Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two of our Teachers are missing

After the rain, rain and more rain fo yesterday the weather seemed to be mocking me when I got up this morning with Bright sunshine in a way that seemed to say "it's going to stay like this all morning whilst your in church but once church has finished it's going to tip it down!"

Church was quite quiet again. It seems a lot of people are still away on Holiday which shouldn't be that much of a surprise but to be perfectly honest with the weather being the way it is it's hard to remember sometimes we're still in Summer!

We down to the YSA class in Sunday school to find not only were neither of our job sharing teachers there, but the person they had asked to cover for them was also missing as well. Which meant we had to go into the Sunday school class. Which wasn't that much of a problem as there were only three of us. Quite a change from the heydays of 20 odd YSA in each class isn't it?

I noticed on the Notice board( obivousily a effective notice board hey?) that a wedding announcment complete with photo for Nemesis had appeared. It did remind me that I never did get that email she sent me. It looks like my email account did eat it after all. Ah the wonders of technology, hey?

Well it's Monday tomorrow so back to work. But on the plus side it's only one more week until I get my next Holiday ( a whole week), which also means only 10 days to go until my Birthday and 12 to YSA conference. Which despite the fact I'm going on my own I am looking forward too. I just hope there won't be scripture study groups at 6am in the morning again.

anyway, later folks!

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