Monday, June 15, 2009

The old stomping grounds

As those of you who have waded through yesterdays posts now on the way back from Preston on Saturday I took the oppotunity to visit my old university. Edge Hill. Here is part of the main building. The main building is arranged in a H shape. This is the part that runs 'across the middle'.
This is Eleanor Rathborne my hall in my third and final year. It's been seven years and the place has not changed.

The room which has the dream catcher and spiderweb in the window, well that was my room.

This is Willow, my hall for the first year and part of my second year. The open window ( the second one on the right from the big windows i nthe middle) that was my room in my first year.

Finally this was the cottage where I lived for part of my second year. The first window you can see along hte long side of the house, well that my room during my much shorter then expected time there.

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