Sunday, June 14, 2009

Plan A: Epic Fail.

We arrived into the temple car park finishing a brief discussion on the road that the Temple in on " Temple Way". Physics was wondering if it was called Temple way to begin and it was a lucky coincedence ( imagine if we had been stuck with a road name like heretic hill, Darkness Road or Apostatsy avenue) with or if the name was changed ( apparently the name was changd).

Bro H was there and was wavering us to drive over towards him prompting Physics to ask
" Whose that strange man waving at us?"
" That's Bro H"
" No way is that Bro H, he's not wearing a suit"

Which made me realise physics had never seen Bro H not wearing a suit before. As we were running slightly late Bro H hurried as along and said we could catch a lift with him and leave our car at the temple. Now it was at this point my Plan A failed. I only had enough time to grav my backpack and my sandwiches, I didn't have time to carry the big ice bag full of goodies I had bought with me as part of a cunning plan to try and get to know people from the other stake by sharing out food over our lunch break. It turns out it wouldn't have mattered if I had bought it as we didn't have a proper lunch break after all.

Plan A epic fail! But I'm sure it would have worked if it had, had the chance.

To say we were a bit out numbered by Chester stake would be a understatement. There were three from Leicester, Chester had nearly 25! It was a little embrassing when we had to admit the majority of the class hasn't come .

The tour was quite interesting (photos to follow) we took in such sights as where President Hinckley stayed on his mission, where the first batpisms were performed, the first meeting house, some commerative plaques etc. The town centre was the most amusing as some born again christians got more then they bargained for when they tried to talk to some of the YSA, two testimonies and the start of the first discussion!

I did try to talk to some of the people from Chester. I had mixed success but at least I gave it a try.

We then moved onto the second part of the tour a lovely little village in the middle of nowhere. Bro H did recommend that the guys took a look in the toilets of the car park we all parked in, as it was a converted cattle barn and in the gents they had left the stall partions in place which meant it looked rather unique. He also suggested that the girls should look as long as they checked it was empty first for obivous reasons. I can just imagine if some girls report the day the wrong way to their bishops
" Bro H showed us some church history sites and the inside of a gents toilets."

Finally the tour was over and it was time to go home.

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