Tuesday, June 23, 2009

so near yet so far

Well transformers 2 or transformers Revenge of the Fallen to give it the offical name certainly wasn't a bad sequel. It was a lot of fun but narrowly missed out on being as good as the first. Why? Well it seems that the movie makers suffered from the same problem the makers of spiderman 3 suffered from with villians. They simply tried to stuff too many characters into the film.

Take the autobots for example, out of the characters from the first film only optimus prime and bumblebee recieved any real screen time. Ironhide appeared from time to time and I can't remember hearing ratchet speak once. Of the new autobots Sideswipe was more of a special effect then a character, Arcee was a complete waste with no explanation of why she could seperate into three bikes and the less said about the twins the better.

However despite this transformers was still a lot better as a sequel then spiderman 3. The effects were amazing and the plot was a lot better then some reviews have given it credit for. If there is a third film I think they need to remember that less is more and concentrate on turning some of the special effects into characters.

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