Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whole lotta bottle

I was woken up bright and early this morning. Unfortunatly I wasn't planning to wake up quite that early on purpose however. A bunch of crows had decided to peach on the roof and were crawing away at sunrise which as we're almost at the longest day is a time in the morning I do not want to see if I can avoid it.

Sometime later but still rather early for a Saturday morning we had our breakfast and the first task of the Day was to drop Owen off at the kennels as we were going to be out all day and probably most of tomorrow. It wouldn't be fair to leave him on his own for that long plus we probably wouldn't have much of a house to come back to after he finished venting his displeasure.

Not that he was pleased to be in the car mind you and he went really berserk when we got to the kennels at least until we put him in one of the kennels then walked away at which point he started crying. Which meant it was very hard to walk away as we could still hear him crying even when we got out to the car park.

So onwards into Loughborough. We had a lot to do and little time to which to do it in. As I'm going to be in retail for the next six weeks I don't know for definite as of yet when I will have my days off. So I decided to 'stock up' on frozen and non perishable stuff this week. This meant that due to the special offer in Morrisons that I won't to take care off we ended up with a lot of bottles of drink. A whole lot. Which was amusing as the look on the face of the girl at the checkout was priceless.

Maybe she thought I had a serious caffine addiction!

Getting home we quickly put the shopping away as we had to depart posthaste! We would have have been on the road sooner by Grumpy managed to for get his hearing aids so I had to wait whilst he ran back into the house to find them. Now something like his keys, wallet or phone I could have understood but his hearing aids? Maybe he thought I was just been very quiet.

( best american narrator voice) Meanwhile in Loughborough;
Tap Dance was having her own problems, she had discovered that one of her tires were almost flat. Now from what I was able to later pick up it was slightly more serious then a mere flat tire as it was almost worn through and cracked or something. Now I'm so that my description can't be more technical then that but when it comes to car my technical know how is somewhat lacking. The last time somebody asked me what kind of engine I had I could only reply one that goes when you put petrol in it. So she headed off to the tire place to get a new tire.

Now Back to our heroes

We were making good time on the journey even after passing through the 12 mile stretch of road where the speed limit has been reduced by 50mph whilst the motorway is widened. However due to government cut backs this is the only part where it will be widened, which means that that section will probably be okay but some nasty bootlenecks will result going into and coming out of this section. As Grumpy needed something to eat we pulled in quickly to a service station to get some food and got some weird looks from the people behind the counter as they probably don't see many people in suits on a Saturday.

Meanwhile back in geektown

Tap Dance had managed to get a new tire after getting there just in time. Although it was closing the guy took pity on her when he saw the state of the tire. Although running late she was now on her way. Or so she thought. She got to the top of the road when her clutch went with a nasty screeching sound. Calling out the AA she realised the inevitable that baaring a miracle she wasn't going to make it to the baptisim in time.

Back to the Grumpy mobile

Although we still had plenty of time as we had stopped for dinner we weren't going to get there as early as we had thought. This meant that speed demon couldn't meet us to guide us to the chapel which meant it was going to be down to my memory to get us to the chapel even though I wasn't totally sure of the route. Based on my current run of navigation 'lapses' I had the horrible feeling that this wouldn't end well.

However my navigations skills seemed to have been recharged as I was able to guide us straight there with no problems. At which point we found out what had happened with Tap Dance! The service was lovely especially whilst we were waiting for my nephew and Mechanicum to get dry after the baptism, the primary children sang a selection of songs. One of my nieces starting getting really into the singing and during the song " follow the prophet" she started swaying from side to side and swinging her arms in time with the music. My youngest niece also decided to go up and sing but thanks to the high wall at the edge of the stand all you could see was this pair of a hands and her head.

In the mean time back down south
Tap dance wasn't going to let a mere thing like a broken/undrivable car stop her. She managed to somehow find a hire car company that still had a car avalabile. However as it was a brand new contvertable they tried to charge her a obscene amount of money for it. She managed to talk them round and got another car which was so huge it verged on becoming a van.

Up North panic beckons

The baptismal service had just come to a end when we discovered we had a serious problem. Mechanicums and Multi-tasks youngest son, my youngest nephew was missing. Somehow in the few seconds no one had a eye on him he had vanished in that way that young children are so adept at doing. We had a quick scan of the building and couldn't find him, we then checked out side and there was still no sign of him. We started to get worried and everyone there started to search. I started to sweep the chapel room by room and there was still no sign of him and as the minutes ticked by it was hard not to feel a rising sense of panic. I was worrying and it was at this point that all sorts of bad case scenarios started to flick through my mind as I'm sure it was going through other peoples minds. We had a young lad missing with a chapel that had a main road on one side, a motorway on another, and fields on the last side.

Fortunatly just as a call was being made to the police somewhere in the region of 15 to 20 minutes after he was last seen a call came through from a adult who had accompanied a group of the kids as they had gone to search up a track which ran past the chapel. They had found him and he was okay. Somehow he had walked a long way. Over a mile which might not sound a lot but for someone his size was a very long way. Or as one of the kids put it " He was over the hill and past the bridge!"

When he appeared back over the brow of the track carried by one of his brothers he decided he wanted to walk and first talked to Mechanicum before walking calmly into the car park to Multi-task she said something along the lines of " There you are" his very calm matter of fact reply was " I went for a walk" all multi-task could think to say at this point was " Yes you did" probabl wondering whether or not to hug him or tell him off.

I have to admit I had been getting very worried so I can only imagine how worried Mechanicum and multi-task had been. Stil the main thing was it had a happy ending even if my nephew is probably going to find it impossible to disppear from his mum or Dads viewpoint for quite sometime.

We went back to Speed Demons for some food and well a general get together. I doscovered that my nieces and nephews favourite game now involves running a 'resturant'. Which I was informed I had to order from ( rather agreesive sales techniques in this establishment) I chose a pizza delight for starters and a squidgy pizzia for main course ( I was curious). My 'waiter' then proceeded to tell me that both dishes were infact the same single dish but I would be charged for two courses ( they must had a awesome profit ratio in this place). For desert I chose choc fudge surprise, the surprise turned out to be that there was no fudge, rather a piece of choclate, a ice cream cone and a doughnut. I was then given a empty cup and told that was my drink and I could have two refils to the same level as the drink was orginally. I was then informed that my meal would cost £30. Sure the food was a bit unique, rather plastic and there was agresive salesmanship but you have to admit that there profits must be awesome.

Most of the people left, including Mechanicums clan just minutes before Tap Dance arrived. She actually saw Mechanicum and clan at the traffic lights and was frantically waving at them but wasn't sure if they noticed as she was in a rental car.

We got home just before 10pm and found it quite odd to come in and not have Owen not charge straight at us.


Later folks!

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