Friday, August 15, 2008

Demob happy

It's that time again! Yes Sir after making it through another week of work it's the end of the week, it's the weekend and even better then that, I don't have to go back to work for a week ( and a day but that's more by luck then judgement), so as you can imagine I'm feeling rather happy right now as it's time for a well earned break. Plus it's my Birthday next week and it's the YSA conference too, which should be fun. Even if I am going by myself :-)

Of course before getting to the fun part of actually being on Holiday Work decided it was going to throw one of those days at me, (anyone who works knows what I mean) which seemed to go from a big low to a high to a low again back to a high. Of course the fact I was stressing to make sure I had everything clear didn't help too. Plus thrown into the mix was I had to have my photo taken for a new organisational chart and I am one of those people who absoutley hates having their picture taken. I can't remember the last photo of me I was really happy with. Which is why I prefer to be the one taking the photos and also why when people ask why I don't show more photos of me, it's because there aren't that many of me to begin with and the ones there are I don't like.

See just when you thought I couldn't get any stranger I just keep raising that bar :-)

Nemesis is getting married tomorrow. In Utah of course so that means it's just a littttllleeee hard for her friends here in the UK to get there. Of course if we were able to go we would be there like a shot. Which I hope she knows.

Of course this does mean to paraphrase elron or was it Agent smith? (anyone get that reference I'll be impressed) from Lord of the Rings " The list of YSA grows thin". Although as Physics did point out this is technically a good thing because if you think about YSA is the only church organisation which we're actively encouraged to leave as soon as possible. Some of us are more lucky then others in that regard mind you.

Anyway It's the weekend now. Time for some fun :-)

later folks!


Dan said...

It was Elrond Half Elven who said it. Though the actor was the same as Agent Smith.

"Our list of allies grows thin."

So, did I win? Did I? Did I? Tell me, tell me. What's the prize?

Saxon said...

yes you did. You win this shiny not existant no prize.

or the chance to borrow a army to fight in the battle tomorrow.

You choose!