Monday, January 31, 2011

Who says all missionaries look alike?

in case anyone was wondering I've just found a new setting on my camera. Click the picture to see a bigger version

Physics to the power of three

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tonights sunset

The Adventures of Tap Dance and Owen

Feel free to make up your own story to go along with the pictures.

A rare occurence

I actually managed to get a photo of Owen standing still! It's very hard to get a picture of Owen as he is well aware when we are trying to take a picture and never seems to want to stay still!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's....


Saturday, January 29, 2011

nooo.................... anything but that

I was pretty well horrified to see a news story today that Channel 5 are trying to buy the Big brother format so they can show it instead of channel 4. Why? It was finished! Dead! Kaptuz! Had we not suffered enough?

Okay I'm possibly being ever so slightly over dramatic but you get my point. But who knows, maybe the deal wll fall through? Because after all where could they fit in the schedule with all of the repeats of NCIS and CSI?

Primeval was pretty good tonight if only for featuring the first bad guy ever to have actually watched any films or tv. Because when he constructed his bomb he used the same colour wiring for everything. Leavng the hero to guess as there was no green wire. Of course there was no doubt she was going to pick the right wire but it was still pretty funny.

They've just released a new trailer for the new Duke Nukum Computer game. ( it's only been 12 years since the last one). It look like it's still going to be as gloriously politically incorrect as the first game was. The interesting thing will be if they've put in a "adult" and "non adult mode" like the first game.

Well I have one more day and then back to work. The advantage with my current job is that their shouldn't be anything waiting for me when I go back as everything would have be shared out among the rest of the team. The small downside to this is that I will get all of the new stuff coming in until my queue goes up to the same length as everybody elses.

But c'est la vie. I'll just have to hope for some nice files.


Later folks

Friday, January 28, 2011

For whom the bell tolls

Well it was my last day of holiday today and I spent it in exactly the same way I did the rest fo the holiday.

I.e by doing as little as possible.

Admitially not the most constructive way to spend my time but it was nice

The only major thing I did was to go and get a hair cut which due to a small misunderstanding lead to me getting a haircut that is a lot shorter then usual. I was a little paranoid about it to begin with especially when Grumpy laughed when he first saw it. However he insisted that this was only down to surprise and the new haircut actually suits me.

But hey I am getting used to it. Even if my head feels a lot colder then it was.

Later folks

Thursday, January 27, 2011

On a list

We seem to have ended up on some sort of marketing list at the moment as we keep getting cold calls.

Firstly yesterday Grumpy got a phone call offering him a free courtsey hearing exam to see if his hearing was getting any worse. Now you have to admit theres a certain irony in ringing somebody up by phone to ask them if they want a hearing test. How would you know if a person even needs one unless they tell you that " no I don't need a bearing test, I don't have a car?"

Secondly today we had a call from somebody from the "microsoft maintence department" which instantly put me on alert as that straight away didn't sound right. The man claimed that our computer had sent a email to the maintence department to let them know that we had a very very deadly virus that would wipe out our hard disk in only two days and it had come from a area in china.

I told him that this seemed very strange that he had supposedly got this report as we had up to date virius software. He then proceeded to tell me that this was in fact a very deadly and secret chinese virus that was invisible to every form of anti-virus software out there.

At this point all sorts of mental alarm bells were ringing. So I asked him how the operating system could identify the virius and yet anti virus couldn't. He then proceeded to claim that the windows had a line of original code that allowed it to flag this virus and alert the maintence department.

So I then proceeded to ask him why they didn't tell the anti-virus companies how to detect this virus seeing as it was so deadly and could only be detected by windows. There was a long pause before he then claimed that the line of code that allowed windows to detect this virus was top secret and they couldn't tell the anti virus companies.

It was at this point I had enough and told him I didn't believe he was calling from microsoft and put the phone down on him.

A short piece of google-fu later and I was unsurprised to learn that it certainly had been a scam and is intended to allow them to gain access to your computer.

So we're wondering what we'll get tomorrow as there is that old saying that things come in threes!

