Thursday, June 25, 2009

Extra Time

I've found myself with extra time going to and from work this week when I can think and ponder as it's a lot easier to do waiting for a bus or sitting on a bus as opposed to when your driving yourself and have to concentrate on all those pesky things like watching the road and changing gears etc.

I've noticed that the bus stop I have to wait at to catch the bus on the way into town seems to be on a popular route for people jogging/walking/ stumbling along looking for all the world like their about to go into cardiac arrest any second. You never see any runners who look happy do you? Even those runners who actually run as opposed to jog always look throughly miserable.

I'm also getting to quite like travelling on the bus. It made me realise that it's probably not a case that the UK has a rubbish public transport system, it's more that the public transport we have is totally in the wrong place to be useful to a lot of people.

It's been another rather interesting day. Things are starting to get easier but it's still hard to remember everything that I should be doing. It is a challenge but it's one I am throughly enjoying!

I had my lunch outside as the basement was kinda full, not with stock but with sand as one of the guys had been sanding tables and as sand is not a good ingredient in sandwiches I decided to go and eat in the main square in the town centre. It was very nice and the sun was shining as I found a nice perch on one of the seats. It was very different watching the world go by and seeing the people playing in the fountains. It looked like a lot of fun and if I wasn't working I probably would have gone for a paddle like everyone else. However my peaceful lunch was then rudely interupted by a not very nice fellow who decided to sit next to me whilst talking with a friend and then proceeded to blow lots of cigarette smoke in my direction. As I didn't want to smell like a ashtray for the rest of the day I decided to spend the rest of my lunch walking around, doing some window shopping.


Later folks!


drat said...

oh my goodness saxon!!!

I just found the funniest thing! I know its not really your code name, but hey, i thought you HAD to put this picture on your website its so funny!!!!

drat said...


hey, sorry about the last comment but i couldnt resist! i thought it was awesome!!!

anyway, i run 4 to 6 km every 2 days if i can, and the truth is you do look a bit of an idiot doing it, but youre not really doing it for the looks, you get that afterwards.

no one ever looks "good" doing sport or in the gym, but you look god afterwards. i guess thats why all those david becham photos are all arty and not on the pitch!

well, id say try jogging its pretty good way to get fit and build up muscle. I lost a ton of weight doing it, and when girls say nice comments it makes up for looking like an idiot sweating and puffing.

also, i saw on your last post about drinking lots of water. thats great. oftern you think you are hungry but really you are thirsty. you need to drink at least 5 cups of water a day, more if you run.

good luck!