Monday, August 18, 2008

Early to bed, early to rise

I woke up a bit earlier this morning then I was intending to considering I'm now on Holiday. I n fact it was several hours earlier, as somehow and I still don't know how Owen managed to get into my room and when I woke up it was sitting there watching me with a smug look on his face which seemed to say " Betcha can't figure out how I got the door open hey".

Of course the plus side of being on Holiday is that after I put him outside of my room I was able to go back to bed and not worry about when I had to get up.

Ahhh, Bliss.

Well asides from that I've been taking it easy for most of the day. I've been doing some reading and also doing some work on both secret projects which are coming along very very nicely right now and I dare say their reaching a point when I might be able to start feeling just a little smug about how well their going :-)

For those of you who are regular readers (and been paying attention) you'll know that Nemesis got married at the weekend. One of her friends has put some pictures on her blog so pop across over there if you want to see the first set of pictures from the day.

Well the conference starts on Friday which I am looking forward to. Even if the drive there and back will be quite hard as it will just be me and I'll have no one to talk too. Unless I talk to myself, which would be weird and dangerous in case I bore myself to sleep but anyway I digress. This does mean for the first time this year there will be a break in blog posts as I won't be able to post on Saturday or Sunday. So be sure to log in on Monday for my return and just like previous years a break down of events in possibily far too much detail, but as you know I do like to ramble.

later folks!

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