Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To the frontlines

Well it was day one of my secondment today. It was a little strange going to work but being able to get up later then usual, but then my internal clock will be all over the place by the end of the six weeks.

It was also very hot this morning. The real kind of sticky hot that means your sweating almost as soon as you get up. Which was not a nice feeling in the slightist. Still the advantage of going in slighter later then usual was that there was no traffic which I was glad of as this is not the sort of weather that you want to get stuck in a traffic jam.

Being in the store was interesting. There's a lot to learn and to be perfectly honest it's a lot harder then it looks. But it was fun and it will be a interesting challenge over the next six weeks.

I've been watching the news this evening and the row between us and Iran seems to be descending into a almost childish tit for tat. Last week Iran accused us of being Evil and we apparently lodged a formal protest which at the time I wondered if it would be something along the lines of " Uh-huh you are!", now Iran has expelled two of other diplomats and we are expelled two of theres. so I'm wondering when the hair pulling will start and the accusations that some one stole somebody elses marbles!

However one thing that struck me of really funny ( abet unintentially) was that Iran has accused the UK of being behind the civil disruptions there and it's all some part of a evil plan on our part. Evil plan? Our government can barely stop fighting among itself, barely agree on anything and most members of the public won't trust MPs farther then they can throw them and they think this is a government who is capable of co-ordinating a plan in secret to distablise another country! Whatever!

Later folks!

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