Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So thats Irony 1.....

After yesterdays performance of getting stuck in a traffic jam for fifteen minutes I decided to make sure I left the house ten minutes early this morning to mitergate the consequences of getting stuck in traffic. And of course as you may have guessed by now that didn't happen. In fact there wasn't any queing traffic at the roadworks. In fact there wasn't any traffic anywhere, so I got to work really, reallllyyy early!

I hate irony sometimes.

And then all of a sudden the weather seemed to decide to get in on the act of confusing things as it got sunny. In fact it got very, very sunny. Which I have a feeling is just it's way of lulling everybody into a false sense of security.

It will probably tip it down tomorrow.

Work continues to be as busy as ever in the run up to Sundays event. On the plus side however for the first time in five years I will actually get a seat at this event and won't have to stand the whole day. Yah for me! Of course I will be trying to work a very complicated order system, answer questions and talk to customers with the equivilant noise level of probably very near a rock concert going on around me but what the heck. I will have a seat!

That reminds me to remind me to remind Grumpy to go and visit the open house at the geekville water mill this Sunday. It only ever opens for two or three days to visitors each Summer and Grumpy always, always forgets to go every year. He's missed the first two open days this year, heres hoping it will be third time lucky and he remembers to go!

Well this will be my last Wednesday night free for a while. Institute starts again next week and it appears I will be in charge for the first week by default. I must be setting some kind of record for the class with the most instances of a librarian having to conduct. I can't remember off the top of my head what we'll be studying this time round, but it's still Bro H teaching so it should be good whatever it is.

later folks!

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