Later folks

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well at least he stopped sulking

Owen is a little bit protective when it comes to people coming to "his house". Be it the Hometeachers or the postman, who he really doesn't like and for reasons best known to himself grabs a shoes and shakes it all around when ever the postman arrives.

What I didn't realise what just how much he detests the window cleaners who happened to arrive today and I was witness to Owen going completely bersek! Grumpy had to hold Owen on the landing with all of the doors shut whilst the windows cleaners went about their work.

Still at least it stopped Owen lolling about the house looking totally fed up. We're hopign that when Tap dance arrives back he should cheer up.

Whose is currently on her way back from Malaysia. But although I say currently, it's actually already tomorrow for her. So technically she is on her way home tomorrow for us even though it's today for her.

Wait I'm confused.

I hate trying to figure out time differences.

The biggest laugh of the day came from a church video on a website where due to the camera angle the actor makes a rather rude gesture directly at the camera and it's very obivous. We're going to have to phrase the feedback for that one quite carefully.

Later Folks.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That's one pricey coin

We finally had a repairman round today to try and fix the washing machine. It only took us so long though as we first had to figure out the correct sequence is which to take the sides boards out around the kitchen so the washing machine could be removed.

It was like a puzzle out of the crystal maze! But I digress and show my age as well but moving on...

Yes, after pulling the machine out, pulling the pump out and basically taking it apart he found the culprit wedged deep inside.

A 5 pence coin.

Yes, that's all it was. A 5 pence coin. Which now thanks to the call out charge and the amount of time the guy took to fix it, is now the most exspensive coin in the house!


Still shouldn't complain as it was cheaper then having to buy a whole new machine.


Later folks

Monday, January 24, 2011

Well that certainly is thinking outside the box, but.....

Well in these days of ever shrinking budgets it was inevitable that some county councils were going to start thinking outside of the box. One council has decided that by using waste heat from the equipment from one of it's facilities it can heat the swimming pool next year and save significant amounts of money every year as well as helping their environmental targets.

So like a great plan right?

Well in theory yes. What people aren't so happy about is where the heat is coming from. You see the equipment in the facility next door is furnance and the facility itself? Why it's a crematorium

Now it's a fact of life that most people don't like talking about death, so the council should have seen that no matter how valid and sound their reasoning is for saving money and energy people weren't going to like this idea. In fact I think the news article about this even used the words creepy, icky and gruesome to decribe some of the reactions they weren't getting from the locals.

Which shows it must be bad as you don't get to see the word icky on a regular basis in a national newspaper


Later folks

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving on

I've found out that one of the girls from my team at work will be leaving us shortly as she's managed to get a job in greece ( all right for some :-). It made me realise just how fluid for want of a better term the teams are at work and just how often they can change. A great difference to my last job.

It also made me realise that I have now spent enough time in my current team to be applicable for the next "step" on the companies career path. So the next time there are openings in the relevant departments I can go for them.

so hopefully onwards and upwards as they say.

Grumpy and I are getting a little concerned that Owen seems to be incredibly depressed right now. He just seems to sit in his basket, head in his paws looking totally fed up with things. He even wasn't interested in shop bought chips the other day which is a sure indication somethings wrong.

The only thing we can think of is that he's missing Tap Dance who's still away in Malaysia.

Church was interesting today, in one of those " really make you think" kind of ways and I had a lot to ponder about on the drive home.

I also learned a important lesson with my phone today in that once you have reached your free download limit for the month you are given no warnings at all. I only discovered this as I suddenly got a message to tell me I was out of credit!

Still at least I know better now.


Later folks

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Any suggestions for a caption?

And one final Sunset

And finally the sunset over the hub on Friday night

and sunset again

and the sunset over the hub on Thursday


and sunset over the car park on Tuesday


We've been having some cold weather this week but it has meant that we've had some awesome sunrises and sunsets. ( being on early shift does have it benefits sometimes).

As part of my efforts to improve my photography skills I've started to carry one of my cameras with me so in case I do see anything interesting when I'm out and about I can take a photo.

So this is the sunrise we saw on Wednesday morning as I left for work.

That's Dark

I was just watching the latest episode of Primeval and I've belately realised that it's become quite dark for Saturday night show and I don't mean that it has a lot of sequences set at night.

