Thursday, August 14, 2008

It was Hasbro, in the Boardroom, with the stupid idea

One thing I noticed in the news today was that Classic murder solving board game Cluedo ( I think it’s called Clue in the USA ) is getting a facelift which means it’s famous characters are getting killed off! Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Cook Mrs White and Reverend Green are no more.

In their place are the new characters, Jack Mustard Football pundit, Victor Plum Video game millionaire, Movie Star Kasandra Scarlet, Child star Dianne white and Jacob Green ‘the man on the scene with all the ins” (whatever the heck that means!) Why can’t they leave the classics alone? First Risk, now Cluedo. What’s next?

Another thing I noticed in the news was that Birmingham city council sent out leaflets around the city praising the inhabitants for their recycling ( and giving them something else to recycle at the same time.) Whilst spending £15,000 on producing said leaflets no one in the council spotted a rather large problem with the leaflet. Although the image used on the leaflet was of the Birmingham Skyline, It was the skyline of Birmingham , Alabama rather then the skyline of Birmingham , UK ! To quote Homer
“ D’ooh!”

And just as I was writing this a third thing appeared in the news which seems to be keeping with the theme of Stupid ideas in the news today. Jade Goody a ‘celebrity’ and I use the term incredibly loosely, who was a Big Brother contestant and then became the centre of a internal racism row after Celebrity Big Brother which lead to effigies of her being burnt in India is apparently going to appear in the Indian version of Celebrity Big brother. Now bless her, one thing that Jade Goody can not be accused of is being the sharpest tool in the box and I think this proves it. If I caused an international incident so bad people were burning an effigy of me in another country I would stay as far way from that country as possible!

Well only one more day to Holiday so I’ve been working as hard as possible to get as much cleared as I can. Fortunately I’m more or less up to date with stuff so I don’t have that much to clear. Which is nice.


Later folks!

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