Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Didn't really need to know that thank you

Well the warmest day of the year dawned all too early this morning as it had been quite a restless night for me as probably like most people I kept waking up of the heat and humidity and when I wasn't waking up I was having some darn weird dreams, as I don't think you would usually find the muppets clear a space craft with a group of space marines.

I'm really, really not liking this hot weather.

Trying to get out of the road this morning was interesting as yesterday they resurfaced it however because of the hot weather the tar hadn't tried so there were stones flying everywhere. And if that wasn't enough I was dumbfounded to see that they have put up a sign on one of the lamp post warning people to keep to 20 mph in our cul de sac because of the loose chippings. Why they thought this was needed I have no idea as our road is tiny, you barely make two mph went backing out of the driveway and leaving. If I tried to do 20 mph I would be in the kitchen of the house across the road in under a second!

I wish they'd credit some of us with intelligence.

Work at my secondment was once again very interesting and quite successful today which I was feeling quite pleased about. I was also feeling quite pleased about the AC units in the shop. Even so I was drinking fluid by what I can best describe as darn near the bucket full as I put away at least 2 litres of water at a minimum, I basically lost count after after the third bottle full.

Coming home was a a slightly distrubing experience as I ended up stuck on a seat with a pair of old people in front and on the seat behind me who seemed to be intend on hitting all of the old people stereotypes you can think of. The ones in front were talking about their health problems quite loudly and the ones behind were talking about what one of their grand daughters had been getting up to and their views of young people as a whole. Needless to say neither conversation was one I especially wanted to hear.


Later folks!

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