Monday, June 15, 2009

Gosh darn and blast it

I'm sure if he hasn't seen Drat will not like the bit of news that I'm about to impart. ITV is about to become more of a pants free zone that it has been as Primeval has been canceled! And not only has it been cancelled it ended on a cliff hanger. We will never know what happened to the team or what the brilliant idea what team member had to find the others scattered through time.

Yes sadly primeval has joined the ranks of other TV shows where the ending will be for ever un resolved. Terminator the Sarah connor chronicles, pushing daisies, Dark Angel, Dark Skies, the 4400, Jericho, Now and Again, Dead Like me and angel to name a few of the TV shows that have suffered this unfortunate fate.

It's a shame as Primeval had really started to live up to it's potential this series and was much better then Robin Hood. I suppose the best we can hope for is that they keep the series alive as books, one of which will hopefully give a resolution to that cliffhanger.

The weather proved to be a bit variable today. It started off very sunny, then got overcast, then rainy then sunny and then.....

Well I have to admit I've never been scared before driving but the weather on the way home freaking even me out as it started to rain very, very hard and it then started to hail. Hard. I men I have never seen hail this hard or prolonged before it was bouncing off the car and causing a tremendous racket, almost like someone holding up a rattle to each ear. The windscreen misted up, the roads were flooding and I could barely see and had to drop down to under 20 mph! I started to wonder at one point if the windscreen was going to crack, the hail was smacking down that hard.

I've not been as glad to get home as I was this evening for a long time! But even then I got soaked running into the house.

It then suddenly stopped and it's now blue skies again.

This weathers really rather strange.


Later folks!

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drat said...

do you think you can buy her pants on Ebay???

Come on internet! make it happen!