Friday, June 19, 2009

Lets have a good old fashioned panic buy!

In a example of how not to run a successful strike a group of workers who walked out on a unsuccessful strike not only failed to get what they wanted, a huge 900 of them were fired as well. Now I don't know the full details as in a rare event I haven't been keeping up with this story as I've had a lot more things on my mind today however what I do know is what happened. As these workers were working at a oil refinery a lot of people jumped to the same conclusion. Petrol was either going to shoot up or run out so what was needed? that's right a good old fashioned burst of panic buying.

With my wonderful timing I had to get some petrol on the way home as well lets face it cars tend to work a lot better with petrol going through the engines rather then thin air. I had to try three petrol stations in sucession befre I finally found one that didn't have cars queuing back onto the roads or the pumps were empty.

The weather was interesting today as it was having another burst of totally failing to make up it's mind. There were bursts of sunshine, cloudyness and rain which seemed to repeat in a totally random way for most of the day.

Work was busy as I was mainly focussed on getting everything cleared to ensure that was nothing remaining as well it will be six weeks before I'm back in the office after all. Still I managed to get everything done which was my main concern. My first day at my secondment will be next Tuesday and I can't wait. It should be fun.

Tomorrow will be quite busy as we'll need to get the shopping done and then we'll be off north as one of my nephews os gettong baptised. Which is starting to make me feel old as I'm sure it's not eight years ago that he was born. I'm sure someone has miscounted somewhere :-)

Later folks!

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