Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who am I? Where am I? These aren't my shoes?

When I woke up this morning I had what can best be described as a 'moment' when I couldn't for the life of me be sure of what day it was. Or as Grumpy put it 'your body clock wasn't just screwed up it was in pieces'.

Still after breakfast I was feeling much more alert. And by that I mean I could at least remember what day it was if nothing else.

Getting outside I noticed the first problem of the day. Not only was it hot it was sticky, very, very sticky. That's the main problem we have with British summers, it's not the heat per say it's more the very unpleasant stickyness that can result from the humidity. In fact they've issued a heatwave warning for this week with tempatures supposed to be getting up into the 30s.

This also lead to my other problem of the day, as during my secondment I've gotten used to standing on my feet for the whole day, even when painting! Painting whilst standing is a skill though I will not be using at home. When I sit down it's break time, so sitting in a very warm chapel listening to people speak it meant my eyes were starting to feel very very heavy and I spent a large portion of the rest of the days services trying to keep my eyes open. Fortunatly I didn't sucumb like one elder who in the EQ lesson made the mistake of leaning his head againist the wall whilst we listened to a recording of a talk and was asleep inside a couple of minutes.

We spent most of the afternoon walking Owen who still runs around in this heat like a complete nutcase. However the fields are now full of very tall crops so he had to run through them in leaps. So it is extremly funny to see him disappear into a field and then see this little head with flapping ears appear over the top of the crops as he runs around.

Owen nearly bit one of our home teachers this evening, as when you meet a new dog your supposed to offer them the back of your hand to sniff and this usually calms them down. However in Owens case this sends him berserk and he snaps the person. Our Home teacher forgot this from last time and offered this hand again. Fortunatly Grumpy had a firm hold of Owen and was able to yank him backwards just in time. We don't know why this sets Owen off, something must have happened to him long before we got him from the shelter.

I've seen the trailers for two interesting looking movies. Now the first is The Invention of lying starring Ricky Gervais. Now I'm not usually a fan of Mr Gervais but this film looks like it will be fairly funny ( if he keeps away from the low brow humour) and is basically about a man in a world where everybody always tells the truth discovering he can lie.

the second film was Daybreakers and is about a world where nearly everyone has been turned into vampires, so their all essentially immortal. The handful of humans remaing are harvested for Blood but they are running out and when their gone the vampires will starve. One vampire searching for a substitute is contacted by the Human resistance who have a plan to save the Human race. Several things have me excited about this film, firstly the case Sam Neil, William Dafoe, Eathan Hawke and others. Secondly it contains ideas that were first used in ultraviolet a vampire show on channel 4 that sadly never made it beyond one series and lastly the budge which is rumoured to be only in the 20 million dollar mark. This means that it's much more likely to have a strong story rather then relying on effects. But I guess we will wait and see.

Later folks!

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