood that we're supposed to sing in sacrement next week. I do miss the good ole days when we could just get up, sing a hymn and sit down. Now there's just a whole lot of talking about all sorts of singing relating stuff that I have no idea what it all means.

The last time somebody asked me if I was a tenor I replied I hoped I was considerably more expensive then that!

Anyway, it's Monday tomorrow which means it's a fresh week of "opportunities" ahead.

Later folks,

Obstacle courses

Well the road around geektowers and by and large geektown as well are looking more like a obstacle course from it's a knock out rather then roads right now.

Apparently there's lot of work that needs to be done replacing gas mains and to replace these gas main it's apparently involves digging holes. A whole lotta holes, and of course where you have holes you have the health and safety bridage so you also get a whole lotta fencing.

So much so that it's actually almost impossible to see a turning into our estate to get to geek towers and this is in the daylight! In the dark it gets even more fun, you just have to slow down and hope you realise the turning is there quickly enough so you can squeeze through what is a rather tight gap whilst hoping that no idiots come racing up from behind you at Mach 3.

Still at least it keeps life interesting.

Later folks

The sky is falling.... for the third time

I don't know whether it's become a new status symbol of proving your nations capability ( or lack of) in space or it's just worrying proof that todays rocket scientists are well no longer rocket scientists but another satelite could soon be falling out of orbit.

Well technically it's a actually a interplantary russian probe that was supposed to go to Mars, but somewhat embrassingly for the russians it's not made it out of Earth orbit and is now doing a rather good impression of a rock.

Unfortunatly just like the old saying what goes up must eventually come down and if they can't get the probe under control that's exactly what it's going to do, with 11 tons of highly toxic fuel on board.

Try explaining that one to your insurance company.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Onwards and upwards

It's been rather weird finishing work this week as it's now dark by the end of my shift. Which means we have reached that special time of the year when Winter seems to well and truly start.

Which lets face it with the way the weather has been in the uk the past couple of winters could mean anything from hot stick weather, to lots of rain to a rather lot of snow.

However darkness falling even earlier has lead to the minibus gaining a weird new lighting style, as everyone boards and immediately turns on their mobile phones to get their dose of facebook that they have been missing for the past seven hours.

I'm casting no stones mind you as I'm just as guilty as anyone else :-)

There was a great example to today of how facebook is such a huge and encompassing entitity on line because several members of the team today were talking about another team member asking if anybody knew "what was going on with him" as he's currently not at work. It was then best summed up by somebody who said " How are any of us supposed to know, he's not on facebook "


Later folks

Sunday, November 06, 2011

And here we go again

Well it's Monday tomorrow which means after a rather entertaining week, it's back to reality or work as most people call it.

Still a major advantage of my current role is that I won't have any "old" work as it were waiting for me simply due to the nature of my role. It will be all brand new work which can have it's pluses and minuses.

But c'est la vie, what will come will come. It's not like worrying about it will make any difference. Work will be assigned to me, I will do the said work, then come home at the end of the day. As the saying goes, jobs a good un.

Bonfire night round geektown seems to have turned into a little bit of a damp squib as it were, there's been a few fireworks but nothing major. Owen mind you hasn't been a fan this year of the ones which have been going off but as long as we're around he seems to be okay.


Later folks

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Any port in a storm

Well it was Saturday today ( for those of you who haven't been looking at a calender :-) but for a change I wasn't bothered about getting my usual massive lie in because lets face it, I've been getting lie in's all week.

Although of course next week it's back to reality, but c'est la vie I guess. as I could stay home and get lots of lie in's, but then I wouldn't get paid and that would mean no money for new toys :-)

Anyhow I actualyl went to get some of my photos printed so I could see what they actually looked like as real photos.

I know a bit of change these days getting actual photos what with everything always ending up on facebook .

Still I was more then happy with how they've turned out and I went and bought myself a display book so I've got the beginning of my first "proper" portfolio.

Which is nice.


Later folks

Friday, November 04, 2011

Their back.........

Well it's been a while since the latest scientific study that seems to be from the scientists of the we've got nothing better to do university. But we now have one.

It also seems likely that the motivation behind this particular study was probably down to somebody who was having trouble keeping to their diet.

Yes the scientists have discovered that due to the sugar and butter in cupcakes they can be almost as addictive as cocaine.

Or to put it another way with everything that they could have been investigating in the world they have discovered that things with sugar in are addictive. A simple fact which more or less anybody on the planet could have told them.

Later folks.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Busy doing nothing

Well it's my week off and yes I know I've been terrible at updating this week haven't I?

For once I do have good reason for it as unlike most of my weeks off I've actually been doing some rather constructive things.

And if you're my friend on facebook you would have already I've been having a busy week :-)

Basically so far this week, I have finally had work on my tooth finished with the installation of a new permant cap, done a lot of sorting out, a fair bit of shopping, a lot of model making, plus learning how to use my new photo editing software, been out and about shooting photos, caught video of Owen going ever so slightly berserk when the postman arrived and been out with the elders teaching.

Plus... and this was undoubtly the high point of my week, as regular readers will know I have been working hard on my photography at the moment and although my landscapes and sunsets have improved lots, I simply haven't had much chance to work on portraits. Going to the halloween party last week gave me some practice but not in the way I wanted. So one of the girls at work is a aspiring model and she agreed to model for me so I could get some practise.

And before anybody gets horrified, or wondering whether my next post will detail a trip to the bishops office this shoot was totally on the "level", there was no "dodgy" nothing untoward or anything like that.

Or maybe in the sense you could see a her ankles in one shot. Wait what do you mean that's not risque???

I'm kidding, there was nothing risque, which I think proved to be a bit of a change of pace for her as well to have a photographer who wasn't asking for anything like that :-)

There's some ruins and woods up near geektowers so we went up there to shoot and I was more then pleased with the results as they turned out better then I had hoped and I'm getting lots of postive feedback on them.

Especially on facebook. Wait what do you mean you haven't see them on facebook? Well that's what you get for not paying attention to your news feed more. Go and have a look, go now!

But please come back :-)

Later folks