Sunday, August 31, 2008

Knock, knocking, knocking on Saxons door

We've started refering to Owen as Grumpys 'shadow'. He will follow him everywhere round the house, even if Grumpy has only got up to put a dirty plate in the Kitchen Owen will still jump up and follow him in there and straight back again. Now admitally this used to be amusing but it's not so funny early in the morning. Mainly because he will follow Grumpy to the toilet and sit out on the landing waiting for him with his tail wagging as hard as possible. However his favourite place is sitting right in front of my door so I keep getting woken up by a loud knocking on my door which always confuses me as I'm never sure if it's Grumpy or Owen's tail!

Two big news items of the day. First is Bosslady has just announced that she is coming back to the UK to visit over Christmas. So along with Sian that's two people finally coming back to visit. All we need now is the other Sian and Nemesis and the set would be complete :-)

Second item, Top secret project two has finally come out into the light of day as it were. Top secret project two was a going away present I was making for Engineseer, whose efforts to slip away quietly into the night were blown good and proper by yours truely today. Basically it was a book and when I say book I mean a 'real book' not a scrapbook, of all of the photos I have taken over the past two years at various YSA activities. A nice little something for him to remember us by.

Church today was okay. It seemed very long though for some reason. I suppose my patientice wasn't helped by everyone going on about how good the new programmes were and how nice they looked. Of course I had nothing to do with these new programmes in fact I'm not sure where they came from and I never wanted to do the bulletins in a 'simple format' in the first place. sigh I guess I will just grin and bear it and keep faith that those highers up do know what their doing, even if the whole pictures not obivous to me.

Oh well it's the start of a new week tomorrow. Hopefully things will go smoothly as it's starting to get very busy as we are now only two weeks away from that time of year where I get to see that Sunday mornings do exist before 8am.


later folks!

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