I mean you've got a series that has gone from in it's first year being most well known for a certain ex pop star appearing in her underwear of numeous occasions to a 4th series where they seems to be a ever escalating body count in each episode.

For example last week you have a teacher and teenage girl killed in a school. Although the sequence where the girl is killed shows that the director was one of those who remembers that it's what you don't see that is more effective and where she gets killed by a dinosaur all you hear is her screaming and the horrified expression of someone watching it on CCTV.

This week you had somewhat killed in a tent and that was in the first thirty seconds. You then have two further deaths and lets not forget the women who someone tried to kill by tying her up and gagging her and then leaving her sealed in a tomb in the middle of a cemetery! Of course you knew that the hero was going to turn up and rescue her but I mean still!!

Pretty dark.

As Tap Dance is currently in Malaysia we are currently looking after her two birds. ( which delighted Owen as he really likes it if they come to stay) And both of them, well they pretty much chatter away all day. Although we're not too sure if it's too each other. We're fairly certain that one of them is talking to their own reflection in the big mirror on the dresser.


Later folks

Friday, January 21, 2011

That glorious old friday feeling

The trouble with having that Friday feeling when you wake up is you know you still have a day of work to get through before it's the weekend.

Fridays are usually very busy and today was no exception. Plus as it was my last day before my Holiday I was expecting it to be difficult as I had a lot to square away.

And boy I was not wrong when expecting it to be difficult. It was... In Spades!

Which is a odd expression really I must remember to look that up as to where it came from but I digress.

I think overall it has been a difficult week but it also was a good indication to me that I am ready for a good break as it were to recharge the batteries etc, etc.

You get the idea.

Apparently the US version of the Skins TV show is in big trouble as it's been accused of breaking child pornography laws over in the states. The most interesting thing I found though was that the show is supposed to be a direct copy of the UK version. There certainly are some differences between the US and UK aren't there?

I wonder what people think of the US version of shameless. We haven't heard much about that.


Later folks

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Did they even listen to that song?

I was somewhat surprised to read a newspaper article today which extolled a new "hit" female singer over here in the UK as a great example for teenagers in the UK to look up to because although she is "cool" she does not drink or do drugs.

Wow sounds perfect doesn't she?

Well not quite.

Maybe they should have actually listened to her song before portraying here as a paragon of virtue as the song is called " Do it like a Dude" and seems to contain several sections that have to be "blanked" whilst the song is played on the radio. Of course that does count the rest of the lyrics which they can play which caused me to do a complete double take and stare at the radio when the song came on as I didn't think I had heard what I had done when the song started!

Wow all that makes me sound a bit OAP doesn't it? Maybe it's yet another indiciation that I'm getting old in that I can't understand the music for "the kids of today".

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into that. Who knows?

Well there's only one more day until the weekend and then my full week of holiday. To which I can only say
" sweet!"

Later folks

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well she's Won that one

Well she may have only be writing her blog for a short while but Tap Dance has now stolen the family crown as it were for making a blog post from the country that is the most distance away from the UK. She is currently in Malaysia. You can see her blog post here

The best bit is that she's gone there with her work so she's not paying.

Alright for some!

It's been another stereotypical wednesday. By that I mean I hit the mid week hump good and proper.

Still the day was greatly improved when I managed to get bang up to date and had enough time left over to start helping somebody else on my team.

One of the team has also just come back from Australia and was telling us about the flight out there. She came out with one of the funniest lines I had heard in a while
" There was a really famous female celebrity on board."
"Really who was it?"
" Don't know, I've never heard of her"

The weeks theme of new for superhero movies continued with the announcment that Anne hathaway will be playing the new catwoman in the next Batman film.

well she can't be any worse then halle berry was. But then again she probably only sucked due to the fact that movie sucked as a whole.


Later folks

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random thoughts

Sometimes no matter how much you concentrate your mind just wonders and it becomes full of random thoughts like today for instance.

For example, who was the first person to look at a Cows udders and think " I'm gonna try drinking what comes out of there"

Next does anyone actually ever use the chat function on facebook and if was facebook was to suddenely disappear how long until civilisation collapsed.

