Sunday, June 21, 2009

The longest Day

I'm looking out of the office window as I read this. It's ten to ten in the evening and it's still very light. Apparently today is the longest day of the year after today the nights will draw in and it will start to get darker. Still it will be a little while before it starts getting dark real early so I guess we should just enjoy the rest of the summer. Especially as the weather service is forecasting a rather hot heatwave this week with temperatures around 30C. I wonder if I should try convincing Grumpy to lend me his car this week as it has proper AC as opposed to the KA where the AC is when I role down the windows!

Church was busy today as there was a wedding yesterday so as you can imagine there were a fair few extended family members still hanging around. The YSA class was also a bit unbalanced as the guys for once significantly outnumbered the girls!

It was also announced that as the students have gone home for the summer we're unlikely to be having YSA FHEs for the rest of the summer. Which is a shame as I was enjoying them. Hopefully we will still continue with some activites as it is summer and we might even be able to do some activities outside if the nice weather continues.

It's going to be odd tomorrow as I have the day off because as my secondment starts this week I will be working from Tuesday through to Saturday. So essentially I'm getting a extended weekend.

I got Grumpy a special edition of the complete stories of sherlock holmes for Fathers day. He seemed to be very happy with it even if he thought the first story was a bit ironic and he's now tempted to ask the Home teachers if they want to read it next time they come. His sense of humour is still as twisted as ever.


Later folks!

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