Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's not the most intelligent thing in the world to go and break the law on purpose regardless of how 'minor' some people might see the crime. I wonder just how dumb you would have to be to go on a national radio show and admit to breaking the law. As in the case of the real genius who was on a news program on the radio this evening. The subject was illegal downloads, he freely admited to doing it and said he would keep doing it.

Yeah that was.... not so smart I'm sure you'll agree.

The weather seems to have settled again for the moment as it's been fairly nice all day. No scary hail showers for a start. If it keeps like this for the rest of the week I wouldn't mind. It's not too hot or too cold, it's juuusssttt right.

and I appear to have started talking like goldilocks.

It's the last institute of the summer tomorrow. I have a feeling it will probably be quiet again, even more so then usual now Physics has gone home for the summer.

Transformers two is out this Friday. Yaaahh! Although I still need to go and see the new terminator film, so little time so many movies to see.


Later Folks

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