Plus just how many variations of farmville can be created before the internet implodes under the pressure.

Why is it that heavy rain brings out the worst drivers?

And why can the stuff which tastes the best be the best food health wise!


as you may have guessed it's been a long day.

Tis a marvel thing

You know you wait ages for some picture then three come along at once.

Yes marvel studios have been busy little bee's and have released three pictures. First up is a ensemble picture from X-men: First Class ( and no that isn't the name of the first lesson of the day at xaviers school).

Set years before the "original x-men" films it focusses around the time Magneto and Professor X were still friends. James McAvoy ( yes that one I'm sure Nemesis and scully will be happy) is playing Professor X and the cast includes some well known characters such as Mystieque and the Beast and other less known ones such as Emma frost. ( that's her in the white and before you ask no her mutant power is immunity to catching colds whilst wearing very little :-)

Next up is Captain America.

In case you were interested ( or even if you're not ) it's the next film in the run up to the Avengers film. So you know how with Iron Man, Tony Stark then turned up in the incredible Hulk, and the Agent Colston will be turning up in Thor, well apparently there will be some sort of connection in Captain america to the other films. Apparently the guess is that it will be Tony Starks father.

But in the comics Nick Fury was around in the second world war, so who knows maybe we'll see Samuel L Jackson facing off againist the Nazi.

and finally we have the brand new spiderman.

which a few people have complained about as they say there is little point releasing a tease image for a film that is still a year and a half away. but if you think about it, it makes sense as sooner or later a spy on set was going to get a picture to it's better the studio release it on their terms.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Not great timing

It seems that after many years faithful service our washing machine has decided to call a time out and stop working properly.

Which was somewhat unfortunate as it was in the middle of a wash for my work shirts at the time. Now I knew there would be no way to do and loaves and fishes trick to make two shirts last five days. Which did leave me somewhat worried, if only I was somebody who went to church on a regular basis so had some other white shirts anyway that I could use instead.....

oh wait a second.

As it turned out I will not have to worry as TapDance was able to put them through a wash at hers. Leaving us to sort out getting a repairman in. I'm trying to remain optomistic and that with a quick burst of engineering know how it will be fixed. But I guess we'l lsee.

Grumpy had one of the weirdest bits of junk mail I have ever seen arrive from china today. A free DNA testing kit, which you which you would need to send to Holland. So thats a DNA testing kit coming from china which you have to send back to Holland. I would find that baffling if I wasn't actually trying to figure out what the point of the test kit was to begin with.

Well it was a typical Monday with a vengence today at work, which although expected can be somewhat of a pain sometimes. Still at least here's only one Monday in a week which is good and that leaves the best day of the week Friday to come.

Although that does remind me of a story I read once, I think it was one of the Red Dwarf novels where a moon had a eight day week, with two Sundays to recover from the Saturday night parties.

That would be nice, a three day weekend.


Later folks

Sunday, January 16, 2011

On the move again

The YSA Sunday school class has moved once again. It seems that somewhat belately someone realised that sticking us in the top foyer and thus for all intents and purposes blocking that fire exit was not a good move on health safety grounds.

So where have they stuck us instead?

The kitchen.

Which is somewhat ironic considering that we were moving from the Foyer on Health and safety grounds to the one room that could be classified as more risky to us on Health and safety grounds!

Anyway, I was got a email from LDS Linkup today which reminded me that I hadn't visited the site in a while, so I thought I would go and have a look. It also turned out that none of my friends on the site have visited it for a while either. Probably because the cool kids (and me) only hung out there before facebook was invented :-)

Random thought of the day, if stingray was always launched from Pen 3 what was in Pen 1 and 2?

later folks

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simply speaking

Well I thought that the barrel and had it's bottom scraped when they announced a movie based on the game battleships.

Yes that Battleships game! and it will star the pop star rhianna no less.

Well it seems that movie makes have found yet another part fo the bottom of that ole barrel which hasn't been scraped.

Indeed they have just announced a movie based on the game Missile command.

Yes that Missile command game, the gme with literally no end.

Lets hope the movie doesn't turn out the same way.

