Sunday, June 14, 2009

The case for Sat Nav grows ever stronger

We got back to the temple to run into some of the YSA from Nottingham stake. I hadn't realised but the dividing line between temple districts runs along the edge of Leicester and Nottingham stake. We're in the London Temple district and their in the Preston one. Although if they hadn't been there I'm sure we would have run into someone we knew as that always seems to happen whenever you go to some church site.

We decided to head back south although in trying to get back on the M6 we ended up going north somehow so I had to do yet another 180. We now know what junction 31A looks like! Just in case anyone cares :-)

I realised that we would be passed relatively close by to my old uni and Physics and Y were gracious enough to let me make a short detour so I could go and have a look at my old campus.

It was really odd as it didn't seem like seven years since I was there. It only seemed like yesterday. There are a lot of new buildings now as well as a lake and the campus had been spilt into two but the majority of it was still the same and I could feel all these memories come rushing back as we walked round the campus. Of good times, of friends, some not so good times, some really really good times and just well all sorts of things really. I know you can 'never go back' as it were but standing on that campus the last seven years didn't seem that long and I couldn't help but feel ever so grateful for the time I had spent there. I said a short prayer of gratitute whilst looking over the new lake for all of the good times and the incredible friends I had been blest with over those three years who will always remain very dear to me.

But there's only so much time you can and should spend looking back at the past. It was time for the future and that meant it was time to go home.

Everything went fine until I got to stoke and yet again that blasted system proved to be my undoing as I ended up trapped on a one way system through town that somehow ended up on a country road. Still I managed to keep cool and found my way back to the road I should have been on, wondering the whole time whether I should just accept the inevitable and buy freaking satnav.

Of course getting back on the road proved to have it's own obstacles as there was flipping cycle race on. That's right cyclists on a main dual carriageway which caused great problems trying to get past them.

Still like most problems they soon past and Loughborough came into sight. I dropped Physics and Y home, then in turn headed home myself arriving just over 12 hours after I had first left. My shoulder was seizing up, my foot was hurting and I was tired as anything but I had, had a lot of fun.

A lot of fun indeed.

Later folks

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