Speaking of games I made the mistake of visiting apps website for my new phone to see what games they had available. I settled for a free game which sounded simple enough, the basic premise is tha you have a set number of girders to build a bridge over a gorge for the train to safely pass over. If you fail cue a rather distrubing set of sound effects.

Simple premise right?

Well not so simple in reality. In fact the phone has almost headed out of the window or into the wall on numerous occasions. But dispite the frustrations I can not stop playing it because it's so simple it's proving to be massively addictive.

I guess I just need to find a new constructive project to focus my attention on, otherwise one of two things will probably happen. Either I will beat that game or the phone is going out of the window!

Later folks

Friday, January 14, 2011

Philosophically speaking

I never used to really understand that often repeated statement that January is the "longest month", because well lets face it, it's neither longer then any other month and certainly not shorter.

However I did start to understand it when I started work and this January is certainly seeming to prove to be very long. Although that feelings probably not been helped by starting the year with two straight weeks of late.

But that's my own fault for being Chivalrous.

anyway it's the weekend now whic hmeans I have two full days to myself before I'm back to work next week for a week of earlys.

And after that I will be having a week off as I needed to use up the last of my Holidays before the end of the "holiday year" and to be quite frank it's one of the handful of time slots left!

Thanks for all of the suggestions regarding Pasta. I'm going to be picking a few extra bits whilst up shopping this weekend to see what I can come up with.


Later folks

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm still a big kid at heart ( no really! shocking I know :-) and there are just some things I will always find cool no matter what.

One of those things is the Thunderbirds series. Yes there were gapping plot holes such as how did they pay for all of the machines? But it was cool, you had this family living on desert island who flew all over the world saving people. ( I always like thunderbird 4 myself but I digress).

The movie was a very sad and wasted opportunity. Nobody wanted to see a group of kids running around trying to beat the bad guy. We wanted lots of shots of the Thunderbirds in action trying to rescue people from ridiculous disasters which would never actually happen in real life a fact of which we knew but didn't care about!

All this running through the earnest memories of my youth has a point in case you were wondering. It was announced this week that a new series of the Thunderbirds is in development and the original creater Gerry Anderson will be involved. YAAH!

Now if only it can avoid the fate of the new captain scarlett series that they made.

Later folks

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A little late

A little late but I thought I'd post it none the less.This is the rental car that work gave me when I was sent on that two day training course in Northampton last year.

It was so pretty and nice. I didn't want to give it back!

If you ever thought you slept at a funny angle

Out in the countryside

Hey folks, just a couple of shots of the countryside around geektown. I'm following Drats suggestions and starting to work on improving my photography skills.
So expect more photos to come.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Any suggestions?

In my continuing efforts to keep to my resolutions I have made a change over the past week. I've switched to ceral instead of toast and instead of my usual packed lunch I have actually started to take pasta ( I have cooked myself no less) instead.

There are no problems so far but the only thing that does worry me is that my usual fussy eating habits apply to pasta sauce as well so I've only found one that I like.

Which does worry me that in a couple of weeks I might start to find myself in a groundhog style of mood and longing for my sandwiches, crisps and drink.

So I was wondering dear readers if any of you have any suggestion on how I can vary the pasta or what I can add to it to keep it more interesting?

Later Folks.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The new in thing

There seems to be a new in thing on facebook at the moment and before you ask it's not to do with changing your profile picture to a cartoon character, passing messages along using your status updates or any sort of upgrade for Farmville, such as Farmville the next generatation, Farmville 2 'this time it's personal' or " Farmville in spaaccccceeeeeeeeee". ( wait hope I didn't give someone a idea with that last one.)

No the new in thing is a glut of programs where you can now see who is " stalking you" on facebook or to put it another way ( and somewhat more politely) who visits your profile page the most.

Well my first thought is that, well it's friends from your friend list who visit your page. See just saved you five minutes, now you can go and do something constructive.

My second thought ( wow two thoughts brains working overtime today) is that is knowing a double edged sword. What if someone who you consider a friend barely visits your page. How would you raise it with them? Would you get cross with them? " I know we see each other everyday but you never visit my facebook page! You are Dead to me" and also somewhat over dramatic as well.

What if you think somewhat visits your page too much?
" Why are you visiting my facebook page every day where I put information out in world wide domain for anyone to say. You are Dead to me!"

See this is the problem with double edged swords, the person who your swinging at is in trouble regardless of the edge :-)

Or maybe, just maybe would it actually be the case like when I tried it, it makes no difference to your day to day usuage of facebook at all.

Right I'm back off to facebook to see if anyone has decided to combine games and you can now lead your army of cows from your castle to invade someones cafe.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Friday, January 07, 2011

Waiting for a new world

Well it's just been announced that the brand new series of Torchwood will be starting July. Oh I can't wait! Especially as with Chuck now moving to one of the paid digital channels there is a serious glut of anything sci fi based of terrestial or any of the freeview channels.

Okay well there are near enough constant repeats of star trek on Channel one, but there just boring as if you've seen them once.... well you've seen them how ever many times you've actually watched them.

The other clever bit of news was that Torchwood will be shown on the same day on both sides of the atlantic. So very little time or indeed point for anyone in the USA to bother trying to download a dodgy copy from the internet.

Well today was the end of the first week of work of the new year. Only lots more to go. I know I could probably figure out precisely how many by adding up all of my holiday entitlement and subtracting from the number of weeks in the year but I won't for two reasons. Mainly I'm too tired and not bored enough to even begin trying that.

I've been using the wii a lot this week as part of my new years resolutions. Now seeing as I don't have the spare cash this month to go out and buy the wii fit board, I've been using the fitness option in wii sports. Which has been proving fun even if my fitness age is bouncing around all over the place. If it's the boxing then I do great, better then great. It comes to the baseball I don't seem to be able to hit a thing and my fitness age plunges through the floor.

So what does this tell me?

Well if you ever decide to come after me with boxing gloves your in trouble but come after me with a baseball and I'm screwed.

Later folks.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Time to go get a spade

Rather then just doing my stereotypical new years resolutions I have been pondering about what else I can resolve to do.

And yes I know thinking about New years resolutions 6 days into the new year is a bit slow as it were. Obivously to not be a avid follower of procrastination was not one of the resolutions.

I'm been pondering on my talents and which of them I'm best at and which I'm not so good at and which I could work on improving as part of my New Years resolutions.

But I can't decided which to pick ( improving desciveness also wasn't on the list. Apparently neither was improving my spelling.)

I pondered working on one of my creative talents, as I haven't done any drawing in a considerable amount of time. However I've been struggling with creativeness as well at the moment so I wondered if I needed a muse. But if I had one of them I probably wouldn't have much time for working on any talents to begin with.

I pondered working on my photography, but I could only really do still life for that as trying to find a model would probably be a good way to get myself into trouble " Hey Lady would you like to come and model for me?... oh hello mr police office what can I help you with?"

I pondered working on my listening skills. but that would require having someone who talked to me in depth. I pondered working on my massage skills but that would require someone who would want me to do that. I pondered working on my writing skills but then I would need something to write about other then my day to day life and I've already having enough problems trying to be creative as it is.

But after much consideration I decided that maybe, just maybe the biggest talent I can work on is just making sure that I let myself be me. Once I improve that I guess everything else will sort itself out :-)

Later Folks.

One I'll make sure to catch

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

There's a point to this somewhere

Once again whilst waiting for the bus this morning I found myself playing with my new phone ( whatever did I do before it?.... wait I know something more constructive like read abook) and found yet another new application which I could play with. It was a map that comes with GPS and allows you to track where you are and where you going, etc, etc.

So I spent the trip into the office on the bus watching the screen and looking at my journey as it occured using this little map. Rather then using the slightly less hi tech method of simply looking out of the damn window.

See sometimes like a little knowledge, too much technology can be a dangerous thing. So I think I need to stop playing with the phone, or at least get some better and more intereting apps. I better ask Bishop Mechanicum what he prefers for his phone.

It was another busy day at work, and also a frustrating one but that was probably just down to the mid week blues. Plus the news that we're about to get another load of snow hitting the uk.

Oh well, c'est la vie.

I also found the downside to having to go to a church meeting straight from work. It gets very difficult to concentrate when you're feeling hungry.

I mean I could have been agreeing to anything by the end of it and been none the wiser :-)


later folks

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Knowing when to stop

I couldn't help but get have a feeling of " not again!" when I got up this morning to find that it was snowing. Fortunatly the snowfall ceased pretty quickly which was good as I didn't want to spend the first day of work in the new year worrying about what the drive home would be like!

Still during the wait for the bus I was playing with my new phone and generally getting all exciting about all of the shiny things it can do. I even tried logging into facebook and was pleased to see that has my phone has GPS I have that option of telling people where I am.

And that suddenly gave me pause.

I mean I could tell people where I am, but why would they want to know? And wouldn't it be obivious where I am during the working week? I mean it's obivous I would be at work isn't it?

Of course in emergencies it could be useful if someone needed to know where I was. It could be in situations such as " Saxon is stuck down this mine shaft" or " Saxon is in a traffic jam" or " Saxon is still at work" or it could even be used in more extreme circumstances as " saxon is now aboard the superdreadnought flagship of a alien race that has recruited him to help fight a galaxy spanning evil empre. Probably won't be home for dinner".

you get the idea.

Work was as busy as I was expecting and more so. But that made the time go a lot quicker. and it should mean that the week can only go upwards from here on out.

I hope.....

Later folks

Monday, January 03, 2011


Our street now looks really dark and boring as everyone ourselves included have taken down all of the christmas decorations. So we've gone from a close iluminated by lots of bright flashing multicolours, to a close that seems a dark and forebidding place with just a single street lamp.

It's all quite depressing really.

Still at least I've had my new toy to play with all day. Yes I've finally gone out and bought a new mobile which can actually connect to the internet.

I feel so high tech.

well it's back to work tomorrow. It's likely there will be a lot to do but at least it keeps life interesting.

Later folks

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Breaking the 4th Wall

The new series of Primeval started last night on ITV, and the series started off with a great in joke. One of the characters is played by an actress whose previous claim to fame was being part of the band s-club 7. Well in the course of the episode her character had to try and distract a dinosaur which was trapped in a arena, so she promptly turned on the sound system and blasted the dinosaur with Don't stop movin by S Club 7.

It was unfortunatly probably the best bit in a somewhat lack lustre season opener.

but c'est la vie hopefully it will improve from her on out.

The second stage of the sugar/caffine withdrawal has now kicked in. I.e I feel totally knackered! It made church a real struggle this morning I can tell you. However this should be over fairly quickly as the next stage will be the headaches that come next. Eek! Still I have nobody to blame but myself for having too much caffine and sugar to begin with.

As Grumpy was out today I had to take Owen for his afternoon walk, which didn't go so well as he decided he wanted to run across the road to pick a fight with a dog on the otherside. Now he wanted to mind you but he was still on the lead so I stopped him, but it took both hands and a lot of leaning back to stop him bolting. Which must have looked ridiculous due to the size difference between me and him, but for a small dog he has a hell of a lot of power!

Anyway, I have one more day of Holiday before it's back to work.

Later folks!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Start as you mean to go on

I think Grumpy and Owen were somewhat surprised this morning when I joined them for his walk. Owen seemed to keep looking between us like he was throughly confused to see me out with them.

I'll admit it wasn't the easiest of walks mainly as the melted snow has turned most of the paths round here into muddy, boggy messes. But it was a good way to get started on the first of my New Years resolutions to get more exercise.

My next was to cut down in sugar and caffine. This does mean however that based on previous experience I'll be expecting the inevitable caffine withdrawal headaches to kick in around Tuesday, just in time for me to go back to work.

Oh Joy. and I suppose I ought to warn the rest of my team to expect me to be a bit cranky as well.

Still if I keep with it based on previous experience, they should be totally gone by the end of the week, it will just be one heck of a week. I'll just keep the nurofen handy and just keep telling myself it's for my own good and actually stick to the no caffine thing this time around.

Any how asides from that it's been a very quiet low key start to the year. Asides from trying to teach Grumpy and Tap Dance how to play Super Mario Bros on the Wii. Grumpy has proven to be very adept at it. Providing all you need him to do is jump up and down on one of the other players heads!

Later folks